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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is a science fiction television series about the underwater adventures of the nuclear submarine SSRN Seaview. The show, which is produced and created by science fiction writer Irwin Allen, relies heavily on special effects and props to add more realism. The crew of the Seaview is headed by Admiral Harriman Nelson (Richard Basehart), who also designed the submarine, and his second mate, Commander Lee Crane (David Hedison). Other crew members include Chief Frances Sharkey (Terry Becker), Lt. Commander Chip Morton (Bob Dowdell), Chief Curly Jones (Henry Kulky), and Kowalski (Del Monroe). The submarine is commissioned by Nelson's own Marine research institute to investigate extraterrestrial phenomena.

At the beginning of the Seaview's deployment, Nelson and Crane find themselves at odds with enemy governments who threaten the safety and security of the U.S. The show's theme concentrates on human threats such as espionage, war and world disaster. The show takes on Cold War themes and features many doomsday scenarios. After a while, producers opted to go for a lighter tone, relying heavily on sea monsters and aliens. The show introduced a flying two-man sub that could function out of water much like an airplane. The FS-1 sub gives the show a more futuristic feel. The Seaview also has a small diving bell that was used for deep sea dives.

The show began to concentrate on a number of interesting story lines, including Nazis who had no idea WWII has ended and a strange mineral that brainwashes Nelson. One of the more bizarre episodes is "The Deadly Dolls," a story that features Vincent Price as an evil puppeteer who uses his live puppets in a coup to take over the Seaview. More paranormal story lines are introduced that include werewolves, mummies, talking puppets, lobster men, fossil men and frost men. The show featured a number of guest appearance from stars including Victor Jory, Peter Mark Richmond, Robert Loggia, Woodrow Palfrey, and Albert Salmi.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (110 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1964.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea on demand atAmazon, Vudu online.

4 Seasons, 110 Episodes
September 14, 1964
Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
Cast: Richard Basehart
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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Full Episode Guide

  • Seaview experiences a sudden power overload and blows up, killing all hands aboard. When Admiral Nelson (who was at the Nelson Institute at the time of the accident) hears of the destruction of the Seaview, he gets an impossible to refuse offer from Mr. Pem (who survived from A Time To Die): in exchange for the use of the sub's nuclear reactor, Pem will transport Nelson back in time to before the explosion which destroyed Seaview. Once back in time, Pem renergizes his time travel device and brings the sub back even further in time to the American Civil War. Before the crew has time to absorb this, the ship is boarded by Major General Benedict Arnold! Now Nelson has to stop Pem's far-reaching plan to take over the world and avoid the explosive disentergration of Seaview.

  • Seaview is under polar ice, trying to discover the cause of increased flooding around the world. Nelson finds out that Frost Men are in the process of melting the ice cap. The Seaview's reactor is just what they need to finish the job.

  • Alien jungle growth is spreading across Italy, and before long -- thanks to a crewman who is really an alien spy -- the vegetation invades Seaview too. The Admiral has built a device that might help, but first he and Crane have to fight their way through the overgrown corridors to prevent the missiles being used to spread the infestation even farther.* Patrick Culliton played various crewmen over Voyage's 4 seasons.

  • Poor Captain Crane. The things he had to go through. This time, he's in the Flying Sub, when he receives a distress call from the Seaview. He comes back to his sub, only to find it abandoned -- again. But wait, there's a force-field on the spiral stairs which knocks Crane out, and there's a stranger aboard who naturally shoots at him. Eventually Crane sees the crew, and he hears the voice of Nelson calling him a traitor. It takes about an hour, and a bullet in the shoulder (fired by guess who?), before Crane discovers aliens are testing the human race. Most of what happens is a nightmare, but missiles are actually fired!

  • A lobster-like alien emerges from a capsule retrieved from the ocean floor. He claims that all he wants is one of Seaview's nuclear rods to power his ship for the homeward journey, but neither Captain Crane nor Admiral Nelson is convinced he can be trusted.Victor Lundin also played the neck-braced Hansjurg in Season 2's "The Menfish".

  • About the plot . . . Um . . . Well . . . Uh . . . Okay, here it is: You see, there are these twin leprechauns, one good, the other icky. The icky one wants all the gold that's buried beneath an underwater defense installation in the Irish Sea. The good leprechaun does his best to stop his evil brother from doing any harm.* Footage of Morton and Kowalski trapped in an underwater cave was borrowed from previous episodes_4-18. So what else is new?* Why this episode wasn't broadcast on St. Patrick's day, we'll never know!

  • The ghost of Blackbeard is alive and well, and he wants the Seaview and her crew. The pirate 'drafts' Kowalski, who makes a very convincing and quite blood-thirsty buccaneer. Nelson and Crane have their hands full trying to protect the President of the United States (a guest of a Middle Eastern Shah on a nearby yacht), and regain control of their ship. What will Nelson come up with this time to save the day?

  • Seaview has been sent to the ocean floor by mysterious pressure impacts. Crane, Sharkey, and Kowalski go out in the Flying Sub to investigate. They, too, are sent to the bottom of the sea. Strange creatures (half men-half fish) present themselves and explain that they intend to take over Seaview (who doesn't?) and eventually the world!Don Matheson starred as Mark Wilson in Land of the Giants.

  • The Seaview is en route to rendezvous with the fleet when Sharkey reports a missle fuel leak. Crane and Morton believe it's worth returing to port to repair, however Nelson knows how to handle it. Taking a small breathing device with him, the Admiral locks himself in the compartment in question to effect repairs. However, he drops a wrench, the circuts blow and Nelson is knocked out. When he comes to, he's gripped by paranoia which worsens with each passing minute. Trusting no one, Nelson loses his grip on reality, arresting Doc, fighting with Sharkey and finally launching a nuclear missle at the fleet!

  • finds herself suddenly out of touch with the rest of the world, in the wrong part of the ocean and encountering strange creatures. It seems she's been thrown a million years back in time. Then the Admiral opens his cabin door and finds himself back in his Santa Barbara office, confronting the strange Mr. Pem and his pocket-sized time machine, and has to play a risky game before time can return to its normal course.The early part of this episode contains two astronomical errors. First, Nelson takes snapshots of the eclipse-darkened sky with an ordinary camera, but when the shots are developed they show galaxies and nebulae that could only be seen with a telescope. Second, the Admiral describes the pictures as showing 'constellations'.Henry Jones (Pem) also appears as Sprague in "Night of Terror" and once again as Pem in "No Way Back".This episode features re-used footage from "Thing from Inner Space".A bust which adorns the Admiral's office looks remarkably like one seen in the Nazi commander's quarters in "The Last Battle".

  • A scientist experimenting with plant life on a remote island has run into trouble. A shore party from Seaview arrives only in time to hear his dying warning that the world will be taken over in eight hours. Nelson brings aboard the only unusual thing he can find -- a red orchid, which proves to be a malign alien (that proceeds to take over his mind and those of the crew).

  • A man from the future sends two androids back in time to kidnap Nelson from Seaview in order to add him to a collection of other famous military figures abducted from various eras of the past. The plot of this episode is virtually identical to the plot of the "Time Tunnel" episode entitled "The Kidnappers".

  • Doctor Blanchard has created a device to control the actions of a white gorilla. Unfortunately, his assistant Leo Brock wants the fame that the inventor of such a device would gain. As a result he uses the device to enrage the gorilla and kill Blanchard. Nelson gets there too late to save Blanchard, but the gorilla is taken on board. Brock sets the gorilla free and he runs amock until both Brock and the gorilla are killed.

  • In an attempt to control the planet's tides, Dr. Randolph Mason (a nut if ever there was one -- he is part scientist, part make-up artist!) has invented a powerful electromagnet and established a magnetic field around the moon. The only person who seems to recognize the obvious danger in this silly plan is Harriman Nelson. At first glance, it would appear that Nelson has killed Dr. Randolph. At second glance, it would appear that Captain Crane has betrayed the Admiral. On third glance, the moon is getting closer and closer to Earth, and will soon collide with our beautiful blue orb -- unless the Seaview can save the world. Again.* In this episode, we learn that Chief Sharkey attended Lincoln High in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. (There actually is a Lincoln High in Coney Island.) The Chief admits he got an 'A' in only one subject: Home Economics!

  • Aliens snatch a manned space probe launched from Seaview with Chip Morton aboard, and transport it at the speed of light to their observation post on the rocky, unstable surface of Venus. Checking out the duplicate capsule, Crane suffers the same fate before he even has time to launch. With Chip blinded and a prisoner, and the planet's surface due to undergo catastrophic quakes in a few hours, the odds seem to be against the two men.

  • "Those who see the Flying Dutchman never, never reach the shore."Investigating the loss of Navy ships, Nelson finds an ancient dagger in a cave on an uncharted island, and falls under a strange curse. Haunted by visions of skeletons and an anachronistic ship, he has trouble convincing the crew of his sanity. Meanwhile, Seaview is sailing in circles, and the visiting Commander Van Wyck seems to have disappeared.Guest star Warren Stevens also appeared in "The Saboteur" and "Deadly Invasion".

  • The Seaview crew is being entertained by puppet cairactures of the Captain and Admiral, compliments of Professor Multiple. Multiple remains on-board when the sub departs, and his dolls soon come to life, replacing their real-life counterparts. Only Nelson and Crane avoid capture and transformation. Multiple boasts that he and the others are all puppets, created by machines from the future that have traveled into the present, and need the Seaview as a new host body. Can Nelson and Crane overcome this fantastic threat?

  • The Seaview is being buffeted about by underwater explosions due to the eruption of an active volcano. Dr. Turner (Victor Jory) is aboard to stop the eruptions. However, his true mission is to bring up "elixir stones." An alchemist, Turner needs the stones to keep him immortal. However, in order to bring up the stones, he needs to stimulate the volcano into full eruption!

  • Admiral Nelson has been brainwashed. After getting a vital energy source, he attempts to kill Crane and the visiting Dr. Land in an undersea cave. He then returns to the sub, gasses the crew and sets the reactor to blow. Can Crane recover and return to the Seaview before Nelson can destroy it?

  • A mysterious cloud is enveloping the Earth and causing massive Tsunami and other catastrophic environmental damage. Crane takes the flying sub in to find out the cause and is taken over by an evil alien. Once aboard, this alien tries to stop Nelson before he can destroy the cloud with nuclear weapons.

  • The Seaview is carrying Atlantanean statues in its missile room as a favor for the State Department. As they wait for Captain Crane to return, a midget clown emerges from one of the crates and begins sending forth his animated waxwork duplicates of the crew. Crane's only hope is to try to revive Admiral Nelson and retake the ship. But, can they?

  • The Seaview takes on a skeleton crew and is being used to guide a new interstellar space probe. However, Chip Morton is taken over by an alien shadow man which wants to stop the probe.

  • The Seaview is on a top secret mission to transport a 3,000 year old sarcophagus from New York to a country in the Middle East. The United States hopes that by returning a national treasure, war will be prevented. The inhabitant of the sarcophagus has other ideas, and attempts to prevent the Seaview from reaching her destinaton.

  • As the Seaview conducts a marine census, Captain Crane spots a mermaid. He brings her aboard and falls under her spell. A sea creature follows the mermaid and proceeds to cause big trouble on the sub. The problems are compounded when the Seaview is ordered to disarm a nuclear device that has been planted off the coast of California.

  • The crew of a lost submarine returns as rock men to menace the Seaview. A new man, Kowalski's friend Richards, is captured on a diving mission and turned into a Fossil Man. Nelson is then ordered to turn command of the Seaview over to these rock men. Will Nelson comply? Will the crew be dipped into the transformation lava to exist as living rock?

  • Arctic Listening Station XZ-5 receives a message from a voice from space ("laser beeeeeam"). Professor Bergstrom, ignoring the advice of his assistant, activates their beam and brings the alien, living flame, to Earth. Now, this Heat Monster wants the Seaview to detonate a bomb under the polar ice cap. How can the intrepid crew defeat this new menace?

  • As World War II draws to a close, a secret underwater Nazi base is damaged during a sea battle. A Nazi scientist and his aide are accidently put in suspended animation. Thirty-five years later, the crew of the Seaview discovers and revives them. The Nazis attempt to carry out their interrupted mission: destroy the capital cities of the Allies.

  • The Seaview is called in to help track an artificially created life form, now loose in the Pacific. The creature, which is growing at a fantastic rate, has its own agenda -- starting with a takeover of the crew.

  • While racing to help a foundering research vessel, the Seaview's nuclear reactor goes critical. Admiral Nelson's right hand is exposed to intense radiation as he fixes the problem, causing a flare-up of the "werewolf" virus that he carries.

  • Seaview and an enemy sub battle to recover a superbomb from the ocean floor.

  • Twin scientists - one good, one evil - come aboard Seaview. The evil twin is out to create a radioactive "plant man."

  • A ghostly ancestor of Admiral Nelson visits him aboard Seaview.

  • Faceless aliens invade Earth and try to take over an underwater atomic base. The leader takes the form of an old, deseased friend of Admiral Nelson in order to convice Nelson they mean no harm. Nelson will have none of it and leads a landing party to the base to stop the aliens, even if the cost includes their own lives.

  • Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane are involved in a mind-control experiment, with Chief Sharkey caught in the middle.

  • Bainbridge Wells is filming a segment of his "Science On The Move" television series on a small island off the coast of Chile. A sea creature comes ashore and kills his crew. Wells convinces Admiral Nelson to return to the island because he wants to prove that the creature really exists. Crewman Patterson has a special interest in the mission.

  • A UFO crashes and an alien assumes the form of Admiral Nelson.

  • Seaview is investigating a UFO. Along the way, they pick up a shipwrecked old man -- almost always a bad omen when our gallant crew finds a castaway! The bedraggled fellow has a sack full of strange, frightening toys capable of murder, and of destroying the submarine. Turns out the alien ship needs to melt down Seaview's hull for fuel. Nelson and Crane do their best to foil the aliens' plans before it is too late.

  • Captain Crane searches for a lost diving bell containing Admiral Nelson, Chief Sharkey, and Dr. Sprague.

  • As Admiral Nelson demonstrates a new tracking device for a visiting U.S. senator, it seems to show that Seaview is the only life left on earth.

  • Two scientists examining a radioactive volcano are attacked by a wolf. One dies, and the survivor is infected by a virus that causes him to change from man to werewolf and back again. Admiral Nelson is exposed to the virus and the crew must find a vaccine.

  • Seaview is investigating a thousand-mile wide communication blackout. The source of this is a large alien brain found under the sea. It is broght aboard and takes over visiting scientist, Dr. Lindsay. With his help, and after possessing Captain Crane, the alien vows to take over the Seaview and after that, the Earth.

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