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  • 1950
  • 1 Season
  • 6.8  (865)

El Cuerpo del Deseo, also known as Second Chance, is a television series that aired from 2005 to 2006. The show centers around the character of Don Pedro Jose Donoso, a wealthy and powerful tycoon who is murdered on his wedding day by his jealous wife, Isabel Arroyo. Donoso's soul returns to the world in a new body, that of a younger and handsome man named Salvador Cerinza, played by Mario Cimarro. The show follows Cerinza's journey as he tries to uncover the truth behind his past life and seeks revenge against those who wronged him.

The show features a diverse and talented cast with Wayne LeGette playing the role of Dr. Armando Rivera, a psychiatrist who helps Cerinza come to terms with his new identity and traumatic past. Jimena Araya also stars in the show as Isabel Arroyo, Donoso's ex-wife and murderer. Araya's character is a complex and layered villain who is driven by jealousy and selfishness. Mario Cimarro, who portrays the lead role of Cerinza, delivers a strong performance as an enigmatic and charismatic protagonist.

The show is set in Miami, Florida, and features breathtaking visuals of the city. The production design is stunning and adds to the ambiance of the show. The series is shot in a telenovela style, with dramatic storylines and cliffhangers at the end of each episode. The show features various themes, such as revenge, love, and greed, and provides a glimpse into the lives of the wealthy and powerful.

One of the strengths of the show is the chemistry between the characters. The love story between Cerinza and Isabel's daughter, Angela, played by Lorena Rojas, is a prominent subplot of the show. The characters' emotions are palpable, and their performances are believable. The relationships between the characters add depth to the show and make it more than just a revenge story.

Despite its dramatic elements, the show also has moments of humor that lighten the mood. The supporting characters, such as the Donoso family's loyal butler, Martin, played by Andres Garcia, provide comedic relief and add to the show's dynamic.

Overall, El Cuerpo del Deseo is a captivating and engaging show with compelling characters and an intriguing plot. The performances are top-notch, and the production design is impressive. The show is perfect for fans of telenovelas and fans of revenge stories. The show is easy to follow, and the plot twists will keep viewers at the edge of their seats. With its impressive cast and excellent production values, El Cuerpo del Deseo is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

In conclusion, El Cuerpo del Deseo is a show that is worth watching for its strong cast, stunning visuals, and engaging plot. The show is well-crafted and will keep viewers entertained from start to finish. It is a classic example of a telenovela with dramatic storylines, complex characters, and a lot of heart. Fans of the genre will not be disappointed as the show delivers on all fronts.

El Cuerpo del Deseo is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (156 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1950.

El Cuerpo del Deseo
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Capitulo 157
157. Capitulo 157
Salvador se recupera en el hospital, pero como el verdadero Salvador, y lo llevan a la casa Donoso. Rebeca se suicida en un hotel. Salvador se reencuentra con Cantalicia y su hijo Moncho.
Capitulo 156
156. Capitulo 156
Gaetana visita a Salvador en el hospital y queda muy impresionada, al encontrarlo como un vegetal. Valeria decide abandonar la casa, sin avisarle a nadie. Todos, muy preocupados por su ausencia.
Capitulo 154
154. Capitulo 154
February 28, 2006
Antonio abre la maleta de Walter y encuentra todas las joyas. Abigail propone denunciarlo a la policia. Valeria esta muy indignada, por la actitud de Rebeca.
Capitulo 153
153. Capitulo 153
February 24, 2006
Walter y Rebeca se roban todas las joyas y objetos de valor que encuentran en la casa y huyen. Nohora los encuentra y se lo informa a Valeria.
Capitulo 152
152. Capitulo 152
February 22, 2006
Salvador e Isabel huyen, cuando son perseguidos por la policia. En su afan por escapar, sufren un accidente, ella muere, y Salvador queda, gravemente herido.
Capitulo 151
151. Capitulo 151
February 20, 2006
Isabel y Salvador disfrutan de la vida en la casa de la Playa. Mientras tanto, Abigail se preocupa por no saber nada de ellos. Tambien por las complicaciones que tuvo
Capitulo 150
150. Capitulo 150
February 17, 2006
Isabel y Salvador se ponen de acuerdo para ayudar a Cantalicia por todo el dano y sufrimiento que le causaron inconscientemente. Asimismo, Salvador le escribe a
Capitulo 149
149. Capitulo 149
February 16, 2006
El inspector, en su afan por encontrar a Isabel y Salvador, interroga a Vicky, quien dice que Isabel les confeso que asesino a Andres Corona y enveneno a Pedro Jose.
Capitulo 148
148. Capitulo 148
February 15, 2006
Salvador y Isabel se van juntos de la casa, a media noche. Ella le explica como murio Pedro, en realidad, y que no fue ella, quien lo mato.
Capitulo 147
147. Capitulo 147
February 14, 2006
Isabel revela que fue ella, quien mato a Andres. Les habla de la vida pasada de Cerinza. Les confirma a todos, que Pedro Jose y Salvador son la misma persona.
Capitulo 146
146. Capitulo 146
February 13, 2006
En la casa Donoso, tiene lugar una reunion, en la que todos quedan sorprendidos con las revelaciones que hace Isabel: Salvador Cerinza no existe.
Capitulo 145
145. Capitulo 145
February 10, 2006
Rebeca y Walter le revelan a Isabel, la existencia del cuarto secreto, situacion que la deja muy perpleja. El parapsicologo recomienda a Salvador, tratamiento medico para su esposa.
Capitulo 144
144. Capitulo 144
February 9, 2006
La situacion en la casa se torna tensa, por los continuos comentarios malintencionados de Rebeca, sobre Salvador. Isabel intenta matar a Gaetana, al no poder confirmar nada, acerca de Cerinza.
Capitulo 143
143. Capitulo 143
February 8, 2006
Isabel se pone muy nerviosa, al ver que Salvador descubrio que ella contrato al doctor Robledo, para evaluarlo la doble personalidad de Cerinza.
Cap'tulo 142
142. Cap'tulo 142
Walter arrives at the hospital to kill Salvador. But when he kills somebody else by mistake, he loses his mind and ends up in jail.
Cap­tulo 141
141. Cap­tulo 141
When Salvador is taken to the hospital by ambulance, he suffers a new breakdown and changes his personality.
Cap'tulo 140
140. Cap'tulo 140
Salvador and Isabel run away but are chased by the police. While trying to escape, they have an accident, killing her and leaving Salvador injured.
Cap'tulo 139
139. Cap'tulo 139
Isabel and Salvador agree to help Cantalicia because of the suffering they inflicted on her. Salvador writes a farewell letter to Ángela.
Cap'tulo 138
138. Cap'tulo 138
Eager to find Isabel and Salvador, the inspector interrogates Vicky and is puzzled to learn that Isabel admitted to killing Andrés.
Cap'tulo 137
137. Cap'tulo 137
Isabel confesses she killed Andrés. She tells them about the past life of Salvador, the man who died to let Pedro José come back to life.
Capitulo 136
136. Capitulo 136
January 30, 2006
Walter despierta, despues de estar inconsciente y esta seguro que Pedro Jose volvio a la casa, a tomar venganza por lo que le hicieron. Todos quedan alarmados, por sus incoherencias.
Cap'tulo 135
135. Cap'tulo 135
Rebeca and Walter tell Isabel about the secret room. Puzzled, she looks for the door from the studio to the basement.
Cap'tulo 134
134. Cap'tulo 134
Salvador trains Antonio in the operation of the factory, since he wants him to run the business as Pedro José had wished.
Cap­tulo 133
133. Cap­tulo 133
Isabel arranges a family meeting and invites Dr. Robledo to review and confirm her suspicions about Pedro Jos©'s and Salvador's personality.
Cap'tulo 132
132. Cap'tulo 132
Isabel comes back home, shocked by what she found out about Salvador; Rebeca is eager to hear what she's learned.
Cap'tulo 131
131. Cap'tulo 131
Ángela and the others try to understand the situation with Salvador. Antonio tells them that Pedro José is not dead, but lives on in Salvador.
Cap'tulo 130
130. Cap'tulo 130
Fátima tells Isabel about Salvador's life one year ago before his attack, and how he changed upon waking up.
Cap'tulo 129
129. Cap'tulo 129
Isabel arrives at Las Cruces to inquire about Salvador Cerinza's past.
Cap'tulo 128
128. Cap'tulo 128
Isabel refuses to be with Salvador because she is afraid of his behavior. Rebeca insists that Isabel know that Salvador has another woman and a son.
Cap­tulo 127
127. Cap­tulo 127
In the basement, Salvador confronts Walter as Pedro Jos©. He reproaches him for his attitude, making him see how greedy he is.
Cap'tulo 126
126. Cap'tulo 126
Isabel gets nervous because she sometimes sees Salvador, and other times he transforms into Pedro José. Salvador tries to calm her down.
Capitulo 125
125. Capitulo 125
January 13, 2006
Gaetana sigue angustiada, por la desaparicion de Salvador. Sin embargo, Camilo la convence de esperar, a que Cerinza vuelva a su condicion normal y trate de comunicarse con ellos.
Cap'tulo 124
124. Cap'tulo 124
Isabel and Salvador get married. Ángela, Antonio, Abigail, Simón and Valeria refuse to attend the wedding and stay away from the meeting.
Cap'tulo 123
123. Cap'tulo 123
Salvador enters the Donoso house once again to give a concert without anyone noticing him. The sound of the piano makes everybody nervous.
Cap'tulo 122
122. Cap'tulo 122
Salvador asks Ángela and the Dominguez family for some time before he reveals the truth about himself.
Cap'tulo 121
121. Cap'tulo 121
Everyone is talking about the hasty marriage of Isabel and Salvador. Salvador confronts Rebeca in front of the whole family for trying to kill him.
Cap'tulo 120
120. Cap'tulo 120
Salvador manages to escape from the thieves but is attacked again. When he wakes up, he is Pedro José Donoso again.
Cap'tulo 119
119. Cap'tulo 119
While trying to run away, Salvador and the kid are caught and taken back to the house. Isabel is still very worried about Salvador's disappearance.
Cap'tulo 118
118. Cap'tulo 118
Salvador is picked up by a couple of old people and gets into a dangerous situation with a gang of thieves without realizing it.
Cap'tulo 117
117. Cap'tulo 117
Ángela urges Salvador to account for his behavior. Rebeca tries to murder Salvador. Isabel suggests to Salvador they should leave the house.
Cap'tulo 116
116. Cap'tulo 116
Isabel tells everyone in the house about her desire to marry Salvador.
Cap'tulo 115
115. Cap'tulo 115
Ángela gets ill during the Antonio's graduation celebration;. Salvador promises Isabel he will marry her, but won't move away from the house.
Capitulo 114
114. Capitulo 114
December 28, 2005
Matilda, destrozada, por haber terminado su matrimonio, jura vengarse de mil maneras. Decide divorciarse. Gaetana trata de calmarla, sin exito.
Cap'tulo 113
113. Cap'tulo 113
Despite everything, Salvador won't give up on his love for Valeria. He is summoned by the authorities to testify about Andrés Corona's death.
Cap'tulo 112
112. Cap'tulo 112
Isabel is worried about the accusations made by In'rida Fernández against her and their possible consequences.
Cap­tulo 111
111. Cap­tulo 111
Salvador, as a peasant, attacks Gaitana, and is wary of everyone. At the Donosos', everyone is worried about Salvador's disappearance.
Cap'tulo 110
110. Cap'tulo 110
Salvador turns up in Valeria's room but is caught by Isabel, who forces him to leave the room. Valeria gets upset at Salvador's presence.
Cap'tulo 109
109. Cap'tulo 109
Valeria's health worsens, but Isabel won't help her as she'd rather see her dead than by Salvador's side. Abigail offers to nurse Valeria.
Cap'tulo 108
108. Cap'tulo 108
Salvador is disappointed to learn that Isabel is not the woman he thought she was, and that his passion and desire made him go too far.
Cap'tulo 107
107. Cap'tulo 107
Rebeca discovers that Valeria is packing to leave with Salvador.
Capitulo 106
106. Capitulo 106
December 15, 2005
Isabel le cuenta a Valeria que Andres intento matarla y que la golpeo, brutalmente, hasta perder el sentido. Ahora, el desaparecio y ella no quiere ir a buscarlo. Prohibe a Valeria que vaya tras el.
Cap'tulo 105
105. Cap'tulo 105
Antonio talks with Simón and asks him about his argument with Valeria. Simón tells him about the relationship between Salvador and Valeria.
Cap'tulo 104
104. Cap'tulo 104
Salvador is sure Isabel killed Andrés and tells this to Gaitana, who says that he pushed her into keeping her promise.
Cap'tulo 103
103. Cap'tulo 103
Isabel is worried, and asks Gonzalo to find Andrés since he had left the night before and not returned. Gonzalo finds Gonzalo drowned in the lake.
Cap'tulo 102
102. Cap'tulo 102
Isabel and Andrés argue again, and Isabel brutally beats Andrés to death with an oar. Isabel dreams that Andrés is back to kill her.
Cap'tulo 101
101. Cap'tulo 101
Salvador looks for clues as to Isabel and Andrés's whereabouts.
Cap'tulo 100
100. Cap'tulo 100
Isabel looks for Salvador at the company and tells him she is despairing for Andrés's health.
Capitulo 99
99. Capitulo 99
December 6, 2005
Andres desata su furia contra Isabel y Valeria. Le tiende una emboscada a Salvador: contrata a gente para que lo maten. Lo persiguen y le disparan, pero Cerinza sobrevive.
Cap'tulo 98
98. Cap'tulo 98
At the Donosos', the situation gets really tense because of the beating Andrés gave Isabel, which left her badly injured.
Cap­tulo 97
97. Cap­tulo 97
Salvador is attacked, but escapes unscathed. Andr©s makes a new attempt to murder Isabel.
Cap'tulo 96
96. Cap'tulo 96
Andrés hires people to carry out his plan to kill Salvador.
Cap'tulo 95
95. Cap'tulo 95
Rebeca tries to blackmail Salvador by threatening to reveal his secret. Isabel keeps on asking Salvador to tell her the truth.
Cap'tulo 94
94. Cap'tulo 94
Simón reveals to Antonio his immense love for Valeria, while Valeria and Salvador's love keeps on growing every day.
Cap'tulo 93
93. Cap'tulo 93
Salvador and Simón are hired by the company, which annoys Andrés. The relationship between Isabel and Andrés is more tense every day.
Cap'tulo 92
92. Cap'tulo 92
Ángela suggests that C'tricos Donosos hire Salvador Cerinza as an industrial relations assistant in light of his astounding knowledge of the company.
Cap'tulo 91
91. Cap'tulo 91
Andrés reproaches Isabel for her indifference towards the allocation of Pedro José Donoso's assets, since he thinks Ángela will inherit it all.
Cap'tulo 90
90. Cap'tulo 90
Abigail is taken aback by Isabel's indifference towards Andrés's illness. Rebeca rebukes Salvador for having left her alone.
Cap'tulo 89
89. Cap'tulo 89
Ángela decides to get involved in the company's affairs together with Salvador and meets the directors of C'tricos Donoso.
Cap'tulo 88
88. Cap'tulo 88
Isabel and Salvador meet again at In'rida's apartment. Simón gets ready to go with Valeria to the concert.
Cap'tulo 87
87. Cap'tulo 87
Ángela and Antonio tell everybody they are married and expecting a baby. Ángela requests that Antonio's stuff be moved to his bedroom.
Cap'tulo 86
86. Cap'tulo 86
Walter impatiently awaits for Abigail and her children to leave the house. Antonio leaves the house with Salvador's help, without anybody realizing.
Cap'tulo 85
85. Cap'tulo 85
Isabel gives Abigail her settlement, but Abigail refuses the check saying that she will take it when she leaves the house.
Cap­tulo 84
84. Cap­tulo 84
Salvador does not keep his appointment with Isabel or with Rebeca, as he is meeting Antonio in Gaetana's bar to let him know of ngela's pregnancy.
Cap'tulo 83
83. Cap'tulo 83
Valeria is surprised when, together with Salvador, she experiences an unexpected moment of intense happiness.
Cap'tulo 82
82. Cap'tulo 82
Andrés, Walter and Rebeca don't willingly accept Antonio's new position, acquired through his marriage with Angela.
Cap'tulo 81
81. Cap'tulo 81
As they are getting ready to leave, Abigail and Simón have a big argument with Walter and Andrés.
Capitulo 80
80. Capitulo 80
November 8, 2005
Salvador lleva a Cantalicia y a su hijo, a casa de Gaetana. Andres enfrenta a Isabel y ella admite que hay otro hombre; pero el no le dara el divorcio.
Capitulo 79
79. Capitulo 79
November 7, 2005
Isabel le confiesa a Salvador que esta, perdidamente, enamorada de el y piensa en romper su matrimonio. Cerinza se ve en serios problemas, al ver a Cantalicia, con su inesperada visita.
Cap'tulo 78
78. Cap'tulo 78
Everything indicates that Abigail and her children will leave the Donoso home very soon, and nothing and no one will make them change their minds.
Cap'tulo 77
77. Cap'tulo 77
A terrible accident caused by Andrés forces the Dom'nguez family to leave their home.
Cap'tulo 76
76. Cap'tulo 76
Salvador arrives for a rendezvous in an inconspicuous place, where he makes a shady deal with Isabel Arroyo in order to prove how perverse she is.
Cap'tulo 75
75. Cap'tulo 75
The sudden arrival of Cantalicia causes serious problems for Salvador when she catches him in the Donoso household.
Cap­tulo 74
74. Cap­tulo 74
Salvador is engulfed in a deep internal struggle between rancor and passion, leading him to give in to Isabel's temptations.
Cap'tulo 73
73. Cap'tulo 73
The sudden return of Salvador makes many people happy.
Cap'tulo 72
72. Cap'tulo 72
An unexplainable event entangles the Donoso household in a web of intrigue. Gaetana gets a surprise.
Cap'tulo 71
71. Cap'tulo 71
Antonio is behaving very strangely; he does not talk, he does not answer questions and when he speaks he is incoherent. He also has a scorching fever.
Cap'tulo 70
70. Cap'tulo 70
Abigail and Simón are worried about the whole situation with Antonio. Valeria is very sad because of what Isabel told her about Salvador.
Cap­tulo 69
69. Cap­tulo 69
Salvador asks Rebeca to leave him alone and to stop harassing him, and she replies that it is his fault for getting her hopes up.
Cap'tulo 68
68. Cap'tulo 68
Isabel tells Angela that she is too trusting of Salvador.
Cap'tulo 67
67. Cap'tulo 67
Antonio is unhappy with the relationship between Angela and Salvador. He complains to Angela, who says she cannot forgive him for not trusting her.
Cap'tulo 66
66. Cap'tulo 66
Andrés orders Walter to follow Angela from now on and to keep him informed of everything she does with Salvador.
Cap'tulo 65
65. Cap'tulo 65
Salvador asks Matilda never to tell Rebeca that he lives there. Andrés and Walter talk about how mysterious Salvador is and plan to get rid of him.
Cap'tulo 64
64. Cap'tulo 64
Antonio is more and more surprised as he realizes that Salvador talks and thinks as if he were Pedro José Donoso.
Cap'tulo 63
63. Cap'tulo 63
Angela tells Isabel that if Andrés keeps smearing the memory of her father she will kick him out of the house.
Capitulo 62
62. Capitulo 62
October 11, 2005
Andres le ordena a Walter que traslade todas las cosas de Isabel a su habitacion. Le pide que destruya todas las cosas y fotos de Pedro Jose. Salvador logra reparar el desastre que ha hecho Andres y vuelve a dejar todo en el lugar de siempre.
Cap'tulo 61
61. Cap'tulo 61
Andrés hires Walter as his personal assistant.
Cap'tulo 60
60. Cap'tulo 60
Isabel confronts Salvador about not having left, and offers to pay him a lot of money if he is prepared to quit and never return.
Cap'tulo 59
59. Cap'tulo 59
Isabel asks Walter to get rid of Salvador, which is music to Walter's ears. In the factory, people are not happy with Andrés's early return.
Cap'tulo 58
58. Cap'tulo 58
Andrés continues trying to seduce Isabel, but she rejects him. He gets drunk and throws himself into the sea, but he is saved.
Cap'tulo 57
57. Cap'tulo 57
Isabel asks Salvador if it was all Andrés's fault. Andrés finds Isabel taking care of Salvador, and complains.
Cap'tulo 56
56. Cap'tulo 56
A picture of Isabel and Andrés's wedding appears in the paper, showing Salvador next to them. Angela wonders why Isabel decided to take Salvador.
Cap'tulo 55
55. Cap'tulo 55
Antonio asks Angela if she believes in people being possessed by spirits. She replies she does not believe in that sort of thing.
Capitulo 54
54. Capitulo 54
September 29, 2005
Isabel y Andres se casan. Isabel no puede ocultar su cara de disgusto. Salvador le pide a Antonio que cuide mucho a
Cap'tulo 53
53. Cap'tulo 53
Valeria urges Isabel not to get married. Isabel replies that it is too late to cancel. Simón makes Antonio wonder what Salvador and Angela do.
Cap'tulo 52
52. Cap'tulo 52
Andrés tells Isabel that if she wants to exclude him from Pedro's fortune, she will not succeed. He goes crazy and tries to drown her in the tub.
Cap'tulo 51
51. Cap'tulo 51
Simón walks in on Consuelo and Camilo in bed. Salvador is in the attic; Isabel follows him there and seduces him. He tells her she should not give in.
Cap­tulo 50
50. Cap­tulo 50
Salvador arrives while Isabel is trying on her wedding dress. Rebeca speaks very badly of Pedro Jos© in front of Salvador, angering him.
Capitulo 49
49. Capitulo 49
September 22, 2005
Simon le cuenta a Antonio que sintio que, quien realmente lo estaba curando, era el Dr. Donoso. Antonio le cuenta a Salvador quien es realmente Consuelo. Salvador le pide a
Cap'tulo 48
48. Cap'tulo 48
Angela hears of Dr. Velaunde's murder. Salvador tells Gaetana that he will not rest until he sees Isabel on her knees in front of him.
Cap'tulo 47
47. Cap'tulo 47
Isabel fires Salvador because he was not there when she needed him most. He heads for the woods. She follows, harasses and provokes him.
Cap'tulo 46
46. Cap'tulo 46
Salvador tells Isabel that he knows how she tends to use all the men in her life. Isabel announces her engagement to Andrés.
Cap'tulo 45
45. Cap'tulo 45
Salvador goes into the woods, and Isabel goes and looks for him. They argue, and then they kiss.
Cap'tulo 44
44. Cap'tulo 44
Isabel asks Salvador about his friendship with Angela, and asks him to keep her informed of everything Angela does.
Cap'tulo 43
43. Cap'tulo 43
Isabel tells Rebeca that she grows more and more disappointed by Andrés every day.
Cap'tulo 42
42. Cap'tulo 42
Salvador and Isabel have an accident. Salvador is injured. A peasant tries to help them. Isabel gets very nervous seeing Salvador so badly hurt.
Cap'tulo 41
41. Cap'tulo 41
Walter tries to harm Salvador by tampering with the brakes of his car. Angela asks Salvador to take her to the gym.
Cap­tulo 40
40. Cap­tulo 40
Isabel and Andr©s continue to not accept any of this and talk about how much they hated Pedro Jos© and how they are about to inherit everything.
Cap'tulo 39
39. Cap'tulo 39
Salvador speaks to Isabel of justice and honor; she asks why he is doing this, and tells him to mind his own business.
Cap'tulo 38
38. Cap'tulo 38
Gaetana takes Salvador to a bar, and tries to convince them that they should open a bar together.
Cap'tulo 37
37. Cap'tulo 37
Salvador tells Gaetana that he saw Andrés and Isabel kissing, and thinks they are probably united by the suffering caused by his own death.
Cap­tulo 36
36. Cap­tulo 36
Azur is captured by the house guard. Andr©s gives the order to kill him. Abigail, Antonio, Angela and Sim³n oppose it.
Cap'tulo 35
35. Cap'tulo 35
Salvador continues to sow unease in the Donoso household, reminding them of things that Pedro José had once said.
Capitulo 34
34. Capitulo 34
September 1, 2005
Walter le declara la guerra a Salvador. Salvador se encuentra con Antonio y le dice unas cosas que Pedro Jose se las habia dicho hace mucho tiempo. Andres se muestra celoso de Salvador.
Cap'tulo 33
33. Cap'tulo 33
Isabel rebukes Rebeca for having hired Salvador, and adds she doesn't really know him. Isabel tells Angela that Salvador makes her uneasy.
Cap'tulo 32
32. Cap'tulo 32
Simón admits to Antonio that Salvador makes him nervous, and Antonio admits that he feels the same way. Isabel and Andrés return from their trip.
Cap'tulo 31
31. Cap'tulo 31
Valeria remains locked up in her room on Isabel's orders. She dreams of Pedro José. Salvador asks her for a job, but she says there is no work.
Cap'tulo 30
30. Cap'tulo 30
Isabel and Antonio argue.
Cap'tulo 29
29. Cap'tulo 29
Simón tells Consuelo that he lost his job at the factory. She tells him to get his job back, otherwise she doesn't want to see him ever again.
Cap'tulo 28
28. Cap'tulo 28
Salvador tells Gaetana that Pedro José's spirit is present, and that she can ask him questions to prove it.
Cap­tulo 27
27. Cap­tulo 27
Salvador arrives at the Donoso home and Azur recognizes him. Seeing the ladder that Salvador used, everyone believes that a robber entered the house.
Capitulo 26
26. Capitulo 26
August 22, 2005
Salvador huye llevandose parte del dinero de Lilia y toma un bus rumbo a Rio Claro. Cuando llega, busca a Gaetana Charry quien se niega a atenderlo.
Cap'tulo 25
25. Cap'tulo 25
Cantalicia looks for Father Jacobo and tells him she is sure that something bad happened to Salvador, because he is not acting like his usual self.
Cap'tulo 24
24. Cap'tulo 24
Salvador asks Cantalicia to wash Monchito, with soap and water. She refuses, so he does it himself. Cantalicia cannot accept how Salvador has changed.
Cap'tulo 23
23. Cap'tulo 23
Salvador comes out of the ranch. Cantalicia bombards him with questions and he asks her to leave him alone. Rebeca argues with the Donosos' staff.
Cap'tulo 22
22. Cap'tulo 22
To avoid being taken to the psych ward, Salvador confirms his identity, and that he has a wife and son; he asks to be allowed to go back to his ranch.
Cap'tulo 21
21. Cap'tulo 21
Salvador again surprises Father Jacobo with his chess prowess. The villagers are crazy about getting to be with Salvador.
Cap'tulo 20
20. Cap'tulo 20
Cantalicia reaches the church looking for Salvador and asks Father Jacobo to hand him over. He asks if it is true that Salvador did not study.
Cap'tulo 19
19. Cap'tulo 19
Isabel feels guilty for her mother's death. Walter keeps searching in the study, and is caught by Simón.
Cap'tulo 18
18. Cap'tulo 18
Rebeca and Walter start looking for the safe. They enter the basement and discover a door, but are not able to open it.
Cap­tulo 17
17. Cap­tulo 17
The doctor visits Angela and explains that she fainted because of the nervous breakdown she is having.
Cap'tulo 16
16. Cap'tulo 16
Salvador is very depressed, not knowing what really happened.
Cap'tulo 15
15. Cap'tulo 15
Salvador has a breakdown. Isabel threatens Abigail if Antonio and Simon keep helping Angela.
Cap'tulo 14
14. Cap'tulo 14
Reporters arrive in the village to investigate the strange events that have taken place. A dead man has come back to life.
Cap'tulo 13
13. Cap'tulo 13
Angela discovers Gaetana Charry's information. Isabel orders Walter to kick Azur, Pedro José's dog and friend, out of the house; Angela opposes it.
Cap'tulo 12
12. Cap'tulo 12
Salvador's strange behavior continues; he asks to have a bath and requests clean clothes.
Cap'tulo 11
11. Cap'tulo 11
The doctor asks Salvador how he feels; he replies that he is very scared and that he does not understand what is going on.
Cap'tulo 10
10. Cap'tulo 10
Angela enters the study to tell her father what she has discovered, but she finds him collapsed and apparently dead on the piano.
Cap'tulo 9
9. Cap'tulo 9
Pedro asks Walter to take him to his study to play the piano, and he plays like he has never played before.
Cap'tulo 8
8. Cap'tulo 8
On the phone, Isabel tells Andrés that she loves him and misses him, and that Pedro José would never suspect her of having a lover.
Cap'tulo 7
7. Cap'tulo 7
Pedro José complains to Nina about certain expenses, and she replies that instead of worrying about that he should be keeping an eye on Angela.
Cap'tulo 6
6. Cap'tulo 6
Pedro José tells Gaetana that, this time around, he felt the suffering of the man in his dreams much more intensely.
Cap'tulo 5
5. Cap'tulo 5
Gaetana tells Isabel that she knows what kind of woman she is. Pedro José hears her and warns her to respect his bride and not to abuse his trust.
Cap'tulo 4
4. Cap'tulo 4
Pedro José once again flatters Valeria.
Cap'tulo 3
3. Cap'tulo 3
Pedro José gives Nina the money she needs.
Cap'tulo 2
2. Cap'tulo 2
Angela tells Isabel that she does not trust her, and she is sure she didn't marry her father for love.
Capitulo 1
1. Capitulo 1
January 1, 1950
Pedro José keeps having a dream in which he sees a strange man. Everybody is talking about Pedro José and Isabel's wedding.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 1950
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (865)