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Silvana has it made. She's the envy of all her friends and a glamorous token of high society. All of that changes when Silvana loses everything and is forced to move in with her children and mother in a middle-class neighborhood.

Monday - Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on Telemundo
1 Season, 126 Episodes
July 19, 2016
Comedy, Drama, Latino, Romance
Cast: Maritza RodrÑguez, Marimar Vega, Valeria Menendez Rodriguez, Carlos Ponce
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Silvana Sin Lana Full Episode Guide

  • A ceremony at La Terminal seals Chivis and Manuel’s commitment. Vicente surprises Majo. Poncho agrees to be Manuel’s successor.

  • Chivis makes a decision about Antonio José. Chivis and Manuel give themselves a new opportunity. Stella’s suspicions are confirmed.

  • Antonio José is honest with Chivis. Majo receives some good news from school. Stella and Poncho return from Las Vegas; she doesn’t feel very good.

  • Manuel sacrifices himself and makes Antonio José a proposal. An opportunity arises for the Villaseñors. Chivis misses Manuel.

  • Antonio José falls apart after hearing a message from Lupita and lets himself get carried away by anger.

  • Stella pays a surprise visit to Chivis to ask her forgiveness and act as a mediator. Chivis has her first meeting as a decorator.

  • Lucha tries to make peace with Majo. Manuel wants his daughter to be happy. Antonio José disappears.

  • Manuel prays for Chivis’ recovery. Andrés suggests to Lucha that they have a long-distance relationship. Despite the circumstances, she accepts.

  • Antonio José feels ignored by his daughters and decides to distance himself from them forever. Lucha and Andrés say goodbye but still miss each other.

  • Poncho and Stella are in love. He can’t wait, and decides to ask her to marry him. Majo takes a pregnancy test; it turns out it was a false alarm.

  • Poncho and Génesis’ wedding is interrupted. Lucha is a wreck after saying goodbye to Andrés. Mar'a José defends Vicente.

  • Stella needs to figure out her feelings. Mar'a José confronts her father.

  • Mar'a José has to confront her suspicions. Esteban quits his job with the Villaseñors. Stella gives Génesis some advice.

  • Chivis confesses her feelings. Vicente is threatened. Lucha and Andrés make a declaration.

  • Stella once again goes onto her neighbor’s property and receives a big surprise. Stella and Chivis fight.

  • Though Chivis fights tooth and nail to defend her daughters’ relationships with the Gallardos, she keeps her distance from Manuel.

  • Angie goes to Jorge’s house. Manuel tries to help, but confesses that it’s hard for him to make a decision.

  • Chivis confronts Manuel about the photograph she saw, but doesn’t believe what he says. Angie defies her father and leaves home.

  • Stella declares war on Chivis and finds a picture to convince her that Manuel got back together with her. Antonio José also attacks.

  • Being Manuel’s neighbor isn’t enough for Stella. Poncho can’t set a wedding date with Génesis. Chivis tells her ex that she was in love with Tiburón.

  • Antonio José is gaining ground: he puts Lupita in a new school and insults the Gallardos. The Mojarra tells Chivis to stop working in the terminal.

  • Vicente and Majo meet up in the salsa club, supported by Chivis. Antonio José has a new chauffeur who spies for him. Stella knows and takes advantage.

  • Antonio José finds the photo of Manuel and Chivis in Key West. The argument escalates but she assures him that they’re just friends.

  • Stella lines up the pieces with one goal in mind: go to the terminal with Tiburón and get him back.

  • Stella moves. Chivis’ and her daughters’ sudden move is bittersweet: they are happy to be back home but sad about those they left behind.

  • Antonio José’s gift is a shock to Chivis but wins over her mother-in-law and daughters. Manuel has a tough time. Stella, Dominique and Poncho move.

  • Chivis’ birthday is coming up and they prepare a huge surprise party for her. Stella and Antonio José make plans to get their partners back.

  • Poncho distances himself from Stella for lying to Génesis. The Mojarra tells Antonio José that Manuel left Chivis because he is in love with her.

  • Manuel and Chivis are interrupted by Antonio José, who then hears the gossip going around the neighborhood. Majo and Vicente go on a romantic getaway.

  • A drunk Vicente is looking for an answer. Luc'a agrees to spend the night with him. Stella opens up to Génesis but Poncho is suspicious.

  • Majo and Vicente can’t help speaking shortly after the wedding is called off but she’s hesitant to say anything in front of her father.

  • There is still hope for Vicente and Luc'a. Stella tells Poncho that he needs to spend more time with the family but he prefers seeing Génesis.

  • The big day is here. Majo looks amazing but on the way to the church, her father senses that something is off. Luc'a and Vicente console each other.

  • Vicente and Luc'a get no relief: he feels like a loser and she can’t stop thinking about Andrés. Meanwhile, everyone gets ready for the big day.

  • Majo has a bachelorette party and is surprised by a stripper. Chivis and Antonio José argue: for her, it’s all over but he thinks otherwise.

  • Antonio José finds out why Stella broke up with Manuel and the family talk puts both parents in a bind. Later, Chivis gives her ex an ultimatum.

  • Chivis can’t get her ex out of her hair because he is under house arrest. Meanwhile, Stella develops an alliance at the terminal.

  • Manuel suggests a long-distance relationship. Angie exposes her father’s lawyer. Poncho puts his foot on the gas but Génesis slows things down.

  • Antonio José asks Manuel to stay away from Chivis. She is outraged by the improvements her ex makes to the apartment and his model behavior.

  • Antonio José gets Majo a designer bridal dress and helps Lupita with her homework. Chivis doesn’t believe it but he says he is a changed man.

  • All the Villaseñor women except Chivis are very happy to have their daddy back. Stella takes her dog therapist to the terminal.

  • Antonio José sends Manuel a clear message. Stella starts therapy but wants someone specific to go with her. Andrés forgives Majo.

  • Antonio José wants to regain the privileges as head of the family, much to Chivis’s astonishment, but she defends her new life and stands her ground.

  • Chivis and Manuel spend the night at a hotel because of a breakdown. Andrés looks to Lucha for consolation. Antonio José returns home, a free man.

  • Like schoolchildren playing hooky, Chivis and Manuel are accomplices on an adventure. Vicente reveals a well-kept secret and Majo breaks up with him.

  • Andrés and Majo have a heated argument about Vicente. Chivis now has the perfect alibi to disappear with Manuel.

  • Stella manipulates Manuel and wants him to give the baby his last name but the truth shall soon be known. Antonio José is free on bail.

  • Angie tries to get Vicente to stop Majo’s wedding. Lucha begins her candidacy with a vibrant speech. Antonio José is free.

  • Antonio José wins his bets and his bail is paid. Majo is pessimistic about her wedding but Vicente won’t give up. Poncho just wants to disappear.

  • Stella can’t find an ideal buyer. Lucha is tired of pretending to be Andrés’ friend. Chivis and Manuel plan a getaway to the beach.

  • Chivis rejects Manuel’s proposal. Lupita and Angie visit the jail to see their father. Poncho makes peace with Manuel and goes on and on about Stella.

  • Majo vents to Antonio José and tells him that she can’t forgive him. Don Benito tries to keep Poncho away from his granddaughter. Manuel has an idea.

  • Majo finds out that her father scammed Andrés’ parents and won’t listen to anyone. Antonio José plans some illegal bets to pay his bail.

  • Chivis confronts Manuel about Stella’s pregnancy and he has to use all his powers of persuasion. Poncho decides to move so that he is taken seriously.

  • Manuel doesn’t buy Stella’s pregnancy. Poncho is still set on bringing down his boss. Lupita flees from a depraved path to see her father.

  • Chivis complains to Antonio José about scamming Andrés’s father and he accuses her of having a lover. Lupita goes to visit her father alone.

  • Stella tells Chivis that she is pregnant with Tiburón’s child. Andrés finds out that his future father-in-law scammed his father.

  • Antonio José’s lawyer blackmails Chivis, and she tells Manuel. If she tells her ex the truth now, she could be defenseless. Stella hides the truth.

  • Stella develops a new plan to seduce Manuel. Andrés has the marriage license but Majo tells him that her plans have changed.

  • Luc'a and Vicente warn Manuel to stay away from Chivis so that Antonio José doesn’t retaliate. Majo complains to her mother to hide seeing her father.

  • Manuel persuades the employees at the terminal to oppose the raise. Antonio José questions Majo about the “good neighbor.” Stella is nauseous.

  • Ezequiel, the owner of the terminal, asks for a raise. Manuel tries to negotiate with him but it doesn’t work so he states that he’s hiring a lawyer.

  • Stella keeps trying for a relationship with Manuel. She tries to convince him that Chivis will get back with her husband and forget all about him.

  • It is Lupita’s first communion and something totally unexpected occurs. Chivis and her daughters will never forget it.

  • Steve declares his love for Stella and admits that he was left at the altar once before... Could she receive a dose of her own medicine?

  • Pursued by the police, Antonio José manages to make his getaway. Stella slaps Esteban for cheating on her. Her new plan is to win Manuel back.

  • Catalina walks in on Chivis kissing Manuel. He doesn’t know what to say but ends up apologizing. Majo hugs Vicente.

  • Antonio José sees Chivis and Manuel together. Then, he follows Manuel to the terminal and spies on him from his office until the police show up.

  • Esteban invites Stella to a gathering but the date becomes quite romantic - sometimes awkward and sometimes funny. Andrés proposes to Majo.

  • After the invitation, Catalina provokes Manuel but he manages to cover it up. Meanwhile, Chivis is dying of jealousy.

  • Mar'a José makes a radical decision about her family and Andrés. Stella pretends to be a millionaire and rubs shoulders with high society.

  • Manuel and Luc'a argue about the right to fall in love while Chivis confronts him with a decision. Majo is furious about her mother’s obsession.

  • Antonio José is determined to get back with Chivis. The police come to her house and he hides. Majo is rude to Manuel. Stella takes etiquette classes.

  • After she sees them kissing, Majo confronts Chivis about her romance with Manuel. The mother thinks about divorce and the daughter makes demands.

  • Even though Manuel swears to Chivis that the relationship is over, Stella tries to win him back. On the other hand, Vicente insults Majo.

  • A heated argument between Chivis and Stella ends in a pitched battle. Meanwhile, Andrés wants to take the next step in his relationship with Majo.

  • Chivis tells her family that she is planning on divorcing Antonio José and Majo reacts badly.

  • Chivis’ husband reappears but she has decided to change. Don Benito hopes Trini will reconsider. Andrés bets on a new stage in his relationship.

  • After Stella insists, Manuel admits that he’s in love with Chivis.

  • Majo tells Vicente she is going to marry Andrés and Vicente confesses that he loves her. Stella tells Manuel that she will remain isolated.

  • Poncho leaves the house and moves in with Manuel. Stella is still wearing her wedding dress and won’t change until Manuel apologizes.

  • Stella has made it to the altar. However, when Poncho says yes, she has a nervous breakdown.

  • Mar'a José and Vicente kiss but suddenly, Andrés appears. Now she has to choose between them. Benito tells Trini how he feels and she faints.

  • Chivis sees Manuel kissing Stella. After, he tries to apologize. Meanwhile, the police are on Antonio’s tail.

  • Antonio José goes to Chivis and tries to explain what happened. She is filled with pain and rage and tells him to stay away from her and her children.

  • The police interrogate Chivis about her husband and she covers for him. Jorge gets confused by mathematics but everything gets better with a kiss.

  • Stella continues with her plan to make Manuel jealous and asks Poncho to propose to her in the fish terminal.

  • Angie and Mar'a José ask Chivis what will happen when Antonio comes. She says she won’t see him and is upset when they say it’s because of Manuel.

  • Antonio José sends Chivis money, gifts, and a card telling her that he’s coming back. She is upset and confused so she tells Manuel.

  • Poncho shows up at the market with a new look and roses for Stella but Manuel sees them. Chivis gives Antonio’s gifts to her daughters.

  • Chivis visits Manuel and tells him that she isn’t going to move. Lucha shows up and gawks at them while they are celebrating. Jorge kisses Angie.

  • Stella threatens Chivis and tells her to get out of the neighborhood. Angie asks her if she has feelings for Manuel.

  • Manuel tells Chivis that he is done being foolish. He has broken up with Stella so that he can be with her.

  • Manuel decides to turn his life around. What will he do?

  • When Manuel insists, Chivis opens up to him. What will he say?

  • Manuel visits Chivis and asks her what she would do if her husband decided to come back.

  • Chivis goes to the salsa club to look for Angie and is met with quite the surprise: Majo seems to be dancing with Vicente and kissing him.

  • Manuel and Stella go to a motel and she is in full seduction mode. He gets confused and calls her Chivis.

  • Stella visits Chivis and complains about Manuel’s children in an attempt to convince her to move out.

  • Stella makes Chivis believe that she moved in with Manuel because he asked her to.

  • Pedrito finds Jorge spying on the neighbors and tells his father, without realizing that Chivis is at his house.

  • Although her first kiss with Manuel is interrupted, Chivis admits that under other circumstances it would have happened.

  • Manuel tries to kiss Chivis at a romantic lunch and tells her that he has feelings for her.

  • Manuel invites Chivis to a glass of wine and asks her if he should marry Stella.

  • Manuel and Chivis are on the balcony, as usual, when he tries to seduce her. This time, she seems more and more attracted to him.

  • Chivis finds out that Majo is still going out with Vicente. Poncho appears, and he tells her that they’re very much in love.

  • Manuel and Chivis almost kiss during the welcome party.

  • Manuel and Chivis go out to dinner to celebrate and he takes the opportunity to offer her a job.

  • Manuel and Chivis have a good time at the welcome-to-the- neighborhood party thrown by Benito. Things between the two already seem to be heating up.

  • Rafael goes overboard with Chivis and Manuel arrives to defend her just in time.

  • Chivis goes to Manuel’s house to pay for the damage to his car but he refuses to accept the money and goes with her to buy a television instead.

  • Manuel’s children ask him and Stella questions at dinner and make them feel awkward.

  • Manuel helps Chivis with the garbage and it is just then that they fall for each other.

  • Silvana’s husband leaves her and she is destroyed. Then, she meets Manuel Gallardo.

  • Stella pressures Manuel to introduce her as his girlfriend but his kids don’t like the idea.

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