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The Hills was a reality show on MTV that aired from 2006 to 2010. It focused on the daily life of the main protagonist, Lauren Conrad, and her circle of friends and enemies. Lauren dealt with career woes and drama with friends and boys. The show was something that most young women could relate to on one level or another. Sure, most young women didn't have the wealth and privilege that Lauren and her friends and enemies had, but they dealt with the same types of issues. Boys that don't call, jobs that don't work out, friends who stab you in the back, and having to choose between love and career are problems that many young women face.

In part, Lauren became a blank canvas for many young women, and when she left, the show suffered. You could identify with Lauren's problems and struggles, so you almost could imagine yourself in her shoes. Her pain at Heidi's betrayal hurt, because you, too, knew what it felt like to have a friend abandon you for a guy you thought was a terrible person. You grieved with Lauren when things didn't work out with Jason, the guy she gave up a summer internship in Paris for, because you, too, know what it's like to try to decide between your career and your love life.

In the last season and a half, the show went off the rails a bit due to Lauren's departure. Suddenly, there was no one to identify with anymore. Heidi had gone overboard with plastic surgery, something you couldn't understand. Lo was always one of the most normal in the group, but unlike Lauren, she didn't open herself up to the audience much, and her love life was mostly played out offscreen. Kristin never made you forget that you were watching an actress, someone who was playing out a role onscreen for your entertainment, rather than a young woman with real problems and struggles.

And so, as The Hills came to an end after six seasons, it was with a whimper, not a bang. Without Lauren, the show felt aimless, and no longer felt like it was based in any kind of reality, not even a reality where you're watching rich, privileged young women in their twenties deal with their problems.

7 Seasons, 108 Episodes
May 31, 2006
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The Hills Full Episode Guide

  • The series finale finds Kristin considering a major life change, while Audrina finally moves on from Justin, and Lo debates taking the next step with her boyfriend

  • On a group trip to Costa Rica, Kristin makes Brody jealous by making out with a local bartender. Meanwhile, Audrina continues to fight her attraction for Justin.

  • Audrina ends things with Ryan and surprisingly Justin shows up for her birthday. Brody exchanges words with Justin.

  • Ryan meets Justin for the first time. Meanwhile, Kristin and Allie get into an argument and Brody sides with Kristin.

  • Brody's new girl makes Kristin angry. Meanwhile, Audrina fails to mention to Ryan that she saw Justin.

  • Audrina sees Justin and starts doubting her current relationship with Ryan, while Kristen can't seem to move on from Brody.

  • While Stephanie falls for Max, Kristin is upset with Brody for bringing a new girl around.

  • Heidi and Spencer's family are forced to make difficult decisions while Brody and Kristin hook up. Ryan disappoints Audrina.

  • Heidi throws a party for the neighbor boy, Enzo, and Spencer's rude behavior makes the situation uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Audrina and Ryan discuss their future.

  • Stephanie is blamed for spreading rumors about Kristin's partying and Brody continues to go after Audrina even though she has a new man. Spencer and Stephanie have a confrontation.

  • Heidi heads home to show her family her post-surgery look, and Kristin's all-night partying begins to worry Audrina, Lo and Stephanie.

  • Catch up on the latest specials of "The Hills." FROM THE BEGINNING: Take a trip down memory lane and remember your favorite "Hills" moments. REVEALED: Check out behind-the-scenes stories of some of the show's biggest and best moments.

  • Justin fights to keep Kristin when she pulls away, Brody gets cold feet when Jayde wants to move in and Spencer confronts Heidi about her pregnancy test.

  • Kristin and Justin's romance reloads when he joins her in Vegas, and Spencer freaks when he uncovers Heidi's pregnancy scheme.

  • Kristin clashes with Jayde in the fight for Brody, and Heidi hatches a plan to get pregnant without Spencer's consent.

  • Audrina's heart gets broken when Justin ends things for good, Brody is caught in a war of the exes, and Spencer considers taking drastic measures to stop Heidi's baby obsession.

  • With Brody's relationship on the rocks and Justin playing head games, Kristin toys with the idea of dating her ex. Plus, Holly's continued drinking leads to an intervention.

  • Kristin isn't pleased when Justin's a no-show at Brody's party and Audrina moves on with Justin's best friend.

  • Kristin's pursuit of Justin intensifies after Audrina blows off their lunch, while Heidi's baby fever causes problems between her and Spencer.

  • Kristin's flirting with Justin has Audrina angered as she tries to reconnect with her friends. Elsewhere, Heidi and Spencer are in search of a new home.

The Hills News

'Hills' Star Kristin Cavallari Announces Third Pregnancy

She and husband Jay Culter are expecting their third child together.

Oh No, Oh God, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Might Be Trying to Have a Kid

Somebody stop this!

Lauren Conrad Marries!

Lauren Conrad of "The Hills" weds former musician William Tell in an intimate California ceremony!

How Did Kristin Cavallari Lose Her Baby Weight?

Kristin Cavallari opens up about her post baby weight loss and her upcoming wedding with Chicago Bears quarterback and fiance Jay Cutler.

Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge's Bling Ring Burglar Gets Jail With Plea

Look on the bright side, kid: two years is a decent amount of time to ponder just where the crime went wrong. That's how long E! News reports 21-year-old Bling Ring burglar Nicholas Prugo will be spending behind bars after pleading no-contest to stealing from famous marks Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Patridge. Prugo copped the plea today to a two-year prison term and testimony against his three accomplices in exchange for prosecutors dropping the burglary charges he faced for breaking into the homes of Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom and Paris Hilton.

Peaches and L.C.: Lauren Conrad Dyes Hair to Match My Little Pony

By majority rule of TheBeautyDepartment Blog, Lauren Conrad recently dip-dyed her Cali-blond locks peach. After which the pseudo-reality starlet put her fresh look to the test at an L.A. nightclub where she and "Dancing With the Stars" hunk Derek Hough fueled ongoing rumors of a hot new relationship.

Audrina Patridge: Don't Count On A Movie Version of 'The Hills'

Reality star Audrina Patridge told reporters this week that luckily for us all, a feature-length version of "The Hills" is not likely, despite rumors to the contrary. "It's been talked about, but it's probably never going to happen," the "Audrina" star and former "Dancing with the Stars" cast member said.

Please Don't: Audrina Patridge Wants Movie Version of 'The Hills'

Of the many, many shows on television that I would love to see turned into a movie (let's get a "Cake Boss" movie going, everyone! Time's a-wasting!), "The Hills" is not on my list. In fact, I did a little jig the day "The Hills" went off the air, because I assumed (correctly) that it would mean the end of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. But Audrina Patridge recently told Ryan Seacrest that a movie version of "The Hills" might be in the works soon.

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