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This reality series follows a group of teenagers as they make their way through high school in an upscale enclave in southern California. Several of the series' initial cast members have gone on to further reality-TV work, and the reality series The Hills was spun off from it. The series aired on MTV from 2004 to 2006.

Laguna Beach is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on September 28, 2004.

Where do I stream Laguna Beach online? Laguna Beach is available for streaming on MTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Laguna Beach on demand at Paramount+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, MTV, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

3 Seasons, 44 Episodes
September 28, 2004
Cast: Christina Schuller, Lo Bosworth, Morgan Olsen, Talan Torriero
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Laguna Beach Full Episode Guide

  • The seniors wave goodbye to their high school days as they face their graduation. With new beginnings on the horizon, emotions are running high in Laguna Beach. Cameron's loneliness leads him into Jessica's arms while Breanna and Rocky once again mend their friendship, much to Tessa's distress. The cast prepares to part ways with tearful goodbyes as Kelan heads to college and Chase heads for LA to record an album with Kelan and the rest of the band.

  • Chase and Kelan's band plays a big gig in Hollywood and the whole gang comes out to support them. But Tessa's Laguna drama follows her when she's caught in between Breanna and Derek.

  • It's Spring Break time, which for the Laguna Beachers means a trip to Cabo. The usual Cabo drama occurs when Kyndra and Tyler hook up again.

  • Major tears erupt when Rocky and Alex see each other at a concert by Chase's band. Meanwhile, Tessa's new relationship starts to chill when Derek gives her the cold shoulder.

  • Bonfires always bring drama and this year Rocky and Alex are at the center of it. While she tries to hold onto Alex, he's already checking out his other options. Will Rocky be able to convince Alex that she's the best thing out there?

  • In Laguna, it seems there are always new relationships sparking up as others fade away. It's no different now, as Tessa goes on a date with Cameron's friend Derek at the same time Jessica and Cameron head in different directions.

  • It's Cameron's birthday but it's Tessa who is surprised when she realizes that Cameron has a totally different take on their hookup. Meanwhile, Kyndra rekindles her rocky romance with her ex-boyfriend, Tyler.

  • Rocky and Cameron tag along with Tessa for her modeling gig in San Diego, where she and Cameron have a fling.

  • Breanna tries to mend her friendship with Raquel; Chase helps Kelan pursue long-time crush Lexie by setting up a double date.

  • Kyndra and Cami crash Rocky's Christmas party, and Cameron gets defensive about his relationship with Jessica.

  • Rocky throws a birthday party for Tessa's sweet 16. She supplies the help of Tessa's best friend Chase to throw her the most amazing party.

  • Summer has gone and after a year they'll never forget, full of drama, entertainment and gossip.

  • LC decides to throw a big party before everyone leaves for college. LC invites everyone except Jason and Jessica of course.

  • Trey and Lauren organize a benefit to help the victims of the land slide and the call it "Fight the Slide 2005" where they have a fashion show, an auction and performances by Talan and Alex M.

  • Graduation day is finally here and the seniors are kind of frightened about it!

  • LC and Jen decide to have a barbecue to kick off the summer and see all their friends. Stephen and Dieter are excited with the idea.

  • It's time for prom in Laguna Beach High School and the seniors are preparing for this occasion. The boys ask the girls in the most creative ways.

  • Alex H. and Kristin throw a party and invite everyone except Alex M. and Taylor!

  • Talan makes Kristin a romantic dinner "from the bottom of my heart" as he says.

  • The guys are going to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, and everyone is excited to go there, well...that is everyone except for Jessica.

  • Alex M. and Alex H. meet for lunch trying to become friends again. But they still have to make Kristin and Taylor like each other.

  • After Jessica and Jason's break up, she's still thinking about him, and she needs something to keep her away from missing him so bad.

  • Valentine's Day its coming and everybody wants a Valentine. Lo comes visit LC and introduce her new boyfriend.

  • Winter formal approaches and Taylor and Alex M. creatively ask Jason and Talan.

  • Morgan S., Taylor and Alex M. do a little prank to the boys as they wrap Jason's car with plastic paper and putting something like paint on it.

  • It's LC and Kristin's birthday and they are celebrating it!

  • LC makes Stephen breakfast after staying up until 4:00 am the night before and apparently he slept at her place.

  • Christmas has come and last year seniors are coming to Laguna for Christmas Break.

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