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The City is an MTV reality series that chronicles the life of Whitney Port after she leaves California to join the fashion world in New York City. It was not as successful as the first MTV reality series in which Port was featured. The series was cancelled after two seasons that ran from 2008 to 2010.

When Whitney moves to New York City, she begins working for Diane von Furstenberg. Within a few months, she begins working for People's Revolution for a fashion publicist with whom she had worked in California -- Kelly Cutrone. Kelly is a cutthroat boss who is no nonsense. Whitney is used to this and appears to be one of her more competent and trusted employees. Because of Whitney's profession, much of the series revolves around the New York fashion scene.

Characters in the show include Whitney Port's friends, co-workers, bosses, rivals and love interests. The most prominent of these cast mates is Olivia Palermo who is often seen as Port's rival and a snide socialite. Whitney gets a roommate halfway through the first season that is named Roxy and becomes her close friend. After Whitney leaves work with Diane von Furstenberg, so does Olivia. Whitney goes to work for People's Revolution and Olivia goes to work with Elle. Rather than following only Whitney, the show follows Olivia at Elle as well, so there are several characters that come from the Elle offices.

A lot of the first part of the series centers on Whitney's relationship with musician Jay. She goes through several ups and downs with him before deciding to break it off. She focuses much more on her career than on her love life. After the split, Jay was no longer on the show. The rest of it was more about Whitney's social life with her friends and her work life.

The City is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on December 1, 2009.

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2 Seasons, 36 Episodes
December 1, 2009
Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Chris Noth
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The City Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale of The City, Whitney takes an interview, which may threaten her relationship with Kelly. Meanwhile, Olivia's trip to Japan turns out to be a success.

  • Roxy looks for a new place because of the rising contention with Whitney. Olivia reluctantly dresses Ashley Greene in Whitney Eve.

  • Roxy and Whitney's friendship is tested after Roxy fails to dress a musician in Whitney's clothing line. Meanwhile, Erin needs Olivia's help pulling a look for the "Martha Stewart Show."

  • Whitney blames Roxy for a almost ruining a sale. Meanwhile, Erin thinks that Olivia is taking the credit for pulling the outfit for the Ke$ha cover of Elle.

  • Whitney and Roxy put on a runway show while Olivia promises to deliver an interview for Elle.

  • Olivia's job is in jeopardy, Roxy impresses Kelly at work, and Whitney pursues new business opportunities.

  • Olivia attends a designer's party without wearing their label. Meanwhile, Joe Zee heavily criticizes Whitney's clothing line.

  • Olivia and Joe party hop while Roxy's poor judgment could endanger Whitney's career.

  • Olivia and Erin can't agree on what to dress Fergie in for the cover of ELLE. Whitney goes on a date.

  • Whitney confronts Olivia about why Olivia didn't interview her for Meanwhile, Roxy and Zach have a meeting that seems more personal.

  • Kelly pushes Whitney to market her line and Erin goes above Olivia to Joe Zee to help Whitney.

  • Whitney scrambles to pull her collection together in time for her show at New York Fashion Week, and Olivia shines in her new role at

  • A sales presentation with Bergdorf Goodman doesn't go quite as Whitney planned, but it leads to an even bigger opportunity for Whitney and her fledgling fashion line. Erin's frustrations with Olivia reach new heights

  • Erin and Olivia get into their biggest fight yet when Olivia comes up short on a new assignment, and Roxy makes a mess of things at Whitney's look book photo shoot.

  • Olivia gets praise from Joe at an ELLE photo shoot, but Erin is frustrated about the preferential treatment. Meanwhile, Whitney and Roxy go on a series of disastrous dates, ending in a blowup at a night club.

  • Whitney discovers surprising news concerning Freddie. Elsewhere, Erin has to pick up Olivia's slack.

  • Whitney and Freddie's date sprouts a third wheel when he brings his dad along. Roxy learns firsthand what it's like to work with Olivia when People's Revolution and ELLE put on a party.

  • Olivia thrives at an ELLE party, but Erin reminds her that the fashion business isn't just about who you know. Whitney reenters the dating scene when she meets a cute new guy.

  • Olivia shocks Erin by succeeding at her biggest assignment yet for ELLE. Meanwhile, Whitney goes behind Kelly Cutrone's back when she shows her designs to Bergdorf Goodman.

  • Olivia wins Joe Zee's approval on a new project at ELLE, but Erin seems to be tougher to please. Meanwhile, Whitney questions if working with her friend is a good idea when Roxy steps out of line on her first day on the job.

  • Olivia accepts a job with Elle magazine. Elsewhere, Whitney goes back to working for Kelly; and Roxy rolls into town in need of a job and a place to crash.

  • Whitney questions her life in New York City as she struggles with her break-up and competes with Olivia for new responsibilities at DVF.

  • Whitney and Olivia give a presentation for DVF's new handbag collection. Jay's band is going on tour and Whitney and Jay are about to find out if their relationship can take it.

  • Whitney is crushed when she discovers that Jay's mysterious night out was spent with his ex-girlfriend. Olivia steals the credit from Whitney when they style an ELLE cover shoot and Allie moves in with Erin.

  • Adam kicks Jay out of his apartment so Allie can move in permanently and Jay asks Whitney if he can live with her. Meanwhile, Erin's plan to juggle two guys backfires when Duncan and J.R. meet face-to-face.

  • Olivia sets up a gig for Tamarama at an upper east side gala, but Jay's hipster attitude clashes with the snobby sophisticates in attendance. Also, Erin reconnects with her first love which could lead to the end of her relationship with Duncan.

  • Kelly Cutrone accuses Allie of being too skinny, and Whitney finds herself caught in the middle. Erin runs into an ex-boyfriend, and old feelings begin to return.

  • Allie breaks down after a run in with the girl who claims she kissed Adam. Whitney gets upset with Jay for taking Adam's side.

  • Jay and Adam's "guys night out" leads to major scandal when Erin reveals that Adam wasn't exactly faithful to his girlfriend.

  • Whitney's date with a new guy makes Jay jealous and leads him confess his true feelings. Erin thinks things are moving too fast with Duncan when he suggests moving in.

  • When Erin's new boyfriend comes to visit, Whitney decides it's time to find her own apartment. Although Jay helps her find an apartment, Whitney feels like she's getting mixed signals and decides to ask him directly where she stands.

  • Whitney starts her now job at Diane von Furstenberg. Her first week promises to be a busy one considering it's Fashion Week, but she's still able to make time for fun: a date with Jay and a dinner party at Olivia's.

  • The cast reveals juicy secrets and answers burning questions.