Prime Suspect

Prime Suspect is a dramatic television series starring Helen Mirren. Mirren plays Jane Tennison, a tough Detective working in London. She is one of the few females on the force and she is known for her strength and no-nonsense approach to solving crimes. Detective Tennison must work hard to prove herself to her male colleagues and she is constantly forced to deal with sexist comments and attitudes. She must do all this while solving some of the grisliest crimes in England.

Detective Tennisons colleagues are so opposed to having a woman in charge that they try and get her replaced the first time she has to lead an investigation. Detective Tennison prevails and she ends up solving the rape and murder of a young woman. Of course, in Detective Tennisons world, things are never easy. The suspect in the young womans murder is arrested and placed in prison and eventually murders begin to occur in the jail. Tennison must try and solve those as well.

London is a melting pot of a city and sometimes racial tensions and attitudes are problems that Tennison has to consider while solving a murder. One day a body is found in African neighborhood and many people that Tennison deals with want to jump to conclusions involving the case. She must navigate the neighborhoods racial tension very carefully if she wants to solve the case.

Tennison gathers so much positive attention for her work that she is transferred into the vice division of the police department. There, she begins to see a truly seedy side of the world as she has to investigate a child prostitution ring. She must also solve the murder of a child who has been sexually abused. She discovers a child molester who has left prison, remarried, and tried to put his crimes behind him. Detective Tennison has to find out if he has really changed or if he is still connected to the criminal world. She also finds herself involved in political scandals, gang murders, and drug dealing all the while proving herself as a top-notch detective.

April 7, 1991
Cast: Helen Mirren, Tom Bell, John Benfield, Jack Ellis
Prime Suspect

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