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  • TV-14
  • 1975
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.3  (9,126)

In the mid-1970s, British sci-fi was rapidly evolving, with new and innovative ideas being brought to the genre. One such idea was the creation of Space: 1999, a science fiction television series produced by ITC Entertainment for its broadcasting on ITV in the United Kingdom and syndication in the United States. The show was created by a British-Canadian team of writers, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. The series initially starred Oscar winner Martin Landau, known notably for his performances in "Ed Wood" and "Mission: Impossible," and American actress Barbara Bain, who also won an Oscar and worked alongside her real-life husband.

The premise of the series is that in 1999, Moonbase Alpha was built as an installation on the Moon to study the Earth's satellite, manned by over 300 people from around the world. Far from Earth, they are isolated and vulnerable to an unexplained accident that causes the Moon to become ejected from Earth's orbit and launched into interstellar space. The crew is forced to survive and navigate a world of alien worlds, strange phenomena, and the unknown.

Supervised by Commander John Koenig (Martin Landau), the Alphan staff struggles to maintain their sanity and a tenuous grip on reality amid unexplained phenomena and existential crises at every turn. They are assisted by Dr. Helena Russell (Barbara Bain) who is the head of the base's medical team, as well as Chief of Security, Tony Verdeschi, and Psychon scientist Maya, played by Catherine Schell. There are occasional tensions between the crew members, as personalities clash and conflicts arise. However, despite these challenges, the show managed to captivate audiences and attract a dedicated fanbase.

One of the show's most significant challenges was its special effects. Although pioneering in their day, modern audiences may find them dated. That doesn't hinder the show's creative storytelling, as it uses the format and technology available to its writers and production team. Furthermore, the cast is exceptional, with excellent performances from both Landau and Bain. The show's supporting cast is more than capable, although some characters receive more emphasis than others - this being a common characteristic of ensemble space operas.

However, the show's highlights are not limited to its visuals or characters. The plotlines featured in the series are expertly crafted and varied, despite the show's limitations at the time. Creators Gerry and Sylvia Anderson worked on a variety of classic British television shows from Thunderbirds to UFO, but Space: 1999 arguably showed their most mature and adult-oriented work. The writing frequently addresses themes such as isolation, fear, death, paranoia, and the consequences of human interference.

It is possible that the show's worst enemy was indeed the sci-fi shows of its time, which ultimately reached a more significant audience with franchises such as Star Wars and Star Trek. Despite some enduring performative or visual elements, Space: 1999 is often treated as a cult classic, revered by a small but dedicated fanbase.

In conclusion, Space: 1999 is a classic British sci-fi show that experimented with intriguing ideas that may still resonate with modern audiences beyond the show's limitations at the time. The series demonstrated an uncanny capacity to fuse its unique mixed-genre elements into something that was unconventional, original, and imaginative. It's a program that deserves praise, respect, and perhaps a fresh recognition.

Space 1999 is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on October 17, 1975.

Space 1999
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The Dorcons
24. The Dorcons
May 1, 1978
The Dorcons - the most powerful race in the galaxy - demand that the Alphans hand Maya over to them. Koenig refuses, until Moonbase Alpha is savagely attacked and invaded! Then, having let them take Maya he makes a desperate attempt to save her.
Devil's Planet
23. Devil's Planet
September 8, 1977
Answering a distress signal, Commander Koenig is forced to crash-land his Eagle on Entra - moon of the planet Ellna - which turns out to be the planet's penal colony.
The Immunity Syndrome
22. The Immunity Syndrome
September 1, 1977
Intergalactic adventures of the space-travelling Moonbase Alpha team. Commander Koenig and the team find what appears to be an inhabitable planet.
21. Dorzak
August 25, 1977
A space ship arrives on Moonbase Alpha carrying a prisoner, whom Maya (Koenig is away on a mission) is astonished to learn is Dorzak, a survivor from her planet, Psychon. But can he, a man of peace, really be guilty of the crimes of violence for which he is being exiled?
The Bringers of Wonder, Part 2
20. The Bringers of Wonder, Part 2
August 18, 1977
People from Earth have landed on Moonbase Alpha, promising to take the Alphans back home. Commander Koenig, however, sees not fellow human beings, but aliens, and tries to kill some of them.
The Bringers of Wonder, Part 1
19. The Bringers of Wonder, Part 1
August 11, 1977
Everyone on Moonbase is electrified by the arrival of a spaceship from earth. Everyone, that is, except Commander Koenig.
The Seance Spectre
18. The Seance Spectre
August 4, 1977
More adventures with the Moonbase Alpha team. A new planet is sighted, but is it habitable?
All That Glisters
17. All That Glisters
December 24, 1976
A battle for life with rock that pulsates with power, energy, intelligence and purpose....a rock fighting desperately for its own preservation.
One Moment of Humanity
16. One Moment of Humanity
December 17, 1976
A planet of human robots...but their complete mastery over those who have created them needs one further sense. They need the emotion that will enable them to kill. Can they learn from the Alphans?
The Lambda Factor
15. The Lambda Factor
December 10, 1976
A pretty, young Alpha technician dies a horrible and unexplained death.
The Beta Cloud
14. The Beta Cloud
December 3, 1976
A mystery illness strikes the Moon. An eerie cloud utters a sentence of death and a frightening space creature runs amok.
A Matter of Balance
13. A Matter of Balance
November 26, 1976
DWhile exploring an apparently lifeless planet, a member of Alpha's crew comes under the influence of an 'anti-matter' being.
Space Warp
12. Space Warp
November 19, 1976
Eagle One gets lost in space and, as if that isn't enough, Moonbase Alpha has problems.
Seed of Destruction
11. Seed of Destruction
November 12, 1976
An ice-cold replica of Commander Koenig takes control of the Moon - and orders its destruction.
Catacombs of the Moon
10. Catacombs of the Moon
November 5, 1976
Dr Helena Russell wages a desperate fight for the life of a girl whose husband has visions of Alpha being destroyed by fire.
The AB Chrysalis
9. The AB Chrysalis
October 29, 1976
A mystery planet declares war on the Moonbase. The Alphans have one chance - to negotiate with the aggressors.
The Rules of Luton
8. The Rules of Luton
October 22, 1976
A grim fight for survival takes place between Koenig and Maya and three weird aliens on a planet of living plants.
Brian the Brain
7. Brian the Brain
December 15, 1976
Intergalactic adventures of space-age Earth folk cast adrift from their lunar colony, Moonbase Alpha. The Alphans are hijacked by a robot - a living machine with a brain, a human voice and a terrifying secret.
The Mark of Archanon
6. The Mark of Archanon
October 8, 1976
A geological survey below the Moon's surface reveals the existence of a metallic cabinet. Inside are two figures, a man and a boy.
New Adam New Eve
5. New Adam New Eve
October 1, 1976
A saintly, impressive figure claims to be God, the creator of mankind. He offers Koenig and his companions a new Earth, a new Eden, where life can begin again.
The Taybor
4. The Taybor
September 25, 1976
A boisterous, flamboyant, larger-than-life trader from Hyper-space makes a remarkable appearance on the moon - and falls in love with Maya.
Journey to Where
3. Journey to Where
September 18, 1976
A voice comes through from Earth. With it, the hope of return to their own planet at last for the occupants of the runaway Moon and the end of their long journey through space but the space-wandering Alphans find themselves lost in the midst of time.
The Exiles
2. The Exiles
September 11, 1976
Mysterious objects appear in the space sky. In them are humans from another planet, preserved in a frozen state for 300 years. Two who return to consciousness on the moon have a grim story to tell. But can they be trusted?
The Metamorph
1. The Metamorph
September 4, 1976
Terror from a doomed planet - a planet of death, despite advanced scientific knowledge, But a new life for a beautiful girl who has learned the secrets of molecular transformation.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 17, 1975
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (9,126)