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Misfit Garage is a new Discovery Channel reality series based on automotive projects created by a couple of mechanically inclined and talented gear heads from Texas. The show is connected to the Discovery Channel Series Loud N Fast. The mechanics in Misfit Garage were fired from the previously mentioned series and they exemplify the gear head lifestyle. In one episode, the mechanics buy a run down trailer and turn it into a new office. In another episode, they work on a 1967 Chevelle and enter a demolition derby at their local county fair.

Mondays 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
5 Seasons, 35 Episodes
October 13, 2014
Automotive, How To
Cast: Jordan Butler, Tom Smith, Thomas Weeks, Scot McMillan
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Misfit Garage Full Episode Guide

  • Fired Up rushes to finish the '55 Chevy Bel-Air in two weeks, but when Thomas fails to deliver a buyer, the garage's six figure pay day is thrown into jeopardy.

  • Thomas and Tom take car hunting to a whole new level by using a plane to "Air Pick" and search for an elusive Honey hole. Instead, they find and buy a 55' Chevy Bel Air to build.

  • The Misfits continue to work on the restoration of their vintage '32 Ford. Thomas throws a wrench in the plans and decides to take the car and the Misfits to the Barrett-Jackson all expenses paid.

  • The guys circumvent Thomas and buy back a 1952 Willys Jeep previously flipped with the intention of building the ultimate off-road machine. With no buyer, the guys pull out all the stops and decide to showcase the Jeep at "Rednecks With Paychecks."

  • A 1959 Chevy El Camino is reconstructed but the task may be too much for John Klump.

  • The '40 Ford Moonshine Runner job carries on. Also, Thomas purchases a '60 Cadillac from an old pal.

  • Thom and Tom race out to Georgia to take a hot lap with Legendary NASCAR driver Bill Elliot and bring home a '40 Ford Tudor sedan to transform into a vintage Moonshine Runner! But when pressures mount from this high-end hot rod build, tensions boil over.

  • Actor Danny Trejo contemplates purchasing the Econoline. Later, Tom speaks to a legendary Latino wrestler.

  • A rusty 1961 Ford Econoline is labored on. Later, Tom looks for a famous Mexican Luchador named Blue Demon Jr.

  • John Klump helps the gang get ready for the Barrett-Jackson auction.

  • A theft at the FU Garage leaves the team shorthanded while working on Sue's truck. Later, a Ford Galaxie project commences and contention in the garage forces one of the crewman to quit.

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