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  • 2012
  • 1 Season
Corazón Valiente
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El Gran Final
206. El Gran Final
Emma and Pablo are happy in Spain. Willy and Sam reconcile. El Mes'as and Fernanda meet a fitting end. Juan Marcos and Angela fall in love.
Un Matamoros
205. Un Matamoros
Samantha unleashes her fury on Jesús. Yvonne's son is born and is recognized as a Matamoros. Fernanda marries Ringo.
Trata de blancas
204. Trata de blancas
Brenda and Clara are in serious trouble. Jesús reveals his true identity to Samantha and Matamoros offers his help in finding Fabiola.
En Suiza
203. En Suiza
Samantha believes that Willy spent the night with Lady. Fabiola gets herself into serious trouble. Fernanda asks Bernardo to forgive Yvonne.
Alianza del mal
202. Alianza del mal
El Mes'as confesses to Sammy. Cecilia begins to speak. Willy and Matamoros fight for Sam.
201. Decepcion
Willy catches Samantha with El Mes'as. After finding out about the illness, Angela tells Juan Marcos that she wants to be with him.
Miguel vuelve a salvarla
200. Miguel vuelve a salvarla
Clara's kidnappers confront Camilo. Jesús' farce comes true. Angela finds out about Juan Marcos' illness.
No puedo creerlo
199. No puedo creerlo
Yvonne threatens Bernardo. Samantha admits that she's attracted to Dr. Montoya and visits him in the hospital. Fabiola falls into Yvonne's hands.
La Venganza
198. La Venganza
Fernanda searches for Angela and claims that Juan Marcos will leave her for her money. Juan Marcos manages to free himself.
Esperanza de vida
197. Esperanza de vida
Yvonne threatens Miguel. Juan Marcos is forced to beg. Laura has a romantic encounter with Gustavo. Willy feels betrayed.
Atrapados por el mal
196. Atrapados por el mal
Jesús asks Fernanda not to meddle in his affairs. Yvonne reveals to Matamoros the truth about his parentage and he promises to help her.
La duda
195. La duda
Juan Marcos refuses to defend the detained group. A plan is underway in Colombia to find the whereabouts of Yvonne and Jesús.
194. La DEA
Miguel, Fabiola, Clara, Camilo and Gustavo want to take Fernanda's daughter away from her.
Enfermedad terminal
193. Enfermedad terminal
Juan Marcos tells Laura about his illness. Sam receives a medal from El Mes'as. Bernardo questions Samantha over the man she protects.
En Colombia a la fuerza
192. En Colombia a la fuerza
Angela and Samantha face some thugs. Miguel and Fabiola stay in Colombia. Yvonne erupts after hearing Miguel's recording.
La trampa
191. La trampa
Willy becomes furious when he sees Samantha with Jesús. Yvonne calls Dr. Velásquez to inform her about the girl.
190. Striptease
Yvonne has everyone confused. Laura finds out who Duval works for. Sam dances with Jesús thinking that he's Willy.
189. Certezas
Miguel and Fabiola search for their daughter. Samantha tries to rescue the scientist. Willy knows that work comes first for Sam.
188. Desesperada
Fabiola threatens everyone in order to find her daughter. Samantha finds Jesús in the pool.
Se descubre otra relacion
187. Se descubre otra relacion
Bernardo makes a revelation about Fernanda and Rodrigo. Miguel negotiates Camilo and Clara's protection.
El diagnostico
186. El diagnostico
Juan Marcos receives a terrible diagnosis. There is a confrontation between Miguel and Jesús' men, and between Camilo and Bernardo.
El Salvador
185. El Salvador
Jesús arrives in Los Angeles and gets in contact with Samantha, who he wants to be his bodyguard.
Amor y odio
184. Amor y odio
Willy insists on separating from Samantha. Juan Marcos faints.
Secreto de confesion
183. Secreto de confesion
Fabiola makes a discovery about Alma. Yvonne swears that she can keep a secret forever and Fabiola admits something about Miguel.
Alma es alejada de su madre
182. Alma es alejada de su madre
Fabiola has decided to destroy Miguel. Bernardo sets a trap for Sam and Willy tells Sam that their relationship has ended.
Plan macabro
181. Plan macabro
Bernardo has decided to end things with Samantha. Fabiola finds out that El Mes'as will confront Miguel. Willy and Marcos argue.
180. Unidos
Samantha, Angela and Miguel meet. Jesús unleashes Fernanda's fury upon rejecting her. Yvonne discovers something about El Verdugo.
Intercambio de esposas
179. Intercambio de esposas
Miguel is gravely ill. El Mes'as tells Fabiola that she will stay with him. Samantha and Angela get ready to travel to Colombia.
La recuperacion
178. La recuperacion
Jesús meets with Ringo. Nicolás begins recovery after the operation. El Mes'as returns with a bloodthirsty vengeance.
El Verdugo fue ejecutado
177. El Verdugo fue ejecutado
El Verdugo and Miguel are injured. Nicolás has surgery and the real El Mes'as appears.
El Reto
176. El Reto
El Verdugo accepts the proposal. Juan Marcos tells Angela that he wants to forget about Fernanda. Samantha and Willy want to help Nicolás.
Muerte y vida
175. Muerte y vida
Miguel challenges El Verdugo to a duel. Nicolás loses hope, believing that the treatment isn't working.
Pasa el tiempo...
174. Pasa el tiempo...
Fabiola has yet to respond to El Verdugo's calls. Jessica cries for Nicolás and Fernanda has a plan to do away with Juan Marcos.
Mal herido
173. Mal herido
Nicolás is the victim of an attack. Samantha admits to Willy that she is under threat and Fabiola begins to hate Miguel.
Fiesta de disfraces
172. Fiesta de disfraces
Miguel, Yvonne, and Gustavo manage to gain access to El Verdugo's party. Miguel confronts Fabiola.
¿Quien es el padre?
171. ¿Quien es el padre?
Miguel investigates into the news about Fabiola. Juan Marcos is attacked and his reputation is tainted in the process.
Declaracion de guerra
170. Declaracion de guerra
Miguel declares war on El Verdugo. Fernanda makes a shocking discovery and Juan Marcos gives a press conference.
Miguel duda
169. Miguel duda
Fabiola tries to flee. El Verdugo believes that it's impossible that Jesús Matamoros is still alive.
El Mes'as
168. El Mes'as
Miguel decides to impersonate El Mes'as, Yvonne's ex-husband. That way, he can gain access to El Verdugo.
167. Aliados
Miguel joins forces with Yvonne Matamoros to finally put an end to El Verdugo. Samantha goes to Colombia.
166. Luz
Samantha and Willy get custody of their daughter. Fabiola is coerced into going to the altar.
As' no quiero vivir
165. As' no quiero vivir
Fabiola has El Verdugo in her sights. Samantha tries prevent a kidnapping and Clara makes an important announcement.
Razones para temer
164. Razones para temer
Juan Marcos fears for everyone's safety. Fabiola has El Verdugo's life in her hands. Samantha and Willy search for their daughter.
No puedo salvarla
163. No puedo salvarla
Miguel and Fabiola try to escape from the police. El Verdugo threatens Fernanda.
La confusion
162. La confusion
Miguel is confused with a drug dealer. Juan Marcos finds out that Angela is alive. Willy and Samantha reconcile.
Nuevamente en sus manos
161. Nuevamente en sus manos
Camilo has an encounter with Clara. Gustavo and Laura go to Colombia fresh on Fernanda's trail. Fabiola and Laura fall into El Verdugo's hands.
160. Infarto
After suffering health problems, Miguel tries to rescue Fabiola from El Verdugo. Clara believes that she and Camilo have no future.
Fabiola espera un hijo
159. Fabiola espera un hijo
El Verdugo discovers something about Fabiola. Nora admits that Fernanda is a monster.
Fabiola negocia
158. Fabiola negocia
Fabiola requests Miguel's release. Willy gets into trouble trying to get his daughter back from Bernardo's house. Fernanda makes a revelation.
157. Torturados
Fabiola and Miguel contemplate starting a new life. Fernanda torments Angela, showing her the supposed ashes of Juan Marcos.
El brebaje
156. El brebaje
Miguel confronts Fabiola and searches for her in Argentina. Finally, Juan Marcos and Fernanda meet face to face.
Primero, la vida del bebe
155. Primero, la vida del bebe
Samantha and her baby have an accident. Fabiola begs El Verdugo for something. Juan Marcos arrives in Colombia.
Samantha sabe de su hija
154. Samantha sabe de su hija
Juan Marcos says his goodbyes to Genesis. Miguel wants to wait for Fabiola so that they can marry, however, El Verdugo makes a sobering threat.
Permiso para ser infiel
153. Permiso para ser infiel
Willy has a plan that involves Thelma. After obtaining information, an investigation is opened up into who killed Gustavo.
Luna de miel
152. Luna de miel
Gustavo makes Angela a promise and she later confesses to Samantha. Fabiola believes that El Verdugo is obsessed with her.
Intento fallido
151. Intento fallido
Jessica offers her assistance in laying a trap for El Verdugo, who later escapes. Clara discovers Bernardo has feelings for Sam.
El rostro de su padre
150. El rostro de su padre
Jessica recognizes El Verdugo's face. Clara searches for Willy and Samantha. The end of Gustavo and Angela's relationship opens up other doors.
Velada romántica
149. Velada romántica
Fabiola is dumbfounded by El Verdugo's revelation. Miguel hurts Ringo. Gustavo breaks up with Angela.
El rostro de El Verdugo
148. El rostro de El Verdugo
Fabiola is brought before El Verdugo, who makes a shocking revelation. Clara begins to reveal information about her daughter.
Cacer'a humana
147. Cacer'a humana
The hunt for El Verdugo has begun. Camilo gives information for the search and begins the operation to capture Bernardo.
Golpe bajo
146. Golpe bajo
El Verdugo makes his presence known to Fernanda, who has just arrived in Colombia for a mission.
145. Secuestrada
Angela tells Gustavo that she made the decision to distance herself from him. Miguel heads for Colombia to search for El Verdugo.
Caen en la trampa
144. Caen en la trampa
Miguel and Fabiola fall into El Verdugo's trap. Miguel receives an envelope with photos of a dead person.
Nuestra hija
143. Nuestra hija
Clara's baby is in poor health and Laura is badly injured by Fernanda's attack. Nora and Angela speak about Bernardo.
Vivir hasta el final
142. Vivir hasta el final
Miguel and Fabiola have an encounter with El Verdugo. Fernanda threatens and attacks Laura. Later on, Nora visits Clara.
Amenaza de bomba
141. Amenaza de bomba
El Verdugo makes a strong threat. Laura has a surprise for Juan Marcos. Gustavo reveals the details of Fernanda's escape plan.
140. Delirio
Samantha receives an unexpected surprise. Sam and Willy suspect Clara. Miguel and Fabiola are attacked. Juan Marcos and Angela argue.
El Verdugo, doble cara
139. El Verdugo, doble cara
Fabiola tells Miguel that she thought she'd never see him again. Clara gives birth.
Clara es la nueva v'ctima
138. Clara es la nueva v'ctima
Clara is accused of killing Esteban, but a recording reveals the true murderer. Juan Marcos and Laura are attacked.
Fabiola se va
137. Fabiola se va
Fabiola leaves Miguel. Angela has more news about her pregnancy. Miguel is kidnapped and Bernardo has Esteban.
Nuevas vidas
136. Nuevas vidas
Samantha and Angela are both suspicious. Fernanda is gravely ill and something unexpected happens with the ambulance transporting her.
Rienda suelta a la pasion
135. Rienda suelta a la pasion
Something unexpected happened between Fabiola and Miguel. Juan Marcos and Laura get carried away.
No puedo vivir sin ti
134. No puedo vivir sin ti
Fabiola makes a strong confession to Miguel. Samantha and Willy face Vicente. Bernardo threatens Vicente with killing Nicolás.
Siempre hay un obstáculo
133. Siempre hay un obstáculo
Clara fears for Bernardo. Rodrigo, Angela, and Juan Marcos distance themselves from each other.
Miguel persevera
132. Miguel persevera
Miguel tries to trap the guilty parties. Angela and Gustavo have an encounter. Duval has news for Gustavo and Angela visits the insane asylum.
131. Suerte
Fabiola is being treated in the hospital, but it is Miguel who truly feels hurt. Emma and Pablo have a near-death experience.
130. Recuerdos
Angela remembers all the pain that Juan Marcos caused and asks him to leave her alone. Miguel and Fabiola give in to passion.
129. Pasiones
Miguel suffers an attack. Alejandra is going through a rough patch in Colombia and tells Miguel that El Verdugo wants to kill him.
Juan Marcos siente culpa
128. Juan Marcos siente culpa
Juan Marcos says his goodbyes to Angela. Bernardo announces his marriage to Clara because, according to him, they are having a child together.
¿Culpable o loca?
127. ¿Culpable o loca?
Fernanda is put in an institution after confessing her guilt. Fabiola has a new suitor and Clara confronts Vicente.
Fernanda cae
126. Fernanda cae
Fernanda has a new identity ready for when she flees. Laura says goodbye to Juan Marcos and invites him for a coffee.
Despiertan los celos
125. Despiertan los celos
Angela is jealous of Aguilar. Bernardo has a proposal for Clara. Willy and Samantha plan to adopt a little girl.
Volver a ver
124. Volver a ver
Willy's operation is a success. Juan Marcos discovers Laura's role and Samantha is ready to investigate what happened to her child.
Clara es el vientre en alquiler
123. Clara es el vientre en alquiler
Esteban makes a discovery about Clara. Fabiola reveals her true feelings to Miguel. Everyone gathers before Willy's operation.
Lorena muere
122. Lorena muere
Juan Marcos is under surveillance and is in danger. Miguel and Fabiola can no longer control their jealousy and romance.
Enamorada de los dos
121. Enamorada de los dos
Fabiola and Miguel strengthen ties while Angela is in love with two men. Fernanda and Bernardo meet. Samantha helps Willy.
Ofelia fallece
120. Ofelia fallece
Fernanda kidnaps Juan Marcos and has plans for him, but the police intervene.
Fernanda no se da por vencida
119. Fernanda no se da por vencida
Fernanda plans against Juan Marcos and Angela, who is now free. Gustavo reacts to a dangerous situation.
Pablo en peligro
118. Pablo en peligro
Pablo ends up hurt and Emma cheers him up. Juan Marcos has some big news for Angela. Fabiola is unable to hide her attraction for Miguel.
Secuestro por error
117. Secuestro por error
The criminals ask to exchange Emma for Fabiola. Jessica is with Nicolás and doesn't want to leave.
Peligro en prision
116. Peligro en prision
The prison fights are becoming more and more violent. Angela and Fernanda face off. Nora finds out that she will soon be released.
Fabiola regresa
115. Fabiola regresa
Miguel convinces Fabiola to travel with him. Gustavo and Juan Marcos worry about Angela. Bernardo makes Willy an offer.
114. Ciego
Samantha is afraid of losing Willy. Miguel catches Alejandra with Bernardo. Angela asks Gustavo to forget about her.
Willy está grave
113. Willy está grave
Willy, Sam, and Nicolás celebrate being together. Gustavo decides to rejoin the police. Violeta discovers that her mother is alive.
Intento de violacion
112. Intento de violacion
Fernanda makes a move on Nora. Juan Marcos tells Angela that she is his wife and the police arrive to take her away.
111. Celos
Angela arrives at Samantha's wedding with a cake in tow. Juan Marcos and Gustavo confront each other over Angela and one of them declares their love.
Verse de nuevo
110. Verse de nuevo
Juan Marcos sees Angela again. Samantha reveals something to Willy. Gustavo knows one of Duval's secrets.
Los tres hermanos
109. Los tres hermanos
Samantha confronts Fernanda, who confesses to all of her evil deeds in prison.
A la luz
108. A la luz
Bernardo wants to get rid of Esteban. Juan Marcos is worried upon finding out exactly who's taken Fernanda's case.
Amor verdadero
107. Amor verdadero
Willy intervenes when Samantha and Esteban are about to marry. Miguel and Alejandra have a romantic encounter.
Madre al descubierto
106. Madre al descubierto
Juan Marcos has news about Angela, who later confesses her feelings for Gustavo. Fernanda discovers who saved her.
La Obsesion
105. La Obsesion
Lorena returns to the beach. Fernanda remembers Vicente's dying words. Nora helps Fernanda during a key moment in prison.
Muere Vicente
104. Muere Vicente
Gustavo confesses to Angela. Esteban has a shocking revelation for Nicolás.
El rescate
103. El rescate
Fernanda escapes after an attempt on her life. Gustavo has an encounter with Angela and Miguel runs into Alejandra.
El duelo
102. El duelo
Fernanda makes an attack. Samantha follows through with her divorce plans and Miguel tries to prove that Bernardo is a drug dealer.
La captura
101. La captura
Fernanda takes little Juan Cruz hostage. Meanwhile, Juan Marcos is unable to believe that she's truly guilty.
La persecucion
100. La persecucion
Fernanda's confession arrives in Miguel's hands. Vicente makes his own contribution to the mounting evidence.
Vicente habla
99. Vicente habla
Vicente makes a shocking revelation. A kidnapping attempt is made on Juan Cruz in Colombia and Gustavo shows interest in Angela.
La operacion es un exito
98. La operacion es un exito
Nicolás undergoes an operation. Vicente discovers Nora and Angela's whereabouts. Juan Marcos also tries to find them, but is unsuccessful.
97. Donantes
Willy is willing to save his son. Gustavo helps Nora and Angela. Fernanda and Bernardo find out about Lorena's pregnancy.
96. Revelacion
Juan Marcos makes a discovery about Angela. Bernardo and Esteban decide to finally tell the truth.
La enfermedad de Nicolás
95. La enfermedad de Nicolás
Samantha finds out something unexpected. Angela has an accident and calls Juan Marcos. Estela faces serious problems.
94. Amnesia
Vicente reveals difficult truths about Fernanda, who is confronted by Miguel. Something strange happens while Angela recovers.
Entre la espada y la pared
93. Entre la espada y la pared
Willy and Samantha fight for custody of their son. Camilo arrives just in time to help Emma.
Dulce venganza
92. Dulce venganza
Samantha doesn't know what to do after her encounter with Esteban. Miguel finds himself in serious problems.
91. Incesto
Samantha receives a declaration of love and decides to stay with her son. Vicente threatens Fernanda's life and later tries to follow through with it.
Pruebas trucadas
90. Pruebas trucadas
Fernanda is unable to hide her frustration at the news. Ramos has some serious health issues. Miguel is unable to find out who payed him.
Está viva
89. Está viva
Juan Marcos finds out that Angela is innocent. Sam and Willy's DNA results are revealed.
Dada por muerta
88. Dada por muerta
Angela and Nora don't show up. El Vikingo tells Juan Marcos that Luis hated him and that Angela was his accomplice.
87. Fuego
Bernardo subpoenas Esteban. Miguel has a romantic encounter with Cecilia. Angela's life is in danger after a fire breaks out.
Nuevamente enganados
86. Nuevamente enganados
Samantha moves in with Nicolás. Nora insists that she's innocent and decides to speak about her past. Miguel asks Angela to tell him the truth.
Fernanda consuma su amor
85. Fernanda consuma su amor
Fernanda confesses to Bernardo. Miguel asks Nora to work with him to destroy Bernardo.
Hay que ceder
84. Hay que ceder
Cecilia is visited by Bernardo in Los Angeles and makes a shocking revelation in front of Samantha, Willy, and Miguel.
Terrible perdida
83. Terrible perdida
Juan Marcos will defend Fernanda after she saved his life. She later decides to visit Angela in prison and threatens Vicente.
Samantha espera un hijo
82. Samantha espera un hijo
Angela's son is born and Juan Marcos agrees that he can stay with her in prison for a year. Bernardo disappears.
Nacer tras las rejas
81. Nacer tras las rejas
Everyone is astonished at Angela's sentencing. Juan Marcos accompanies her and Bernardo has health issues.
Confesion bajo amenaza
80. Confesion bajo amenaza
Angela makes a risky move after a threat is made against her daughter. Nicolás reads Guadalupe's letter.
Eliminan a la testigo clave
79. Eliminan a la testigo clave
Luis approaches the woman who is set to testify on Angela's behalf. Juan Marcos discovers that he has a sister.
El juicio
78. El juicio
Angela's trial begins. An unexpected encounter between Samantha and her son Nicolás takes place. Genesis believes Angela and Nora are guilty.
Las profugas
77. Las profugas
Angela and Nora make an escape plan. Fernanda's attack was recorded. Nora runs into a familiar face.
¿Quien fue?
76. ¿Quien fue?
Willy is blamed for the attack on Bernardo. Miguel brings the letter that Luis left to Juan Marcos. Camilo has feelings for Angela.
Es un varon
75. Es un varon
Fernanda finds out the truth. Esteban talks about his role as the father of Nicolás, his adopted son.
74. Envenenada
Fernanda and Camilo plot against Angela, who is now in deep trouble. Vicente attempts suicide.
73. Embarazada
Angela makes a shocking discovery in prison. Camilo wants to take advantage of Samantha and she finds out about Fernanda's video.
Nicolás es el hijo de Samantha
72. Nicolás es el hijo de Samantha
Angela is brought to a maximum security prison and Juan Marcos believes that she was his father's lover. Lorena and Esteban are accomplices.
Angela en la mira
71. Angela en la mira
Angela is arrested on her wedding day and El Halcon claims that she is the murderer. Lorena has lost all her savings and Esteban offers to help.
La boda
70. La boda
Gabriel and Fernanda have a romantic encounter and Paula becomes upset for having arrived so late in Juan Marcos' life.
69. Seduccion
Paula tries to seduce Juan Marcos and Lorena tries the same with Willy. Vicente surprises Miguel and Fernanda. Lorena sees difficult times.
No somos hermanos
68. No somos hermanos
Miguel Gutierrez suddenly becomes a factor in Angela and Samantha's lives. Sam opens up a personal protection agency.
Boda en alta mar
67. Boda en alta mar
Samantha accepts Willy's proposal. Angela and Juan Marcos go through troubling times. Fernanda plans her next attack.
Demasiadas pistas
66. Demasiadas pistas
Fernanda fears that she may be discovered and Camilo has a confession video in his possession.
65. Incriminada
Fernanda marries Vicente and unleashes a dastardly plan. Samantha continues her search for answers.
Mi hermano
64. Mi hermano
Camilo introduces himself as Luis' brother. El Halcon makes a shocking revelation to Juan Marcos.
El Reencuentro
63. El Reencuentro
Samantha manages to escape. Fernanda has a new plan for Angela and Pablo believes that Gabriel is a scam artist for what he did to Emma.
El encierro
62. El encierro
Samantha is brought to a health institution. Fernanda is elated upon hearing that Juan Marcos has been freed, though the trial will continue.
El abandono
61. El abandono
Willy thinks that Sam abandoned him and Bernardo will stop at nothing to have her at his side.
¿Es un asesino?
60. ¿Es un asesino?
Samantha believes that Willy is dead. Juan Marcos is accused amid mounting evidence against him.
Willy cae al mar
59. Willy cae al mar
After confronting Bernardo, Willy finds himself in hot water and Samantha feels the pain of knowing she may never see him again.
58. Juntos
Angela and Juan Marcos are going to get married. Samantha proposes to Willy.
Muerte dulce
57. Muerte dulce
Fernanda reveals something to Juan Marcos. Samantha once again finds herself the victim of deceit. Nelly alerts Angela to Fernanda's plans.
Morir de amor
56. Morir de amor
Fernanda has plans for Juan Marcos and makes a new alliance with Luis. Pablo and Emma decide to move in together.
Samantha se reúne con su hijo
55. Samantha se reúne con su hijo
In search of revenge, Luis records a video of a shocking revelation made by Fernanda, who earlier discovered the trap laid by Juan Marcos.
Bajo engano
54. Bajo engano
Juan Marcos has a plan. Gloria is being targeted by a police investigation and is now unable to help Fernanda. Ofelia scatters Dar'o's ashes.
La v'bora
53. La v'bora
Genesis finds herself in dire straits. Gloria finds out shocking information about her mother and sees the Arroyo family get their just desserts.
La propuesta
52. La propuesta
Juan Marcos has a proposition for Angela. Luis impersonates a police officer.
La herencia
51. La herencia
Bernardo is convinced that Dar'o wants to turn Ofelia against him. Fernanda complains about Angela and Genesis visits her father.
En sus manos
50. En sus manos
Juan Marcos falls into Luis' hands. Bernardo sends Sam gifts in an attempt to seduce her. Sam and Angela find out if they are sisters.
¿Lucas está vivo?
49. ¿Lucas está vivo?
Willy and Samantha are suspicious of their son. Dar'o is unable to find Rodrigo and Luis extorts Fernanda. Gloria and Manuel have a plan.
M'a o de nadie
48. M'a o de nadie
Willy surprises Samantha. Juan Marcos finds Angela in an compromising position. Fernanda and Gloria are unable to believe what happened to Luis.
47. Evidencia
Angela has a compromising video. Willy discovers that it was all a trap set up by his father and threatens him.
Perla se lleva el secreto
46. Perla se lleva el secreto
Perla Sandoval never reveals the secret about Samantha's father. Ofelia visits Dar'o and Agent Manuel Flores makes an incredible rescue.
Propuesta indecente
45. Propuesta indecente
Gloria makes Fernanda an offer. Perla makes a revelation and Angela suspects that Samantha is her sister.
Amor para siempre
44. Amor para siempre
Gloria interrogates Luis about the murders. Angela returns home. Juan Marcos announces his relationship, causing Fernanda to become upset.
A punto de morir
43. A punto de morir
Fernanda receives news about Valdez. Angela has a near-death experience and Gloria tries to find Violeta.
¿Como retenerla?
42. ¿Como retenerla?
Angela and Violeta go to Juan Marcos' house. He gives Genesis the letter that Valdez left before leaving and Sam confronts Dar'o.
El rehen
41. El rehen
Luis discovers Fernanda's lie. Angela makes a shocking discovery. Ofelia shares something with Perla and becomes jealous.
En riesgo de muerte
40. En riesgo de muerte
Juan Marcos and Angela are in danger. Willy makes Samantha a proposal. Fernanda wants to convince Luis that Juan Marcos died.
Lucas está muerto
39. Lucas está muerto
Detective Ledesma has bad news for Willy and Samantha. Luis coerces Angela to go on a date.
¿Quien es el padre de Samantha?
38. ¿Quien es el padre de Samantha?
Ofelia admits to not having helped Sol and Perla makes a shocking revelation about Samantha.
Siguen las muertes...
37. Siguen las muertes...
Fernanda threatens her father. Willy encounters difficulties while trying to rescue Samantha.
Dejan plantado a Luis
36. Dejan plantado a Luis
Juan Marcos receives Angela dressed as a bride. Sam and Willy begin a romantic relationship.
Dejar la virginidad
35. Dejar la virginidad
Willy wants to be Sam's boyfriend. Samantha and Willy manage to steal some documents from the adoption registry.
Willy sabe de su hijo
34. Willy sabe de su hijo
Arturo makes a shocking announcement. Willy makes a discovery while trying to help Samantha. Emma makes a very personal revelation.
Por amor
33. Por amor
Fernanda isn't willing to allow Sol and Bernardo's son be born. Pablo discovers the message Emma received.
Las amenazas
32. Las amenazas
Willy receives death threats. Diego tells Angela about what happened at the office and Bernardo promises to protect Samantha.
La entregará en el altar
31. La entregará en el altar
Juan Marcos agrees to be the best man at Angela's wedding. Samantha finds something out about Mart'n.
30. Sacrificio
Angela pushes Juan Marcos towards Fernanda, meanwhile, Emma finds herself in dire straits.
29. Lucas
Sam tells Willy about Lucas. Angela tries to prevent Violeta from leaving with her father. Juan Marcos's gun goes off in a struggle.
El inspector
28. El inspector
The detective uncovers new information on Fernanda. Willy meets his new bodyguards.
Luis va a la cárcel
27. Luis va a la cárcel
Juan Marcos files a complaint and receives information surrounding Isabel's death. Willy tells Bernardo that he has received threats.
Prueba de Amor
26. Prueba de Amor
Luis gives Angela proof of his love. Willy and Samantha have a romantic encounter. Genesis' attacker is about to be discovered.
El hijo de Samantha
25. El hijo de Samantha
Samantha obtains clues about the whereabouts of her son. Perla confesses to Bernardo and Angela doesn't have faith in a relationship with Juan Marcos.
¿Quien mejor que tú?
24. ¿Quien mejor que tú?
Juan Marcos wants Angela to take care of Genesis, however, Fernanda has her own plans for her.
Aún con vida
23. Aún con vida
Angela finds Genesis. Angela and Juan Marcos have a romantic encounter.
Gravemente herida
22. Gravemente herida
Fernanda directs all of her hatred towards Genesis. Samantha takes the reins of her father's company.
21. Obstáculo
Angela and Juan Marcos find out about an accident. Leonardo Carreno may receive the maximum penalty.
El amor es más fuerte
20. El amor es más fuerte
Inspector Marshall gives updates on the investigation. Angela flees after witnessing something.
19. Reconciliacion
Angela once again finds herself in Juan Marcos' arms. Meanwhile, Luis begins to apply pressure on her and makes an shocking confession.
Veneno para Violeta
18. Veneno para Violeta
Fernanda has a dastardly plan lying in wait for Violeta. Samantha and Angela rescue Willy, who just made a shocking discovery.
El rapto
17. El rapto
Fernanda confirms that Angela was hired as a bodyguard. Luis makes a promise to Angela.
Un nuevo triunfo para Fernanda
16. Un nuevo triunfo para Fernanda
Angela witnesses an encounter between Sol and Juan Marcos. Samantha accepts a job offer and visits Angela in the hospital.
Amistad de infancia
15. Amistad de infancia
Estela confirms her suspicions and Juan Marcos makes a revelation. Angela confesses to Samantha.
El disparo
14. El disparo
Angela faces a deadly situation. Emma disappears, meanwhile, Isabel's bodyguard, Renzo, finds himself in hot water.
13. Proteccion
Estela has misgivings over Juan Marcos' plan to alienate Angela. Samantha makes a shocking revelation.
Sentimiento de Culpa
12. Sentimiento de Culpa
Juan Marcos feels responsible for what happened to Isabel. Fernanda is sent into a fury when she finds out about what happened to Juan Marcos.
Isabel es asesinada
11. Isabel es asesinada
Juan Marcos and Angela have a dangerous encounter, however, a surprise arises during the conflict.
Amenaza de suicidio
10. Amenaza de suicidio
Isabel receives help after making a surprising threat. Vicente shares his plans to win Fernanda's affections with Bernardo.
9. Consecuencias
Isabel's plans have grave consequences for Angela and Renzo. Juan Marcos confronts Isabel with his suspicions.
El complot
8. El complot
Isabel tries to persuade Renzo in regards to Angela's situation. Juan Marcos manages to finally find out the full truth.
La tentacion
7. La tentacion
Isabel meets up with Renzo. Juan Marcos overhears his wife rejecting Diego's advances.
A simple vista
6. A simple vista
Angela believes that there is something going on between Juan Marcos and Fernanda. Willy is impressed with Samantha's abilities.
La fiesta
5. La fiesta
Juan Marcos lets his feelings toward Angela be known. Emma and Willy become the black sheep of the family.
4. Jugando
Samantha and Willy get back together. Luis explains to Fernanda that falling in love with Angela will be complicated.
Luis falla
3. Luis falla
Luis tells Fernanda that he won't follow through with his plan to threaten to reveal information about the death of Juan Marcos' parents.
El impertinente
2. El impertinente
While Luis bothers Angela, Fernanda plots to get her out of her way. Samantha takes care of Willy and can't stop feeling jealous.
El Guardaespaldas
1. El Guardaespaldas
After a kidnapping takes place, Samantha and �ngela decide to protect others. Juan Marcos meets �ngela.

Corazón Valiente is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (206 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 2012.

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  • Premiere Date
    October 3, 2012