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"Stacey David's GearZ" is a high-octane automotive program designed to appeal to the gearhead in everyone. Produced and hosted by renowned builder and designer Stacey David, the show includes vehicle make-overs and transformations, builds of trend-setting custom vehicles, and even simple tips and tricks to help the viewer squeeze a little more power and performance out of a daily driver. From wild test drives and historic features, to tools, techniques, and inside secrets you just won't see anyplace else... GEARZ fulfills Stacey's main goal... to encourage people to "get out there and build something, and then go drive the wee out of it!"

Stacey David's GearZ is a series that is currently running and has 14 seasons (101 episodes). The series first aired on February 23, 2008.

Stacey David's GearZ is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Stacey David's GearZ on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

Saturday 8:00 AM et/pt on Velocity
14 Seasons, 101 Episodes
February 23, 2008
Cast: Stacey David
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Stacey David's GearZ Full Episode Guide

  • Stacey upgrades the Stunt Double's AC and cooling system to make sure it stays cool under the hood and behind the wheel.

  • We're seeing double in the Gearz Garage! Stunt Double, that is. This amazing square body is coming together! Tag along as Stacey preps the bed with fender flairs, a roll bar and some blazing spotlights to keep that "Fall Guy" look with a modern twist. The front fenders are next, and you can really see this truck take shape!

  • Stacey takes the crew "On the Road" to meet two gear heads who have had amazing careers in music and share a bond over a particular '57 Chevy pickup. Back in our own garage, the Gladiator gets some tasty meats and a new set of wheels-And you know Stacey is gonna take those tires bigger! So, we better take a look at replacing those stock brakes as well.

  • Follow Stacey as he revives a 40-year old paint job on the barn find Scrambler! You won't believe how much life that old paint has left in it! All it costs is an afternoon and some quality buffing compounds and equipment. After that, the Search and Rescue Gladiator build grows up with a lift from Skyjacker-this Jeep is starting to get serious now!

  • Stacey takes on a different kind of barn find by restoring a one-of-a-kind guitar owned by Hot Rod Lincoln guitarist Joe Maphis; he'll add some much needed cargo space to the Gladiator build and dig into the world of manual transmissions.

  • Stacey lays down the lumber to create a custom bed for the Snowcat and shows just how quick and easy it is to install a full soft top on a Jeep Gladiator; for all the guys who like to shift their own gears, he talks single clutch vs dual disk.

  • After a walk-through of the massive, ground-up build, it's time to take the mighty V8 Interceptor for a rip down the road; things get even crazier when a surprise visitor from Mayberry shows up and tries to set the crew straight.

  • Stacey takes the Search and Rescue Jeep Gladiator one step further by adding some heavy-duty bumpers and winch. Then, he rolls in a classic '81 Jeep Scrambler and shows what a difference a seat upgrade can make. He also addresses a major issue with open top vehicles: security... an issue that is easy to address by adding the proper lock boxes. All this and more on Gearz!

  • This show is all about the 73-87 Squarebody GM trucks as Stacey jumps into final assembly on the Stunt Double, loading the chassis with new brake & fuel lines, fuel tanks, exhaust system & other upgrades in preparation to bolting the cab back on. Then, off to LINE-X to coat the bed and bumpers for heavy duty use. After that, Stacey jumps into a search and rescue build on a new Jeep Gladiator.

  • Stacey visits a truck enthusiast working on his first ground up restoration. Then, hang out as Stacey talks with two engineers about what makes the new Cornwell Platinum boxes so tough. Finally, the Cheetah is back in the garage, but only for a day or two before it heads out to get the body work finished and get some new color.

  • As the SR-71 nears completion there are a couple of major things left on the plate before we can fire her up and get her down the road. Fins, a cool logo and stealthy paint! Then, a slightly modified March Performance system will help Stacey get that much closer to putting some spark to this awesome build and stick around for plenty of other tech advice from America's Gearhead.

  • One of our favorite mysteries is the whereabouts of Copperhead, the legendary C10 that Stacey built more than a decade ago. Well, It's back and Stacey was reunited with it at the C10 Nationals in Ft. Worth, TX. Stacey gets a chance to get behind the wheel again and boil some tires. Finally, Stacey tackles a fuel injection install on a Jeep Scrambler and checks out the new Core Doors from Bestop.

  • Stacey tracks the development of Cornwell Quality Tools, started by a blacksmith, to the tool truck empire that stresses quality over everything else. Speaking of 100 years, trucks have been around for over a century and truck owners have struggled to find the best way to lift their trucks. Stacey sheds some light on picking the right kind of lift for the truck you're driving.

  • It's all about square body GM trucks, because The Stunt Double is back in the shop. We take a look back at the this awesome '86 Chevy 4x4 Silverado long bed build that pays tribute to the legendary Fall Guy TV truck. You'll see it get an upgraded suspension, interior, drivetrain and paint job!

  • The SR-71 returns as Stacey digs into his old '59 ford panel truck and shows how to convert it into a one-off tool delivery truck to show off a variety of Cornwell Tools. Moving to the cab of the vehicle, Stacey addresses some of the issues people have when setting up seats and steering. Then it's on the rear to lay out the gas tank, and finally the SR-71 gets a new beak from a '59 T-bird!

  • We're moving ahead with the Interior of the Heavy Metal cab and now's the time to get the dash set up. Stacey lays out the dos and don'ts of getting your dash updated and a layout that makes sense before it gets installed. GearZ hits the road with a special delivery for the Hot Rod Institute for all they've done for us and the restoration industry.

  • Stacey shows off the new exhaust system for the SR-71 Rapid Tool Express project; from the headers to the tailpipes, this exhaust is going to scream.