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  • 2017
  • 1 Season
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Awesome Animals is a fascinating documentary television series from National Geographic that explores the diverse world of creatures that share our planet. The show is hosted by wildlife photographer Jake Cuddemi and entomologist Alex Wild, who take viewers on an exciting journey to discover the most amazing and bizarre animals on Earth.

The series is a perfect blend of entertainment and education, with each episode featuring a different animal or group of animals that are unique in their own way. Whether exploring the depths of the ocean to find the mysterious giant squid or traveling to the savannas of Africa to study the behavior of lions, the hosts of Awesome Animals bring viewers into the heart of the action.

One of the most impressive features of the show is the stunning cinematography, which captures the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom in incredible detail. From close-up shots of the intricate patterns on a butterfly's wings to panoramic views of the vast expanse of the Amazon rainforest, the visuals in Awesome Animals are breathtaking.

The show also features a range of experts who provide insights into the behavior, physiology, and evolution of animals. Biologists, ecologists, and zoologists share their knowledge and experience, shedding light on the complex world of animal life that exists beyond our everyday experience.

One of the most memorable episodes of Awesome Animals follows Cuddemi and Wild as they travel to the Galapagos Islands, where Charles Darwin famously studied the unique ecosystem that inspired his theory of evolution. The hosts explore the islands' diverse collection of flora and fauna, including the famous finches that Darwin observed and which have become an icon of evolutionary biology.

Another episode takes viewers on a journey to the Arctic, where Cuddemi and Wild study the behavior of polar bears and other animals that have adapted to the extreme conditions of the region. The episode offers a rare glimpse into the harsh environment of the Arctic, highlighting the challenges that animals face in this unforgiving landscape.

Throughout the series, the hosts emphasize the importance of conservation and the need to protect the habitats and ecosystems that support the animals they study. They also highlight the threats that many species face from human activities, such as habitat destruction, climate change, and overfishing.

Overall, Awesome Animals is an exciting and informative series that is perfect for anyone with an interest in the natural world. With its stunning visuals, expert commentary, and engaging hosts, the show offers a unique and compelling look at the many incredible creatures that share our planet.

Awesome Animals is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on April 13, 2017.

Awesome Animals
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18. Moon Monkey
November 15, 2019
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17. Funny Dogs (Volume 33)
July 23, 2019
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January 23, 2015
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January 11, 2018
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Witnessing Extinction | Get to Know James Mwenda and the Last Two Northern White Rhinos
14. Witnessing Extinction | Get to Know James Mwenda and the Last Two Northern White Rhinos
December 6, 2020
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A Conversation with Dr. Gary Shapiro | Founder of Orang Utan Republik Foundation
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March 24, 2021
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Crocodiles: Survivors of the Last Extinction
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June 29, 2020
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Africas Strangest Animals
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March 10, 2021
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Super Pride
10. Super Pride
June 15, 2017
Tanzania's Serengeti National Park sustains one of the biggest lion populations in Africa: approximately 3,500 lions in 300 prides. One pride has 22 lions in all: they are called a "superpride". Few lion prides reach this status!
Valley Of The Wolves
9. Valley Of The Wolves
June 8, 2017
Watch this fascinating story of a battle between two wolf packs as they fight it out over who will rule Yellowstone!
Moose Mayhem
8. Moose Mayhem
May 1, 2017
Moose are the biggest deer on Earth! Follow the lives of three baby moose as they face the challenges of growing up in the stunning, yet treacherous North American wilderness and for some, find themselves face-to-face with the human world.
American Beaver
7. American Beaver
May 25, 2017
Second only to humans, beavers alter their environment more than any other organism on the planet. These tireless animal engineers face the challenges of predators and the full fury of the elements.
Kangaroo Kaos
6. Kangaroo Kaos
May 28, 2017
The kangaroos are coming to town! National Geographic Kids explores how life for kangaroos in Australian suburbs compares to life in the wild.
5. Antzilla
May 11, 2017
Can a group of insects morph into something that acts more like a single creature? They can, when it's a group of ants!
Rat Genius
4. Rat Genius
May 4, 2017
Rats have the most amazing abilities to memorize, communicate, jump and squeeze through tiny gaps. Find out how they do it in Rat Genius.
Pigeon Genius
3. Pigeon Genius
April 27, 2017
They flock to our cities in the millions. Seemingly unremarkable grey birds, they are smarter than we think. Pigeons are master fliers and navigators that have an incredible ability to find their way home from distant, unfamiliar locations. Just how pigeons do this is a question scientists across the globe are investigating. Join National Geographic as we explore the genius of pigeons!
Hog Genius
2. Hog Genius
April 20, 2017
Right now, around one billion pigs patrol the planet, flourishing on every continent except Antarctica. They're a significant part of our diet, a critical player in modern medicine, and one of the smartest animals in the barn. Pigs open a window into human anatomy and even our emotional lives. National Geographic joins scientists who are researching pigs in surprising new ways, revealing the brilliance behind one of man's smartest and tastiest friends.
Dog Genius
1. Dog Genius
April 13, 2017
We share the planet with 400 million dogs: toy dogs, working dogs, champion dogs and artistic dogs; dogs who know what to do in an emergency; and dogs who know their way around a couch. For over 12,000 years, they've been our security guards and our friends. But how smart are dogs? Most dog owners would say they're geniuses...and point to their own pup as living proof. National Geographic joins scientists and dog trainers to investigate canine intelligence in surprising new ways, unlocking the truth about man's best friend.
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Awesome Animals is available for streaming on the National Geographic website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Awesome Animals on demand at Disney+.
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    April 13, 2017
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