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Space 1999 is a science fiction television show created and produced by British science fiction legend Gerry Anderson. Although the work for which Anderson became famous was done with puppets, such as Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlett, by the mid 1970s Anderson had switched to live action TV shows. Space 1999 ran for two seasons totaling 48 episodes running for around 50 minutes each; at the time of production backed by the British distributor ITC the show was the most expensive ever produced in the U.K. Now seen as a classic of 1970s science fiction Space 1999 has long been rumored for a potential reboot as either a TV show or movie.

The plot of Space 1999 revolves around the people living on a Moon based research center called Moon Base Alpha. On the near side of the Moon the scientists of the Moon base are working while the dark side of the Moon is being used as an illegal dumping ground for Earth's nuclear waste. In an event never completely explained the nuclear waste dump explodes sending the Moon out of its Earthbound orbit and the residents of the base on a journey through space where they encounter alien lifeforms.

Sharing a special effects expert with the Stanley Kubrick movie 2001: A Space Odyssey makes Space 1999 share similar special effects to the movie. The first season also shares the idea of an alien presence on the Moon guiding the Moon Base Alpha inhabitants, who number 311 on their journey to find a new planet to call home. By the commencement of the second season Space 1999 switches away from an unknown hand guiding events to more common plot themes with a different alien race or monster encountered each week.

At the time of production the series was famous for the appearance of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain as the American stars of the show, appearing as Commander John Koenig and Doctor Helena Russell; Landau and Bain were married at the time of production.

2 Seasons, 48 Episodes
September 4, 1975
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Space 1999 Full Episode Guide

  • The Dorcons - the most powerful race in the galaxy - demand that the Alphans hand Maya over to them. Koenig refuses, until Moonbase Alpha is savagely attacked and invaded! Then, having let them take Maya he makes a desperate attempt to save her.

  • Answering a distress signal, Commander Koenig is forced to crash-land his Eagle on Entra - moon of the planet Ellna - which turns out to be the planet's penal colony.

  • Intergalactic adventures of the space-travelling Moonbase Alpha team. Commander Koenig and the team find what appears to be an inhabitable planet.

  • A space ship arrives on Moonbase Alpha carrying a prisoner, whom Maya (Koenig is away on a mission) is astonished to learn is Dorzak, a survivor from her planet, Psychon. But can he, a man of peace, really be guilty of the crimes of violence for which he is being exiled?

  • Everyone on Moonbase is electrified by the arrival of a spaceship from earth. Everyone, that is, except Commander Koenig.

  • More adventures with the Moonbase Alpha team. A new planet is sighted, but is it habitable?

  • A battle for life with rock that pulsates with power, energy, intelligence and purpose....a rock fighting desperately for its own preservation.

  • A planet of human robots...but their complete mastery over those who have created them needs one further sense. They need the emotion that will enable them to kill. Can they learn from the Alphans?

  • A pretty, young Alpha technician dies a horrible and unexplained death.

  • A mystery illness strikes the Moon. An eerie cloud utters a sentence of death and a frightening space creature runs amok.

  • DWhile exploring an apparently lifeless planet, a member of Alpha's crew comes under the influence of an 'anti-matter' being.

  • Eagle One gets lost in space and, as if that isn't enough, Moonbase Alpha has problems.

  • An ice-cold replica of Commander Koenig takes control of the Moon - and orders its destruction.

  • Dr Helena Russell wages a desperate fight for the life of a girl whose husband has visions of Alpha being destroyed by fire.

  • A mystery planet declares war on the Moonbase. The Alphans have one chance - to negotiate with the aggressors.

  • A grim fight for survival takes place between Koenig and Maya and three weird aliens on a planet of living plants.

  • Intergalactic adventures of space-age Earth folk cast adrift from their lunar colony, Moonbase Alpha. The Alphans are hijacked by a robot - a living machine with a brain, a human voice and a terrifying secret.

  • A geological survey below the Moon's surface reveals the existence of a metallic cabinet. Inside are two figures, a man and a boy.

  • A saintly, impressive figure claims to be God, the creator of mankind. He offers Koenig and his companions a new Earth, a new Eden, where life can begin again.

  • A boisterous, flamboyant, larger-than-life trader from Hyper-space makes a remarkable appearance on the moon - and falls in love with Maya.

  • A voice comes through from Earth. With it, the hope of return to their own planet at last for the occupants of the runaway Moon and the end of their long journey through space but the space-wandering Alphans find themselves lost in the midst of time.

  • Terror from a doomed planet - a planet of death, despite advanced scientific knowledge, But a new life for a beautiful girl who has learned the secrets of molecular transformation.

  • Moonbase Alpha finds itself caught up in war between two planets - and the wiles of a beautiful women.

  • Is it the end for the Moon - or the beginning of a new life? In far-off outer space are found the origins of life on Earth itself as the Moon's random progress comes to a sudden, inexplicable halt.

  • A ghost stalks the moon - the ghost of a living man - bringing horror and death in its wake. An eerie wind, increasing in intensity, sweeps through Moonbase Alpha, when Dan Mateo (Giancarlo Prete) is conducting experiments in the Hydroponic Unit in which he works as a botanist.

  • Alpha encounters an intangible mass as it heads though space and towards disaster. Whatever the mysterious energy field might be, it possesses a strange and frightening power.

  • The prospect of a normal life dangles tantalizingly for the occupants of the runaway moon. Real air and sunshine/ A new existence, similar to that on Earth. But there is drama behind the dream.

  • A probe from the planet Triton captures the Moon in a force field, halting it in its path. It takes control of one crewman and forces him to send information from the computer, and then targets a second crewman: Dr. Russell.

  • Machine or man? Alpha encounters one of the strangest mysteries of the universe - a living machine.

  • The Moon strikes a warp in space that causes the planetoid and all of its occupants to split in two.

  • The centuries roll back for the occupants of the moon through a time warp of 40,000 years to the Stone Age and meeting up with themselves as cavemen. The discovery of a planet, given the name of Retha, has a bewildering outcome when a seven-man landing party fails to return.

  • Aliens heading for Earth from their dying planet stop at the Moon. They offer passage for one person to accompany them, and the Alphans must decide which of them will go.

  • As the Moon approaches a surprisingly normal Earth-like planet, Terra Nova, the initial surveillance team is hit by an energy beam. When it touches down on the Moon, it has acquired an extra passenger: Dr. Russell's long-lost husband Lee, presumed dead. He warns that the planet ahead is inimical to the Alphans and Koenig is forced to choose whether to accept his advice or take a chance and evacuate to the planet.

  • Grim danger emerges from the past. Moonbase is threatened with destruction from an unmanned spacecraft sent up from Earth many years earlier, with tragedy in its wake. Even worse lies ahead from outer space victims seeking revenge.

  • A mysterious power from an alien planet takes control of the moon, luring its inhabitants to a paradise of eternal peace but living death. Only one man has the will to resist - Commander Koenig.

  • The Moon plummets toward a black sun from which there is no escape. Koenig launches an Eagle with enough supplies for six while the Alphans prepare a force field to resist the black sun's crushing gravitational effects.

  • A call for help from the survivors of a dying world, an incredible world that has been flying through space for 900 years, with contrasting inhabitants. Some have never changed; others have reverted to barbarism. But can this help offer new hope for the Alphans?

  • The lone survivor of an expedition somehow senses that the Moon is approaching the area where he lost his crewmates... and is drawn to return there and defeat the beast that killed them.

  • The first baby is born on the moon but terrifying events follow with an outer space battle between spaceships deciding the fates of hundreds.

  • Grim danger emerges from the past when Moonbase is threatened with destruction from an unmanned spacecraft.

  • Commander Koenig and his colleagues speed through space and time into a chilling world of ice - and meet former inhabitants of earth.

  • Moonbase Alpha finds itself at war with an unnamed planet. The outcome is disastrous. Everything is wrecked. But can there be a future for the survivors on the aggressor planet?

  • Who is Arra? She is old - older than Earth itself - with a beauty that only age can bring. Commander Koenig's encounter with her is also an encounter with destiny. It all happens when the Moon is on a collision course with a planet many times its size.

  • Burned-out equipment and frozen corpses lie in the wake of a technician (Ian McShane)whose body has beeninvaded by a mysterious force.

  • Commander Koenig is assigned to Moonbase Alpha with orders to make sure that the Meta probe goes as planned. However, mysterious brain seizures among the first probe crew threaten the launch plans, and warn of a greater danger.

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