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This docuseries follows the daily professional lives of wildlife law enforcement officer in Texas as they try to stop poachers, smugglers and others who threaten the natural world in order to make money. The wildlife cops also help injured animals and save humans from natural dangers. The series airs on the Animal Planet cable network and is a sister series to the network's North Woods Law, about wildlife cops in Maine.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
4 Seasons, 46 Episodes
June 2, 2016
Cast: Rider
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Lone Star Law Full Episode Guide

  • In this special episode of Lone Star Law, the Texas Game Wardens round up animals in trouble. From cold-stunned sea turtles to injured hawks to drowning cattle, the animals are saved and given a new lease on life.

  • A deer poacher is busted, a baby rattlesnake is rescued, a hummingbird evades capture, and a raccoon is released into the wild. The Game Wardens also respond to flooding conditions and a car accident.

  • In Liberty County, the death of a deer is investigated. Fawns in Harris County are being illegally kept as pets. Patrol on Somerville Lake leads to multiple citations. A suspicious car is stopped in Red River County.

  • Hunt County residents are concerned about alleged wolves being kept as pets; rehabilitated turtles are released on the high seas; wild donkeys are under threat in West Texas.

  • Game Wardens attempt to catch a running deer before it hurts itself. The Game Wardens investigate an impersonation case in which a man claims to be one of their own.

  • A festival attracts thousands of people to float the San Marcos River; a patrol on Lake Texoma leads to multiple arrests; a fisherman can't provide identification.

  • A feisty gator in Galveston County needs a new home; shrimpers try to conceal their catch; a family's property is damaged by stray bullets; the wardens stage a boat crash.

  • It's summertime in Texas. Game Wardens handle a speeding jet ski, drunk boaters, angry campers, and a rowdy raccoon.

  • It's snapper season on the Gulf, and as fishermen catch fish, game wardens catch fishermen who are breaking the law. Two men are investigated for cruelty to a wild pig, a jet ski collision leads to arguments, and an exotic tortoise finds a new home.

  • Game Wardens stay busy patrolling all over the state of Texas. On Lake Sam Rayburn, a water patrol turns into a cry for help. The wardens serve a warrant to a man who illegally shot a hog. A drug arrest leads a game warden into a manhunt.

  • Game Wardens investigate an illegal deer hunting case that becomes the largest deer poaching case in Texas history. Youth hunters are taught how to hunt and harvest animals.

  • On the Gulf, hundreds of sea turtles face death during a cold spell. A tip leads to a raid on a deer poacher in central Texas. Wardens crack down on white-tailed deer hunters throughout the state, but in Southwest Texas, mule deer season is in full swing.

  • Warden Tommy Johnson pays a surprise visit to the home of a known poacher. Warden Mike Boone relocates an alligator snapping turtle. Wardens Inman and Eddins get a poacher to confess. Warden Jennifer Provaznik educates fishermen on the Texas coastline.

  • Game Wardens patrol the Rio Grande in search of an unidentified body. Warden Powell investigates an unusual deer case. Wardens Boone and Ataya respond to a call about mountain lions being shot in a woman's backyard.

  • When the Texas Game Wardens encounter a sick bald eagle, it becomes a race against time to ensure its survival. While checking deer camps near the border of Mexico, a Warden finds himself in a high stakes foot pursuit.

  • Texas Game Wardens are all hands on deck after a massive flash flood. Game Wardens rush to a gas station that could explode. A patrol through the Rio Grande leads to an unexpected encounter. Game Wardens investigate an illegally killed hawk.

  • Texas Game Warden Benny Richards is committed to conserving Texas wildlife. Game Warden Albert Flores enforces fishing laws. Game Warden Jennifer Provaznik schools anglers. Game Warden Jayme Deschaaf makes sure dove hunters follow the laws.

  • The Game Warden's marine team searches a foreign cargo vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. A man is suspected of pouching 15 deer out of season and the Game Wardens discover a large marijuana growing operation outside of Dallas.

  • In Texas, a new year brings new cadets, and a rookie almost gets run down. In Beaumont, Game Warden Boone investigates an armed trespasser. Game Wardens encounter a Mexican boat on U.S. waters while looking for illegal gill nets on the Rio Grande.

  • Hurricane Harvey makes landfall. Game Warden Sims sifts through the wreckage on the coast. In Houston, the Game Wardens work on evacuating families from the floods. While Wardens in East Texas rescue people and animals from the Neches River spilling over.

  • Texas Summer has Game Wardens Chelsea and Ben rushing to a call about a capsized canoe. Game Warden Deschaaf investigates a trapped deer that leads to more questions than answers. At Canyon Lake, Game Wardens assist in the arrest of a man with a warrant,

  • Game Wardens search for an endangered Whooping Crane. A local beauty shop owner finds an injured baby hawk. Wardens respond to a call about a nuisance alligator and suspicions of a deer poacher arise.

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