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The reality TV series, Trick My Truck debuted in February of 2006. The series premiered on CMT (Country Music Television) and was created to make trucks over. The crew started out just working primarily on big rigs but over the years, went to making over smaller trucks.

The show will receive a number of inquiries to have trucks made over by people who believe that the truck should be made over for someone deserving. In many cases, it is someone who has been through a tragedy, someone who has a family to support and relies on the income of the truck that is run down and often times un-repairable by the owner because the burden of fixing it is too large.

The truck owner will be surprised by the Chrome Shop Mafia who is well aware of where the individual is located. They will pull into the truck stop where he or she is at and look over the truck. They will tell what they think of the truck and what they would do to make it different. They will often times be found looking at the truck and that is where the surprise comes in. The members will proceed to tell the truck owner what they think of the truck and what they are going to do to make it better. Once they do this, the truck will be released to them to be worked on.

During the time when the truck owner has released the truck, the truck owner will have a truck to borrow so that they can continue working and supporting their families. In the end of each episode, the truck owner will come in to find a whole new truck. Their truck is still underneath all the repairs but the truck will appear as a brand new truck.

The show is going to show how the truck is made over in steps. A number of areas on the truck will be remade including the inside of the truck and the outside from paint to upholster.

Trick My Truck is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on November 10, 2007.

Where do I stream Trick My Truck online? Trick My Truck is available for streaming on Country Music Television, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Trick My Truck on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

Country Music Television
5 Seasons, 32 Episodes
November 10, 2007
Cast: Ryan Ryno Templeton
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Trick My Truck Full Episode Guide

  • Darrell Best's mission in life is to help people express love for each other through marriage. After his career in the Navy, Darrell landed a good job as the head of a credit union. A few years ago, Darrell gave it up, became an ordained minister and founded the Best Wedding Chapel. The crown jewel of his chapel is his 1942 American La France Fire Engine. Darrell loves marrying people in the truck, but the old engine won't let him get to everyone. This episode will challenge the fabricating skills of the boys as they try to turn Darrell's classic truck into a rolling wedding chapel!

  • Chris Andersen is a walking miracle. In 2003, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was told by doctors that he wouldn't live out the year. Now, Chris's cancer is five-plus years in remission and he's back on the road doing what he loves. During his cancer treatments, Chris had to sell his Kenworth to pay the never ending medical bills. By an amazing stroke of luck, he tracked down his old Kenworth and was able to buy it back. In this touching episode, the boys take Chris' old Kenworth and make it new again while paying tribute to his amazing ability to survive!

  • Mike Richardson is an American hero. He served our country during the Vietnam War, and was awarded two purple hearts. After the war, Mike got into trucking. He now works for the United States Veterans Administration, delivering prosthetic limbs to veterans in need. As much as Mike loves his job, he is concerned about his truck's impact on the environment. Don't miss Trick My Truck's first ever Green episode! The boys transform his Mack truck into a clean, green machine that'll look great and keep America beautiful!

  • Five years ago, Ronnie McCurdy's life changed forever. He broke his neck in a tragic accident and became paralyzed from the waist down. Instead of wasting away, Ronnie re-invented his life. He purchased a tire shop and now spends most of his time delivering tires to stranded truck drivers. Catch all the action as the boys reward this hero of the highway by transforming his broken down tire delivery van into a fun, handicap friendly vehicle that will turn heads everywhere!

  • Jason Underwood believes in living life on the edge. Whether it's coaching little league baseball or jumping dirt bikes with his four kids, Jason is always looking for the next big adrenaline rush. The slowing economy has kept Jason away from doing the things he loves and his wife wants him to have as much fun on the road as he does at home. Don't miss this "extreme" episode, as the boys bring all of the fun and excitement of dirt bike racing to Jason's truck!

  • Jeff White was a proud truck driver with 17 years of experience under his belt. But his career came to a stop when his daughter Amanda suffered severe injuries in a car accident. Nine surgeries later, Amanda is fully recovered, but Matt had to sell his truck and give up the career he loved in order to pay for piles of medical bills. Jeff now drives a Dodge pickup, but he yearns for his old Peterbilt. In this touching episode, the boys put their skills to the test and transform Jeff's pickup into a 10-wheeled, 3-axle Peterbilt truck!

  • Matt Kolb is a 32 year veteran of the road and a kid at heart. The bad economy and poor shape of his truck has this former wild child feeling down. The boys turn Matt's beat-down Peterbilt into a rolling tribute to speed boats, waves and open water!

  • Gary "The Honey Man" Grose loves two things: honey making and educating people about honey making. Gary's honey-making business produces over 18,000 pounds of honey a year, and Gary depends on his truck to haul everything from Honey jars to honeybees. Gary and his truck are there every step of the way, but his truck is getting worn down from the day-to-day strain Gary puts on it. Don't miss this "sweet" episode of Trick My Truck, as the boys pay homage to honey, and turn his old flatbed Hino into the ultimate honey-dripping hive.

  • David Tenpenny gave up his truck driving career in order to teach automotive mechanics in a small Kansas town, but driving never left his heart. David routinely loads up his old GMC Brigadier full of students and takes them all over the country on field trips. He believes that it is his job as a teacher to prepare his students for life outside of their small town. Be sure to catch this exciting episode, as David's class calls up the boys, who transform David's truck into a rolling educational workshop.

  • Wade Hill is a hardworking father of three struggling to make ends meet. He drives a truck full time and also repairs freight train cars on the side. Too much of Wade's free time is sucked up repairing a truck that's literally as old has he is. All Wade really wants is a dependable truck he can be proud of so he can spend more time with his family. Tune in as the boys turn Wade's run down Pete 359 into a rolling tribute to Wade's favorite hobby: snowmobiling.

  • As long as Rick Julian is helping people, he's a happy man. He's the proud owner of a wrecking business and when time allows, he volunteers with his local fire and police departments; helping them out with any emergencies that come along. This episode of Trick My Truck is sure to please, as the boys pitch in and help a community give thanks to all of Rick's hard work. Don't miss it as they turn his beat up Freightliner flat bed into a tribute to the mother of all rescue vehicles? the helicopter.

  • Derek Lepke has always had a passion for the outdoors, and he's been able to turn that passion into three very successful careers. Derek breeds dogs, heads up hunting expeditions and runs his own wildlife preservation service. All three jobs operate out of Derek's pickup truck, and it's wearing down from overuse. Don't miss one of the most outrageous episodes_4-18 of Trick My Truck ever as the boys transform Derek's Ford F250 into a leopard-printed safari truck from Down Under.

  • Jay Whiteford's success in the trucking business is due to equal parts hard work and family support. From the time he could walk, Jay's dream has been to drive a truck. When he came of age, his Mother helped him out by giving Jay a loan so he could buy his first truck. It was money well spent, because Jay got behind the wheel and never looked back. Now, twenty-five years later, Jay's truck is on its last legs. The boys will have their work cut out for them, as they attempt to overhaul Jay's old Freightliner into a rolling tribute to Jay's career roots. Chameleon colors, vines, plants, trees and some special work under the hood will make this a can't miss episode of Trick My Truck!

  • Josh Mullen is a 23 year old, up and coming musician, who's doing everything he can to make it in the music business. Josh and his band play gigs all over the Midwest, and a 1993 Ford van is their mode of transport. For Josh, that van is his home away from home, but it's definitely seen better days. Be sure to catch this special edition of Trick My Truck, as the boys turn Josh's beat down band van into a bodacious 1950s beach woody that'll be sure to turn heads at Josh's upcoming show at Spring Break 2008!