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As Time Goes By is one of the most popular British sitcoms of all time and has been shown around the world; the show features a rekindled love story between two people who lost touch 38 years before during the Korean War. The main characters of Lional and Jean hardcastle are played by respected British stage and screen actors, Geoffrey Palmer and Judi Dench; although she is now forever linked with the role of jean Hardcastle Dench was the second choice for the role behind Hollywood legend Jean Simmons.

Nine seasons of As Time Goes By were produced between 1992 and 2002, which were followed by a two part special reunion in 2005 for a total of 67 episodes; the show was also adapted for radio by the BBC and ran for three seasons.

The plot of the show revolves around Army Officer Lionel Hardcastle who fell in love with a nurse called Jean Pargetter during the 1950s; after being sent to Korea Lionel sends a letter which is lost and never makes it to Jean prompting the end of the relationship. During the 38 years between their last meeting and the rekindling of their relationship Lionel and jean have both married and Jean has a daughter called Judi; Lional emigrated to Kenya and later returned to England following his divorce from first wife Margaret.

Lionel and Jean meet again when he hires a secretary from Jean's agency Type For You to help him type up a manuscript of his life story; Jean's daughter Judi is sent to type Lionel's manuscript prompting Lionel and Jean to meet again. As the seasons progress Jean and Lionel marry and retire shifting the focus of the sitcom onto the relationship between Jean's daughter Judi and Lionel's publisher Alistair.

The title of the show was taken from the song As Time Goes By, which also acted as the theme of the show sung by Joe Fagin. The sitcom was created by Colin Bostock-Smith, but was written by Bob Larby for the BBC; Larby's earlier credits had included a large number of successful BBC sitcoms. As Time Goes By has been shown on a large number of networks in the U.S., Australia and Nigeria.

As Time Goes By is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (122 episodes). The series first aired on January 12, 1992.

Where do I stream As Time Goes By online? As Time Goes By is available for streaming on BBC America, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch As Time Goes By on demand at Amazon Prime, Vudu, Tubi TV online.

BBC America
9 Seasons, 122 Episodes
January 12, 1992
Comedy, Drama
Cast: Judi Dench
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As Time Goes By Full Episode Guide

  • For the first time in ages, Jean and Lionel have the house to themselves following Judith's wedding and Sandy's departure with Harry to Canada. Jean is trying to persuade Lionel to write 'part two' of his autobiography.

  • For the first time in ages, Jean and Lionel have the house to themselves following Judith's wedding and Sandy'sdeparture with Harry to Canada. Jean is trying to persuade Lionel to write 'part two' of his autobiography.

  • The day of Alistair and Judy's wedding is here and everyone hopes it will go off without a hitch. But a best man with a broken leg and the threat of an emotional breakdown from Alistair threaten to wreck everything.

  • Judy and Alistair make plans for their upcoming wedding and decide that a country wedding at the big house would be perfect. But when Alistair begins to take things out of control, Judy starts to worry about the wedding becoming more than just a quiet affair.

  • Jean decides it's time to join the technological age. Lionel is frustrated by her enthusiasm for the Internet and refuses to help her get connected. Alistair meets Lionel at a pub and tells him that he's lost all his money.

  • When Lionel confides in Alistair that he is unsure about his future financially, Alistair suggests selling the country house. Agreeing that this is the best solution, Jean and Lionel soon find that selling the house will mean firing both Mrs.Bale and Lol.

  • As the house next-door goes up for sale once again, Jean and Lionel anticipate the arrival of Penny and Stephen who are returning from a holiday in Spain. When Penny and Stephen announce that they have a surprise, Jean and Lionel fear the worse.

  • Lionel finds a stray dog and Jean, Judith and Sandy all want to keep him. However, Lionel insists they should find the real owner. Sandy meets her ex-boyfriend Harry, the policeman who later turns up with the dog's real owner.

  • As Judith and Sandy no longer have boyfriends Jean wants to think of a way to cheer them up. She enlists Lionel's support. When Alistair calls round on business Jean thinks he has come to help.