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Outback Wrangler is a documentary television series. This series focuses on the adventures of a helicopter pilot in the Outback of Australia. The helicopter pilot is part of a team of conservationists in the Outback. These conservationists must move some species for the sake of survival and safety. Their job is documented in this series. Filmed on location, each episode is in a different part of the country.

The focus of this series is conservation and the reasons behind moving animals. These wild animals can be dangerous. The crew must always keep in mind the issue of safety when moving them.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic Wild
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
October 5, 2011
Reality, Family, Animals
Cast: Matt Wright, John Brown, Chris Wilson
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Outback Wrangler Full Episode Guide

  • Matt is out at the Finniss River Station again, he's herding cattle for Paul the station owner but he spots one very large crocodile in the paddock where the cattle are heading. But the day doesn't end there, Matt and the boys need to thin out the population in the Finniss River and that means pulling an all-nighter.

  • Crocodile conservationist Matt Wright and his team are rushing to finish the tough job of relocating 30 crocodiles to a safer location in Australia€™s Northern Territory. With only a week to accomplish this massive undertaking, they are down to the wire as they only have a couple of days left to get it done. Overnight, the team catches a massive crocodile that could be the biggest catch of the week.

  • Crocodile conservationist Matt Wright has been searching for a problem croc that has been smashing up his traps. This is a huge, powerful animal that is also a master of disguise. Matt and his crew head deep into the swamps to flush the animal out € but it turns out this is one of the most difficult cases the team has ever come across.

  • Matt Wright and his team have been asked to control the crocodile population in a water system alongside a large cattle station. They need to relocate one massive large crocodile, along with a few smaller crocs, to reduce the damage they are causing to the cattle. The job turns out to be more difficult than expected as a looming monsoon forces them to wrangle these rowdy crocs in only 48 hours.

  • Matt Wright is helping relocate problem crocodiles from a friend€™s land so he can ensure the safety of his herd of cattle, but the situation turns urgent when one of the land owner€™s dogs goes into the dam € and only two come back out. There are crocodiles everywhere Matt turns in these waters, and he and his crew prepare for a long day as they realize they have their work cut out for them.

  • Crocodile conservationist Matt Wright gets a call from a few local fishermen who report that a large crocodile is menacing them on the river. Matt calls his friends and they head out to the area to set a trap in order to relocate the croc to safer waters. No one realized the massive size of the animal and a battle ensues between Matt€™s crew and one of the largest crocodiles they€™ve seen.

  • It's the rainy season, and Matt is at his busiest, using his helicopter to relocate crocodiles away from settled areas.

  • Australia's outback is home to thousands of wild horses, and Matt is desperate to save these majestic animals.

  • Matt is asked to assist an animal rescue in catching and moving wild animals in Borneo.

  • The largest species of crocodiles can be found in the wetlands of Australia. They lay eggs from November to March giving Matt and his friends only three months to get 20,000 crocodile eggs. Matt and his team go to some of the most risky places in the croc territory, the mother croc's nest.

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