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  • TV-14
  • 2018
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.1  (407)

Falsa Identidad is a Mexican television drama series created by Perla Farías and produced by Telemundo Internacional. It premiered on Telemundo on September 11, 2018, and went on for three seasons, concluding on February 21, 2021. The show has a total of 132 episodes and is available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The show tells the story of Diego (Luis Ernesto Franco), a former fighter for the Sinaloa Cartel who goes into hiding with his mom, Remedios (Azela Robinson), and his sister, Isabel (Samadhi Zendejas), after their father is murdered. They flee to Tijuana and assume new identities, with Diego taking on the name of Daniel Corona and Isabel becoming Amanda Corona. Diego's sister is a diabetic who needs regular insulin shots, and the family is forced to live under the radar and stay away from potential enemies who are seeking revenge.

Diego starts working as a fisherman in the local market, where he meets Vicenta Acero (Camila Sodi), a powerful lady who runs a contraband business of smuggling weapons and drugs through the U.S-Mexico border. She is known as La Coyote and has a reputation for being cold-blooded and ruthless. However, Diego and Vicenta form an unlikely alliance and eventually fall in love.

Their romance faces many obstacles, including Diego's past with the Sinaloa cartel and Vicenta's involvement in illegal activities. Furthermore, the family's real identities are discovered by the authorities, and they are forced to flee once again, this time to New York City. There, they assume another identity and try to blend in with the diverse city's population. But their troubles follow them, and they find themselves caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the drug lords and law enforcement.

Diego's character is portrayed as a strong, determined, and loyal man who will protect his family at all costs. His tough exterior hides a sensitive and caring personality that only emerges when he is around Vicenta. Camila Sodi plays Vicenta, a complex character who is fiercely independent and untrusting of others. She has suffered many losses in her life and uses her tough exterior as a shield. However, she is drawn to Diego's charm, and their romance adds a layer of complexity to the show.

Azela Robinson's Remedios character is an essential part of the show's plot. She is a caring mother who loves her children deeply and will do anything to protect them. Her character portrays the sacrifices that a mother can make to ensure her family's safety. She is also the one who carries the burden of the family's past secrets and tries to keep it hidden from her children.

The show's supporting cast includes Alejandro Camacho as Senator Ernesto Contreras, who is involved in the political landscape of both Tijuana and New York, and Sonya Smith as Agatha Millán, a lawyer who represents Vicenta in legal matters.

Falsa Identidad deals with many themes such as drug trafficking, family, loyalty, betrayal, love, sacrifice, and corruption. The plot is fast-paced, and the show keeps the audience on their toes with unexpected twists and turns. The show also highlights the impact of corruption on society and how it affects ordinary citizens.

Overall, Falsa Identidad is an engaging and entertaining show that will keep the audience hooked till the end. It has a well-thought-out plot, strong characters, and excellent performances by the actors. The show's production quality is top-notch, with beautiful cinematography and a fantastic soundtrack that adds to the show's appeal. If you're looking for an exciting drama series with action and romance, Falsa Identidad is a must-watch.

Falsa Identidad is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (165 episodes). The series first aired on September 11, 2018.

Falsa Identidad
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Jugadas peligrosas
74. Jugadas peligrosas
January 19, 2021
A risky escape attempt puts Fernanda in danger. Victoria and Nuria rely on The Man to steal more evidence that compromises Mateo.
Todo por la familia
73. Todo por la familia
January 18, 2021
Fernanda implements her plan and distracts Mateo with her charms. Alberto, Ricas and Amanda escape, but the border crossing is too busy.
El informante
72. El informante
January 15, 2021
El M'ster fears for the safety of his children, so Victoria offers him a way to protect them. A secret meeting exceeds the limits of the mission.
El dato
71. El dato
January 14, 2021
Victoria's mission becomes more difficult when she suspects that Diego is part of the plan. She takes measures after talking to her accomplice.
Van por el verdugo
70. Van por el verdugo
January 13, 2021
Mateo proposes a pact and summons El Buitre alone, in secret, and unarmed. Diego senses something is off. Victoria recognizes him and tells Nuria.
M?s cerca que nunca
69. M?s cerca que nunca
January 12, 2021
Summary is not available.
Mateo en ebullici?n
68. Mateo en ebullici?n
January 11, 2021
Summary is not available.
La ruta hacia Victoria
67. La ruta hacia Victoria
January 8, 2021
On Victoria's trail, Diego and Deivid arrive at a bar. No one recognizes her, but one of the girls mentions that there's a brave lawyer among them.
Se encienden las alarmas
66. Se encienden las alarmas
January 7, 2021
Hearing gunshots on a call, Diego urges Humberto to tell him where Victoria is. Disguised as Valentina, the lawyer discovers hell in the maquilas.
65. Agallas
January 6, 2021
Victoria confronts her kidnapper, warning him not to kill her. Seeking evidence against Mateo, she confides in Nuria, who tells El M'ster the truth.
Tratos con la mafia
64. Tratos con la mafia
January 5, 2021
Diego hears a name and takes the risk of looking for information about Victoria. Meanwhile, Mateo strives to find out who she is and what she wants.
Negocio en picada
63. Negocio en picada
January 4, 2021
The police go to the bar where Mateo runs his business. Victoria could testify, but she can't talk. El M'ster bribes the authorities to drop the case.
En carne propia
62. En carne propia
January 1, 2021
Now that Victoria is on the inside of organized crime, The Man drugs her to entrap her in prostitution. Diego confronts Humberto about Lamas.
Los demonios andan sueltos
61. Los demonios andan sueltos
December 30, 2020
Chávez launches an operation and El Buitre abandons a funeral in full swing. A chase ensues and Circe tries to vanish into the cemetery.
Sobre los mismos pasos
60. Sobre los mismos pasos
December 29, 2020
The Man does his job and Victoria is left alone, not knowing what will become of her. Diego confesses to Father Rafael, who tells him about Victoria.
Como liebre en el bosque
59. Como liebre en el bosque
December 28, 2020
The Man must make good on the deal and help Victoria. Mateo will oversee that group of immigrants, so there's more risk, but she goes through with it.
58. Irreconocible
December 23, 2020
Humberto gives Jaime a photo of Valentina Acosta, a supposed friend of Victoria's, so that he can falsify her identity. Diego is suspicious.
Las maniobras de Fernanda
57. Las maniobras de Fernanda
December 22, 2020
Fernanda manipulates the situation to protect Diego and he is completely bewildered. Hidalgo looks for Victoria, but doesn't find her.
Es hora
56. Es hora
December 21, 2020
Diego confirms to Deivid that he is allied with El Buitre, but doesn't tell Victoria. He knows joining the Arismendis could ruin their relationship.
Tres por uno
55. Tres por uno
December 18, 2020
Diego goes to "turn himself in" to El Buitre while Circe attends to business matters with Nana and Jaimito, unaware that someone is stalking them.
Ya se arm?
54. Ya se arm?
December 17, 2020
Summary is not available.
Lavado de cerebro
53. Lavado de cerebro
December 16, 2020
Chucho and Diego have a man-to-man discussion. Hidalgo realizes that money can undermine loyalty. Fernanda is very worried.
72 horas
52. 72 horas
December 15, 2020
Tired of being in hiding, Fernanda ignores Diego's advice and goes to the hospital to see Salas. Mateo finds out and sets a life or death ultimatum.
Sin rastro de Salas
51. Sin rastro de Salas
December 14, 2020
Mateo threatens Father Rafael, asking Mauricio to expel him from the country since he is a hindrance. The search for Salas and Bracho intensifies.
No a la traicion
50. No a la traicion
December 11, 2020
Victoria cannot believe that Diego would consider allying with El Apá. During a heated argument, she gives him a warning. Then everything changes.
49. Rodeados
December 10, 2020
Mateo's men surprise Diego and Apá. War with the Arismendi family looms; Corona already has a strategy. Victoria enlists a doctor as an accomplice.
48. Perd?n
December 9, 2020
Several things surprise Ricas on arriving at Mateo's hacienda. Amanda sheds tears of regret, makes a call from the heart, and fearfully asks for help.
La huida
47. La huida
December 8, 2020
Diego convinces Ricas there's only one way to stop Mateo from taking him. As Victoria says goodbye, she receives an unexpected message from Alberto.
La sentencia
46. La sentencia
December 7, 2020
The judge has made a decision on custody of the Corona siblings. Victoria, Diego and Fuentes await a verdict that will mark a before and after.
Doble rescate
45. Doble rescate
December 4, 2020
Victoria gathers enough information to blackmail The Man and gets the coordinates to bring back Nuria and Frida. Diego tries to intervene.
El siguiente golpe
44. El siguiente golpe
December 3, 2020
Mateo discovers Diego's self-defense group and attacks, convinced that striking first gives him an advantage. Frida is the bait for Hidalgo's gang.
Directo al matadero
43. Directo al matadero
December 1, 2020
Diego and Ricas want to see Amanda and file an injunction against Mateo. Corona bans her from seeing her stepfather and brother. No one will concede.
42. Encubierta
November 30, 2020
Fernanda is ready to see Salas, with the help of Father Rafael and a strategy that seeks to mislead everyone. Chávez takes statements at the hospital.
El coraje de Diego
41. El coraje de Diego
November 25, 2020
Victoria is worried, so Diego calls Mateo and makes a promise. Bracho starts to build the case and thinks of a trustworthy prosecutor.
La triple alianza secreta
40. La triple alianza secreta
November 24, 2020
Diego does not believe the police, but he knows that Victoria trusts Bracho, so together they devise a plan that could cost them dearly.
Un escondite para Fernanda
39. Un escondite para Fernanda
November 23, 2020
If Fernanda talks, Mateo will go to jail. Chávez is ordered to find her as soon as possible. Even if Rafael wanted to help, it would be very risky.
Autodefensas en acci?n
38. Autodefensas en acci?n
November 20, 2020
After Salas's statement, Diego organizes a rescue. Victoria tells him to bring Lupe and Alberto. El Buitre learns of the plan involving El Cachorro.
En busca del traidor
37. En busca del traidor
November 19, 2020
Mateo loses control. Lupe becomes nervous and Victoria offers to take Alberto far away, but he thinks of the consequences. Everyone is under threat.
Por las nalgas de Circe
36. Por las nalgas de Circe
November 18, 2020
Mateo now sees how to end the war with the Arismendi family: by trading Circe for El Cachorro. Claudio vows to turn Mateo's hacienda into a graveyard.
Mateo saca el l?tigo
35. Mateo saca el l?tigo
November 17, 2020
Amanda sees Benito, and Mateo takes matters into his own hands. A lie comes to light, and suspicion of a betrayal brings serious consequences.
Tras una pista de Salas
34. Tras una pista de Salas
November 16, 2020
Victoria recognizes Jaimito in one of Joselito's publications. Now that they know about the plan to rescue Fernanda, maybe they could find Salas.
Impulsos del coraz?n
33. Impulsos del coraz?n
November 13, 2020
Victoria sees Diego as the man who pushes her to fight for her ideals. Someone who gives people hope. She has never met anyone like him before.
Rumbo al m?s all?
32. Rumbo al m?s all?
November 12, 2020
Salas challenges Mateo and warns him that someday he will pay for everything. Corona thinks about Fernanda. Rubén winds up as an unwilling accomplice.
La misi?n
31. La misi?n
November 11, 2020
Jaimito and Ignacio risk everything and go to Mateo's hacienda. Patricia and Rubén are ready to take Fernanda to the hospital, but things go awry.
A cualquier precio
30. A cualquier precio
November 10, 2020
Mateo tries to bribe Judge Sequeira to win custody of his grandchildren; the scales begin to tip in his favor. Father Rafael takes Lamas from school.
Tambores de guerra
29. Tambores de guerra
November 9, 2020
Diego and his followers must train and procure weapons. Victoria leads Hidalgo to an impressive hidden arsenal. Joselito plays dirty with Circe.
Cara a cara en la corte
28. Cara a cara en la corte
November 6, 2020
Diego and Mateo come before the judge to air their grievances. Victoria tries to control her client. Mateo shines as the concerned grandfather.
La osad?a
27. La osad?a
November 5, 2020
Amanda is unafraid and determined to go after her grandfather's enemy. Everyone is looking for Ricas and believes that Corona took him by force.
Batalla por la custodia
26. Batalla por la custodia
November 4, 2020
Victoria tells Diego he is putting custody of Ricas at risk. Diego is ready to find crucial evidence. A wedding abroad proves convenient for Mateo.
El juramento de Amanda
25. El juramento de Amanda
November 2, 2020
Mateo tries to make the most of his final goodbye to Isabel. Amanda vows to find the person responsible for her mother's death.
La historia al rev?s
24. La historia al rev?s
October 30, 2020
Mateo isn't sure how much Isabel knew about Diego. Amanda asks questions. Her grandfather vows to bring Ricas in and keep the enemy from sinking him.
El Buitre come carro?a
23. El Buitre come carro?a
October 29, 2020
Mateo's leadership is at risk, so Mauricio launches a campaign against the huachicoleros and their leader. Enraged, El Buitre responds in cold blood.
Traici?n imperdonable
22. Traici?n imperdonable
October 28, 2020
El Buitre's suspicions are confirmed and Diego is involved. A confession unleashes a beating and Circe is exposed. Hidalgo has important information.
Juntos, pero no revueltos
21. Juntos, pero no revueltos
October 27, 2020
Nana, Circe, Apá and El Buitre make an unplanned pact. Mami Chula's reputation as a dangerous traitor is indisputable. Ricas and Diego mourn a loss.
El hu?rfano en sus garras
20. El hu?rfano en sus garras
October 26, 2020
Circe detains Diego and finds his weak spot: his family. Taking advantage of this, she leaves him in an abandoned warehouse, with a gun and a choice.
El monstruo quiere negociar
19. El monstruo quiere negociar
October 23, 2020
El Buitre makes Victoria an offer to get her to hand Diego over. She and Inés are a thorn in Mateo's side. Circe goes after Ricas to find Hidalgo.
L?grimas de sangre
18. L?grimas de sangre
October 20, 2020
Diego and Victoria search for Isabel, who's nowhere to be found. Only one place remains to look: the morgue. Mauricio orders Chávez to arrest Hidalgo.
17. Asfixia
October 19, 2020
In the desert, Mateo's victims are dehydrated and running out of air. A hole in the truck becomes a coveted prize. Salas gives Diego some information.
La carnada
16. La carnada
October 16, 2020
Circe receives key information to kill Diego. Mami Chula uses the same frequency as Mateo's truck. Lupe and Alberto play an important role.
15. Provocaci?n
October 14, 2020
Circe knows how to attract men...and El Buitre is no exception. Claudio shows what he's made of, though he doesn't know he's missing something.
Mateo va por m?s
14. Mateo va por m?s
October 13, 2020
Isabel is forced to tell Mateo where his grandson is. Meanwhile, Ramona advises Mateo to let others do the dirty work. Amanda misses her family.
La sangre llama
13. La sangre llama
October 12, 2020
Isabel will try to rescue her daughter and Fernanda, but she'll need more than luck and accomplices to evade security at the hacienda.
El refugio del Buitre
12. El refugio del Buitre
October 9, 2020
Mateo finds Circe's hideout and goes after her. El Buitre and his father become unwilling accomplices. Mami Chula hears when Claudio challenges Mateo.
Los encantos de Isabel
11. Los encantos de Isabel
October 8, 2020
Isabel takes a risk, says goodbye to Ricas, and meets The Man. She puts her plan into action once at the hotel... not thinking of the consequences.
Oportunidad de oro
10. Oportunidad de oro
October 6, 2020
Rosa just wants to flee, but Circe insists on going after Diego to finish him. Diana ends up in the hospital. Chucho suffers a painful interrogation.
Reencuentro con los muertos
9. Reencuentro con los muertos
October 5, 2020
Diego, Deivid and Chucho follow Circe's trail to the cemetery. Mami Chula thinks she sees Joselito among the tombstones. Diana goes to the police.
Revuelo en La Esperanza
8. Revuelo en La Esperanza
October 2, 2020
Circe and El Buitre are together and everyone is talking. Mateo goes to look for them. A tense situation may cost the Arismendi family dearly.
Lealtad a Prueba
7. Lealtad a Prueba
October 1, 2020
Amanda le cuenta a su abuelo, lo que ella y su hermanito sufrieron a manos de Circe y Alex. Una razon mas para matarla y le pide a Ramona que lo haga, ella debe elegir de que lado esta.
Coincidencia Incalculable
6. Coincidencia Incalculable
September 30, 2020
Diego e Isabel estan en el mismo lugar, pero las circunstancias los mantiene separados. Victoria y el padre Rafael inician el plan de fuga, pero el Pollo olfatea algo raro y los persigue.
Refugio Eclesiastico
5. Refugio Eclesiastico
September 28, 2020
Victoria y el padre Rafael se hacen complices de Diego, quien mal herido, se esconde de los hombres de Mateo que llegan armados a interrumpir la misa. Solo un milagro podria salvarlo.
Un Trato Macabro
4. Un Trato Macabro
September 25, 2020
Las cartas estan echadas, el odio es la razon de vivir para Circe y hara rodar una cabeza. Frente a frente, la Mami Chula y el Buitre ahora son socios para la venganza.
Todo Queda Atras
3. Todo Queda Atras
September 24, 2020
Amanda va al encuentro con su abuelo y el amor de Isabel por su hija es tan grande que la empuja a tomar una drastica decision, se dirige al aeropuerto.
La Caida de Circe
2. La Caida de Circe
September 23, 2020
Presa, Circe enfrenta cargos por asesinato, narcotrafico y lavado de dinero. Ramona le pide a Rogelio que la ayude a huir. El Procurador interviene y dice que favor con favor se paga.
Huir del presente
1. Huir del presente
September 22, 2020
Diego e Isabel viven bajo el Programa de Proteccion de Testigos, pero el rompe las reglas, se comunica con Fernanda, su madre. Pese al riesgo, ella busca a Ignacio Salas que sale en libertad.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 11, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (407)