El Senor de los Cielos

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  • TV-MA
  • 2013
  • 7 Seasons
  • 6.9  (1,013)

In this telenovela, a young man rises to the rank of drug lordship as he builds his skills at transporting illegal drugs between South and North America. His career, however, causes a great deal of drama and peril for his family.

El Senor de los Cielos
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El senor de los cielos, la gran noche
76. El senor de los cielos, la gran noche
The actors who bring the formidable Casillas family to life reveal what goes on behind the scenes: anecdotes, challenging scenes and romances.
Ver la muerte
75. Ver la muerte
Ojeda and P'o want to settle accounts with their enemies and have a way to eliminate the Casillas. Amado must react quickly to avoid ruin.
El dolor de los Casillas
74. El dolor de los Casillas
The Colombians revel in their revenge and find Alba, the Casillas' grandma. Rutila calls to warn her, but it's too late to escape from P'o and Ojeda.
73. Acorralado
Bullets rain down on Ojeda's laboratory. The narco knows there is no escape and wants to get rid of Dalila. Pio can't send reinforcements to Ojeda.
Cinco minutos para salir
72. Cinco minutos para salir
The Casillas have Ojeda's laboratory surrounded, and Amado tells Dalila to leave. Ojeda distrusts her and watches her closely.
Al ataque
71. Al ataque
Amado orders a huge attack with explosives, grenades and anything else needed. He also asks Dalila to give him information on Ojeda's laboratories.
Las estrategia de los Casillas
70. Las estrategia de los Casillas
Amado wants allies to kill El Cabo. The Casillas make it clear that no one will touch any of them. Castillo is surprised by a nighttime visit.
La dura verdad
69. La dura verdad
Luzma is in critical condition after two respiratory arrests and two heart attacks. The Casillas' hopes are dashed; they make a very risky decision.
Sin piedad
68. Sin piedad
P'o sends a strong message to the Casillas family. Everyone panics, trying to get out alive. Amado's men take over the hospital, expecting the worst.
Contraataque mortal
67. Contraataque mortal
Grenas gets Luzma to go with her to meet Daryl, her online friend. P'o waits for the right moment to deliver a blow and get revenge on the Casillas.
Nadie perdona a nadie
66. Nadie perdona a nadie
With no way out, P'o Valdivia opts to surrender to prevent the Casillas clan from killing him. Amado tells Castillo that the Colombian is in custody.
Lluvia de fuego
65. Lluvia de fuego
The Casillas family attacks P'o when he arrives to get the drugs from Valdes. P'o confronts his enemies with gunshots, but he ends up cornered.
Traccion entre socios
64. Traccion entre socios
P'o is irate when he sees how many drugs the Casillas clan stole from him. When he finds out Ojeda is negotiating with them, he changes plans.
Junta de enemigos
63. Junta de enemigos
Behind his partner's back, Ojeda meets Ismael and Superjavi to talk. They assure him they have nothing to do with Amado and make him a tempting offer.
Amor a prueba
62. Amor a prueba
Diana can't help being jealous and argues with Amado. He wants to know if their relationship is strong enough to withstand what's coming with Dalila.
Plan estrategico
61. Plan estrategico
To ensure that Dalila doesn't betray them, Corina and Colon make an unsettling deal with Amado. When he tells Diana about the plan, it gets worse.
Prueba de fuego
60. Prueba de fuego
The Casillas family wants to spread the news that Ismael has taken over the cartel. Through Dalila, they send a tempting message to Ojeda.
Dalila en la mira
59. Dalila en la mira
The Casillas family plans an attack on Ojeda. Amado orders a tail on Dalila and when she notices and tries to escape, Skinny corners her.
V'ctima de abuso
58. V'ctima de abuso
Superjavi and Angela go to the hospital. The doctor says that Alejandra was beaten and raped. They trace her steps to find her assailant.
57. Demencia
Ojeda lets his madness run wild, and Alejandra pays the price. Dalila is afraid and wants to drop her off elsewhere to avoid responsibility.
Amenazas y alianzas
56. Amenazas y alianzas
Amado proposes an alliance with Navarro to no avail. The agent threatens him with a weapon and clarifies that he is the one in charge.
Los Casillas al asecho
55. Los Casillas al asecho
The Casillas clan knows that to reach El Cabo directly, they must first eliminate Valdes. With Maldonado's help, they plan to lure him into a trap.
Terror y melancol'a
54. Terror y melancol'a
P'o Valdivia is devastated by his wife's death and knows the lawyer is to blame. Joaqu'n fears that he will be killed and plans to flee the country.
La suerte de Evelina
53. La suerte de Evelina
Evelina arrives at the mall to meet Joaqu'n. The Casillas family is confronted by El Cabo's cartel, and she tries to save his life.
Vivo o muerto
52. Vivo o muerto
Joaquin escapes from El Cabo's men and lays an ambush. The Colombian finds out and orders his capture. Ambar negotiates with the Casillas family.
Con los Casillas nadie se mete
51. Con los Casillas nadie se mete
The Casillas attack the convoy, but Castillo orders the transfer to continue. Amado stops Alfaro and demands that he release Diana or pay the price.
Los tiene bien puestos
50. Los tiene bien puestos
Diana and Vitamina are cornered at the Toluca airport, and a fight breaks out between Alfaro and his men. Ambar plays a dirty trick on Valdes.
Lucha contra el narco
49. Lucha contra el narco
At a press conference, Navarro reports on El Chema's extradition to the U.S.; the Casillas family makes a final decision on El Cabo's rescue.
Muerte o cárcel
48. Muerte o cárcel
El Chema fears extradition to the U.S. and has no choice but to put his fate in the hands of the Casillas family. Navarro gets his own way.
Fiesta de narcos
47. Fiesta de narcos
Dylan strives to keep the Casillas family from seeing the Colombian; a massacre occurs at the bar. Something happens that has everyone on alert.
Los siguientes en la lista
46. Los siguientes en la lista
Once they get Volpi out of the way, the Casillas plot their next move, to attack El Cabo and Ojeda. Fate unites them and is about to surprise them.
Rey muerto, rey puesto
45. Rey muerto, rey puesto
After the fall of the Balkans' leader, P'o is dying to take over the business. But Ojeda won't make it easy. The Casillas suffer for one of their own.
Masacre en La Condesa
44. Masacre en La Condesa
The Casillas attack the restaurant where Diana and Renzo Volpi are. A battle between the cartels leaves several dead. Colon discovers Dalila's secret.
La ocasion perfecta
43. La ocasion perfecta
Diana calls Volpi to meet up, not knowing that Athina is listening in. Athina sees a chance to avenge her family and decides to follow her.
Una fuerte leccion
42. Una fuerte leccion
The Casillas have P'o's lawyer and want details about the Colombian. Amado teaches Diana a lesson to establish his power. El Cabo vows to kill Ismael.
Una pista de La Coronela
41. Una pista de La Coronela
Navarro wants Edith's house watched to see if Ambar is hiding there. He finds Istúriz, her right-hand person, and immediately orders a search warrant.
La revancha
40. La revancha
The Casillas confirm that Volpi's house is a fentanyl laboratory and plan to destroy it in the same way the legendary 'Lord of the Skies' did.
Rebelion en familia
39. Rebelion en familia
Diana is cornered by the family and has to explain that she was with Renzo Volpi. Amado explodes and makes it clear how things will be from then on.
Una enemiga poderosa
38. Una enemiga poderosa
Castillo and Navarro move up El Chema's extradition. Things get complicated for the agents when someone disrupts the move. Diana tries to charm Volpi.
Unos ganan y otros pierden
37. Unos ganan y otros pierden
The authorities play their last card to capture El Chema, who always manages to escape. But Corina doesn't give up and continues the hunt.
Venegas acorralado
36. Venegas acorralado
El Chema and his men realize that the government has them surrounded and devise an escape plan. But Navarro and Castillo won't allow them to flee.
Empieza la cacer'a del Chema
35. Empieza la cacer'a del Chema
Ambar wants to hand over El Chema and shares her plan with Navarro. The agent has no choice but to trust her and sets up an operation to capture him.
Nuevas reglas del juego
34. Nuevas reglas del juego
Uzcátegui is impressed with the video El Cabo sent for her news broadcast, but she then takes a risk and sends him a message. El Chema fails Volpi.
El indetenible P'o
33. El indetenible P'o
P'o explodes with fury when Volpi freezes their business deals. In return, the Colombian narco attacks his enemies again to get what belongs to him.
La Furia de Diana
32. La Furia de Diana
Diana is furious to learn that her mother was executed. Amado asks her to keep a cool head, but she only wants justice.
La muerte acecha
31. La muerte acecha
Messing with El Cabo has its price. The governor isn't afraid of the Colombian and hits him hard where it really hurts. The Casillas look for Esther.
La venganza de P'o Valdivia
29. La venganza de P'o Valdivia
The Casillas work with the DEA to turn over the governor. P'o ensures that Jaime turns her over with ease. Navarro negotiates with Ambar and Edith.
Con el enemigo en la mira
28. Con el enemigo en la mira
Diana tells her sister that she'll be with her mother soon. Castillo intercepts the call and plans to capture the Casillas clan and save the governor.
Provocacion directa
27. Provocacion directa
Governor Ahumada publicly accuses P'o Jose of being El Cabo, and he wants to get rid of her. The Colombian's enemies arrive and a shootout breaks out.
La DEA detrás de El Chema
26. La DEA detrás de El Chema
In Colombia, El Chema takes risks in order to land a large amount of drugs. Navarro finds the boss and plans to capture him. Amado has a bad feeling.
El arte de la guerra
25. El arte de la guerra
The Casillas family celebrate Dona Alba and Pulque's marriage, but not everything is joyful after they hear alarming news on the TV.
Con el diablo no se juega
24. Con el diablo no se juega
To get back the 300 kilos of cocaine Diana stole, P'o orders her mother and sister to be kidnapped. But he's in for the surprise of his life.
El Chema vs. Amado
23. El Chema vs. Amado
Amado confronts El Chema when he learns that he's negotiating with his biggest enemy. A violent clash breaks out between the two cartels.
Caen las máscaras
22. Caen las máscaras
Rutila discovers that El Cabo is still alive after his run-in with the Casillas family and plans to kill him for good. Volpi moves in on his target.
Peligrosa alianza
21. Peligrosa alianza
El Chema arrives at the meeting with the Chinese cartel and runs into the Casillas' greatest enemy, who seeks an alliance to get rid of them.
Los Balcanes en Mexico
20. Los Balcanes en Mexico
Volpi arrives in Mexico ready to take control of the Casillas' territory. His strategy is to team up with another cartel. Diana confronts her mother.
La caricia de la serpiente
19. La caricia de la serpiente
Renzo and Amado declare war. The Balkan leader orders Ojeda to bring in Diana Ahumada as part of his plan. P'o tries to escape from the authorities.
Los Casillas no perdonan
18. Los Casillas no perdonan
The Casillas cartel strikes back, Aurelio-style. P'o and Ojeda pay the price. Ambar conspires against the Cuban and Venezuelan governments.
Hija de tigre pintito
17. Hija de tigre pintito
Rutila decides to go behind her family's back to rescue her sister, Luzma. But an obstacle arises on her way to Switzerland.
Un mensaje de los Balcanes
15. Un mensaje de los Balcanes
Volpi pressures Amado to smuggle fentanyl with his worst enemy, Ojeda. Athina and Nikos celebrate their daughter's wedding, and an enemy appears.
Un regalo mort'fero
14. Un regalo mort'fero
Dylan is after El Chema. The Casillas family tries to warn him, but P'o has already targeted him. Amado recalls his time in the war with Volpi.
El Chema contra la DEA
13. El Chema contra la DEA
El Chema wants to kill Agent Navarro however possible. He uses Ambar as bait and attacks mercilessly, at any price. Amado wants to kill Volpi.
Los Casillas en alerta
12. Los Casillas en alerta
Amado sees that Luz Marina is in danger and warns the Casillas family, who offer her protection. El Chema is ready to kill Navarro.
Desacuerdo peligroso
11. Desacuerdo peligroso
Amado and Volpi can't reach an agreement, and a new war breaks out. The attacks start immediately, and one Casillas is in the enemy's sights.
Un tesoro en el fondo del mar
10. Un tesoro en el fondo del mar
Amado will use the loot they found to free Athina and her family from their debts with Volpi. The gangster gives an ultimatum.
La noticia bomba
9. La noticia bomba
The Casillas family sends a shocking message to the world on network TV. Now their enemies plan an attack to wipe out everyone in the new cartel.
Nace el Cartel Casillas
8. Nace el Cartel Casillas
The Casillas family say their final goodbyes to Aurelio, who has become a legend. His death makes the cartel stronger. Amado and Diana break up.
Los Casillas de luto
7. Los Casillas de luto
Dona Alba wants to bury Aurelio with her brother, but her grandchildren have other plans that enrage her. Esther declares war on her daughter Diana.
El Cartel de los Balcanes
6. El Cartel de los Balcanes
Amado wants to meet with Renzo Volpi to do business, and is surprised when the Balkan leader makes a request that puts him in a tough spot.
Negocios en Grecia
5. Negocios en Grecia
Amado and Diana arrive in Greece in search of new allies to strengthen the Casillas cartel. But the Balkan mafia has other intentions.
La sombra del pasado
4. La sombra del pasado
P'o Jose Valdivia, the Casillas' most dangerous enemy, begins to take his revenge, eliminating them one by one, with Superjavi first on his list.
La Liberacion
3. La Liberacion
Amado's rescue fails; the US government transfers him. The Casillas family goes on the attack with a risky operation. Javi receives unexpected news.
Amor y guerra
2. Amor y guerra
The government has the Casillas clan trapped, but they want to prove their toughness and don't give up easily. P'o plots his revenge on Javi.
Nace una leyenda
1. Nace una leyenda
Dona Alba tries to revive Aurelio; the Casillas family takes over the city to try to free Amado, uniting with enemies and confronting the government.
El Senor de los Cielos
El Senor de los Cielos

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In this telenovela, a young man rises to the rank of drug lordship as he builds his skills at transporting illegal drugs between South and North America. His career, however, causes a great deal of drama and peril for his family. El Senor de los Cielos is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (611 episodes). The series first aired on August 18, 2013.

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El Senor de los Cielos is available for streaming on the Telemundo website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch El Senor de los Cielos on demand at Netflix, Hulu, FuboTV and NBC.

  • Premiere Date
    August 18, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (1,013)