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In this telenovela, a former slave, a white woman, returns to Colombia after having spent years living free in Spain. Back in the Americas, she's set to marry a wealthy man, but she's really most interested in revenge. Nerea Camacho, Orián Suárez, and Miguel de Miguel star.

Caracol TV
1 Season, 62 Episodes
January 26, 2016
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La Esclava Blanca Full Episode Guide

  • Father Octavio confesses to Tom¡s and Lorenza that he saved Victoria when she was young. Victoria takes possesion of the hacienda.

  • Nicol¡s becomes governor of Santa Marta and promises to speak to the rebel slaves. Tom¡s meets Lorenza again. Miguel demands the abolition of slavery.

  • The fugitives send plagues to the farms and the village people are sick. Nicol¡s tries to kill M¡rquez, who hands over the role of governor to him.

  • Nicol¡s makes Victoria say that she loves him. He gets a drink from his mother to kill his wife, but he wants her to see Miguel die.

  • Nicol¡s knows the real Marquise of Bracamonte and learns that his wife is Victoria Quintero, who came to America for her family and Miguel.

  • Victoria decides to return to Ed©n to save her father. Manuela finds her brother among the dead. Nicol¡s vows to make an example out of Tom¡s.

  • Granados sees the slaves exiting the tunnel and waits for Miguel to kill him. A distraught Paca greets Felipe and Ana with horrible news.

  • It is Bume€™s burial, Eugenia is crying inconsolably and asks for forgiveness. Miguel, Siervo and Tom¡s are preparing to escape.

  • After listening to Morales telling the truth about Nicol¡s Parre±o, Victoria is filled with anger and tries to kill her husband.

  • Miguel defends Isabel and confronts Trinidad. Morales shoots Nicol¡s and leaves him on the edge of death. Later, he sets himself on fire.

  • Isabel faces up to her father, telling him she knows that he is a liar, fraud and a killer. Nicol¡s decides to send her to a mental hospital.

  • Victoria tries to make Ayotunde remember that she is Lorenza. Isabelita learns that her father killed Candela. Milagros tells Juli¡n she is pregnant.

  • Tom¡s is the only one with experience handling explosives and so he offers to enter the tunnel to open the route to get them out of Ed©n.

  • Bume tells Victoria how Nicol¡s made Eugenia give up under threat of death. Morales confesses to Nicol¡s that he never killed the white child.

  • Victoria is going to hire Ayotunde for the fiesta. When she is just about to find her, Abdul appears. Nicol¡s accuses Eugenia of robbery.

  • Some bandits assault Nicol¡s, they steal the wagon and cargo and kidnap Isabel. The child says a woman was in charge.

  • Nicol¡s decides to change the cocoa transport route, putting Victoria in danger. If he doesn€™t warn Eugenia, she could reveal her romance with Miguel.

  • Nicol¡s arrives at Eugenia€™s house, where Victoria is acting jealous and tries to kill herself.

  • Abdul and Ayotunde, who is an African fortune-teller who sees the future are introduced. Granados arrives at Felipe€™s house to take his wife by force.

  • Miguel finds Victoria in the tunnel. Granados puts on the military uniform, remembers that they treated him like a slave and leaves.

  • At Catalina€™s burial, ngela says some words in her honor. Victoria goes to the pit and, after a landslide, is trapped in the tunnel.

  • Miguel admits that Victoria is the Marquise, Ed©n€™s real owner. Nicol¡s decides to sell the slaves to capitalize on the business and eject Hilaria.

  • After learning that Granados killed the freedmen, Miguel and the other slaves chase him. Nicol¡s finds out what the blacks spoke about in the meeting.

  • Gabriel and Jesºs plan to allow the slave meeting at the house despite Manuela€™s opposition. Trinidad tells Milagros blacks and whites shouldn€™t mix.

  • Felipe is hurt over the death of his sister Catalina and Isa­as. M¡rquez and Alonso say they have no intention of letting these killers go free.

  • According to Caicedo and Granados, Miguel€™s leading the revolution. Catalina is attacked in the night. Eugenia has an intimate encounter with Nicol¡s.

  • Granados arrives at Felipe Restrepo€™s house with a search warrant. M¡rquez accompanies him with armed men. Catalina defends Isa­as when he€™s caught.

  • Felipe and Catalina help ngela and some slaves get out. Milagros helps Victoria meet with Miguel. Graffiti appears on the landowners€™ houses.

  • Milagros tells Victoria she can€™t get her out of there. Eugenia buys textiles from the latest boat from Europe. ngela talks with Felipe.

  • Felipe tells M¡rquez and Alonso to respect the law, which says a slave can buy his freedom. Nicol¡s punishes Miguel and locks up Victoria and Isabel.

  • Adela reprimands Isabel for defending Victoria and confines her to the room. Nicol¡s and Granados make a deal with the judge for Jaime€™s punishment.

  • Nicol¡s arrives at the ranch with Miguel and orders him to work the fields like the other slaves. ngela proposes taking up a collection.

  • Remedios is nervous in the presence of Trinidad. At the hearing, the attorney Restrepo questions Isa­as, who€™s afraid to talk. Jaime takes advantage.

  • Isabel visits Gabriel and they discuss Jaime L³pez. Later, she confesses that he€™s the one she wants, but Gabriel says he doesn€™t deserve her.

  • Granados, Caicedo and Nicol¡s tell Arturo they€™ll help him with a lawyer for his son, but under some conditions. Trinidad helps Remedios get out.

  • Nicol¡s threatens Father Octavio if he says anything about what happened at the ranch. Arturo tells Jaime he€™s going to marry Isabel for money.

  • Victoria tells Tom¡s and Milagros she saw Miguel alive and Nicol¡s saved him. Tom¡s shows Victoria a photograph of her real parents.

  • Everyone meets up at the church. Eugenia finds out Adela doesn€™t like the marquise and plans to try to annul the marriage with Nicol¡s.

  • Felipe talks with Miguel about his struggle to abolish slavery. Nicol¡s spends his wedding night with the marquise, but she doesn€™t seem happy.

  • Nicol¡s, Alonso and Gabriel help Remedios, who€™s unconscious, and Felipe takes Miguel to the ranch. Candela starts a rumor that the ranch is haunted.

  • Arturo attends to his son. Victoria asks Nicol¡s to get married right away. M¡rquez tells Gabriel he€™s going to work for Alonso in cocoa exportation.

  • Victoria is worried because Miguel didn€™t return to the ranch, and she defends him when he€™s accused of murder. Nicol¡s helps Miguel escape.

  • Alonso asks his father why he locked a man up without a trial. Victoria tells Adela she wants to help her with Isabel and tells Remedios her plan.

  • While everyone looks for her among the crops, Isabel and the young man who found her find a warm welcome in a small township. She suffers an attack.

  • The doctor examines Victoria and realizes she€™s been poisoned. Miguel and Milagros look for the antidote. Nicol¡s asks if the slaves saw anything.

  • In the city, M¡rquez decrees a curfew due to the tensions between blacks and whites. Nicol¡s, Granados, Arturo, Jaime and Lopez fear getting caught.

  • Miguel and Victoria spend the day together and plan their trip. At the ranch, everyone€™s surprised when Rosa disappears, except Nicol¡s.

  • General M¡rquez tells the landowners that the government sent the money for the indemnization of the slaves who will be freed when they turn 18.

  • Eugenia fails in the presentation of the processing machine and loses a partner. Miguel blames the marquise€™s accident on himself and gets punished.

  • On the trip, the marquise asks Rosa about her family. Eugenia announces that the chocolate import company partnered with Alonso M¡rquez.

  • When the marquise appears, they ask her about the men who took her and take her to Eugenia’s ranch. Later, they capture and punish Rubén.

  • Remedios gives Victoria classes on etiquette, and Adela prepares to receive the marquise. Rosa shows interest in Miguel.

  • Tomás questions Trinidad as Miguel is being treated. Adela realizes there’s something between Nicolás and Eugenia. Granados gives Nicolás a suspect.

  • Victoria asks the mother superior for her authorization to go volunteer in America. Nicolás won’t accept the money for Miguel’s freedom.

  • Tomás arrives at Nicolás’s ranch with Miguel, who tries to run when he finds out what’s going on. Victoria arrives at the convent in Spain.

  • Joaquín tries to rape Milagros, but she defends herself. Morales lies to Nicolás about what happened with Victoria. The general avenges his son.

  • Victoria leaves the community. Tomás fights José and demands he respect his daughter. Miguel consoles Victoria. Isabel has delivery complications.

  • Tomás and Lorenza leave the area to make a new life with the girls. When Nicolás finds out Victoria is alive, he orders Morales to look for her.

  • Don Domingo orders Tomás’s freedom when he delivers his final payment, but he also tries to buy his wife’s and daughter’s freedom.

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