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The world is full of dangerous creatures, and it is generally best that people give these animals a wide berth. However, there are professionals who have worked among these creatures enough that they are able to film them for the sake of viewers who want to understand more about these animals. Even though these people know what they are doing, there is no guarantee that they will be able to completely avoid a life-threatening situation. Hence, part of the excitement lies in seeing how the animals react to the presence of these humans who have come into their personal territory.

Tuesdays at 9:00 pm et/pt on National Geographic Wild
7 Seasons, 35 Episodes
May 27, 2005
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Brady Barr
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Dangerous Encounters Full Episode Guide

  • Weighing several hundred pounds and armed with vicelike jaws capable of dismembering its prey, the alligator snapper is a true prehistoric beast. But decades of commercial hunting have dramatically reduced its population. To find out if truly giant turtles still lurk in the waters of the Southeast, Brady heads to Louisiana.

  • Interactions between humans and bears can prove deadly, so to dissuade them from equating us with food, it's important to keep them away from our trash. Brady heads to Yellowstone Park to visit The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center testing facility, where they're working on building a better trash can. After baiting a trash can, they put it to the test with two 500-pound grizzlies and watch as the animals tear the trash can to shreds in a matter of minutes. From there, Brady's off to central Florida to check in on an animal armed with smarts and dexterity rather than brute strength -- the mischievous raccoon.

  • There's perhaps no place in the U.S. where pets face more dangers than in Phoenix, Ariz. One animal in particular has a reputation for attacking pets of all sizes the javelina, a hooved beast with razor-sharp tusks. To find out if the creature is as aggressive as people say he straps a stuffed dog to a remote-controlled vehicle and drives it into the cage of a captive javelina. An onboard camera records the attack quick, violent, full of teeth and tusks.

  • Brady Barr gets up close and personal with the black bear. He heads to a testing facility that's working on building trash cans that can withstand a bear. From there, Brady's off to Florida to check out the raccoon.

  • Dr. Brady Barr is on a quest to locate the alligator snapping turtle, one of the largest freshwater turtles in the world.

  • Dr. Brady Barr plunges into the turquoise waters in search of nurse sharks, sting rays and other beasts of the beach.

  • A closer look at animals that are turning our food into theirs. Dr. Brady Barr is on the hunt to track down these animals, discover their unique abilities, and test a few theories that just might keep them from becoming backyard bandits.

  • Dr. Brady Barr responds to animal nuisance calls with the typical pet offenders.

  • Brady Barr wants to discover what the American bovines are capable of and to understand their potential threat to safety.

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