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Pawn Stars is a reality TV show that showcases the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop based in Las Vegas Nevada. The show airs each Monday night on the History Channel. The show revolves around four main characters. Rick Harrison is the co-owner who oversees operations at the shop. His father, nicknamed "Old Man", is the owner of the company. There will be times when they show him sleeping in his chair during the day.

Corey, also known as Big Hoss, manages the sales floor during the day. He is Rick's son and is most likely going to inherit the shop one day. His main job is to watch over ChumLee. He is dimwitted and often says and does dumb things for comic relief.

Customers will bring items into the pawn shop to be either pawned or sold. If an item is pawned, the customer is granted a loan that must be repaid within 120 days. If an item is sold, the item becomes property of the shop.

There are many experts and researchers that make regular appearances on the show when Rick, Corey or the Old Man doesn't know the value of an item. Gun experts, museum curators, handwriting experts and others are brought in to authenticate items to get a sense of their true value.

Another fascinating aspect of the show is the negotiation process that takes place before an item is pawned or sold. Many people believe that there autographed picture or concert poster is worth thousands when it may only be worth $50. The banter between the customer and the employees of the pawn shop provide many humorous moments for the show.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on History
20 Seasons, 591 Episodes
July 19, 2009
Cast: Corey Harrison
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Pawn Stars Full Episode Guide

  • Get ready to GO with the Pawn Stars as a very valuable Pok mon collection makes its way into the shop. Will Rick battle for a sale or will he be defeated? And next, it's about time the Pawn Stars got a 1926 Dunhill Watch Lighter in the shop.

  • Check out some totally radical items from the 1980s as the Pawn Stars take a trip down memory lane: a torch from the 1984 Olympics, a yearbook and signed letter from Ronald Reagan, a homemade replica Ghostbusters Proton Pack, a Super Mario statue, a poster from the "Revenge of the Jedi," some Metallica memorabilia, an Apple IIGS and a DeLorean that has Corey heading "Back to the Future.

  • A signed letter from a former president has Rick and Corey singing Sammy Davis Jr.'s praises. Will it get their official seal of approval? Next, a giant bird egg rolls into Rick's coop. Can Rick hatch a plan to buy it before it flies away? Meanwhile, Corey steps back in time with a violin clock. Will the seller strike a chord, or will the deal fall flat? Later, Rick travels to London for a work of art, but a million-dollar asking price might break the Banksy.

  • Corey looks at an old playing card shuffler.

  • Chum's temperature rises when an antique heater comes his way. An impressive sculpture stops Rick in his tracks. A Zack Morris doll comes into the shop. The guys hit the road to travel an iconic American highway for an opportunity to buy Rick's teenage dream car. Chum blows into a store to find a classic gumball machine.

  • When a World War II mortar storms the shop, can Chum fire up a deal before it implodes? Then, Rick Walks the Line when deciding to buy handcuffs from an iconic prison.

  • Rick and Chum try to make a deal for the Man of Steel before the seller flies away. Rick cuts a deal on a vintage industrial slicer. Next, a Mario Andretti signed helmet races into the shop. Meanwhile, Chum enlists Alex's help on a rare World War II jacket. Later, a vintage clay pigeon shooter pulls into the shop. Finally, Corey and Chum are offered a locked safe with unknown treasure inside.

  • It's a space race at the Gold & Silver for an autographed Apollo 10 book. Meanwhile, Chum calls in Joey Fatone to get NSYNC on a collection of figurines. Then, a set of Bob Hope's golf clubs putt into the shop. And later, Rick steps right up for a chance to buy circus sideshow banners.

  • Chum steps up to the plate when a seller pitches him a signed photo of Cy Young. Meanwhile, Rick checks out a giant U.S. Navy Jack. When the negotiation sets sail. Then, the team takes a hit after a seller brings in a 1930s spanker. And later, it's morphin time when Chum checks out a guard mask from the "Power Rangers." And finally, Rick causes a storm with his windmill restoration and enlists the help of Rick Dale to bring the power.

  • It's a space race at the Gold & Silver for an autographed Apollo 10 book. Meanwhile, Chum calls in Joey Fatone to get NSYNC on a collection of figurines. Then, a set of Bob Hope's golf clubs putt into the shop. And later, Rick steps right up for a chance to buy circus sideshow banners.

  • Featured items include an antique key gun; a Pink Floyd album; a rare 1600s blade; a vintage bus; and a Jackie Robinson card collection.

  • A customer comes in with items from Tony Soprano's wardrobe; a pair of papal artifacts inspires Rick and Chum to mix business with pleasure as they set off to Italy for a Roman holiday; Corey is puzzled by a rare toy; Rick's on a mission to track down a rare book written by an iconic philosopher; and the guys take a test ride on a pair of Vespas.

  • Things get flashy when a seller brings in an unusual diamond made from the DNA of a musical genius. Then, a vintage collection of paperbacks books it into the shop. Next, legendary Disney animator Floyd Norman draws Rick's attention to his collection of prints. And finally, Chum has a very special surprise in store for Rick's birthday.

  • Rick travels to Boston to get a steal on a historic Red Sox baseball collection. Meanwhile, back at the shop, Corey targets a WWII jacket. Later, Corey and Chum learn some new tricks from a vintage magic set, while a fossil handprint sends Corey digging for the truth.

  • It's hands up at The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop when someone brings in a toy gun from a classic 60s show. Will Chum be a tough negotiator, or will he cry "U.N.C.L.E.'" Then, Rick tackles a LaDainian Tomlinson jersey that charges into the shop. Later, a seller brings in the original microfilm from the investigation of JFK's assassination, asking what the Pawn Shop can do for him, instead of what he can do for the Pawn Shop.

  • Rick shoots over to England for an explosive chance to test out antique weapons. Meanwhile, back at the shop, a seller brings in something that offers the Gold & Silver some "Home Improvement." Can Chum hammer out a deal, or will he need more power' Then, it's all eyes on Corey when an item that inspired a classic movie rifles into the shop. Can Big Hoss trigger a deal' Finally, Rick gets a Prime look at a classic car that belonged to Winston Churchill. Will he win the war of negotiation'

  • A WWII tank; a triplet bicycle; vintage toy soldiers; and more.

  • A life-sized house elf from Harry Potter comes into the shop. Then, Spencer comes fresh off a picking trip with a van full of items, but will Rick and Chum take the HOV lane straight to a deal?

  • Things get heated at the shop when a seller brings in a trophy awarded to basketball legend Julius "Dr. J" Erving. Will this trophy be a slam dunk or an air ball?

  • Saddle up with the Pawn Stars as they check out some vintage horse equipment. Will Corey say yay or neigh to the McClellan Saddle' Next, a rare Pee-wee Herman scooter rides into the shop. Will the word of the day be "sold'" Then, a seller comes in looking for an offer on his signed poster from the TV show, "Bonanza". Will Rick strike gold or will this deal be a "lode" of crap' And later, a first edition of the classic book "To Kill a Mockingbird" flies in.

  • It's operation seal the deal as Rick checks out fake government ID's belonging to Nazi spies. Next, a seller comes in with a first edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book. Then, Corey checks out a little piece of Janis Joplin. And later, Rick is granted rare access to the CIA.

  • Rick goes to Boston to check out a warship. Then, a Paul McCartney signed guitar goes to the shop.

  • A revolutionary French gun arrives at the shop; Corey saves a trip to the post office when someone brings in their vintage stamp book; Chum gets wrapped up in a Kanye West jacket; and a real-life recreation of a sword from the video game "World of Warcraft" swings into the shop.

  • Rick is in Chicago where he has a run-in with a wrestling legend and a chance to clinch a Michael Jordan championship jersey. Back at the shop, Chum looks to score big on a 300-year-old violin. Later, a vintage Batman playhouse places Corey and Chum in a betting mood.

  • Rick flies across the pond to look at a Star Wars collection, including a prop from the movie. Meanwhile, a seller phones home with everyone's favorite Ewok. Finally, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop gets a new employee.

  • A seller comes in with an explosive pair of crutches. Then, Rick takes a swing at one of the first books written about baseball. Later, Corey and Chum try their luck on a seller's antique wooden slot machine.

  • Some of the priciest items from the show are revisited: a mint condition 1967 Ford Shelby G.T. 350; a Hotchkiss revolving Cannon from the 1800s; an extremely rare WWII German Enigma coding Machine; an $85,000 Gibson guitar once owned by Stephen Stills; and a 1942 "Texan" Fighter Plane that has Rick and Corey flying high to make a deal.

  • Rick and Chum try to work out a deal on an old weight loss device. Will they set a personal best, or feel the burn? Then, a seller comes in with a sketch signed by Tom Petty. Is the signature at the top of the charts, or will it be a heartbreaker? And later, Chum connects to the other side when a Ouija board lands in the shop.

  • Rick and Chum continue their picking adventure in Michigan; Rick takes a gamble on a WWI helmet and a vintage RC Cola machine; and Corey goes toe-to-toe with a seller over a one-of-a-kind "Rocky III" statue.

  • All ears ring when a rare keepsake from "Seinfeld" sends John O'Hurley into the shop. Then, Rick travels East after a new ride, a rare 1960s muscle car or a 1920s rum-running boat.

  • Rick tests a Civil War revolver; a personal piece of memorabilia from Lebron James comes through the doors; Rick falls hard for a 4500-year-old meteorite; Corey, Chum and Antwan hit the road to score some unique motorcycles.

Pawn Stars News

'Pawn Stars'' Chumlee to Plead Guilty to Drug Charges

Following his arrest in March on weapons and drug charges, the reality TV star is reportedly ready to make a deal that will keep him out of jail.

Pawn Stars' Chumlee Arrested on Drug, Gun Charges

Chumlee's bungling often gets him into trouble on Pawn Stars, but this week, the reality TV personality found himself in a more serious, and much more real, kind of trouble.

History Channel Restores Gift Fire-Damaged Gift To 'Pawn Stars' Boss

The History Channel takes good care of its own. Hours after it caught fire Friday morning, a 1957 Chevy 150 gifted to "Pawn Stars" boss Richard "The Old Man" Harrison was right back in road shape courtesy of some fast restoration by a few family friends.

Kevin Smith To Give 'Pawn Stars' Concept Appropriate Dose Of Geekery

So it seems that after he finishes promoting his current underground sensation "Red State" and shooting the hockey movie "Hit Somebody" - which he claims will be his last big-screen directorial effort - Kevin Smith will start thinking a little smaller. Apparently Smith digs the "Pawn Stars" reality TV concept, but thinks it could speak better to his core crowd.

'Pawn Stars' and Pickers: History Channel Makes, Well, History


The channel that connects viewers with history is making its own, experiencing double-digit growth. Thanks to success with a new season of “Ax Men” and premiere episodes of “Pawn Stars” and “American Pickers,” the History channel marked its best January ever.

On Monday new records were set by their two reality shows that both feature household treasures, “Pawn Stars and “American Pickers.

Pawn Stars Video Clips & Extras

Pawn Stars: Astronomical Price for Rare 1889 Clinometer (Season 13) | History Clip (02:26) Pawn Stars: Striking a Deal for a Strange Puppet (Season 12) | History Clip (04:32) Pawn Stars: CRAZY HIGH ASKING PRICE for Mark Twain First Edition (Season 12) | History Clip (04:59)

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