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La Reina del Sur--the Queen of the South--is one of the most popular telenovelas eve produced. Shot on location in four countries and featuring an international cast, it tells the story of Teresa Mendoza, an ordinary young woman who becomes the head of an international drug cartel.

The story opens in Sinaloa, Mexico, where Teresa is living a normal life, working at her job and hanging out with her friends. Everything changes when she meets El Guero, a handsome pilot who shows her what love is and sweeps her into a life of luxury. She knows he's involved in the drug trade, but she turns a blind eye.

When El Guero disappears, Teresa is forced to fend for herself. The people who turned on him are coming for her now, and she doesn't know who she can trust. All she knows is that she has to run--and keep running.

Teresa vows that she will not just survive, but triumph. She will outsmart her enemies and get revenge on the men who betrayed her lover.

Teresa's adventures take her across the world, to glittering heights and spectacular lows. She goes to prison, she finds friends and allies, she once again knows love, loss and betrayal. Nothing stops her. But as tough as she gets, she always keeps her woman's heart. Teresa never forgets anyone who shows her kindness, and she never forgets her first love. Above all, she never forgets who she is: the frightened girl who became a queen.

1 Season, 63 Episodes
February 28, 2011
Crime, Drama
Cast: Kate del Castillo, Cristina Urgel, Alberto Jiménez, Juan José Arjona
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La Reina del Sur Full Episode Guide

  • In the chapel of Santo Malverde, Teresa arrives to her rendezvous with Epifanio; once again they are face to face. Teresa engages in battle and although she loses Pote, she is able to prevent Epifanio from becoming President.

  • Teresa arrives in Mexico and Ramiro has everything ready to finish her off. Epifanio asks him to abort the mission. Pote asks for his weapon and Teresa asks to have a weapon too because they don't trust Mexican justice.

  • Willy remembers the oath he one day made to Güero, namely, protect Teresa. Epifanio knows the DEA wants to use Teresa. The bait works and Teo falls for it; Pote kills him. Teresa decides to have her child.

  • Conejo, Pote and Teresa are navigating on a boat; Teresa brings along Patty's ashes to scatter them at sea. She cries. From Oleg, she learns everything about Teo. Teresa demands an explanation from Teo and proposes to become partners.

  • Willy confesses to Teresa that Güero was infiltrated and that Epifanio ordered his killing. Teresa knows that Epifanio has chances to become President and receives an offer to cooperate with the DEA. She doesn't know if she'll have the baby.

  • Teresa and Patty talk about their present circumstances and how they got there. Patty tells her that the infiltrated DEA agent wasn't Lupe, it was Veronica. Patty commits suicide.

  • Teresa has to identify the corpse. Willy feels guilty for Veronica's death. Teo kills Nino. Teresa feels responsible for all the deaths and misery. Teo is scared but following Flores's orders, continues at Teresa's side.

  • Teresa issues the instructions for the next shipment, the biggest one yet. Lupe and Teo continue infiltrated. Teresa is pregnant. Oleg discovers Teo's betrayal.

  • Teresa remembers her disappointments and heartaches anytime she has been in love; Conejo makes her realize she is in love with Teo. Willy bribes Teo and turns him into a DEA snitch. Lupe calls off her relationship.

  • Teo shows Teresa his new yacht; she's fascinated by the surprise and decides to give herself a chance with him. Patty follows Veronica; she realizes what's going on. Veronica is able to pass-on the information.

  • The Pernas talk to Teresa and Oleg and propose dividing the territories. Teresa sets up a trap for Lupe. Willy aborts the mission to avoid putting Veronica in danger and lets the seven tons of merchandize from the Colombians pass through.

  • Veronica finds Patty with Sánchez Godoy and is jealous, decides to leave the operation because she knows she has fallen in love with Patty. Eugenia confesses to the police she was Eddie's accomplice. A shot is heard from inside Eugenia's room.

  • Searching for the key witness. Alberto suspects Lupe. Oleg takes Teresa to her new house, the one he had promised to her and christens it The Seven Drops. Epifanio is out of the Presidential campaign. Teo reappears and compliments Teresa.

  • Teresa surprises the French. She tells Teo her whole theory about Eugenia and the attempt. The police superintendent and Willy find the massacred French; their boss is still alive.

  • Eugenia goes to the hospital to visit Teo and tells him she wants to see him dead, he listens to her. Lupe defends Patty when the French try to abduct her. Eddie is killed and his cell phone contains evidence that implicates Eugenia; Teresa confronts her.

  • Teresa needs to know who attempted against Teo. Patty sows the doubt over the possibility that Oleg might have been the one. Oleg learns from Nino, that Eddie could be implicated. Teo's wife confronts Teresa.

  • Teresa remembers her experiences with men and asks Teo to leave. Later, from her window, she sees how a few men fire shots at him. Oleg is building a new House for Teresa; he's worried and tells her that now, she is on everyone's lips.

  • Teresa spends the night with Teo. Patty and Lupe spend the night together as well. Teresa questions Lupe. Teresa invites Oleg to lunch and runs into Teo at the restaurant where she meets Eugenia, his wife, and their two daughters.

  • The Pernas clan is devastated; the Russians help Teresa who ends up negotiating with the clan's boss. Willy brings Veronica into his war against Teresa. Teo steals a Kiss from Teresa.

  • Teresa manages to evade and lose her enemies, saves her shipment, and celebrates. Pote has few options but tries to convince Teresa to hire him. Teresa refuses but he saves her from an attempt on her life with explosives.

  • Teresa confirms to Oleg that Ratas is the worst of them all. He organizes her protection. Ratas manages to escape arriving at the Mexican Embassy. Willy and Flores are very close following in Teresa's footsteps.

  • Oleg surprises Teresa with good news, her enemies have been caught; he saves her from losing control. Teresa wants Ratas and Gato to be killed and Pote to be spared so that he can deliver the message. But Ratas manages to escape.

  • Teresa has new offices and a front company, hires more people and plans her strategy. Oleg warns her she must be protected at all times. The Russians save Patty, Coneja, who is with the Mexicans, is finally caught.

  • In Colombia, everyone is attending the party organized at Sánchez Godoy's place. Epifanio's men recognize Teresa and Willy so they alert Sánchez Godoy about the operation under way and he escapes.

  • Ratas has uncovered much by killing Dris; Epifanio scolds him, Willy investigates, and Teresa is on the alert. In Teresa's Organization, the time to negotiate with the Colombians has arrived; Oleg gives the green light.

  • They manage to link Teresa with the massacre of the Turks but they can't prove anything. Teresa cries over the death of her people and spreads their ashes. Ratas gets out of jail; Driss is waiting for him, but is soon dead.

  • Teresa falls apart due to Mohamed's kidnapping but Oleg supports her. Teresa shows the Turk the bomb she is carrying and warns him that if he doesn't comply, they will all blow-up in a thousand pieces.

  • Oleg pays Teresa and gives her a new car as a gift. Oleg explains to Teresa that she now has new enemies, the Turks, from whom she is taking part of the business. Mohamed is at risk and Teresa goes mad thinking he is police.

  • Patty is out of control; Teresa asks her to get back to reality. Soon they move to their new house; the police are watching them. The revenge is under way; Canabotas is the next one to fall, after him Velazco

  • The colonel likes the business proposal presented by La Mexicana, including her request to free Lalo and give citizenship to Fátima's son. Driss and the others are preoccupied. Teresa is protected by the Russians who help her take revenge.

  • Patty, Teresa and Oleg celebrate their success and seal their pact. Teresa returns to visit Fátima and meets again with Dris, Canabotas and Velazco threatening them. Teresa quickly organizes a meeting with colonel Abdelkader.

  • The police are already on their trail even when they have just started, soon it is discovered that Juárez is corrupt. In their negotiations with the Russian, Patty and Teresa risk much but Oleg is interested in hearing Teresa's proposal..

  • Teresa goes free and outside uses the contacts left by Patty. She starts working in a restaurant, serves a client whom, to her surprise, is Patty. Teresa meets Teo Aljarafe. Patty and Teresa formalize their partnership upon finding the drugs.

  • Conejo shares with Teresa the reason why she is in prison. A new inmate arrives and Teresa tries to protect her but soon enough a fight with the Colombians generates many dangers for Teresa and her new friends, death is taunting her again.

  • Teresa learns very soon from lieutenant O´Farrell that Patty has her place in jail. Conejo serves as Teresa's guide. Makoqui wants to subdue Teresa, but La Mexicana defends herself without a problem. Teresa learns about Eddie's betrayal.

  • Santiago overhears a conversation between Teresa and Fátima; the conversation makes her uneasy, Teresa assures him that she loves him and explains her kind of love. Santiago proposes marriage to the Mexicana.

  • Teresa and Santiago enjoy the sea and their love. The Mexicana makes it clear to Eddie that she is the one giving the orders. On their first mission, Teresa and Santiago face off with the Coast Guard but accomplish their objective.

  • Teresa joins Santiago, in love and in work they shall assume risks together, says goodbye to all. In Algeciras, while at a restaurant, Santiago and Teresa run into Patty and Jaime.Teresa learns the rest of the business.

  • Teresa spends the night with Abdelkader, he knows he will have to repay the favor; Teresa tells him about Gallego's plans involving drugs. Desperate, Santiago hits Teresa and she hits him back, reminding him that that, it is the cost of doing business.

  • Teresa and Santiago realize the truck they are traveling on is loaded with hashish, meanwhile, the colonel sees that Teresa has gone too far, but negotiates with her. Teresa concedes, if her man wants to be a drug dealer, she will help him.

  • Chaib asks Teresa for a Kiss in exchange for the favor he did for her, but naughtily, she kisses him on the cheek. Santiago suspects the favor. They manage to get Fátima's son and rescue Teresa.

  • Santiago suffers for agreeing to work in human trafficking and witnessing the death of a child. Desperate he searches again for Teresa who is about to travel to Morocco to get Fátima's son. They have problems at the border.

  • Chaib helps Teresa clean up her image and tells her she now owes her/him a favor. Teresa takes Gallego to her room, they Kiss and end in bed. Ali and his cousin manage to escape; Ali dies.

  • Ali hits Sheila but everyone thinks it was Teresa, who avoids capture and flees cleverly from police. Santiago also manages to escape from the ambush set for him. Teresa sees Chaib again.

  • Santiago and Teresa feel attracted to each other causing Sheila's hatred. Teresa defends herself. Ftima doesn't understand why Teresa rejects Gallego. Teresa is victimized by Al and Sheila; they plant drugs on her and they are found by police.

  • Everything starts happening, Teresa manages to escape but she is caught, captured and raped. They tell her the way they killed the love of her life. She starts feeling the rage. She escapes but El Gero's godfather tells her she's already dead.

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