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  • 2012
  • 12 Seasons
  • 6.5  (143)

Car Fix is a popular show that airs on Velocity, which revolves around repairing, modifying, and restoring classic cars. The show features three talented and experienced car enthusiasts: Jared Zimmerman, Lou Santiago, and Bryan Fuller. These experts have impressive knowledge in their field, and they impart their valuable knowledge to the viewers of the show.

The show premiered on Velocity in 2012 and has released over 140 episodes. Each episode of the show focuses on a particular car or a specific problem that car owners commonly face. The hosts of the show use their expertise in different aspects of car maintenance, including bodywork, paint and customization, engine work, wheels and tires, and electrical systems, among others.

One of the unique features of the show, which sets it apart from other similar programs, is that it takes a hands-on approach to car repair. The hosts of the show do not just show the viewers how to perform car repairs. Instead, they demonstrate how to solve common problems related to cars by undertaking the actual repairs and installations.

Throughout the show, Jared Zimmerman, Lou Santiago, and Bryan Fuller showcase their exceptional skills and passion for cars. They explain complex car concepts and procedures in an easy-to-understand manner, so even laypeople can understand what they are doing.

The show features exciting segments, such as "quick fixes," "product tests," "featured builds," and "survival stories." The segments showcase different aspects of car repair, such as fixing headlights, replacing side mirrors, and repairing engines. The product tests segments focus on the best products in the market, such as brakes or oil filters.

One of the most interesting segments in Car Fix is the "featured builds," where the hosts take on a complicated car repair or modification that requires multiple episodes. They start with a rough car and work towards transforming it into something beautiful and unique. The hosts also engage with the viewers, inviting them to suggest ideas for their projects.

Another exciting segment is the "survival stories" where the Car Fix team comes to the rescue of people stranded with car trouble. This segment shows the team's ability to diagnose and fix problems quickly in real-time, and viewers find it thrilling to watch. Additionally, the show also features guest appearances from celebrities, classic car owners, and professional drivers.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of Car Fix is that it is educational. The show provides groundbreaking insights into the workings of cars and valuable tips on how to perform repairs and modifications at home. Car owners can save a lot of money by using the tips and tricks that the hosts share during the show.

Car Fix has an impeccable visual quality, thanks to the massive budget that the production team has. The show features high-definition cameras that capture the hosts' work and the cars with stunning clarity. The use of slow-motion shots and zoom-ins during critical moments amplifies the excitement of the viewers.

The sound quality of the show is also exceptional. The production team uses professional audio equipment to capture the sounds of car engines, which are crucial to car fanatics. The show also has background music that is engaging and fits in perfectly with the theme.

In conclusion, Car Fix is an exciting show for car enthusiasts looking for tips on car maintenance, repairs, and modifications. The combination of experienced and passionate hosts, educational tips and tricks, thrilling segments, and high-quality visuals and sound make it an entertaining and educational show that deserves recognition. The show continues to air, and fans can catch new episodes to learn more about car repairs and modifications.

Car Fix is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (175 episodes). The series first aired on March 3, 2012.

Car Fix
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Cadillac Blackwin
15. Cadillac Blackwin
November 25, 2023
A six-speed manual, almost 700-hp car can be found from the factory; it's called a Cadillac Blackwing, and Fuller and Bumpus bring one in to build multiple removable racing-style exhausts.
Slammed Datsun
14. Slammed Datsun
November 18, 2023
How do you stand out at a show? Build something no one else has. That's why Fuller and Bumpus take a '70s Datsun truck and build a new rear frame section to lay frame on the ground. Then to finish it off, they cut the roof and make it a convertible.
Nice Rack
13. Nice Rack
November 11, 2023
The guys take the old steering out of a '66 Volkswagen Type 2 and bolt in a new upgraded rack-and-pinion setup. Then all of the MotorTrend hosts show up to check out 20 years of Bryan Fuller builds at the Forged by Fuller exhibit at the Savoy museum.
SS Ten
12. SS Ten
November 4, 2023
Fuller and Bumpus bring in a very clean S-10 and build a custom roll pan for it. They finish the AC system that Fuller had already started, and then they show you how to lock up the rear end and do smoky burnouts.
Mini Tub
11. Mini Tub
September 9, 2023
If you ever wondered how to fit a wide tire under the back of a classic muscle car, today is the day. Bumpus and Fuller build a mini-tub for '67 Dodge Coronet and show you a special tool you can get to find the correct wheel size.
DeLorean Fuel Problems
10. DeLorean Fuel Problems
September 2, 2023
DeLorean Fuel Problems
Transmission Guts
9. Transmission Guts
August 26, 2023
The guys pull apart a transmission to show the wear items, and install a performance clutch on a modified Chevy.
Edsel AOD
8. Edsel AOD
August 19, 2023
Fuller and Bumpus bring in a 1959 Ford Edsel and take out the stock transmission to put in an automatic overdrive and give the classic car extra shifting power.
Auction Vintage Jeep
7. Auction Vintage Jeep
August 12, 2023
The guys bring in a vintage 1979 Jeep that is being sent off to auction. It's going to get a finished interior with carpet and panels, and Jeremy brings in the sewing machine to show you how to bind the carpet edges.
Impala Shell
6. Impala Shell
May 6, 2023
Some project cars need every body panel replaced, so Fuller and Bumpus show how to work with new sheet metal panels on a 1963 Impala. They also find a running Road Runner to have some fun with.
Monte Tribute Car
5. Monte Tribute Car
April 29, 2023
Fuller and Bumpus demonstrate how to take modern design techniques like flush-mounted glass and custom drip rails and convert those elements onto a 1986 Monte Carlo.
Mail Truck and Museum
4. Mail Truck and Museum
April 22, 2023
Fuller and Bumpus bring in a rare '50s mail truck and completely rebuild the front end out of metal; they also take a trip to a nearby car museum to see one of the first all-electric mail trucks ever, which was built in the '70s.
Mom's Mustang
3. Mom's Mustang
April 15, 2023
Jeremy brings in his mom's 1965 Mustang for a V-8 swap; they'll take out the factory motor and put in a 302, then install a complete front end in it with coil-overs to give it a much smoother ride than the factory suspension.
Woody Wagon
2. Woody Wagon
April 8, 2023
A Buick Roadmaster woodie wagon is getting a complete restoration, and the guys will show when a body panel is worth saving and when it needs to be scrapped; they also bring some of the old wood back to life.
MegaRexx MegaRaptor
1. MegaRexx MegaRaptor
April 1, 2023
Fuller and Bumpus fabricate a desert-style spare tire carrier for the massive MegaRexx MegaRaptor truck; the 46-inch tire weighs a ton, and they show how to design and fabricate using the latest tools and equipment.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 3, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (143)