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In this reality series, a flamboyant bounty hunter leads a group of gung-ho fugitive hunters who are tasked with tracking down accused criminals who have jumped bail. The series is often as much about the drama surrounding Dog's business as it is about the potentially dangerous job that he does.

1 Season, 203 Episodes
December 2, 1970
Cast: Duane 'Dog' Chapman, Leland Chapman, Beth Chapman, Tim Chapman
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Dog The Bounty Hunter Full Episode Guide

  • Dog has difficulty keeping his team focused as one as they track a fugitive.

  • Dog tries to convince the family of a fugitive to participate with the search.

  • Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes and enjoy cast interviews and exclusive footage.

  • Dog and the team head to the Big Island in search of two courthouse no-shows only to discover that one of them appears to be posting status updates from Southern California. Will he have success finding the other?

  • Dog's lead turns cold but thanks to the help of a mail carrier they are able to get back on the trail.

  • Ironically, the domestic cases bring out the puppy-love in Dog. On this episode he insists on joining Beth in her car as they pursue their fugitive.

  • Things get hot when Dog and Beth decide to ride in the same SUV during the pursuit of a fugitive.

  • With Duane Lee back on the team, peace appears to be among the Chapman clan. But will time heal this wound or make it worse?

  • In a desperate attempt to bring the team back together, Dog recruits his pastor, Time Story, to be the peacemaker. As Dog begins his hunt for a young man who has trouble showing up at court, Tim has his own mission--convince Duane Lee to meet with him.

  • Dog's target is Kali's cousin, Garry Boy's caregiver. In addition she has a reputation as a fighter. With Duane Lee still missing from the team Baby Lyssa decides she will step-up in this hunt.

  • Following Cecily's high school graduation, Dog decides it's time to show her what the family business is all about.

  • Duane Lee is off the team and Leland confronts Dog about it. Meanwhile, a mother feels the best situation would be for her daughter to be in jail.

  • Dog searches for a terrifying fugitive who is trying to relocate on the sly.

  • Tension mounts when Dog blames Duane Lee for denting his car. However, they must unite to track down a repeat offender.

  • Dog takes a paternal approach with two fugitives who have strong relationships with their mothers.

  • Alysin makes a big mistake and proves she has a lot to learn. Meanwhile, Duane Lee questions Beth's decision to go on the hunt with Dog leading the charge!

  • One of Dog's favorite sayings is, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," and this is a hunt where that is true.

  • Dog starts using a social-networking site to help him search for criminals on the run.

  • Dog helps a bondsman from the mainland search for a fugitive who's hiding in Hawaii.

  • Lyssa has a bad day when she finds herself behind bars and the media has exposed her. Instead of cowering down, Lyssa stands up and befriends a drug addict.

  • Dog and the team are cautious as they go after a fugitive accused of assaulting a police officer.

  • In the Season 8 premiere, Dog goes after an accused jewelry thief solo because Leland is attending a Lamaze class.

  • Dog has two passions - take down fugitives and teach his successors tricks of the trade. Kili, a family friend, joins the team to track down a fugitive on Maui and then has to hurry off to his college graduation ceremony.

  • Dog attempts to finalize this mission, but with four fugitives on the run and darkness settling in, he must now search the most dangerous of locations - their homes.

  • Dog and the crew continue to search for the fugitives in order to save his new friend's bail bonding business in Montrose, CO.

  • Dog helps out a small town bondsman who is in search of a gun-loving survivalist with a million dollar bond on his head. He also teaches the bondsman the fundamentals of the trade.

  • Dog launches a high stake hunt through dangerous mountain landscape of western Colorado in pursuit of a gun-loving survivalist with a million dollar bond on his head. Will he catch him in time?

  • The bounty-hunter adventures of Duane "Dog" Chapman and his Posse are chronicled in this one hour "Best Of" special, featuring superlative memorable moments from the previous seven seasons.

  • The case becomes personal when Dog's good friend and fellow bondsman, Chris, must find his fugitive or risk losing his business.

  • Dog heads to Oahu's ramshackle tent cities. The team searches for a woman who has lost almost everything, her home, her family and her spirit. Without any information about her whereabouts, Dog questions sources and tips but is determined to bring her to justice and try to bring hope back to her life.

  • Duane "Dog" Chapman and his posse continue bounty hunting.

  • Following the release of the second part of his autobiography, Dog and his family took a journey across America. In this special, share the public and private moments with Dog and his family. Initially the plan was to promote the new book, but the trip soon turned into a life-changing experience for Dog and Beth as well as their fans.

  • Back in Colorado, Dog`s on the hunt for a runner with a history of getting into trouble with the law. But the fugitive's friends and family are reluctant to help Dog capture him. Closing in on a possible location, Dog knows he may have a family feud on his hands as he tries to bring this felon to justice.

  • Things get complicated when the co-signer of a bond is also romantically involved with the defendant. However, the defendant is a threat to the community and the cosigner asks the bondsman for protection. Dog comes up with a unique plan to find out where the truth lies, and if freedom or jail is in the defendant's future

  • Dog's latest fugitive is running from abuse and assault charges. As Dog investigates, he discovers that this fugitive worked the system. With an assist from the bail bonds community, Dog plots to capture his prey in an arrest by appointment. But things don't go exactly as planned.

  • Leland has been strung along for months by a fugitive and decides to call the Big Dog. The whole team heads out to put pressure on the family and friends of this imposing 300-pound felon. Then, a late-night lead kicks Dog and crew into high gear.

  • Dog is searching for a fugitive known for criminal assault and catches up with the fugitive's former girlfriend who claims he is harmless. But as they close in on their target Dog is starting to doubt the girl's story.

  • Dog is accompanied by his old friends Tim Chapman and Sonny Westbrook and they're after a thief with violent tendencies. When Dog learns that the fugitive is also a disrespectful son, he is more motivated to find his man. But once he finds him will Dog be able to work his magic and help heal this fractured family?

  • Dog decides to stay home and watch his newest granddaughter, which leaves Beth and the girls to find a mother gone wrong.

  • Dog is back on the Big Island of Hawaii in search of a fugitive who is being protected by his family and friends.

  • Dog's fugitive was carrying almost a pound of meth when he was arrested. Now he's on the run with his pregnant girlfriend in Colorado.

  • Dog gave a second chance to a young man who has a drug problem. The young man promised to go to rehab but on the way there decided to run.

  • Today Dog finds himself looking for more than one fugitive. He starts the day looking for a woman who has skipped out on her court date. But he soon learns that since she disappeared she has teamed up with a woman whose criminal exploits have attracted the attention of local media. Word on the street is that they are on the run together. In this case love isn’t the answer - in fact, it might be the problem.

  • It's Dog and Beth's anniversary, but as usual, work comes first and Dog hunts for a man in the wilds of the Big Island. Will Beth get the romantic dinner she was hoping for?

  • Dog's daughter, Baby Lyssa, is eight months pregnant and joins in on a hunt for a runaway teen.

  • Only in Dog's world would a bantam fighting cock, a pregnant daughter, and a jungle safe house go together. And don't forget the mopeds as well a group of hostile squatters on government land! They're all part of the hunt for an elusive and clever criminal that takes Dog through the parts of Hawaii that tourists never get to see.

  • Dog started out as an outlaw biker, and now his family is his priority. At the end of the day, he is surrounded by what matters most and celebrating Cecily's 16th birthday.

  • Back in Colorado Dog tracks a fugitive who is on the run from the law for the first time. Reading the file Dog knows the young man’s life is at the crossroads. He can either get back on the straight and narrow or careen down the road to wreck and ruin. Will Dog’s posse be able to track down this wanna-be-gangsta in time to convince him to make the right choice?

  • Dog unexpectedly helps a family torn apart by violence after searching for a man with an APB out on him.

  • Dog calls Tim Chapman out of retirement to help him track an elusive fugitive.

  • The team pursues a fugitive over volcanic mountains and into the wilds of Puna, Hawaii.

  • Duane Lee and Leland face off on the tennis court. At stake, title to "Chapman Champ."

  • Mary Ellen calls on Dog to help her hunt a fugitive and give him hope of turning his life around. Will Dog be able to help this fugitive see the light?

  • Never judge a book by its cover is the motto for today's hunt. The fugitive is dynamite in a small package. Will Dog and the gang catch this femme fatale before she slips away?

  • Things are rarely what they seem, especially when bounty hunting.

  • Dog's got a twofer on his hands, but the cases couldn't be more different. The first is a woman whose family wants her back in jail, the other is a former choirboy whose family ties are strong. Darlene's been busted for third degree promotion and her sister, fed up with her behavior, wants off the bond. Dog will do his best to straighten her out but he has his doubts about making a difference. The following day is Dog's birthday but that won't stop him from chasing a fugitive named Fred who is facing firearms charges. Dog doesn't relish the thought of going after an alleged gunslinger on his birthday but he's never one to avoid a challenge. Dog's hunch is that Fred is a mama's boy, and while he has some doubts, in the end will his instincts pay off?

  • Dog's bounty takes him on a trip down memory lane.

  • Dog and the gang always put safety first. This fugitive has a violent past and an anger management problem. On their toes and aware of the dangers Dog and the gang are still in for a surprise.

  • There is a running joke in the posse that every time Bobby Brown asks them for help with a fugitive he always promises them that it's "an easy one," but the hunts end up being epic searches. So it's with a huge grain of salt that they listen to his guarantee that today's hunt will "really be an easy one." Will today finally be the day?

  • A tip from some children might help Dog locate a fugitive's girlfriend so he can try to enlist her assistance in bringing him in.

  • In this episode Dog and Beth invite the viewers into their home for the holiday season. Dog then decides that since his son Garry doesn't believe in Santa, Dog gathers a new gang to hunt for Santa himself.

  • This fugitive is known for running from the law, but Dog vows to get his man. Chasing leads is made difficult as they are false; they keep their eye on the target convinced this guy needs to be behind bars.

  • At first glance this case will be a easy pick up. What Dog and the gang don't know as this fugitive has lots of contacts, that keep him off Dog's radar.

  • Dog's target today seems to have a taste for drugs and a record of reckless driving. The hunt has deep emotional resonance for the team because today is the anniversary of the fatal car accident of Dog's daughter Barbara Katie. As the hunt goes deep into the night the team is confronted with a speeding SUV driven by the fugitive, and Dog worries that a similar fate awaits this fugitive.

  • The adventures of Duane "Dog" Chapman and his bounty-hunting family are chronicled in this episode that captures memorable moments from prior seasons.

Dog The Bounty Hunter News

Dog the Bounty Hunter Remembers His Wife's Final Words

The reality TV star died this week after a cancer battle.

Nicolas Cage Arrested, Then Released...You Won't Believe Which Celeb Paid His Bail!

Early Saturday morning, actor Nicolas Cage was arrested by New Orleans police for disturbing the peace. Cage, who was allegedly very drunk, had been arguing loudly with his wife, Alice, at their rental address in the Big Easy where Cage is currently filming.

When police arrived, Cage refused to quiet down and instead challenged the cops, saying "why don't you just arrest me?" Apparently, they took him up on the offer.

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