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Pawn Stars is a reality TV show that showcases the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop based in Las Vegas Nevada. The show airs each Monday night on the History Channel. The show revolves around four main characters. Rick Harrison is the co-owner who oversees operations at the shop. His father, nicknamed "Old Man", is the owner of the company. There will be times when they show him sleeping in his chair during the day.

Corey, also known as Big Hoss, manages the sales floor during the day. He is Rick's son and is most likely going to inherit the shop one day. His main job is to watch over ChumLee. He is dimwitted and often says and does dumb things for comic relief.

Customers will bring items into the pawn shop to be either pawned or sold. If an item is pawned, the customer is granted a loan that must be repaid within 120 days. If an item is sold, the item becomes property of the shop.

There are many experts and researchers that make regular appearances on the show when Rick, Corey or the Old Man doesn't know the value of an item. Gun experts, museum curators, handwriting experts and others are brought in to authenticate items to get a sense of their true value.

Another fascinating aspect of the show is the negotiation process that takes place before an item is pawned or sold. Many people believe that there autographed picture or concert poster is worth thousands when it may only be worth $50. The banter between the customer and the employees of the pawn shop provide many humorous moments for the show.

Pawn Stars is a series that is currently running and has 20 seasons (607 episodes). The series first aired on July 19, 2009.

Where do I stream Pawn Stars online? Pawn Stars is available for streaming on History, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pawn Stars on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, History, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes, Peacock online.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on History
20 Seasons, 607 Episodes
July 19, 2009
Cast: Corey Harrison
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Pawn Stars Full Episode Guide

  • Get ready to GO with the Pawn Stars as a very valuable Pok mon collection makes its way into the shop. Will Rick battle for a sale or will he be defeated? And next, it's about time the Pawn Stars got a 1926 Dunhill Watch Lighter in the shop.

  • A man comes in with a Colt .45 he claims was used to kill Jesse James; an antique professional gambler's toolkit; a business card of the infamous gunfighter John Wesley Hardin.

  • Corey plays ball when he gets a signed letter that knocks his White Sox off. Will he swing for the fences, or get shut out?

  • Chum huddles up for a chance to buy an early 20th-century football. Next, a life-size Spider-Man flies into Rick's web. Then, a vintage military ID maker marches into the shop. Finally, ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man, Billy Gibbons makes a surprise appearance at the Gold & Silver.

  • A seller speeds into the shop with an iconic piece of Sammy Hagar memorabilia. Rick has a chance to buy a vintage whiskey strap. A Nintendo demo system inspires Chum to create a video game about the Pawn Shop. Rick checks out a J.K. Rowling signed Harry Potter book.

  • A seller shoots for the moon, when he comes in with some Apollo 11 documents. Can Rick bring him down to earth before we have a problem? Then, a Harley Davidson 1962 Topper scoots into the shop. Can Chum get the bottom price on this bike? Next, Rick checks out a Renoir etching. Will it make a real impression, or is it too abstract? Finally, the stakes are high when the guys leave the shop for a little friendly competition. Will things get hairy for Rick, or scary for Corey?

  • There's a British invasion when a pair of vintage rock t-shirts roll into the Gold & Silver. Do Rick and Chum have the moves like Jagger to seal the deal? Next, Corey and Chum take a drive down memory lane when "Gumby" and "Pokey" toys cruise into the shop. Will the duo stretch for a deal, or say "neigh." Then, a seller brings in a poster by Israeli artist, Gad Ullman. Will Rick hand over the money, or will he exhibit no interest? And later, Corey and Chum look at unopened Atari games. Can they unlock a deal before it's game over?

  • Chum becomes the chosen one when a seller brings in Buffy figurines. Can he slay the deal before the stakes are raised? Next, an artist's letter makes quite an impression on Rick. Will Rick show him the Monet? Then, Chum's got a sweet tooth for an old vending machine. Will his investment be a candy rush, or candy crush? Finally, a 1949 fire truck light races into the shop. Is the price too alarming to make Rick stop, drop and buy?

  • Rick checks out a collection of James Bond movie trading cards. Will Rick secure the cards or will they fall into the fiendish hands of Spectre? Meanwhile, a seller brings in an old Chinese bell, will the deal be music to Corey's ears? And later, Chum and Antwaun set sail on a trip to Lake Tahoe to check out a vintage sailboat. Will the sail withstand the perils of negotiation or sink to the depths of no return?

  • Corey finds himself in such a lovely place when a test pressing of the Eagles mega-hit, "Hotel California" comes into the shop. Will the seller take it easy, or to the limit? Meanwhile, Chum checks out a ring from the "Little Orphan Annie" radio show. Will it be a "hard-knock" sale, or will Chum bet his bottom dollar? Then, a customer soars in with a model of Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine. Will Rick get this deal off the ground, or will it come to a screeching halt? And later, when Rick examines blueprints by renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, can he draw up a sale?

  • Chumlee gets ready to rumble when a rare wrestling figure comes into the shop. Will he be king of the ring, or get smacked down?

  • A seller brings in a signed copy of "The Coming of the Saucers;" a seller claims to have a painting by artist Ralph Blakelock; Rick and Corey get a history lesson when they check out a We Buy Gold sign from the 1900s.

Pawn Stars News

'Pawn Stars'' Chumlee to Plead Guilty to Drug Charges

Following his arrest in March on weapons and drug charges, the reality TV star is reportedly ready to make a deal that will keep him out of jail.

Pawn Stars' Chumlee Arrested on Drug, Gun Charges

Chumlee's bungling often gets him into trouble on Pawn Stars, but this week, the reality TV personality found himself in a more serious, and much more real, kind of trouble.

History Channel Restores Gift Fire-Damaged Gift To 'Pawn Stars' Boss

The History Channel takes good care of its own. Hours after it caught fire Friday morning, a 1957 Chevy 150 gifted to "Pawn Stars" boss Richard "The Old Man" Harrison was right back in road shape courtesy of some fast restoration by a few family friends.

Kevin Smith To Give 'Pawn Stars' Concept Appropriate Dose Of Geekery

So it seems that after he finishes promoting his current underground sensation "Red State" and shooting the hockey movie "Hit Somebody" - which he claims will be his last big-screen directorial effort - Kevin Smith will start thinking a little smaller. Apparently Smith digs the "Pawn Stars" reality TV concept, but thinks it could speak better to his core crowd.

'Pawn Stars' and Pickers: History Channel Makes, Well, History


The channel that connects viewers with history is making its own, experiencing double-digit growth. Thanks to success with a new season of “Ax Men” and premiere episodes of “Pawn Stars” and “American Pickers,” the History channel marked its best January ever.

On Monday new records were set by their two reality shows that both feature household treasures, “Pawn Stars and “American Pickers.

Pawn Stars Video Clips & Extras

Pawn Stars Trailer (01:02) Pawn Stars: Astronomical Price for Rare 1889 Clinometer (Season 13) | History Clip (02:26) Pawn Stars: Striking a Deal for a Strange Puppet (Season 12) | History Clip (04:32) Pawn Stars: CRAZY HIGH ASKING PRICE for Mark Twain First Edition (Season 12) | History Clip (04:59)