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  • TV-G
  • 2016
  • 4 Seasons
  • 8.8  (100)

Stone House Revival is a captivating DIY Network renovation show that is led by host Jeff Devlin, a skilled carpenter with over 20 years of experience. Jeff is passionate about restoring historic stone houses, and he takes viewers on a journey through each project, highlighting the challenges and intricacies of working with such unique and delicate structures.

The premise of the show is to restore centuries-old stone homes to their former glory, while simultaneously modernizing them for modern-day living. Jeff works closely with homeowners to create a vision for each space, and then he sets to work demolishing, preserving, and rebuilding the homes piece by piece.

Throughout each episode, viewers are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the restoration process, from sourcing materials to installing plumbing and electrical systems. Jeff pays careful attention to the details of each home, preserving original features while adding modern amenities, such as heating systems and updated insulation.

One of the highlights of Stone House Revival is the creative ways in which Jeff repurposes old materials. He often uses reclaimed wood from the property to build custom furniture or decorative features, adding a personal touch to each space. Jeff is an expert in working with natural materials, and he brings out the beauty in the stone walls and wooden beams of each home he works on.

Another interesting aspect of the show is the historical aspect of the projects. Jeff takes great care to research the history of each property and incorporate that into the renovation. He often uncovers hidden features or artifacts from the homes' past, such as old shoe prints or a long-forgotten horse stable.

Throughout the show, viewers also get an inside look at Jeff's personal life. He often shares stories of his family and how his upbringing influences his approach to his work. This personal touch adds an emotional depth to the show and gives viewers a deeper connection to Jeff and the homes he works on.

Overall, Stone House Revival is a must-watch for anyone interested in history, architecture, or renovation. Jeff's passion for his work shines through in every episode, and the end result is always a stunning transformation that seamlessly combines old-world charm with modern-day comfort.

Stone House Revival is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (49 episodes). The series first aired on May 11, 2016.

Stone House Revival
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Halko Horse Farm
8. Halko Horse Farm
September 2, 2021
A local veterinarian recently purchased a 1798 farmhouse and feels she spends little time in its two most historic rooms. Jeff transforms one area into a home office and the other into a sunroom to give her the perfect space for entertaining.
A Grand Ballroom
7. A Grand Ballroom
August 26, 2021
Master carpenter Jeff Devlin and his team return to the Washington Inn to renovate the 1812 portion of the property. They remodel the original entrance into a warm, welcome space and restore the empty ballroom to its former glory.
New Bathroom and Bedroom
6. New Bathroom and Bedroom
August 18, 2021
Jeff and the team head to Schwenksville, PA, to renovate an 18th-century farmhouse. They hope to uncover the home's historic finishes as they work to modernize a second floor bathroom and adjoined bedrooms.
Kitchen and Dining Room
5. Kitchen and Dining Room
August 11, 2021
Jeff and the team head to Chester County, PA, to remodel an early 19th-century manor house. They work to preserve the home's history while updating a neglected dining room and a kitchen with an awkward layout to make them modern and functional.
Attic Main Suite Renovation
4. Attic Main Suite Renovation
July 28, 2021
Jeff and his team transform an unused attic into an elegant main suite in a 1770s home. They refinish the original wide plank floorboards and use salvaged wood to build bathroom vanities. Then, Jeff uses historical techniques to handcraft barn doors.
Historic Mystery
3. Historic Mystery
July 21, 2021
Jeff and his team renovate a historic home with its roots dating back to a 1685 land grant. They create a stunning bluestone patio and indoor parlor, but the biggest excitement comes from a mystery surrounding the basement.
Attic and Dining Room
2. Attic and Dining Room
July 14, 2021
Jeff and his team return to his former clients' 18th-century farmhouse to turn a first floor pass-through into a stunning dining room with a show-stopping fireplace. Then, they transform the third floor into a bright and airy home office and art studio.
The Yardley Tavern
1. The Yardley Tavern
July 8, 2021
Jeff and his team take on the Yardley Tavern, built in 1750 and believed to have hosted George Washington. While renovating the mudroom, the team makes a historic find that gives clues to the structure's past.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 11, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    8.8  (100)