Fat Friends

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Fat Friends is a television series about a group of women with different ethnic backgrounds who met each other at a local club, where they participated in weight loss activities. The film focuses on each character individually telling their story and journey on weight issues and self esteem issues.

Jamie, a young teenager, looks after his sick mother and is dealing with being bullied at school. One day, he attempts suicide and later reveals to his mother the problems he has been dealing with. Rebecca, who works at a garden center, struggles with her past when she was bullied in school.

Kelly, a young woman who works at her father's fish market, later finds loves and marries. Her younger brother Russell tempted her to have her own baby. Kelly and her husband Kevin try to have a baby which becomes successful, and she later gives birth to their son.

Betty, Kelly's mother and wife of Douglas, suddenly becomes pregnant at the age of forty and at the same time she locates her adopted son. Lauren, a young actress with average weight and self-esteem issues, also thinks that her parents regret giving birth to her.

4 Seasons, 25 Episodes
October 12, 2000
Cast: Gaynor Faye
Fat Friends

Fat Friends Full Episode Guide

  • Lauren's wedding day approaches, and she gets a shot at the job of a lifetime. But neither her parents nor her fiance are quite as supportive as she might have hoped.

  • Carol convinces the group to take part in a photo shoot, as part of her plan to set up a modeling agency for plus-size women. As the friends head off for a free weekend at a health spa, Carol learns the truth about Max's past.

  • As Kelly struggles with feelings of jealousy over her mother's relationship with Simon, she throws herself with renewed vigor into her weight loss. With Kevin having a new assistant in the chip shop, will Kelly be able to hold their marriage together?

  • The group returns from the Spanish vacation they won as a result of their appearance on Trisha's show. Betty can't wait to get home to see her long-lost son Simon, and Kelly struggles raising her own baby and helping Kevin run the fish and chip shop.

  • Will Jamie's talents as a trainee chef help his friends' chance of winning the prize for Slimming Group of the Year - or will it drive them all apart?

  • Rebecca decides that the time has come for her to leave home. Her boyfriend Sean is eager to help, but her break for independence is short-lived when tragedy strikes.

  • Lauren has a chance to make all her acting dreams come true, but at the cost of losing everything and everyone that matters to her. How can she win back her friends when she needs them the most?

  • Max provides a shoulder to cry on when Carol is reunited with her estranged sister. If she can learn to forgive others, maybe she can be nicer to herself?

  • Carol arranges for the gang to appear on a dieting Christmas special. Betty inadvertently reveals family secrets during the live broadcast, and must face the consequences.