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This telenovela follows the exploits of a woman named Altagracia who will stop at nothing to get revenge on the men who have wronged her. The series is based on the novel Dona Barbara by Romulo Gallegos, and it premiered on Telemundo in November 2016.

Weekdays 9:00 PM et/pt on Telemundo
1 Season, 73 Episodes
November 29, 2016
Drama, Romance
Cast: Aracely Arámbula, David Chocarro, Danna Paola, Andrea MartÑ
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La Do Full Episode Guide

  • Altagracia challenges Saúl to show up at the hacienda. Mónica stops Emiliano from raping Isabela. The Doña plans to meet Francisco Vega.

  • Mónica looks for Altagracia and refuses the money for Lázaro’s treatment. Karen arrests Braulio. Rafael and Regina confront the alleged businessman.

  • Yesenia unwittingly lets slip that Altagracia was a victim of the Monkeys. Saúl denounces Braulio. Altagracia offers to pay for Lázaro’s treatment.

  • Altagracia orders Yesenia to break up Mónica and Saúl. Leticia wants to investigate Rafael. Braulio plants bugs on Daniel Llamas. Valeria is fired.

  • Altagracia stops Gabino from attacking Mónica. Regina tries to soften the Doña’s heart but she refuses to accept her daughter and give up Saúl.

  • Valeria frees Mónica and Margarita. Braulio gets rid of the evidence of his crime. Altagracia finds Lázaro and demands to know the truth.

  • Braulio discovers Ximena’s cameras. Saúl firmly defends Mónica and Margarita. Altagracia pressures Valeria. Lázaro has a date with Mónica.

  • Saúl visits Mónica in jail and promises to get her out of there and advise her about the trial. Altagracia threatens Gabino.

  • Saúl goes after Braulio, blinded with hatred. Altagracia visits Mónica to intimidate her. Both mother and daughter vie for Saúl’s affections.

  • Braulio confesses and Altagracia looks for Saúl, with evidence in her hands. Mónica calls Lázaro and comforts him. Saúl asks Valeria to be his ally.

  • Gabino informs Rafael that Sandoval’s oldest daughter survived. Saúl tries to get Mónica out of the punishment cell. Altagracia seduces Braulio.

  • Altagracia confirms that Braulio murdered Jaime Aguirre. Valeria admits her feelings for Lopecito. Gustavo gets in the Doña’s way.

  • Mónica confronts the Delegate and is sent to a punishment cell. The scandal against Daniel blows up. Karen finds the people who recorded the arrest.

  • Mónica manages to talk to Saúl, who helps her gather evidence before the ruling is passed. The forensic examiner gives Braulio away.

  • Saúl questions Altagracia about Mónica’s disappearance. Gabino offers for Mónica to run away with him. Altagracia wants to know how Jaime died.

  • Mónica and Mago are arrested. Yesenia, blinded with hatred, looks for Altagracia and threatens her. Daniel and Regina grow closer. Saúl is jealous.

  • Lázaro finds out the truth about Mónica. The Doña shows Mónica her prowess and sends her to Gabino. Ximena leaves the neighborhood.

  • Altagracia and Mónica fight because of Saúl and the Doña threatens her father. The Doña and Rafael try to sully Felipe’s reputation.

  • Braulio finds out the truth about Mónica and has to take extreme measures. Altagracia uses her ingenuity to get what she wants.

  • Regina must seek refuge. Braulio confirms Lázaro’s true identity. Karen stands firm. La Doña becomes even more ruthless. Saúl goes to a charity ball.

  • Un drama que refleja la vida de 'Altagracia', una mujer que de joven sufrió el asesinato de sus padres, fue abusada sexualmente por parte de un grupo de hombres, y ya adulta, busca venganza, para llevar a cada uno de los responsables a la justicia.

  • Un drama que refleja la vida de 'Altagracia', una mujer que de joven sufrió el asesinato de sus padres, fue abusada sexualmente por parte de un grupo de hombres, y ya adulta, busca venganza, para llevar a cada uno de los responsables a la justicia.

  • Gabino’s obsession with Mónica becomes stifling. Altagracia and Regina argue. Céspedes forces Matamoros to take him along with la Doña.

  • Altagracia complains about Mónica’s lack of loyalty. Saúl confronts Braulio and they threaten each other with death. La Doña investigates Mónica.

  • Braulio dreams about Altagracia and she asks him about Jaime. Altagracia asks Mónica to step in for her. Mónica and Saúl look for the murderer.

  • Saúl interrogates Altagracia about being a murderer and a victim. Yesenia refuses to collaborate and la Doña threatens her. Céspedes betrays Daniel.

  • Lázaro is complicit in Yesenia’s lies. Altagracia performs a ritual to make Yesenia tell the truth. Margarita tells Saúl about la Doña’s threats.

  • Saúl is in shock. Braulio stops Altagracia from being arrested as a suspect for Jaime’s death. Yesenia refuses to testify in favor of the Doña.

  • The patriarch looks for the Doña but Braulio steps in and fights him. Saúl sees everything. Altagracia finds herself in a compromising situation.

  • Altagracia identifies herself to the Colonel and tortures him. Monica is forcefully evicted from the construction company.

  • Altagracia and Ximena fight. The residents harass the Doña and Saul asks them to respect his wife. The Colonel Cespedes is freed.

  • Saúl does all he can to prove that Emiliano is guilty. Matamoros arranges for Cespedes to be freed. Saúl asks Monica how she feels about him.

  • Altagracia surprises Saúl with a photo of Ximena. Saul confronts his ex and proves Emiliano’s fear at the trial.

  • Gabino fights with Adolfo. Ximena confronts Altagracia and warns Monica about the Doña’s intentions. The journalist finds evidence about the scam.

  • Saul tells Ximena his true feelings. Rafael goes to visit Daniel Llamas but Daniel isn’t happy to see him. Ximena appears at the Doña’s house.

  • Jaime looks for Altagracia. Emiliano is filmed taking drugs and Saúl sees it. Yesenia reveals her true identity. The Colonel wants to investigate.

  • Saúl defends Altagracia blindly against Jaime’s accusations. Braulio will be the Colonel’s lawyer. Yesenia and Lazaro fear for their lives.

  • The Doña orders drugs to be planted in the Colonel’s truck, and he is arrested. Yesenia and Lázaro make up.

  • Saúl demands that Altagracia choose a side. Yesenia kisses Lázaro, but he feels that she did so out because of ulterior motives.

  • Saúl discovers that Gabino didn’t report the accident to avoid problems with powerful people. Altagracia helps Emiliano.

  • Emilio runs over Lydia and flees with Isabela, but Saúl gets the license plate number. Altagracia offers Mónica a job as an assistant.

  • Alejandro Céspedes’ visit changes Rafael. Altagracia is annoyed that Mónica didn’t come to the construction company.

  • Altagracia seals a pact with Céspedes, a soldier feared by his subordinates who in the past shot César, her ex.

  • Altagracia is relentless with Saúl. Felipe confirms that Mónica is the Doña’s daughter.

  • Altagracia is the victim of a kidnapping attempt. The Doña finds out that Mónica was abandoned by her mother at birth.

  • Altagracia confesses her most painful secret to Saúl. Lázaro reveals to Felipe how he ended up a victim of the Doña.

  • Yesenia pushes Lázaro to make up for the time and money Altagracia made him lose. Mónica wants to know the truth about her father’s health.

  • Saúl seeks out the truth about Manuel Preciado. He goes to Veracruz with Lopecito, where they find some evidence. The Doña visits Felipe in prison.

  • Felipe wakes up with a gun in his hand and an unpleasant surprise. Mónica insults Saúl when he surprises her with Gabino.

  • Saúl is suspicious about Miguel Preciado’s disappearance. He’s angry, and makes sure the Doña knows it.

  • The Doña announces to her partners, shareholders and Saúl that the legal battle against the Aguirre’s neighborhood has finally ended.

  • At a press conference, Felipe confirms that the Doña is no longer his wife and accuses her of cheating on him and defrauding him.

  • Saúl is discharged from the hospital. It’s official: a press release confirms Vicente and the Doña’s divorce. Valeria mistreats Lopecito.

  • Mónica questions Saúl in the hospital, and he takes the opportunity to find out if she saw anything. The Doña takes vengeance on Miguel Preciado.

  • Saúl wakes up from his coma next to Altagracia and swears he will take vengeance on Felipe. Miguel Preciado recognizes one of his accomplices.

  • Expropriation is old news. A furious Saúl tells Altagracia that her plan to make him fall in love with her worked.

  • Felipe discovers that Altagracia used his position to get the land and wants payment for his humiliations.

  • Braulio remains in charge of torturing and extracting information from Miguel Preciado. Mónica gets her hopes up about Saúl.

  • Altagracia has Miguel Preciado’s fate in her hands. Under threat, she demands the names of his accomplices. Saúl tracks down Ximena at the airport.

  • Ximena pays the Doña a surprise visit. After being given a prestigious job in Madrid and a suitcase full of money, Ximena leaves the country.

  • The doctors undergo an operation to Saúl to try to take the bullet out of his abdomen. La Doña and Mónica decide to help themselves to know the health of the lawyer.

  • La Doña knows her niece's boyfriend and makes it very clear about her relationship, while Saúl insists on seeing her at home.

  • Mónica infiltrates the construction of La Doña to offer her products to the workers, while she talks to Saúl about the neighborhood.

  • Thanks to Saul's confession, Jimena confronts La Doña to leave him alone, however, the owner of the construction company has other plans.

  • Upon verifying the identity of Miguel Preciado, La Doña decides to go to the beach where he spent his best moments with his only love.

  • Apparently, the character who abused her, is the same as when La Doña was small, raped, and also killed her parents.

  • The persistence of Saúl finally has its fruits and after pressing in several places to La Doña, she herself decides to withdraw the lawsuit against Jaime Aguirre.

  • After the attack on his father's neighborhood, Saul decides to sneak into the play. In that place you will find La Doña with a suspicious attitude.

  • When Jaime Aguirre refuses to evict one of Altagracia Sandoval’s construction company’s pieces of land, she has him arrested.

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