The Skunk Whisperer

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  • 2011
  • 1 Season

The Skunk Whisperer is a reality show on Animal Planet which follows the day-to-day work of wildlife expert Ned Bruha. The show focuses on dealing with skunks, which are a common nuisance in homes, gardens, and other areas inhabited by humans. Skunks are known for their strong odor and ability to spray, making them difficult to handle for most people. But for Ned Bruha, handling skunks is just another day at work.

Throughout the show, viewers get to see Bruha's work in action, as he travels to various locations to help people deal with skunk-related problems. These problems can range from skunks digging up gardens to getting trapped inside homes. Bruha uses a variety of techniques to handle skunks, including live trapping, relocation, and prevention methods. Besides dealing with skunks, Bruha also meets other wildlife creatures and teaches people how to deal with them.

Bruha's expertise and knowledge of all things skunk have earned him the nickname "The Skunk Whisperer", which he proudly displays on his truck. He has been working with skunks for over two decades and has developed a deep understanding of their behavior and instincts. He is also an expert in animal welfare, and he always prioritizes the safety and well-being of both animals and humans in his work.

What sets The Skunk Whisperer apart from other wildlife shows is the focus on education and prevention. Bruha spends a lot of time teaching people how to make their homes and gardens less attractive to skunks, so that they can avoid future problems. He also educates viewers on the importance of preserving wildlife habitats and respecting wildlife. This educational aspect makes the show both entertaining and informative for viewers of all ages.

The Skunk Whisperer is an enjoyable and informative show for anyone who loves wildlife or wants to learn more about skunks. Whether you have a skunk problem of your own or just want to watch the antics of these curious animals, The Skunk Whisperer will not disappoint. Ned Bruha's expertise, passion, and dedication to wildlife make him an engaging host, and his hands-on approach to dealing with skunks is both educational and entertaining. So tune in to Animal Planet to watch The Skunk Whisperer, and learn how to live peacefully alongside these misunderstood creatures.

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One Last Bang!
8. One Last Bang!
December 11, 2011
Stormy's pregnant wife is concerned that he'll never grow up; Ned deals with a gaggle of displaced geese.
Stormy Gone Wild
7. Stormy Gone Wild
December 4, 2011
Prior to leaving for a company camping trip, the whole team responds to help a client rescue a fox from his shed.
Whatâ' Eating Ned Bruha?
6. Whatâ' Eating Ned Bruha?
November 27, 2011
Ned tries to get Chris and Stormy into shape before going on a wild goose chase.
Snakes, Owls and Bees
5. Snakes, Owls and Bees
November 20, 2011
Ned evicts a pesky snake while Stormy, Chris and Johnny attempt to transport a beehive before an angry swarm engulfs them.
Stormyâ' Washed Up
4. Stormyâ' Washed Up
November 20, 2011
Stormy is on Ned's last nerve when he damages a company vehicle. Meanwhile, fox and raccoon problems force the guys to think creatively.
Sprayed in Oklahoma
3. Sprayed in Oklahoma
November 13, 2011
Ned has his hands full with a bobcat problem.
Ned to the Rescue
2. Ned to the Rescue
November 13, 2011
Stormy searches for a monster in a client's attic while Ned finds himself against the clock to save an injured owl caught in a treetop.
It's a Baby Thang
1. It's a Baby Thang
October 30, 2011
Ned goes to evict possums from a cluttered house while Stormy and Chris rout out a raccoon whose taken residence in a suburban home.
  • Premiere Date
    October 30, 2011