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This reality series follows commercial fishing crews as they try to catch bluefin tuna off the coast of North Carolina. The series follows crews from the Northeast as they head south to search for tuna in their off season, as well as local crews who know the warmer waters a little better.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
6 Seasons, 68 Episodes
August 17, 2014
Action & Adventure, Nature, Documentary & Biography, Reality
Cast: Dan Nachtrab
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Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Full Episode Guide

  • Three beachgoers are attacked by sharks off the shores of Cape Cod, including the first shark fatality in Massachusetts in more than 80 years.

  • A quota extension creates an all-out frenzy as the captains scramble to land a few more fish before the season ends; Capt. Reed Meredith knows he has what it takes to lead the fleet; northern boats try to keep pace with the southern fleet.

  • The captains are feeling the pressure; even the smallest mistake can torpedo a captain's chance of taking the top spot; Capt. Reed Meredith becomes desperate when mechanical failures threaten to derail his season.

  • With one quota extension already running out, captains weigh risks versus rewards and some put their boats and crews in jeopardy in the battle to win.

  • With the quota extended and the season stretching longer, the fleet is feeling homesick.

  • One fish could make all the difference; a little bit of luck goes a long way.

  • The Southern fleet fights to keep the lead, but the Northern boats aren't going down easy; when one fish is all it takes to shake things up, the only way to get on top is by taking risks and never backing down.

  • A game-changing fish pits Capt. Zack Shackleford and his young crew on the Rasta Rocket against the fleet's veterans; Northern boat Falcon embraces a new technique to try to stay in the game, and the Reel E' Bugging kicks it into overdrive.

  • Dangerous weather in the Outer Banks tests whether the Northern and Southern boats can catch bluefin in the eye of the storm.

  • Captain TJ Ott hits a good luck streak that might be enough to catapult the Hot Tuna to the top of the leaderboard.

  • With the quota nearly gone, captains push limits to catch what might be final paychecks.

  • Brothers from the South challenge a brother-sister duo from the North for the top spot.

  • In this "Outer Banks or Bust" edition, the fleet learns that, without local know- how, there's no chance of conquering this challenging fishery.

  • Southern boat Rasta Rocket sets out to prove that the little boat can be big competition.

  • The Southern crew of Reel E' Bugging fights to prove its place in the competition after a dangerous setback and no bluefin on the leaderboard.

  • It's opening day of bluefin season in the Outer Banks, and a new Southern fleet is ready to take on the Northern captains and defend its home turf.

  • There are just 48 hours left before the season ends, and the battle to be the top-earning boat in the Outer Banks heats up.

  • Captain Greg Mayer of the Fishin' Frenzy is barely holding onto his lead, and the other captains are determined to knock him out of the top spot.

  • As the bluefin quota counts down, the end of the season is near. Captain Tyler McLaughlin finds himself without a mate on the Pinwheel and weighs the risky decision to fish solo, despite the warnings of the other captains. The Outer Banks is treacherous even for the most experienced captains, and fishing alone can be a dangerous gamble. With a limited number of days left to fish, Tyler has to choose between big risk and big reward.

  • Captain Greg Mayer returns to the helm of the Fishing Frenzy, despite battling a painful shoulder injury. Although his crew has managed the boat well in his absence, Greg knows that the dwindling quota means that every catch matters, and he's determined to lead his team to victory. Meanwhile, Captain Dale Lisi and his crew on the Foolish Pleasures are having their worst season ever, and struggle to turn their luck around.

  • After four uninspired seasons in the Outer Banks, Captain TJ Ott is out to prove hes a contender. Meanwhile the Fishin Frenzy fights for the title without its leader as Captain Greg Mayer nurses an injured shoulder. In a season when the Northern boats are catching more than ever before, Southern boats continue to fish hard against all odds.

  • With the small quota running out and top Southern Captain Greg Mayer of the Fishin Frenzy sidelined with injury, Northern and Southern fleets see an opportunity to take the lead. Frenzys mates Billon and Dirty are at the helm of the ship and a battle begins between the rookies and veteran captains for the top-earning spot. But first the bluefin have to bite.

  • The Outer Banks bluefin season is led by an unexpected Northern captain, but when theSouthern fleet steps up their game -- even more surprises are on the horizon. Are thelocal fleets efforts enough to change the competition? With the quota dwindling,fishing 24/7 is the only option, and none of the boats are backing down asthe North Carolina Bluefin season heats up.

  • Northern and Southern boats battle for the top-earning title, and a good price on a big fish is all that stands between them. As the seasons quota dwindles and sustainability limits are stricter, bluefin fishermen are feeling the pressure to get paid. One local boat has yet to even catch its first fish, and theres no paycheck without a bluefin on deck.

  • Bluefin season in the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a struggle, as sustainability imposes stricter limits on fishing. Northern tuna fishermen who followed the migration are blamed by Southern captains for siphoning their livelihood, hurdling the competition into maximum overdrive in a race to catch the prized blue gold.

  • The Doghouse fights to land a foul-hooked fish with a Hail Mary harpoon shot, as the Northern fleet struggles to keep up with the Southern fleet. The Little Shell fishes hard to feed its growing families, and with a storm on the horizon, big risks can have serious consequences. With a one bluefin a day quota, each captain must decide whether to roll the dice in bad weather or head in empty-handed.

  • A hard struggle to catch back up is faced by the boats that are in the North, and they turn to the ships in the Southern fleet to see if they can offer help, but they quickly realize that there is little to no hurry for the crews to lend a hand.

  • For four seasons, captains have tirelessly battled Mother Nature in the Outer Banks. This episode revisits the show's most dramatic weather moments.

  • It’s opening day of the bluefin tuna season in the Outer Banks, and a reduced quota means there’s more pressure than ever to land a fish. Captain Tyler McLaughlin of the Pinwheel has traveled all the way from Gloucester, Massachusetts to fish in these waters, but soon finds there is no Southern hospitality in tuna fishing.

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