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  • TV-14
  • 2022
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.8  (154)

Life Below Zero: First Alaskans is a documentary series that gives viewers an inside look at the lives of Native Alaskan families as they battle challenging conditions to survive and preserve their traditional way of life in remote areas of Alaska. Premiering on National Geographic in 2022, the show shines a light on the daily struggles and triumphs of Alaska Natives living in some of the most unforgiving environments on the planet.

Filmed across multiple Alaska Native villages, Life Below Zero: First Alaskans follows tribal members as they hunt, fish, gather, and work to sustain their communities that have existed for thousands of years. The show gives insights into the strong family and community bonds that enable these individuals to not just survive but thrive off the land. Viewers witness breathtaking landscapes and see firsthand the indigenous ingenuity and techniques that make life possible in the harsh Alaskan wilderness.

From hunting seals, caribou, moose and birds to ice fishing and foraging, the show documents the endless work required to stock up on food and supplies before the long, dark winter sets in. Native Alaskans are seen developing strategies passed down over generations to outsmart the extreme cold, snow, ice, and storms. Viewers learn about the vital knowledge of navigation, animal behavior, survival skills, folklore and more that equip First Alaskans to live off this unforgiving terrain.

At the heart of Life Below Zero: First Alaskans are the deep cultural traditions and values that underpin everyday life. Tribal elders are shown passing down ancestral wisdom and language to younger generations. Spiritual practices, arts, storytelling and community events provide meaning, enjoyment and cohesion. Through it all is a profound connection to the land, animals and environment integral to Native identity and pride.

While battling the elements and isolation, First Alaskans also face new challenges like climate change threatening age-old patterns of life. Yet their resilience and adaptability shine through as they adeptly blend ancient and modern practices. By providing an intimate look at the customs, activities and mindsets enabling Alaska Natives to thrive for thousands of years, Life Below Zero: First Alaskans offers a one-of-a-kind portrait of indigenous life.

Life Below Zero: First Alaskans is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on May 30, 2022.

Life Below Zero: First Alaskans
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A Story of Survival
20. A Story of Survival
April 16, 2024
Alaska Natives make their final push of the fall. Tig and Louise look to secure enough protein to feed their large family through the winter. While at river camp, the Pingayaks are blessed with a surprise harvest. Marvin races to catch as many salmon as he can when a rare end-of-season window opens. And the Hoffmans bring a native custom to moose camp by building a traditional steam bath.
A Moose Can Feed a Family
19. A Moose Can Feed a Family
April 9, 2024
Alaska Natives must use the teachings of their elders to find resources for the long winter. The Pingayak family travels ancestral land in search of a moose. Gage and Avery Hoffman challenge each other to secure fish and fowl. Joel Jacko and his daughter Anzlie use homemade spears to fish for salmon. Tig Strassburg enlists his daughters in a search for essential protein.
Stealth Mode
18. Stealth Mode
April 2, 2024
Alaska Natives stockpile food and resources ahead of winter.
Look Good Shoot Good
17. Look Good Shoot Good
March 26, 2024
Alaska Natives prepare for fall hunting and harvest.
Veins of Alaska
16. Veins of Alaska
March 19, 2024
Alaska Natives travel the rivers of their homelands to seek critical resources.
Salmon People
15. Salmon People
March 12, 2024
Alaska Natives strive to continue their way of life in evolving environments. Tig Strassburg takes his son on his first sheep hunt. The Hoffman family work round the clock to salmon fish during a limited window. Daniel and Nalu Apassingok set out across the tundra in search of reindeer. And Joel Jacko and his family gather seagull eggs from the islands around their home.
Old Ways New
14. Old Ways New
March 5, 2024
Alaska's Indigenous Peoples maximize summer days to prepare for the seasons ahead. Gage and Avery Hoffman travel the river in pursuit of beaver. Tig Strassburg revives his family's fish camp to capitalize on a narrow window of opportunity. Marvin Agnot assists his niece's family in building a chicken coop. And while breaking ground on moose camp, Jamey Joseph has a chainsaw accident.
We Got an Opener
13. We Got an Opener
February 27, 2024
Alaska Natives celebrate the bounties of summer. After a lifetime as a crew member, Marvin Agnot partakes in his first salmon opener as a commercial fisherman. Tig Strassburg and his son Terrance build a bunkhouse for the teens of the family. Joel Jacko hunts duck ahead of his family's return to Pedro Bay. And Daniel Apassingok and his grown children fish for salmon in the Bering Sea.
Pass the Torch
12. Pass the Torch
February 20, 2024
For the Indigenous Peoples of Alaska, preserving their land for future generations is vital. Nalu and Daniel Apassingok go seal hunting as they cope with a heavy loss. Tig Strassburg takes his sons duck hunting on their ancestral land. Marvin Agnot goes halibut fishing with his nephews. And Joel Jacko repairs the roof of his winter cabin.
Sound the Drum
11. Sound the Drum
February 13, 2024
Summer days in Alaska grant its people the time to prepare for seasons ahead and rebuild from seasons past. The Pingayak family rebuild their fish camp after a devastating typhoon. Joel Jacko refurbishes a skin kayak and uses the vessel to hunt for seal. The Strassburg family builds a smokehouse and set nets for whitefish. And Jody Potts-Joseph and Jamey Joseph hunt for summer ducks.
Precious Cargo
10. Precious Cargo
February 6, 2024
Indigenous Alaskans find balance with the nature right outside their door. Teresa Pingayak and her daughters return to their ancestral tundra for a bird hunt. Jody Potts-Joseph investigates the woods for a wounded and hungry bear. Tig Strassburg and Louise Moses turn a goose hunt into a date night. Joel concocts an unorthodox scheme to build his new boat dock in a frozen lake.
Rite of Spring
9. Rite of Spring
January 30, 2024
Spring arrives in the arctic and brings about new challenges. John Pingayak and Sonna Boy scour the tundra in search of ptarmigans. Joel Jacko travels into the mountains for rare snowbirds. Tig Strassburg teaches Evan the ins and outs of goose hunting. And after the Yukon's yearly break-up, Jody Potts-Joseph and Jamey Joseph assess their family's land for a place to build out of the flood zone.
Lucky Bag
8. Lucky Bag
January 23, 2024
Alaska Natives look to secure essential resources from the land and the air utilizing traditional and modern methods. Joel Jacko installs a windmill to create clean energy for his remote home. Marvin Agnot braves the Aleutian tides to procure tanner crabs. John and Teresa Pingayak journey to the mud volcanoes for fish and ptarmigan. And Tig Strassburg teaches his daughter Sophie to snare for beaver.
Eyes in the Night
7. Eyes in the Night
January 16, 2024
For Indigenous Peoples of Alaska, their ability to live off the land comes from their elders. Tig Strassburg confronts an encroaching wolf pack in order to protect his village and a crucial food source. Marvin Agnot shows his nieces how to search for octopus during an extreme low tide. And Joel Jacko fights against the thawing ice to source lumber for his dream house.
Misery and Reward
6. Misery and Reward
January 9, 2024
Indigenous Alaskans use their connection to the land to showcase self-reliance, self-sustainability and self-determination. Joel Jacko hunts seals and ice fishes. Jody Potts-Joseph and Jamey Joseph set marten traps and harvest medicine. Tig Strassburg builds a woodshed with the help of his children. Marvin Agnot and Glyndaril White renovate their communal greenhouse.
Dead on Arrival
5. Dead on Arrival
January 2, 2024
Sudden forces of nature challenge Indigenous Alaskans during a prolonged winter. Tig Strassburg's moose hunt is thwarted by a pack of wolves. Marvin Agnot races to repair his home in the face of a coming storm. Jody Potts-Joseph endures heavy snow while on the hunt for birds. John Pingayak makes the most of Typhoon Merbok, harvesting a new resource that's unexpectedly washed ashore.
Survival Lessons
4. Survival Lessons
December 26, 2023
Alaska Natives adapt with the change of seasons. Joel Jacko builds a bridge across open water to expand his accessibility to native trails. Marvin Agnot and his nephew Justin Phillips hunt for winter fur on both the land and the sea. Jody Potts-Joseph trains her young dog team on the frozen Yukon River. And Tig Strassburg teaches his daughter Hazel to harvest fur-bearing animals.
Return of the Caribou
3. Return of the Caribou
December 19, 2023
No matter the obstacles, the Alaska natives are up for the fight. Tig Strassburg and his daughter Hazel battle the elements in search of a bull moose. Joel Jacko scours the wilderness for elusive small game. Marvin Agnot builds an arctic entryway before the deep cold sets in. And Jody Potts-Joseph follows the returning caribou and sets traps for marten.
The Great Hunter
2. The Great Hunter
December 12, 2023
Alaska Natives race the ticking clock of winter's arrival. The Apassingok family brave the Bering Sea's ice floes on the hunt for marine mammals. During the dark of night, Tig Strassburg travels frozen rivers in search of fur bearers. Marvin Agnot teaches his young nephew how to hunt around Kodiak Island. And Joel Jacko gets caught in a life-threatening storm.
How We Survive
1. How We Survive
December 5, 2023
Alaska Natives race the ticking clock of winter's arrival. The Apassingok family brave the Bering Sea's ice floes on the hunt for marine mammals. During the dark of night, Tig Strassburg travels frozen rivers in search of fur bearers. Marvin Agnot teaches his young nephew how to hunt around Kodiak Island. And Joel Jacko gets caught in a life-threatening storm.
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