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Created by Jersey shore producer Sally Ann Salsano and 495 Productions, Party Down South is a reality television show based in Murells, South Carolina that runs on the CMT channel. Being CMT's highest rated show as of October 2014, this show is about 8 adults in their early 20s to early 30s put in a home together that are living a lifestyle that revolves around partying, drinking, and drama. Sometimes the lifestyle leads them into not-so-good conflicts with other members of the cast.

The main cast members of this reality television series is Mattie Bureaux, Lyle A Boudreaux, Josh Murray, Ryan Richards, Lauren White, Walt Windham, and Taylor Wright. A few of the cast members in the show have ended up in legal trouble since being on the show. This show is made primarily for a late teen to young adult audience.

Thursdays 9:00 PM et/pt on Country Music Television
6 Seasons, 65 Episodes
January 2, 2014
Cast: Ryan Richards, Walt Windham, Lyle Boudreaux, Mattie Breaux
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Party Down South Full Episode Guide

  • Get caught up with the good, the bad, and the rowdy moments from Season 1.

  • The Party Down South crew sits down to discuss their favorite memories and relive their wildest moments from all five vacations together.

  • The cast says their goodbyes; old wounds surface between Tiffany and Bubba; Santana attempts to win back Lyle; the crew buries a time capsule in the backyard.

  • Bubba shows up unexpectedly, but Tiffany is unsure how things will go after their recent arguments; after being rejected by numerous men at the bar, Hurricane Martha threatens the shores of Savannah.

  • Lyle severs things with Santana over the phone; the crew bets on their Segway race - the boys versus girls, with the losers becoming their opponents' servants for a day; a newly-single Lyle rekindles old desires in Mattie.

  • While Lyle spends time in the hospital, Mattie chews out Santana; Lauren gets angry and the whole kitchen pays for it.

  • Wild Lyle is back for a weekend vacation to a NASCAR race, but after some unexpected news about Santana, he goes off the deep end and lands in an ambulance.

  • Lyle receives an unexptected text from Santana; the gang goes ghost hunting and chews off more than they can handle; Mattie is forced to choose between her roommates and her family back home.

  • After healthy input from her roommates, Mattie makes a decision regarding her relationship with DJ; feeling like she's missing out, Hannah invites her boyfriend Cody to the house so she can get some lovin; too.

  • The roommates are divided when a secret comes out about Lyle's fiance that Tiffany and Lauren struggle with; Lyle is forced to make a decision that could change his life permanently.

  • Murray wraps up his personal business in Mississippi and returns to the house to learn that the girls are still up in Lyle and Santana's relationship.

  • Tiffany and Lauren tell Lyle devastating news about his fiancĂ©e, Santana; Walt attempts to woo a woman into bed by playing his guitar; Daddy brings the wrong girl home from the bar.

  • In the fifth season premiere, the crew arrives at their beautiful new vacation house in Savannah, Georgia; Lauren and Tiffany harbor a secret from Lyle, while Murray and Hannah offer comfort to Mattie.

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