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The newest History Channel show Counting Cars is great entertainment, with a long haired ponytailed host name Danny who is the owner and operator of Count s Kustoms. Count s Kustom is Danny's shop where he and his team of misfits such as Kevin, Scott, Roli and don't forget Horny Mike all work together to create custom works of art out of cars, trucks and custom motorcycles, let me take you on short join of this vastly entertaining and funny show.

One of the shows involved Danny taking on a project for Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars, to restore and fix up a 1968 Mustang Fastback. Danny and his team totally transformed that beat up pony into a beautiful masterpiece, identical to the Bullitt Steve McQueen had for his movies. When they got that car in the shop it was a bondo, rusty mess without an engine. When it was finished it was dark green and running like a dream. Great work, guys.

Danny took on a project to restore Elvira Mistress of the Dark's old Ford Thunderbird; it was looking pretty rough and not running the way it should. He totally redid this old bird, made it into Elvira's dream car by putting a leopard printed couch in the trunk of her car and put a really cool new hood ornament. Elvira rewarded Danny for such a great job by taking him for a cruise along the Vegas strip all decked out in her Mistress of the Dark attire.

Another show Danny and his group restored Barry Whites old Stutz IV Porte for his wife; they brought it back from the dead. However, the group doesn't just restore cars for famous people, they also drive around town looking for old beat up cars to purchase to fix up and sell. One of the projects that Danny almost lost money on was an old 1970 Ford F-100 pickup truck, that project arrived in many different pieces, but when it was finished it was a work of art and the lady loved it.

The show Counting Cars is just a great show to watch on the History Channel, it is not only entertaining and funny you also get to see some really awesome rides.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on History Channel
7 Seasons, 154 Episodes
August 13, 2012
Automotive, Family, Sports
Cast: Ryan Evans, Danny Koker
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Counting Cars Full Episode Guide

  • When a client gives Danny free rein to customize a muscle car of his choice, Danny goes old school with a 1967 Camaro; the car is beautiful right from the start enabling Danny and his team to focus on turning it into a world class street machine.

  • When a client rolls into Count's Kustoms with a beautiful 1955 Chevy Nomad, Danny can't help but want the car for his collection.

  • Ryan and Kevin head to the Bonneville Salt Flats to see The Turbinator, a vehicle that holds a land speed record try to break 500 MPH. Back at the shop, Davey Deals stops by to ask Danny to help him sell a classic 1951 Nash, and Mike and Paul trick out an electric bicycle that's projected to hit 100-miles-per-hour. Danny decides to put the bike to the test, pitting two wheels of electric power against the high octane horsepower of an all American Muscle car.

  • When the vehicle holding a land speed record, The Turbinator, blew a tire at 400 MPH last year, some serious damage was done. Now that it's repaired and ready for an awesome paint job, the owners have called on Counts Kustoms to make the vehicle look as fast as it goes. Danny decides that the crew should be there in Bonneville, Utah when the Turbinator goes for the record again. Shannon and Mike have to work through a communication snafu to complete a cool paint job on an Indian Motorcycle, and Danny checks out a classic Mercury and a Rolls Royce.

  • The local Fox News channel is looking to update their Ford Expedition Storm Chaser in the coolest way possible. They want to turn a run-of-the-mill SUV into an all-weather mobile news unit they can also bring to schools to help kids learn about weather.

  • Danny and Shannon must restore a rare '57 Harley Davidson Panhead prototype. The motorcycle has spent 20 years in the client's living room but now it's time to get its motor running again. While Shannon works on the bike, Danny checks out rare old cars, including a Model A Ford, a French Citro├źn, and a '67 Firebird.

  • Danny and the guys help a customer surprise his brother on his 50th birthday with a fully restored '68 Chevy Nova. Danny's friend Mike swings by with a classic Mercury while Ryan and Shannon hit the streets to find true Vegas originals.

  • A 1972 Datsun 240z is Danny's new project, but Ryan and Kevin are determined to make him sell it, instead of finding a way to keep it like he usually does. Meanwhile, Davey Deals shows off his new muscle car, a 1969 Falcon; and Ryan and Kevin inspect a restored 1953 Ford.

  • Kevin's brother Steve wants a 1980 Kawasaki KZ100 motorcycle tricked out just like the ones on the classic TV series, CHiPs. Kevin's brother Steve wants a 1980 Kawasaki KZ100 motorcycle tricked out just like the ones on the classic TV series, CHiPs.

  • When movie star Michael Madsen decides to restore a 1964 Ford Mustang, he knows exactly where to go, Count's Kustoms. Danny and the crew dive into the project determined to breathe new life into this American Icon.

  • Danny is commissioned by Barry White's estate to find and restore the singer's Stutz IV Porte; Danny customizes a 1960 Chevy Delivery; a client asks Danny to find and build a 1979 Camaro Z28; the crew builds a bike to commemorate Sailor Jerry.

  • Danny gets a job to fix up his dream car, a 1969 Corvette, and may have difficulty letting it go.

  • The boys discover an imperfect car for the Arizona Lemons race; and Ryan and Danny receive word on a car reported to have been customized by the maker of the Batmobile, George Barris.

  • Ryan, Mike and Shannon talk Danny into sponsoring them in a 24-hour endurance race known as The LeMons.

  • When Tommy Lee's treasured bike gets ruined in an accident, he turns to the only person he trusts to repair it - the men who built it - Count's Kustoms.

  • Danny assigns Ryan to customize his new Chevy Silverado; Danny hopes it will maintain the flavor of his old 1956 truck.

  • Danny and the crew are commissioned to construct a bike for a real American hero, a military veteran.

  • Shannon asks the boys to help him finish a present for Danny, a bike he began building for him ten years ago. Danny sees a 1969 Corvette in a friend's lot and can't forgo paying a visit. Ryan purchases a sweet Baja Bug.

  • Ryan travels down the Cadillac customization wormhole, and everybody is excited to watch him go, just to see how the project ends up.

  • A high-end patron has his heart bent on a tricked-out '68 Camaro, so Danny embarks to locate one and give it the world-class Counts Kustoms treatment; Kevin sees a 1969 AMX that he knows Danny has always coveted.

  • Danny puts together a world-class bike for a high-end client, and if everything goes well it could mean a slew of new business for the shop; Mike and Ryan search for the perfect Mustang and Kevin finds a car his grandmother used to drive.

  • A high end customer has his mind set on a tricked out '68 Camaro, so Danny is on the look out to find one and give it the world class Counts Kustoms treatment.

  • Danny constructs a world-class bike for a high end patron, and if all goes as planned it could mean a lot of new business for the shop.

  • The crew continues refurbishing the messy Mustang with hopes for some extra money and a lot of patience from the customer.

  • Danny gets a job doing a full bumper-to-bumper refurbish on a '66 Mustang Convertible.

  • Family members bring in a retired pickup truck to be refashioned in memory of their mom and Danny needs to discover how to construct the perfect tribute car without blowing the budget. Later, Danny locates a rare old Oldsmobile 442.

  • Danny makes an old Ford Econoline look so sweet, two buyers start a bidding war over it; Mike and Roli discover an old BMW motorcycle with a ton of history, then they come across Mike's dream car in a garage.

  • When a client rolls into Count's Kustoms with a beautiful 1955 Chevy Nomad, Danny can't help but want the car for his collection. While the owner wants a simple paint job Danny and Ryan have a hard time doing simple. They take a chance and decide to surprise the client with some Count's Kustoms style pin striping. Danny figures the Nomad's owner doesn't like how it turns out, he might just sell it! Meanwhile, Mike and Shannon find 1972 Nova in desperate need of an overhaul. Then Ryan and Shannon check out a rare Harley-Davidson dirt bike.

  • When Danny loses his temper upon seeing his beloved golf cart covered in dirt, grime and Horny Mike's weird stuff, Kevin launches a plan to make Danny happy, and teach Mike a lesson.

  • The team builds a bike to commemorate the late artist Sailor Jerry for an upcoming upcoming charity fundraiser.

  • A memorial bike project presents a series of challenges for the paint team after builder Shannon doesn't get all the necessary information from the customer.

  • Two brothers want to surprise their dad with the ultimate gift.

  • Dee Snider from Twisted Sister drops by the shop to get a new "Sugar Bear" front end put on his Von Dutch chopper.

  • Danny tricks out a classic two wheel drive Chevy Blazer hoping for a big profit.

  • Danny has big plans for a big client. But will his evil twist on a classic Caddy impress the high rolling buyer, or leave him all out of gas?

  • Danny and the team take on a 1967 Caddy for a high end client, but will Ryan and Danny's plan to match the unique interior with a root beer paint job fly, or fizzle?

  • Danny takes in a dune buggy to trick out in outrageous Count's Kustoms style, and then gets into some seriously higher horse powered fare at the Shelby Heritage Foundation.

  • Dee Snider of Twisted Sister has Danny turn his brand new Tesla into a rock and roller's ride.

  • Danny continues his El Caminos love affair with a 1975 beauty.

  • Danny gets started on a project that he's been waiting a long time to tackle, a 1971 Chevy C10 Pick Up. He plans to flip it for a big profit, but a snafu in the paint department threatens to blow the budget sky high. Later, Danny's bandmate Stoney gets in a fender bender, and it's Danny to the rescue.

  • Former Guns & Roses guitarist DJ Ashba arrives at Count's Kustoms in a 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago that he wants turned into the ultimate "mancar", but Danny must make sure he includes something special for DJ's wife. Ryan and Paulie hit the streets and try to score a classic Corvette that looks great on the outside, but is a disaster on the inside.

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