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This reality show on Velocity takes place in Mark Worman's collision shop in Springfield, OR. The show centers around the passion Worman has for locating, researching, and restoring vehicles. Each episode features Worman giving his thoughts about the day to day operations of his business and he does not hold back on opinions.

Car enthusiasts are treated to a start from finish look at restoring cars. Some of the episodes feature the car's owners. Other times the work that the crew at Worman's shop do, along with Worman, to restore the vehicles. The best known project of the series is a 1971 Plymouth Phantom 'Cuda that got the entire series launched. The car was wrecked in 1980 and suffered severe damage. The 'Cuda was up on blocks for over twenty years being sold part by part. In 2008, Worman found the car and wanted to do a full restoration. The idea for the "Graveyard Carz" series was born when Worman approached the car's owner and reached an agreement to document bringing the car from the graveyard back to life.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Velocity
7 Seasons, 77 Episodes
June 14, 2012
Automotive, Comedy, Family, Reality, Talk & Interview
Cast: Mark Worman, Royal Yoakum, Daren Kirkpatrick, Josh Rose
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Graveyard Carz Full Episode Guide

  • One of the longest restorations in Graveyard's history, the 1971 440 six-barrel Phantom 'Cuda, is revealed to its owner.

  • The Ghouls continue preparations for SEMA; Allysa makes her move to get revenge on Will when the Firepower 'Cuda is readyt for the big reveal in Las Vegas, NV.

  • It's nearing the end for Operation Firepower. With SEMA around the corner, the ghouls are working hard to complete this first of its kind project.

  • Ron Jenkins from Magnum Force and his buddy Jeff help out with the Firepower 'Cuda; MOPAR Chief Operating Officer of Components (COOC), Pietro Gorler makes a surprise visit to the shop.

  • Operation Firepower is well underway! Josh, Will, and Allysa are making progress with the Firepower ‘Cuda's bodywork. Meanwhile, Dave continues with his work on Buck's 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T.

  • The top-secret Firepower 'Cuda returns from the dipper; Allyssa is trained to be a killing machine; George, Ryan and Josh begin body work on the '69 Charger General Lee.

  • It's time for resto-lovin' on Buck's '71 Challenger R/T.

  • Finally, after 6 and a half seasons, the legendary 1971 440 six-barrel, Phantom ‘Cuda is revealed to its owner. Wrecked and abandoned in the early ‘80's, this has been one of the longest restorations in GC history.

  • Tony's in town! Tony and Cindy D'Agostino visit the Ghouls in the Graveyard. Mark and Tony geek out over several cemetary selects: the 1970 Superbee 383 Magnum, the 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner, and the 1970 Challenger R/T 440.

  • Meep-Meep! The 1 of 1 ever built, 1969 Hemi Roadrunner Convertible, is back on the lift.With the owner soon to arrive, the ghouls have to ramp up and get it finished.

  • Mark and Royal go off-road and down memory lane when they fire up their friend's old Dodge truck. Mark announces a top secret project to the ghouls, and Allysa surprises her dad for Father's Day.

  • Will and Dave team up to get the 1971 Phantom ‘Cuda's grill painted and built out. Allysa gets trained on the wildly entertaining Stringo. Mark and Will get historical in their pursuit of the perfect paint for the famous 1969 Charger General Lee.

  • The ghouls get cracking on the infamous ‘71 Phantom Cuda; installing the exhaust, the door windows, tail lights, rear valance, body plugs, and the piece de resistance: the 1971 ‘Cuda gills.

  • Dave and Allysa tackle the interior for the custom '72 Charger SE, as the owner plans on taking it for it's very first test-drive at the end of the week.

  • After commissioning Graveyard Carz to repair botched restoration work, Mopar collector Bret Torino's 1967 Hemi GTX Convertible is nearly ready for its grand reveal.

  • Will jams and preps the Green Go Challenger for its final paint while Allysa and Mark assess a newly arrived 1968 Dodge Charger. Tired of Mark's antics in the paint booth, Will decides to take matters into his own hands.

  • Painted and built to perfection, the heart of the legendary '71 'Cuda is ready to be installed. Mark teaches Adam how to build out the front suspension and assembles the rear-axle.

  • Allysa and Mark apply decals to the Hemi Roadrunner, convertible. Will decides to take a light work day; after he paints the jams on the Superbird tribute car, he takes off to the tattoo shop to get a very apt character permanently affixed to to his arm.

  • When Will begins cutting and buffing the fabled Phantom Cuda, Allysa interrupts him several times, prompting him to execute some friendly hazing for her. Dave begins working on his own restoration, a 1970 Dodge swinger three-forty engine.

  • With actor, retired pro football and multi-title World Wrestling Champion Bill Goldberg on his way to the shop, the ghouls have very little time to complete the last minute details on the Hemi GTX.

  • Mark micromanages Will as he attempts to prep and prime the 1970 Cuda; last-minute changes threaten the installation of the convertible top for the 1967 Hemi GTX.

  • Mark and Royal set out to pick up a Dodge Power Wagon that uncovers many old memories; Dave and Allysa prepare to build out the center console for the 1967 Hemi GTX convertible.

  • After a 1971 Dodge Challenger performs poorly, the Ghouls disassemble the 383 engine to access the damage.

  • Mark begins installing decals on World Heavyweight Champion, Bill Goldberg's 1968 GTX Convertible. Allysa works her way around the shop helping Will block and prep the Phantom Cuda for final paint and assisting Dave with the Road Runnerand bumper instal

  • The Ghouls covert a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner into a Superbird Tribute with the use of Coronet fenders (wings), an aerodynamic nose cone, flushmount headlights and backlight, etc.

  • The Graveyard Ghouls return to a brand new season of Graveyard Carz the show wherein abandoned and left for death classic Mopars are given a new lease on life. In this episode, theMopar Morticians work on the ultra rare 1969 Hemi Road Runner.

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