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  • 2020
  • 1 Season
  • 0.0  (8)

Animal Showdown is a thrilling series from National Geographic that takes a closer look at some of the animal kingdom's most impressive species. This show is an exciting competition-style program that pits different animals against each other in simulated battles and gauges which one would come out on top in a hypothetical encounter. This show is hosted by Brian Peck, an animal expert with years of experience working with a wide array of creatures.

The show's focus is on animals that have predatory or defense mechanisms that make them formidable contenders within their respective ecosystems. The program gives the viewer an opportunity to learn about and compare the strengths and weaknesses of each animal that is pitted against another creature in the competition. The series offers a unique perspective on the natural world, one that is both informative and engaging.

One of the best things about Animal Showdown is its format, which offers a visual feast for fans of nature documentaries. The program features computer graphics and animations that illustrate how each animal moves, hunts, and defends itself against others. The show also uses reenactments and live footage to show the animals in action, bringing their behavior and movement patterns to life.

Each episode of the show features a battle between two different animals. Brian Peck provides a brief overview of each creature's characteristics and behavior, setting the stage for the contest. The show then dives into the animal's simulated battle, which is meticulously planned and executed by a team of experts in the field. The battles are created using CGI simulations that are based on real-world science and careful research.

Throughout the episode, we hear commentary from Brian as well as the experts who created the simulated battles. They provide fascinating insights into how the creatures would act in a real-life encounter, and explain how the technology has been used to create an accurate portrayal of the animals' strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, at the end of the episode, we get to see the winner of the showdown. The show's production team carefully measures and evaluates the performance of each animal, taking into account factors such as speed, agility, and strength. The competition is often very close, and the winner is sometimes a surprise.

One of the other unique things about Animal Showdown is the way it puts animals in context. Rather than simply looking at isolated creatures, the show explores how each animal fits into its natural habitat and interacts with other species. We get to see how each animal is a unique piece of a complex ecosystem, and how they all work together to create a functioning natural world.

In addition, the show also highlights the beauty of the animals themselves. The program's visuals are breathtaking, allowing us to see animals up close and in all their glory. We see the beauty in their colors, textures, and movements, and the program shines a light on how important it is to appreciate and protect these incredible creatures.

Overall, Animal Showdown is an excellent program for anyone interested in nature and science. It combines cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge to give viewers a thrilling and informative experience. The program does an incredible job of showcasing the beauty and complexity of the animal kingdom, and it will leave viewers with a newfound appreciation for the creatures that share our planet.

Animal Showdown is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on July 31, 2020.

Animal Showdown
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Sloth vs. Koala: Battle for the Laziest
6. Sloth vs. Koala: Battle for the Laziest
A Sloth and Koala battle it out to see who is THE Laziest! Will it be the slow moving SLOTH or the sleep -the-day-away KOALA? See who wins the Animal Showdown!
Whale vs. Argentinosaurus: Battle for the Biggest
5. Whale vs. Argentinosaurus: Battle for the Biggest
It’s the BIGGEST battle yet: Blue Whales vs. Prehistoric Argentinosaurus. Stats, fun facts, photos, and in-depth profiles about each contender will help you pick winners taking you to the next round of a dozen mighty matchups.
Dog vs. Cat: Battle for the BFF
4. Dog vs. Cat: Battle for the BFF
It’s the ultimate ANIMAL SHOWDOWN: Dog vs. Cat for the bragging right of the BEST COMPANION. Using science, we’ll measure their smarts and skills to see who’s the top dog OR cat’s meow!
Flying Reptile vs. Colossal Croc: Battle for the Baddest
3. Flying Reptile vs. Colossal Croc: Battle for the Baddest
Who’s the biggest PREHISTORIC BADDIE—the mega-size SuperCroc or the massive flying pterosaur, Quetzalcoatlus?
Water Bear vs. Giant Tube Worm: Battle for the Toughest
2. Water Bear vs. Giant Tube Worm: Battle for the Toughest
Get ready to meet two EXTREME animals that are able to stay alive in the craziest of conditions!
Elephant vs. Ant: Battle for the Strongest
1. Elephant vs. Ant: Battle for the Strongest
Elephant vs. ant battle it out to see who’s the STRONGEST. Who will win—the heavyweight ELEPHANT or the lightweight ANT?
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Animal Showdown is available for streaming on the National Geographic website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Animal Showdown on demand at Disney+.
  • Premiere Date
    July 31, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    0.0  (8)