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  • 2006
  • 1 Season
  • 6.4  (47)

Foxworthy's Big Night Out is an American television program that aired on Country Music Television (CMT) in 2006. The show offers a unique blend of comedy and country music, centered around one of America's beloved comedians, Jeff Foxworthy. Recognized as one of the most successful comic talents in the country, Foxworthy has won multiple American Comedy Awards for his classic stand-up routine focused on redneck jokes. As the host, Foxworthy brings his signature Southern style to the program, immersing viewers in a lively, humorous, and musically rich experience.

Each episode of Foxworthy's Big Night Out is split into two main segments. The first part of the show focuses on showcasing Foxworthy’s comedic prowess. Viewers can look forward to plenty of laughs as Foxworthy delivers his stand-up routine, which often includes anecdotes from his personal life, hilarious observations about country culture, and the infamous "You might be a redneck if..." jokes that have become his trademark. He brings his distinct comedic style to the table, guaranteeing to draw laughter from viewers of all ages.

Besides, Foxworthy guides the audience through skits that have a unique spin. The skits are often playful exaggerations of daily life scenarios, filtered through Foxworthy’s humorous lens. These theater-style performances feature different guest actors and comedians from episode to episode, adding variety and vibrancy to the show. The skits are relatable, fun, and frequently cast the host himself, allowing Foxworthy to demonstrate his acting skills alongside his comedic talent.

The second part of Foxworthy's Big Night Out concentrates on music. Each episode welcomes a different guest from the contemporary country music scene. These guests bring their unique musical style to the stage, whether it’s a traditional country ballad, uptempo country rock, or soulful bluegrass. With guests including Trace Adkins, Billy Currington, Sara Evans, Pat Green, and many more, the show ensures its audience never misses out on the best of country music.

Not only does Foxworthy's Big Night Out showcase guest artists performing their hits, but it also includes candid conversations between Foxworthy and his musical guests. These interviews go beyond the typical promotional chats. Foxworthy brings his comedic flavor to the discussions, making them light-hearted exchanges that offer a glimpse into the musicians' lives and careers. The interviews often lead into the musical guests delivering intimate performances, bringing the audience closer to the music they love.

A recurring segment of the show is 'Songs That Could've Been,' a humorous take on popular country songs. In these segments, Foxworthy presents a comedic version of the song's storyline, often collaborating with the featured musical guest to reinvent their hit single, reinforcing the playful fusion of comedy and music.

Foxworthy's Big Night Out also has a house band, "The Union Local 613," which is part of all the on-stage action. This 9-member band adds depth to the music segment by accompanying the guest artists in their performances. It also participates in some of the comedic skits, providing memorable moments and demonstrating the versatility of its talented members.

The show not only appeals to viewers who are ardent fans of Foxworthy’s comedy but also to those who enjoy country music. It provides a light-hearted, entertaining stage where laughter and music intermingle, thereby creating a joyful, feel-good atmosphere. With its mix of stand-up comedy, comedic sketches, engaging interviews, and live performances, Foxworthy's Big Night Out was a refreshing addition to the lineup of programs available in 2006 on Country Music Television.

Overall, Foxworthy's Big Night Out presents an engaging blend of humor and country music, offering a unique viewing experience. Whether it's for the signature comedy of Jeff Foxworthy, the wide variety of country music, or the amusing sketches, this program caters to a broad audience looking for a warm, entertaining time filled with laughter and music. It stands as a testament to the enduring charm of country music and the humor rooted in the Southern way of life.

Foxworthy's Big Night Out is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 2006.

Foxworthy's Big Night Out
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Hank Jr. Finale
12. Hank Jr. Finale
November 17, 2006
In the finale, Hank Williams Jr. steals the show as only Bocephus can, when he appears on Celebrity Deer Hunter" with Willy-n-Billy (Foxworthy and Caldwell). After some of the funniest hunting stories ever told in a deer stand, Willy-n-Billy challenge Hank Jr. to a round of "What Stinks the Most?" Hank Jr. also shares childhood memories with Foxworthy and performs his new single, "Stir It Up.""
Blake Shelton
11. Blake Shelton
November 10, 2006
Foxworthy goes to the doctor (Oldring) for a routine exam, but it doesn't go quite as planned when his doctor loses his new fancy watch-phone and both are shocked when they discover where it was lost. Complications arise when the doctor's next appointment (Blake Shelton) arrives and needs to borrow the phone to do a radio interview. Shelton also performs his new song, Don't Make Me.""
Jack Ingram
10. Jack Ingram
November 3, 2006
Jack Ingram appears in the recurring Family Reunion" sketch, where quirky family members (Foxworthy, Dillman, Oldring, Erickson and Caldwell) attempt to piggy back on his recent success, but instead find themselves alienating the country star. Ingram performs his single "Love You.""
Warren Brothers
9. Warren Brothers
October 27, 2006
Brett and Brad Warren's manager (Caldwell) brings in American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken (Oldring) into the studio for a duet with the brothers, but creative differences seem insurmountable as Aiken tries to go country. The Warren Brothers perform their song, "Where Did I Go Right?"."
Montgomery Gentry
8. Montgomery Gentry
October 20, 2006
In an effort to confront Foxworthy's denial that he spends too much time with his wife (Dillman), Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry spearhead an intervention after they find a copy of the self-help book, Sometimes Your Wife Is Right" in Foxworthy's truck. Montgomery Gentry performs their single "She Don't Tell Me To.""
Billy Currington
7. Billy Currington
October 13, 2006
Billy Currington appears in the recurring Family Reunion" sketch where his redneck cousins (Foxworthy, Dillman, Oldring, Erickson and Caldwell) work hard to separate Billy from his wallet. Currington performs his new song "Good Directions.""
Joe Nichols
6. Joe Nichols
October 6, 2006
Joe Nichols takes on the role of preacher presiding over the death-bed wedding of El Paso Record Label's founder Albert Sanchez, in a comedy soap opera sketch that gets crazier by the second. As Alamo Sanchez (Foxworthy) and his family attempt to stop the wedding, and hijack the family's fortune in the process, Preacher Joe Nichols tires to get his big break singing before Albert Sanchez passes away. Joe Nichols performs his hit song, Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off.""
The Wreckers
5. The Wreckers
September 29, 2006
Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp join a construction crew of women who happen to have a love of pot-bellied men, and spend their down time rating the bellies of any man who crosses their path. The Wreckers perform their hit, Leave the Pieces.""
Pat Green
4. Pat Green
September 22, 2006
Pat Green returns home for a very special family reunion-where some of his super-redneck cousins (Foxworthy, Dillman, Oldring, Erickson and Caldwell) try to weasel their way into his entourage, his bed and his bank account! Green also performs his new single, Feels Just Like It Should.""
Trace Adkins
3. Trace Adkins
September 15, 2006
Things go well for Trace Adkins as he auditions dancers for the grand opening of his new honky-tonk, Badonkadonk," until an aging dancer named "Kitty Pants" shows up for the job, and won't take no for an answer. Adkins performs his new single "Ladies Love Country Boys.""
Sara Evans
2. Sara Evans
September 8, 2006
Sara Evans appears as a special guest on Celebrity Deer Hunter," a cable access show hosted by ne'er-do-well hunters Willy (Foxworthy) and Billy (Shane Caldwell). While Evans tries to promote her latest single, Willy and Billy are more interested in getting Evans to promote their new hunting products. Evans also performs her new song, "You'll Always Be My Baby.""
Kenny Rogers
1. Kenny Rogers
September 1, 2006
In the premiere episode, Kenny Rogers puts on a collar as he takes on the role of a preacher at the funeral for a woman who was hated by everyone in town. Rogers also takes on Foxworthy as a new duet partner for his hit Islands in the Stream" and then sings his latest single, "The Last Ten Years."
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Foxworthy's Big Night Out is available for streaming on the Country Music Television website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Foxworthy's Big Night Out on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    September 1, 2006
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (47)