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Building Wild is a show for those who love construction, architecture, and decorating. Paul Dimeo and his partner, Pat Bakaitis are owners of a business called Cabin Kings. The reason as to why they named their business Cabin Kings is because one of the men is a 'woodsman' and the other one is a 'decorator'.

Together they seem to make the perfect team. In this particular show, you will see the two men meeting a new client who wishes to have the cabin of their dreams. The only downfall for these guys is the fact that their client's land is one heck of an obstacle.

They two men have one week to do the work of building a dream cabin. The men provide construction, gather resources and material, and prepare for the week's hard work. Their efforts pay off for the client and he/she ends up with a great cabin that pleases them.

Building Wild is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on January 14, 2014.

Building Wild is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Building Wild on demand atAmazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
January 14, 2014
Reality, How To
Cast: Patrick Tuffy Bakaitis, Jeremy Pratico
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Building Wild Full Episode Guide

  • Paulie and Tuffy are revving up for one of their most unique builds yet: a mountaintop motor head getaway. The build site is at the top of an unforgiving mountain road. Getting the family and supplies there looks like it's going to be a problem.

  • Paulie and Tuffy are revving up for one of their most unique builds yet: a mountaintop motorhead getaway for beloved family man Doug Marpe. Doug asks the Cabin Kings to create a "convertible" bedroom that slides out from the second floor, allowing the family to sleep under the stars.

  • The team builds father/son auctioneers the Collector's Cabin of their dreams--classic car and all.

  • A dairy farmer and his microbrewing son want a Brewery Cabin built using repurposed items.

  • The team must get creative for a cabin that doubles as a maple syrup business and a biker hangout.

  • The Cabin Kings race to build the ultimate treehouse cabin in time for a client's bachelor party.

  • Paulie and Tuffy build a complex aviation-themed cabin on a towering hilltop.

  • The Cabin Kings make plans to build their heaviest and most logistically demanding cabin to date. Their client, Danielle Epstein, wants Paulie and Tuffy to build her a cabin made almost entirely out of stone. Danielle owns a parcel of land in Dorset, Vermont, including a marble quarry that was abandoned about 100 years ago.

  • The Cabin Kings have to haul supplies uphill and build a bridge over a waterfall for the next build.

  • The Cabin Kings tackle their biggest-ever cabin build for a master of tailgating and football fan.

  • The Cabin Kings construct the ultimate snowboarder's dream getaway at the top of a steep ski slope. Father and son clients Tim and Chris Waker love high-speed snow sports and they love to throw a good party.

  • The Cabin Kings work with biologist and bird lover Jared Woodcock and his uncle Jan to create a primitive duck blind on Jan's swamp.

  • Tim Fauler, a self-described redneck podiatrist, spends much of his time in the backwoods of his property competing in ridiculous “man competitions.” Tim decides to transform a piece of swampy hunting land into a sportsman's paradise with a cabin in the trees for his friends and family.

  • The team works to create a cabin from a shipping container. Then they attempt to place it on a muddy mountainside.

  • A last minute change in plans pushes the Cabin Kings to get creative with an old school bus.

  • Pat and Ryan Sweeney have a father-and-son logging business. Paulie suggests building a “cabin fit for a logger,” utilizing materials found on the property.

  • The guys arrive at the vast property of retired equine vet, Reggie Tschorn, where they think they'll have an easy build for a change. But, when the owner fails to cooperate, Paulie has choice words for the stubborn client.

  • John is a big-city Italian who is more familiar with a stove than a hammer. He has always wanted a cabin in the woods, and has the land for it, but while he dreams of the sunset his wife wants to view the sunrise.

  • The Cabin Kings team up with an ex-Navy SEAL who wants to build multiple camps to accommodate all his friends and families. Paulie gets a wild idea and suggests taking The Beast, a 1963 military cargo truck that the clients use to drive, and transforming it into a mobile cabin that you can drive anywhere on the property.

  • The Cabin Kings are asked to build a hunting cabin for Mike Carney and his 11 best friends. They've spent hunting season together since elementary school. Paulie and Tuffy re-purpose a hundred-year-old barn into a brand new cabin.

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