La Hipocondriaca

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In this telenovela, a young hypochondriac is misdiagnosed with a terminal illness by a handsome young doctor. Thinking she has only months to live, she confronts the state of her life, and when she learns that her diagnosis is incorrect, things get even more interesting. The series aired on Caracol in 2013.

1 Season, 116 Episodes
August 24, 2013
La Hipocondriaca

La Hipocondriaca Full Episode Guide

  • Alejandro tracks down Camila and Macarena. Javier spots Bocadillo canoodling with his mom. An emergency forces Rosaura's husband to reappear.

  • Pedro scrambles to prevent his kids from moving away, and later receives an unexpected visit from Tatiana. Macarena gets a phone call asking for help.

  • After Camila has a breakdown, her mom reveals a family secret to Alejandro. Bocadillo gives Esther an ultimatum. Marcela gets a life-changing offer.

  • Macarena confesses the real reason she rejected Alejandro's attempts at reconciliation. Marcela tells Pedro who she thinks his true love is.

  • J.J. celebrates a long-awaited moment with Rosaura. Alfonso plots to reunite Alejandro and Macarena. Luz Elvira makes an announcement to Dr. Herrera.

  • Dr. Herrera remembers what happened between him and Cecilia. Macarena testifies before the ethics committee. Camila offers Luz Elvira a deal.

  • Alejandro learns what Ursula did to him. Camila adds a clause to her prenup and, later, makes a cruel toast. Rosaura realizes her mother has a suitor.

  • Hoping to catch a glimpse of Linda Rosa, Javier visits the clinic. Macarena tells Ignacio her plans. Ursula goes to great lengths to seduce Alejandro.

  • Esther receives a shock. Macarena decides whether to accept Alejandro's shares in the clinic. Pástor casts the vote that decides the clinic's fate.

  • Alfonso recalls a detail that could prevent the clinic's sale. Bocadillo surprises Esther. Macarena learns Ignacio knows Alejandro but never told her.

  • Rosaura tells her husband her big news. Macarena learns Alejandro returned from abroad with a woman. Camila comes to a realization about marriage.

  • Camila attempts to fast-track her new relationship. Macarena dreams of a past life with Ignacio. Javier recalls his doomed proposal to Linda Rosa.

  • Camila's and Marcela's love lives improve. Alejandro visits a familiar face in Mexico. Pedro agonizes over the clinic's fate. Rosaura gets a shock.

  • Alejandro proposes a change of scenery to his father. J.J. asks to meet with Rosaura's husband. Macarena and Ignacio carry on Gladys's legacy.

  • Linda Rosa learns Tumaco is back. Cecilia tells Alejandro where Macarena is staying. Gladys reveals her final wishes. Esther finds out Javier's plan.

  • Macarena gives J.J. an ultimatum. Ignacio makes a move that startles Macarena. When Pedro seeks comfort from Marcela, they come to a realization.

  • Ignacio finds out he knows the man who broke Macarena's heart. A funeral draws Macarena out of hiding. A face long missing from the clinic reappears.

  • Pedro and his father have a heart-to-heart talk. An unexpected tragedy hits the Pulido family. Cecilia admits to Dr. Herrera her feelings for him.

  • Macarena agrees to undergo regression therapy. Desperate to reach Macarena, Alejandro begs Cecilia to contact her. Rosaura confesses to her husband.

  • Ignacio advises Macarena to let go of her heartbreak. Dr. Herrera and Luz Elvira make a spectacle of themselves. Rosaura and J.J. bond over the twins.

  • Rosaura's husband follows her to see where she spends so much time. Camila asks Alejandro if there's any hope for them. J.J. consults a shady lawyer.

  • Alejandro gets a new job. Dr. Herrera offers Camila a solution to her financial woes. Macarena is skeptical of Dr. Ignacio's philosophies and methods.

  • Alejandro faces the ethics committee and Macarena's family. Esther comes between Rosa Linda and Javier. Macarena decides what her new life will be.

  • J.J. investigates Camila's claim. Jimmy gives his dad a warning. Tatiana catches Pedro behaving badly. Macarena sets out to deliver a harsh truth.

  • Alejandro confesses to his father. Since each has what the other wants, Camila and Luz Elvira strike a deal. J.J. is told Macarena isn't dying.

  • Dr. Herrera's gift to Camila has its desired effect. Alejandro foolishly trusts Pástor to deliver a large sum of cash to the moneylender.

  • Camila leads Macarena to believe Alejandro hired a lawyer to use against her. The moneylender orders an undercover investigation of Macarena's home.

  • As Macarena tells Rosaura she isn't dying, she remembers her guarantee to the moneylender. Alejandro is betrayed by his research sponsor.

  • When Luz Elvira loses their son, J.J. reaches his limit. Alejandro learns where Macarena is. Javier and Linda Rosa turn a corner in their friendship.

  • Tatiana starts her new job. Macarena begs her caregiver to release her. Luz Elvira tries to butter up Dr. Herrera. Rosaura sees a fertility doctor.

  • Alejandro is horrified to learn what Camila told Macarena. Dr. Herrera sets Cecilia up on a date. Camila has more plans for revenge against Alejandro.

  • Cecilia has an idea where Macarena might be. Rosaura recalls praying for a miracle. J.J. recognizes a sketch of the person last seen with Macarena.

  • Camila admits to her mom what she did to Macarena. Macarena's family realizes she's missing. During a family emergency, J.J. calls Rosaura for help.

  • Camila learns where Alejandro and Macarena are staying. Pedro risks his life for Marcela. Tatiana's new admirer offers her something Pedro can't.

  • Alejandro and Macarena spend a night together, and Marcela finds out. Pedro spots Tatiana with a man her own age. Camila learns the terms of her loan.

  • Camila returns and immediately seeks out Dr. Herrera. Luz Elvira has no interest in being a mother. Right before her surgery, Esther disappears.

  • J.J. gives Luz Elvira a surprise to support her as a new mother. Macarena hires a medium to convince Esther to have vision-restoring surgery.

  • Alejandro learns J.J. and Macarena broke up. Camila's mother finds out that a woman with the last name Santos has been trying to reach her daughter.

  • Macarena plans to spend her last days isolated. Unlike Luz Elvira, J.J. embraces parenthood. Pedro learns how Alejandro intends to pay back Macarena.

  • Pedro begs Alejandro to reconsider telling Macarena she was misdiagnosed. Tatiana learns something about Pedro she hadn't considered.

  • J.J. responds to Luz Elvira's ultimatum. Rosaura's husband tells his wife what he overheard. Cecilia goes on a practice date with Dr. Herrera.

  • Pedro tries to talk to his daughter about sex. Dr. Herrera gives Cecilia a lesson in seduction. J.J. and Luz Elvira realize Macarena knows about them.

  • Cecilia makes a confession to Dr. Herrera. Alejandro helps Macarena find Henrik Linker and later learns that Camila's mom once caused a scandal.

  • The partners vote on how to save the clinic. Pedro learns Tatiana knew about his daughter's plans. Macarena meets a stranger who knew her mom.

  • Alejandro decides whether he'll still go to Houston. After two months without pay, the clinic's administrative employees make a group decision.

  • Alejandro makes a difficult decision regarding Camila's surgery. The moneylender checks to make sure Macarena is dying on schedule.

  • Tatiana helps Pedro's daughter cover up a lie. Tired of their gig, Camila's hired thugs take matters into their own hands to speed up her timetable.

  • Dr. Herrera asks a shady client for a favor. Camila's ruse starts to have its desired effect on Alejandro. Macarena gives the police new info on J.J.

  • A remembered name helps to reunite a dazed Alejandro with his worried family. Dr. Herrera becomes frantic when he learns Camila is still missing.

  • Macarena receives an unusual gift that infuriates J.J. and delights Luz Elvira. Alejandro presents a proposal to Camila. Later, they are ambushed.

  • J.J. sees the latest ultrasound. Camila's mom helps her to turn Alejandro against Macarena. Pedro's daughter puts Tatiana in a difficult position.

  • Pedro becomes self-conscious about how old he looks compared to Tatiana. Javier is fired from the clinic. A former co-worker seeks Macarena's help.

  • Pedro's kids meet Tatiana. Alejandro and Camila discuss the Houston offer. J.J. gets a job. Macarena overhears Alejandro asking for an advance.

  • Camila gets her confidence back. Sandra comes to Javier's rescue. After recovering from her delirium, Macarena learns Alejandro has changed his plans.

  • Camila meets privately with Macarena. Javier receives a reward for his heroism. A fever delirium forces Macarena's true feelings to spill out.

  • Maruja's opinion of Macarena quickly changes. Camila cuts her trip short and rushes home with a plan. At the last minute, Pedro chases after Tatiana.

  • Car trouble forces Macarena to spend the night at the Pulidos' home. A member of Macarena's family overhears J.J. in a private talk with Luz Elvira.

  • Employing a unique method, Macarena tortures Luz Elvira. Alejandro makes decisions about the Houston offer and Camila, and Macarena overhears one.

  • An offer of help rattles Luz Elvira's nerves. Tatiana gets a chance to make a fresh start. Alfonso finds out Alejandro has feelings for Macarena.

  • In keeping with her plan, Macarena secretly meets Luz Elvira, and later throws herself a "bye-bye shower." Camila is offered a shoulder to cry on.

  • Macarena finds it impossible to stay angry at Alejandro. Camila gets an upsetting request from Alejandro. Luz Elvira returns Darcy's call in person.

  • Alejandro makes a confession. Macarena launches a plan to drive J.J. crazy and to investigate whether he played a part in the theft of her cash.

  • Pedro's colleague sets him up on a date. Marcela finds some more ammunition to use against Pedro. Alejandro is offered a big opportunity.

  • Pedro finds out Marcela's terms for divorce. Darcy drops a bombshell. Esther is unhappy with her new accommodations. Tatiana's life falls apart.

  • Camila realizes her grave error. A patient's naughty behavior has a serious side. J.J. comes clean with the police. Javier proposes an idea to Esther.

  • Pedro has an awkward encounter at a party. When Camila comes home to a shocking sight, she uses Dr. Herrera to get revenge. The police question Darcy.

  • J.J. must find a way to get the thieves to retract their statement. Pedro struggles to keep up with Tatiana. Alejandro's gift makes Camila suspicious.

  • The thieves confess that an informant told them about Macarena's cash. Camila investigates a rumor about Alejandro. Esther receives a diagnosis.

  • Alejandro confesses to Pedro what happened in his office during the lockdown. The thieves who tried to steal from Macarena are caught.

  • Javier revels in his newfound celebrity. Marcela visits Tatiana to negotiate. Dr. Herrera makes a point about Alejandro that leads Camila to reflect.

  • In a moment of life-threatening danger, Alejandro and Macarena act on their feelings for each other. An unlikely hero is accidentally born.

  • Esther visits her priest to make an unusual request. When Pedro berates Macarena, Alejandro is forced to choose sides. A VIP is rushed to the clinic.

  • Marcela plots her revenge. J.J.'s emotions get the better of him during an ultrasound. Alejandro convinces Macarena to report the theft of her cash.

  • Since J.J. refuses to leave Macarena, Luz Elvira joins them. Dr. Herrera sees an opportunity to score points with Camila. Tatiana plays a dirty trick.

  • Macarena has a rough start on her first day of work. A suspicious Marcela investigates Pedro. Luz Elvira introduces herself to Macarena.

  • Javier moves into a new living situation. Luz Elvira asks Darcy for a shady favor. Macarena hears back about the job she interviewed for.

  • Luz Elvira tries to convince J.J. to leave Macarena. Dr. Herrera recalls his history with Alejandro at medical school. Camila crosses an ethical line.

  • Macarena gives Gina her share of the home and tells J.J. how she got the cash. Marcela unknowingly drags Pedro to the restaurant where Tatiana works.

  • Macarena visits a moneylender in secret to save the family home. Camila hits a roadblock when she tries to put Alfonso back on the donor list.

  • Luz Elvira shares big news with Darcy. Alejandro is forced to tell Camila that Macarena isn't dying. Macarena's conscience starts to bother her.

  • Gina and a lawyer visit Macarena's family. Javier admits to Sandra his true financial status and occupation. Marcela gives Pedro a birthday surprise.

  • To avoid a lawsuit, the clinic makes Mauricio an offer. A family crisis cuts short Macarena's trip. Alejandro is shocked to hear he's getting married.

  • On her wedding day, Macarena has flashbacks of the previous night. Alfonso comes home to a nasty surprise. Pacho confesses his secret to Esther.

  • Alejandro finally tells Macarena she was misdiagnosed. Maruja learns Alfonso nearly gambled away the clinic. Javier confronts his father.

  • J.J. enlists Cecilia to sneak him out of the clinic so he will arrive in time for his wedding. Alejandro spends a memorable evening with Macarena.

  • Alejandro recognizes J.J. at the clinic and spies on him. Javier meets with Gina. Maruja becomes suspicious when Alfonso falls back into a bad habit.

  • Macarena and her family travel to Cartagena for her wedding. Alejandro is troubled by the fine print that comes with his research funding.

  • Macarena gets a sign from above. Camila gives her mother an assignment. Pedro makes an error that could invite a lawsuit. Pacho's past haunts him.

  • Darcy helps J.J. repair his reputation. A patient shows Pedro the downside of a May-December romance. J.J. makes a grand gesture to win back Macarena.

  • While Alejandro tries to cure Macarena's phobia of the dark, they share an intimate moment. Pedro visits Tatiana at her job and learns more about her.

  • Macarena's supposed panic attack turns out to be something more. A guilt-ridden Darcy confesses to J.J. what she and Luz Elvira did to Macarena.

  • Camila's mother makes a scene when she lays eyes on Macarena at a dinner party. At Alejandro's insistence, Macarena submits to more medical tests.

  • Macarena sees the incriminating photos on J.J.'s phone. Linda Rosa is convinced Cecilia is trying to steal Tumaco. Dr. Herrera finds his muse.

  • Camila learns about Macarena's family history. Alejandro sends Pástor on a mission. Macarena hires a wedding planner and pulls out all the stops.

  • Camila catches Alejandro giving Macarena special attention. J.J.'s priest gives him an ultimatum. Alejandro is alarmed by Macarena's spending spree.

  • Macarena plans the funeral of her dreams. J.J. tries to make up for lost time as a Catholic. Alejandro's sudden attentiveness makes Macarena wonder.

  • A research sponsor scrutinizes Alejandro's work. Marcela's attempt at rekindling the spark in her marriage backfires. Pacho is backed into a corner.

  • Realizing he made a horrific mix-up, Alejandro seeks advice on damage control. Pedro catches the eye of a coed. Maruja gives Marcela marriage advice.

  • Camila negotiates to keep Alejandro from having to go to Mexico. Macarena goes public with her complaint against Dr. Romero. Alfonso finds a new role.

  • A patient from Macarena's former workplace shares a disturbing account. Alejandro finds the key to winning Leonor's support for his research.

  • Javier hatches a plan to secure Macarena's inheritance. Pacho faces a secret dilemma. Luz Elvira convinces J.J. to make Macarena's dream come true.

  • Marcela learns that Pedro has been keeping a secret from her. Alejandro receives a financially tempting offer. Fate reunites Macarena and J.J.

  • Macarena announces the inheritances she plans to leave. Alejandro contemplates a sacrifice to save the clinic. Macarena's boss tries to blackmail her.

  • Macarena recruits Alejandro to help get her money back. J.J. breaks his news to Macarena. Macarena's family catches wind of her diagnosis.

  • Macarena embarks on a spiritual and existential quest, dragging Alejandro along for the ride. Pedro uncovers the secret his father has been hiding.

  • Macarena, a 29-year-old medical office worker who constantly imagines she's experiencing various medical symptoms, receives a shocking prognosis.

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