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  • 2017
  • 1 Season

Missouri Mountain Family is a reality TV show that aired on Animal Planet in 2017. The show follows the lives of the Branmar family, who live in Missouri and run a wildlife rehabilitation center known as the Missouri Mountain Ranch. The ranch is a haven for all types of wildlife from coyotes, eagles, owls, bobcats, and even black bears.

Throughout the show, viewers get to see how the family members work to care for injured animals and nurse them back to health. From feeding orphaned baby animals to rehabilitating injured raptors, the Branmar family is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of all the animals on their ranch.

The show is an educational and entertaining look into the lives of the Branmar's and their mission to save and protect wildlife. They not only provide medical care for the animals but also teach the public about the importance of wildlife conservation.

The Branmar family consists of Matt, Susan, and their five children. Matt is a licensed wildlife rehabber with over 25 years of experience. Susan is a licensed veterinary technician and specializes in wildlife rehabilitation. They have five children, all of whom play a vital role in caring for the animals on the ranch.

The show features numerous animals. From an injured bald eagle that crashed into a windshield to a young bobcat found by a family on vacation, the Branmar's work around the clock to provide medical care and rehabilitation to all animals that come through their doors. The viewer gets an up-close look at how the ranch handles each situation and the steps they take to get the animals back to health and release them back into the wild.

Through the show, the Missouri Mountain Ranch wants to educate the viewers about the importance of preserving wildlife and wildlife conservation. They work with local schools to teach students about the importance of wildlife rehabilitation and also organize tours to allow the public an insight into their daily operations.

The show's cinematography is stunning, the show captures beautiful shots of the wild animals and beautiful landscapes. The viewer gets a glimpse into the daily tasks on the ranch, and in the midst of it, the Branmar family shows their love for animals and the wilderness.

Missouri Mountain Family is a show that is both educational and heartwarming. The Branmar family's mission to care for and protect wildlife is commendable, and it is captivating to see how they work together as a family. The show inspires viewers to learn more about wildlife rehabilitation and conservation.

Overall, Missouri Mountain Family was an excellent show that showcased the beautiful animals of Missouri and the efforts undertaken by a family to protect them. Although it aired only for a limited time, the show's message resonates to this day, and it remains an excellent example of the commitment and dedication required to work in wildlife conservation.

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