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This docuseries follows the daily professional lives of wildlife law enforcement officer in Texas as they try to stop poachers, smugglers and others who threaten the natural world in order to make money. The wildlife cops also help injured animals and save humans from natural dangers. The series airs on the Animal Planet cable network and is a sister series to the network's North Woods Law, about wildlife cops in Maine.

Sundays at 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
7 Seasons, 71 Episodes
June 2, 2016
Cast: Rider
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Lone Star Law Full Episode Guide

  • Game Warden McGee rushes to a domestic altercation. Game Wardens Zuniga and Roel run into trespassers, while Provasnik inspects a potentially stolen jet ski. Game Wardens Richards and McGee team up on an investigation, and a baby squirrel is rescued.

  • An epic backyard battle between two angry bucks results in a call to game wardens. Kiel springs into action when he responds to a call about a drowning in progress and a simple act of trespassing reveals a serious drug offense.

  • Game wardens enforce the law across Texas. A hunting club has a trespassing issue. People are caught attempting to illegally cross the Rio Grande. An argument between neighbors is mediated. Fishermen receive citations on the Gulf of Mexico.

  • The Game Wardens patrol the beach, lake, and land, as summer is in full swing. Wardens educate a dog owner about leaving pets in the sun. An under-age drinker tells too many lies. Wardens inspect novice jet skiers on a busy recreational lake.

  • Forrest is determined to find out if the famously reclusive Ivory Billed Woodpecker still exists. The alligator and poisonous snake infested swamps of Louisiana make for a challenging mission, but he is prepared for anything.

  • Game Wardens Gould and Hickerson chase drug smugglers that crossed the Rio Grande River. Game Warden Boone checks out an injured bird. Game Warden Damron relocates a feisty marsupial and her babies. Amundson and Poole meet a fan.

  • A couple is suspected of killing a deer during off-season. Warden Iles transports orphaned baby armadillos for rehabilitation, and Warden Gould searches for a mountain lion that's lurking near a recreational park in Laredo.

  • In Jasper County, Game Warden Boone responds to a venomous rattlesnake. Game wardens investigate the illegal killing of a goose in the Texas Panhandle. In South Texas, Game Wardens follow up on a tip about a man going over the fishing limit.

  • For Texas game wardens, the unexpected is all part of the routine. A shrimp boat tries to make a run for it. One warden makes some furry friends. A simple trespass warning turns into a trip to jail. A warden helps a woman spiraling out of control.

  • A badly injured tortoise needs an innovative procedure. An eagle's death is investigated. Out on the lake, wardens educate the public on staying safe. As night falls, a car crash turns into a manhunt.

  • Game Warden Eddins helps a neighbor in need. Reneau responds to a call about a baby red-tailed hawk. Game Warden Richards attempts to serve an arrest warrant. Game Warden Startz patrols solo on the Guadalupe River. And wardens monitor the Rio Grande.

  • Inman and Eddins assist on a manhunt when a suspect runs a constable off the road. An ordinary fishing check in Navarro County leads Amundson to illegal activity.

  • Across Texas, game wardens work day and night to enforce the law. In East Texas a young woman is served an arrest warrant. A fisherman has no fishing license but plenty of outstanding warrants. Outside Austin, someone illegally dumps a pile of trash.

  • Dockery responds to a call about an alligator found near a residential area. Game Wardens find blood in a hunter's car after he claimed he didn't shoot anything. Boone follows up on a call about five raccoons making their way into someone's home.

  • Game wardens are ready for springtime in Texas. Wardens investigate a video of an illegal hunter. A concerned citizen reports a hunter on his property.A fisherman is illegally catching oysters. A game warden smells something fishy going on.

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