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Elementary is a new televised take on the adventures of the famous Scotland Yard detective Sherlock Holmes played by veteran actor Jonny Lee Miller. However, the television show is set in present day New York City. The setting of the show offers an important twist to a character that has stood the test of time in several classic books. The series takes a classic literary character and dares to dream of what would happen should he be set loose in the present.

A procedural crime drama through and through, Elementary adapts to that genre by using the keen observation techniques of the top detective as the driving force for solving cases. The skills Holmes brings to the table make him a top consultant for the New York Police Department, which is the driving force for case-of-the-week show. The detective's ability to deduce truth from a crime scene is on regular display. Of course, the series not without some character development.

Holmes is evasive about his past, which drove him from Scotland Yard, and is now forced to have a sobriety companion at his side for every waking moment. The famous Watson character is played by a woman, Lucy Liu, and she helps guide Sherlock to keep the crime solver focused on staying clean. Her other task is to help Holmes interact better with people, because his tendencies skew to the abrasive side of the personality meter. The two form a mutually beneficial partnership, and help each other learn new things about each other each and every week.

In the end, Elementary is a witty and clever show that utilizes a few beloved characters to advance some compelling story arcs. The cases and investigations, just like many of the characters on display, are often more complicated than first presented, which is an interesting dynamic in a television landscape crowded with simple and straightforward plots. The twists and turns in the adventures of Holmes and Watson offer the chance to see classic characters in a fresh new light while still maintaining the pieces that made the duo so enjoyable in the literary works.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on CBS
5 Seasons, 120 Episodes
September 27, 2012
Cast: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill
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Elementary Full Episode Guide

  • Holmes and Watson pursue an elusive criminal as a gang war erupts in New York City. While the NYPD works to contain the violence, the two investigate the murder that appears to have ignited the city-wide conflict, and discover that a familiar face is pulling the strings.

  • Holmes and Watson investigate a murder that puts them in the crosshairs of one of New York City's deadliest gangs. Also, Holmes' behavior becomes increasingly erratic when he secretly interacts with a mysterious woman.

  • When Detective Bell's girlfriend Chantal is assaulted and her ex-husband is killed soon after, in what Holmes and Watson discover is a staged suicide, they search for one suspect behind the linked crimes. Also, as Bell fights the urge to seek his own brand of justice for Chantal, Sherlock makes a heartbreaking realization about the detective's past.

  • Holmes and Watson get tangled in homicide and magic when they investigate the passing of a magician murdered while performing a traditional act.

  • Holmes and Watson look into the murder of a man Sherlock thought of as one of New York’s worst private detectives.

  • Sherlock and Joan wonder how well they know Shinwell when they examine the possibility that he may have gotten away with the unsolved killing of his friend, a fellow gang member.

  • The police call in Holmes and Watson to consult on a homicide "heard" by a cutting edge gunshot detection system when they can't find any tangible evidence that a crime was committed. Also, Sherlock and Joan become suspicious of Shinwell when he's the target of a drive-by shooting that reveals a connection between him and an unsolved murder.

  • In the final episode, Joan and Kitty attempt to prove that a string of killings, stemming from an old case Sherlock and Kitty solved in London linked to an international government conspiracy with the Defense Intelligence Agency at its center.

  • Holmes' former protégé, Kitty Winter, comes back to New York after a three-year absence to warn him that a murderer is killing everybody associated with a case they worked on together in London.

  • Holmes and Watson examine the homicide of a former professional eSports video gamer who passed away after being attacked in front of his fans during a live video stream.

  • A guy takes hostages, including Joan, and threatens to kill them unless Holmes discovers the person responsible for the death of his son. As Sherlock looks into the case, the captor gives him 16 hours to locate the perpetrator before time runs out.

  • When Holmes and Watson examine a clown's murder upstate, they find a link between his death and the invention of a new weaponized virus. Also, Watson assists Bell when he's targeted by his new romantic interest Chantal's ex-husband trying to sabotage her job at the district attorney's office.

  • Holmes and Watson hurry to locate a woman who's been held prisoner for years before the abductor takes drastic steps to avoid being caught. Also, Watson grows distraught when Shinwell refuses to zone in on his informant training with her and Holmes.

  • When Watson is possibly involved in a DEA investigation into doctors filling out illegal prescriptions, she and Holmes look for the person using her medical license to sell drugs.

  • When Shinwell visits Holmes and Watson for assistance after he's framed for a gang killing, they have three days to locate the actual killer before he is arrested and locked up again.

  • Joan fears Sherlock's sobriety is in jeopardy when she finds out he has been lying to her about going to recovery meetings. Also, Sherlock and Joan find out a guy's death caused by ingesting poisoned sausage is linked to a lab working on a breakthrough in the artificial meat industry.

  • Holmes and Watson examine a mass homicide when a chef and his patrons are poisoned after enjoying a tasting menu tainted with snake poison. Also, Detective Bell's crush on a coworker makes Holmes figure out his and Fiona's relationship is at a critical crossroads.

  • Holmes and Watson have a number of suspects when they investigate the killing of a man who led a secret life as a vigilante, "catfishing" sexual predators on dating sites and publicly humiliating them. Also, when Shinwell's criminal record keeps him from getting a full-time job, Holmes disagrees with Watson's idea to help him.

  • Captain Gregson petitions to include Holmes and Watson when his unit is chosen to get a city commendation for its exemplary work. Also, as Holmes and Watson consult on the examination into a financial analyst’s killing, they are pulled into the world of asteroid research.

  • Holmes discovers a secret concerning Captain Gregson's girlfriend when she employs him for a case she wants kept under of Gregson's radar. Also, Holmes and Watson join the NYPD's search for an abducted lady.

  • When the head of a local street gang captures Holmes to force him to locate the person responsible for a hit on his men, Holmes and Watson get stuck in the middle of an international search to recover a centuries old, priceless artifact. Also, Watson considers whether a personal favor Shinwell requests of her is outside her comfort zone.

  • When a serial bomber becomes active again after being dormant for six years, Watson seeks help from Shinwell Johnson, a former patient whose life she saved when she was a surgeon. Also, Holmes senses Watson is unhappy and questions whether she is still fulfilled by her detective career.

  • Holmes and Watson’s lives are threatened by an influential, worldwide criminal network connected to the murder attempt on Morland Holmes. Also, Sherlock’s grievances with his father threaten their alliance to bring their mutual adversary to justice.

  • When Holmes and Watson find the criminal behind the attempt made on Morland's life, they are led to a surprising connection to themselves.

  • Sherlock’s father, Morland, becomes Sherlock and Joan’s prime suspect in a murder investigation after one of his employees is killed under the guise of a robbery.

  • When Holmes and Watson are pulled into a double-homicide investigation, they discover the victims were staging a fake murder right at the moment they were killed. Also, Watson’s inside man at Morland’s office encounters a problem that threatens to expose her spying to Holmes and his father.

  • As Holmes and Watson investigate a woman’s murder, they discover her death is linked to a piece of artwork that has ties to a crime that was committed when she was in college. Also, in the wake of a shocking personal revelation, Watson attempts to forge a connection with a recent client.

  • A mysterious woman who organizes illegal, high-stakes poker games arrives on Holmes and Watson’s doorstep and tells them her life is in danger claiming to be a former associate of Mycroft, Sherlock’s brother. However, as the pair investigates, Joan becomes suspicious that their new client isn’t being truthful.

  • When a survivalist doctor goes missing, Holmes and Watson must determine whether he’s purposely gone off the grid or if he’s a victim of foul play. Also, Holmes exhibits odd behavior when his romantic relationship with Fiona hits a critical point.

  • When a man who secretly fought crime dressed as a popular comic book superhero is murdered, Holmes and Watson must discover his real identity before they can find his killer. Also, Morland makes a surprise donation to Watson’s favorite charity, in order to compel her to do him a business-related favor.

  • Morland's wealthy associate, Henry Baskerville, seeks help from Holmes and Watson after his brother is chased to his death by a large, glowing animal too fantastic to be real.

  • When Watson encounters Captain Gregson and his secret girlfriend, a former NYPD officer, she incidentally sets the couple's breakup in motion. Also, Holmes and Watson investigate the death of a wealthy woman who left her estate to her dog.

  • Holmes and Morland's relationship reaches its breaking point, and the identity of Sherlock's mother is revealed.

  • Sherlock and Joan search for a murderer who used poisonous mushrooms to kill a botany professor and a group of the instructor’s students. Also, when Joan is disturbed by loud noise next door, she discovers her neighbor, Trent, is renting out his home through a vacation site that caters to hard partiers.

  • Captain Gregson's colleague from Narcotics asks Holmes to plan the ultimate heist inside the heavily armed and basically impenetrable compound of a drug-dealing biker gang.

  • Holmes and Watson must search for a killer without any physical evidence to aid them after a bomb is detonated in the New York City morgue. Also, Watson is suspicious when an NYPD detective she’s in a grudge match with asks her to consult on a case.

  • Holmes' reconciliation with his father suffers a setback when Holmes and Watson discover Morland has been harboring a dangerous secret. Meanwhile, Holmes and Watson investigate two murders connected to a for-profit college and its illegal recruitment practices.

  • Holmes and Watson are on the manhunt for a computer hacker responsible for three murders.

  • A murder takes place similar to the crimes of an infamous, and already incarcerated, serial killer.

  • Unbeknownst to Watson, her stepfather writes a crime novel based on her work with Holmes, which reveals an underlying issue in their relationship.

  • Morland pretends to be one of his son's "Irregular" consultants so that he can lend Sherlock and Joan his considerable resources to help them solve a case.

  • Holmes and Watson investigate the death of an archeologist.

  • Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a fertility lab technician, and discover she had a secret life.

  • Unable to focus because of his father's ongoing presence in New York City, Sherlock offers to help Morland resolve a work issue in exchange for his prompt departure home.

  • When Morland offers to use his influence to have Sherlock and Joan reinstated as consultants to the NYPD, Sherlock questions his father's motivation. Also, with no work, Watson wrangles a gig with the FBI investigating a triple homicide in a top secret research lab.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Holmes faces criminal charges in the wake of his recent behavior. His powerful father, Morland Holmes, arrives in New York to fix the situation, no matter the consequences.

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