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  • TV-G
  • 1965
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.2  (8,822)

Lost in Space is a science fiction television series that originally aired on FOX from 1965 to 1968. The show follows the Robinson family, a group of colonists who have left Earth to travel to a distant planet called Alpha Centauri in search of a new home. The journey does not go according to plan, and they become lost in space. The series is set in the distant future, and it features a mix of science fiction, adventure, and family drama.

The Robinsons are a family of five - John, Maureen, Judy, Penny, and Will - who are joined by their trusty robot, which was programmed to protect them. The family is selected to be part of a group of colonists who are tasked with setting up a space colony on a new planet. However, their ship, the Jupiter 2, encounters a black hole and is thrown off course, leaving the Robinsons stranded on an unknown planet. They are forced to adapt to their new surroundings and find a way to survive while they search for a way to get back home.

The show features a number of memorable characters, including the family's patriarch, John Robinson, who is a former U.S. Space Corps officer. His wife, Maureen, is a doctor and a scientist who takes charge of many of the scientific aspects of their situation. Their children, Judy, Penny, and Will, are all very different and unique, and they each add their own perspective to the show. The family's robot is a particularly beloved character, known for his iconic catchphrase, "Danger, Will Robinson!"

Throughout the series, the Robinsons encounter a number of challenges and obstacles as they try to survive on the strange planet. They must deal with hostile alien creatures, dangerous environmental conditions, and the constant threat of being discovered by a hostile race of beings known as the Robotoid. The show also explores the relationships between the family members and how they grow and change as they face these challenges together.

Lost in Space was groundbreaking for its time, featuring innovative special effects and a unique blend of science fiction and family drama. The show was also notable for its diverse cast, with actors from different ethnic backgrounds playing major roles in the series. The show is still celebrated by fans today for its memorable characters, exciting adventures, and enduring themes of family and survival.

In conclusion, Lost in Space is an iconic science fiction television series that captured the imagination of audiences in the 1960s and continues to be celebrated by fans years later. The show follows the Robinson family as they are lost in space and forced to adapt to their new surroundings while they search for a way to get back home. With its memorable characters and exciting adventures, Lost in Space is a classic of the genre and a must-watch for any fan of science fiction television.

Lost in Space is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (84 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 1965.

Lost in Space
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The Junkyard of Space
24. The Junkyard of Space
March 6, 1968
The Jupiter must land, to repair a fuel tank that is causing fires. But first, someone must explore a cosmic cloud with the space pod to verify the Jupiter can pass through it. Smith draws the short screwdriver, but talks the Robot into taking his place. Then a magnetic force captures the Robot and hauls him to a space "junk yard" run by a bizarre robot junk man. Then a strange form of rust plague infects the Robinsons' food supply, forcing Smith to trade parts from the robot to the junk man in exchange for meals. But when the junk man has what he wants, he plans to cut off the food and steal the Jupiter, stranding the Robinsons on his own wretched world!
The Great Vegetable Rebellion
23. The Great Vegetable Rebellion
February 28, 1968
Doctor Smith realizes he may one day need the Robot's good will. So he commandeers the space pod and descends to a planet home to vegetation, but no animals. His goal: a few flowers for the Robot's birthday party! But on this planet, ruled by Tybo, vegetables are king, and harming them is a capital crime. For his crimes, Tybo intends to turn Smith into a plant! And when the Robinsons descend looking for their errant passanger, and begin hacking their way through the dense foliage, well, Tybo soon devises new forms for them, too!
The Flaming Planet
22. The Flaming Planet
February 21, 1968
Violating orders, Doctor Smith has grown an alien plant in his cabin. Space radiation turns it into a monstrous mutant that thinks he's its "mother!" Ordered to dispose of it into the jets, Smith instead lazily flushes it out an airlock, and it promptly attaches to the ship, causing engine problems! To remove the plant, John proposes a close passage through the dense atmosphere of a nearby planet - but that planet is inhabited, and the residents do not want visitors. The Jupiter 2 lands anyway, and then discovers that the planetary inhabitants demand a high price for their safe departure!
Space Beauty
21. Space Beauty
February 14, 1968
Farnum B, galactic showman, has a new client. He's looking for women to enter a beauty contest. At first, afraid of his client, he refuses to enroll Judy. But the client sees her and wants her in the contest - and he has a way of ensuring that Farnum does as asked. But when Farnum cannot sign her, and forgery does not work, he turns to Doctor Smith, whose subtle chicanery soon has Judy on the runway. But when Judy sees just what's inside the mysterious sponsor's armor, her desire to win the contest evaporates...
Fugitives in Space
20. Fugitives in Space
January 31, 1968
Creech, a hard case inmate of Prison Planet Destructon, flees custody and makes it to the icy world on which the Robinson's have landed. There, he forces Smith to trade his warm jacket for a prisoner's shirt. Seconds after Creech flees, guards and the Warden from Destructon appear, and accuse Smith of abetting Creech's escape. Smith drags Don into it, and before long both men find themselves sentenced to Destructon for the rest of their natural lives in a rigged trial designed to help the warden achieve his own goals...
The Promised Planet
19. The Promised Planet
January 24, 1968
When The Robot announces that he has detected Alpha Centauri, the Robinsons are overjoyed! They have finally reached their real destination, and they prepare to land. But when they arrive, they discover a planet run by teenagers, who quickly sequester Will and Penny. Attempts to indoctrinate Will and Penny partially succeed, but they break away only to see their parents depart, claiming to have only one daughter, Judy! Who really runs this planet, and why do they need Will and Penny so badly?
The Time Merchant
18. The Time Merchant
January 17, 1968
Will performs an experiment designed to capture subatomic particles during a cosmic storm, but he nets something quite different: Dr. Chronos! The doctor claims he controls the "time tapes" of everyone, everywhere, and administers their use of time - even going so far as to destroy a planet that has "used up" its time! Smith uses Chronos's equipment to send himself back to Earth, before he boarded the Jupiter 2, in the hopes of rewriting his own history. But if he does this, the ship won't go off course - and a rogue asteroid will destroy it, four months into its trip! John, Will, and the Robot have to find a way to persuade Dr. Smith onto the ship over Smith's and Chronos's objections.
Princess of Space
17. Princess of Space
January 10, 1968
Captain Kraspo, his steward Fedor and his crew of robots have been in space for five long years, searching for the missing princess of Beta. She, and only she, can wield the scepter that keeps the rebellions robots and computers of Beta under control. Kraspo, desperate for his reward, concocts a scheme to pass Penny off as the princess. But Fedor has plans of his own, and when the crew mutinies, and Penny can't control them, Don will have to decipher the garbled message send by the real princess's nurse years earlier - it's the key to finding the only person who can save everyone from the machines!
Target: Earth
16. Target: Earth
January 3, 1968
Doctor Smith detaches the robot's tracks from his torso, and accidentally launches them and the space pod towards a nearby planet. The aliens there invite the Robinsons to retrieve their missing pod. After they land, Doctor Smith encounters one of the aliens, who looks much like a melted candle with eyes. Smith reveals that humans all look different, prompting one of the aliens, Gitt Proto, to hatch a scheme to capture the Robinsons and replace them with reshaped aliens! They'll then take the Jupiter 2 back to Earth to learn enough to conquer it! Will and Smith evade capture and sneak aboard, but it's still two against five! Fortunately, Will realizes something about the aliens that gives him an edge...
The Anti-Matter Man
15. The Anti-Matter Man
December 27, 1967
Duplicates of John and Don, prisoners of a shadow world, plot their escape. As John uses an atomizing unit to investigate engine repairs, they sense their chance. The evil copy of John breaks through and drags the real John back to his own dark world! He plans to make the switch permanent, unless Will and the Robot can stop him!
Castles in Space
14. Castles in Space
December 20, 1967
Dr. Smith, bungling yet again, manages to open a frozen cave and reveal its occupant - a creature sealed inside frozen fluid. Ordered to guard the find, Smith becomes angry and casually tosses his "malfunctioning" thermal blanket onto the ice block before storming off. The blanket melts the ice and frees its occupant - an ice princess! Then an alien named Chavo appears, and he's very interested in the ice princess - so interested, he captures Will and demands the Robinsons hand her over in exchange for Will's safe release!
Two Weeks in Space
13. Two Weeks in Space
December 13, 1967
A spaceship claiming to be from Earth requests a landing beam, but John doesn't trust them and uses a shield to keep them away. A good thing, too, because the crew is four criminals who robbed a deuterium bank and are now fleeing the Space Patrol. They chanced across Zumdish, who has quit the Celestial Department Store and now operates a tour agency. Using this cover and playing on Smith's greed, they find a way to land. And they decide this planet will make a nice hiding place, once they get rid of the people who are already there.
A Day at the Zoo
12. A Day at the Zoo
November 29, 1967
Don, Judy and Penny venture out to collect rock and plant specimens. Penny, on her own, stumbles into a net trap! There she learns she's been trapped by Farnum B, owner of an intergalactic zoo, who intends to capture all of the Robinsons and put them on display. For Doctor Smith, this is an improvement, since Farnum's technology gives him everything he wants! But when Farnum's assistant Oggo strands Farnum on a distant planet, Smith takes over. He plans to run the zoo, still using the Robinsons as exhibits!
Deadliest of the Species
11. Deadliest of the Species
November 22, 1967
The Robinsons must land to repair their ship. As the pass, space capsule Alpha-784 latches onto the Jupiter 2 magnetically and follows them in. It contains a disassembled female robot. The Robot helps reassemble her, and even forces the Robinsons to give him a crucial part to re-energize her! But she's evil, and her escape has not gone unnoticed by aliens willing to destroy the Robinsons if they will not help find and recapture the robot. Re-energized, she proves a match for her pursuers - so how will the technologically less capable Robinsons deal with her?
The Space Creature
10. The Space Creature
November 15, 1967
Locked in orbit around a planet whose inhospitable atmosphere is partially composed of an unknown element, the Robinsons find themselves picked off, one by one, by a malevolent force. An errant wish from young Will brought this force into being - it is a part of him given form and evil power by the strange mist. Now Will has to face his worst nightmares if he wants to see his family again!
Collision of the Planets
9. Collision of the Planets
November 8, 1967
An alien civilization dispatches four "social burdens" to a planet whose eccentric orbit threatens their world. These four people can become productive citizens by destroying this world. The aliens warn the "earth colony" there - but the Robinsons need at least a week to get their ship spaceworthy, and the aliens have given them exactly "one half of one diurnal cycle." Compounding the matter is Smith's accidental inhalation of alien fumes that give him the strength of dozens of men - for short periods of time.
Flight into the Future
8. Flight into the Future
October 25, 1967
Will and the Robot are checking the pod for readiness when Dr. Smith enters, determined to get a back massage from the Robot. He accidentally launches the pod, which lands on a strange jungle-covered world where fruit explodes and invisible birds cast shadows. The Jupiter 2 lands nearby, but can't find the jungle - they see only rock! Then Will meets people who claim it is 2270 and they are the descendants of the Robinsons! To reach his family, Will will have to figure out what, exactly, is going on.
The Haunted Lighthouse
7. The Haunted Lighthouse
October 18, 1967
Chased from their planet by a space storm, the Robinsons take an alien boy named J-5 with them. They encounter a ship that serves as a kind of space lighthouse. The Robinsons are ecstatic with hope that they can obtain fuel and charts. But Colonel Fogey may not be who he appears to be, and J-5 may be more than who he appears to be. And then there's J-5's mysterious pet, the Zaybo, which is and isn't there...
The Space Destructors
6. The Space Destructors
October 11, 1967
While exploring, Will and Doctor Smith chance across a cave containing a control panel. Smith, unable to leave anything dangerous alone, operates several controls and actives an android creating machine. It begins churning out android copies of Smith bent on galactic conquest. Worse, when trying to stop him Will falls into the machine and emerges changed! And that's when Smith learns something about who was really in charge the entire time...
The Space Primevals
5. The Space Primevals
October 4, 1967
Don and Dr. Smith try to cap a volcano that threatens the Jupiter 2: if it stays, lava will overrun it, and if it takes off, the explosive and corrosive gases from the fuming stack will damage it, perhaps severely! But the territory around the volcano harbors primitives who worship the great Protineus, a machine they claim will evolve them. Don and Smith have contaminated and damaged this, so Protineus decrees that they must die!
Hunter's Moon
4. Hunter's Moon
September 27, 1967
The Jupiter 2 must find a landing spot so John and Don can repair her engines. Scouting an inhospitable world, the space pod encounters a force field and must land. Outside, a monster attacks, and John destroys it. Unfortunately, it was the quarry of Megazor, who must prove his skills before assuming the throne of the Zon civilization. As punishment, Megazor makes John battle an invisible alien, and when John wins, Megazor's computer rates him at just enough points to secure the throne for Zon. Now John is the prey, equipped with a defective survival suit, while Megazor the hunter carries the dangerous Zon Destructo-blade!
Kidnapped in Space
3. Kidnapped in Space
September 20, 1967
Smith answers an alien distress call requesting the help of a doctor. He almost ignores it, but the alien voice promises great wealth... Stealing the pod, he travels to the alien probe, there discovering that the aliens are robots, and their leader a complex computer. Smith, completely unqualified, refuses to help until the aliens imprison Will! Worse, when their leader is repaired, the aliens intend to conquer the universe! And since they can control the flow of time, they might just manage it!
Visit to a Hostile Planet
2. Visit to a Hostile Planet
September 13, 1967
Travelling in space, the Jupiter 2 encounters a warp that returns them to Earth. When they cannot contact Alpha Control, they elect to land, and then discover the warp sent them back in time as well as through space! It's 1947, and the people of Manitou Junction (the nearest town) think they're invading aliens called Voltones (one of them read a story about such creatures). And then Doctor Smith complicates matters by disguising himself as a small town fire chief and taking charge of the effort to imprison the Robinsons!
Condemned of Space
1. Condemned of Space
September 6, 1967
Launching into space to avoid a rogue comet, the Robinsons encounter the Vera Castle, a floating prison full of frozen criminals. On a whim, Doctor Smith frees Phanzig, because how dangerous could a man playing Cat's Cradle with a bit of twine be? Then Phanzig forces Doctor Smith to take his place! When Phanzig discovers that the clock that regulates length of sentences stopped long ago, he frees other prisoners to launch a rebellion. In the midst of all this, the robot guard mistakes Don for a prisoner and freezes him solid!
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  • Premiere Date
    September 15, 1965
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (8,822)