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CMT really has peaked viewer interest with their series All Jacked Up. Traveling around the country to show viewers some of the most peculiar stunts, sports, people and inventions across America. This show will surely have audiences in awe. Actor C. Thomas Howell does not only get a front row seat for all of the bizarre and exciting action but on occasion, even gets in on some of the excitement, too. You won

CMT's All Jacked Up is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on August 22, 2009.

Where do I stream CMT's All Jacked Up online? CMT's All Jacked Up is available for streaming on Country Music Television, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch CMT's All Jacked Up on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

Country Music Television
1 Season, 8 Episodes
August 22, 2009
Cast: Jean-Yves Blondeau, Lew Knopp
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CMT's All Jacked Up Full Episode Guide

  • Host C. Thomas Howell trains with Olympic freestyle aerial skiers who perform jaw-dropping tricks 70 feet in the air, then land in a high-tech swimming pool. He also attempts to survive rolling a car off a pipe ramp at high speed.

  • Host C. Thomas Howell goes for a thrilling, bone-rattling 60-mph bobsled ride with a U.S. Olympic silver medalist. Next, he's off on a covert mission to receive Special Ops weapons and explosives training from a former Navy Seal.

  • Host Tommy Howell travels the country in search of outlandish, funny, and extreme stunts, sports, events, people, and inventions; all with a country flavor.

  • It's a hot rod ... it's a speedboat ... it's both! Host C. Thomas Howell gets behind the wheel of the "Python", the world's most amazing amphibious car. Then Tommy meets Dr. Megavolt, a 'mad scientist' who likes to play with 200,000-volt lightning bolts.

  • Host C. Thomas Howell straps himself in for a taste of sprint boat racing -- where drivers pull 7 G's ripping through corners at 90 mph.

  • Host C. Thomas Howell gets his hands on a 65-foot catapult and flings major kitchen appliances sky high. Then, Tommy takes a wild ride on a jet-powered street luge, a jacked-up version of the world's most dangerous sport.

  • Host Tommy Howell ventures into a snake pit to watch a renowned snake wrangler try to set a world record for the number of rattle snakes he can put in his mouth.

  • Host C. Thomas Howell travels the country in search of outlandish, funny, and extreme stunts, sports, events, people, and inventions ? all with a country flavor.