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East Los High is not your typical high school. Dance, sex, romance, and mystery are at the heart of this inner city school in East LA where two teenage cousins-Jessie, a 16-year-old virgin and Maya, a troubled runaway with a violent past -fall in love with Jacob, a popular football player. From this forbidden love triangle, Maya, Jessie and Jacob, along with their close friends must face true-to-life decisions during a single dramatic and breath-taking year that will mark their lives forever.

Hulu Originals
4 Seasons, 62 Episodes
June 3, 2013
Cast: Gabriel Chavarria, Danielle Vega, Alicia Sixtos, Vannessa Vasquez
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East Los High Full Episode Guide

  • As summer winds down, Camila races against time, Ceci betrays her team, Gina betrays her heart, and the Bomb Squad gives it their all on the season finale of East Los High.

  • A fierce underground dance battle takes place between the Bomb Squad and Jefferson Park, while racism fuels an unexpected attack against the taqueria.

  • Jacob's BRO party gets out of control when the Bomb Squad performs a scandalous number that lands Gina in hot water.

  • Camila's lies begin to unravel, costing her more than she ever bargained for. Ceci takes her best shot at making it in the dance world while allegiance on the Bomb Squad is divided as the team decides between voting off Brandie or risk losing Caleb.

  • Sexy lap dances, surprise guests, and drunken fools aren't the only exciting drama at this Mexican wedding. Meanwhile, Eddie gets fired up with the mysterious newcomer, Sofia.

  • Summer heats up with a wave of sexting, lies and betrayal that leaves a path of heartache and breakups, just in time for Lorena and Hernan's big wedding.

  • Jacob receives a tempting job offer which could sever his ties to the people he loves most. Camila finds herself in a heart-breaking predicament and Eddie discovers something that threatens to break up the Bomb Squad.

  • An unexpected trip to the ER brings everyone together. Jacob struggles with his feelings for both Maya and Ceci. The Bomb Squad drama unravels as Eddie deals with PTSD and Brandie begins a revenge plot against Gina.

  • Ceci' romantic woes are remedied by sexy newcomer, Vincent (Prince Royce), while Jacob' ego is soothed by his ex, Maya. Dance camp gets hot and heavy until someone gets expelled. Camila harbors an important secret from Jesus.

  • Summer has begun as the Bomb Squad travels to a prestigious dance camp where they go head to head with new rival, Jefferson Park. Ceci tries to mend a broken heart while Eddie and Gina plan to have sex for the first time.

  • Bomb Squad auditions bring hot new dancers to the team while Ceci plans a surprise party, unaware that she' in for the true surprise. Camila attempts to start over with a clean slate but finds old habits die hard.

  • It' graduation day! As the Bomb Squad seniors prepare to walk onstage, Eddie is mistreated in a detention center and the dance team rallies to get him released. An unexpected wedding proposal throws everyone by surprise.

  • Dance Battle is on and much is at stake when someone leaves, someone returns, someone is betrayed... and someone dies.

  • A life is in danger when someone from the past comes knocking. And he's out for revenge.

  • A big secret is exposed at a national dance competition. Will the Bomb Squad be banned from performing?

  • An unexpected romance is born on the road to Yuma. But will it die there?

  • The male dancers are arrested on their way to their first music video shoot.

  • When a drug deal goes bad, Camila and Jesus are forced to improvise.

  • It's Valentine's Day and the future of the Bomb Squad is at stake.

  • At a music video shoot, Camila goes on her first drug run. Will it also be her last?

  • The Bomb Squad is going co-ed. But where are the male dancers?

  • Tiffany throws a hot pool party while Jacob and Maya make some major plans.

  • An old enemy threatens the Bomb Squad's chances of winning at Regional. Maya has a big surprise for Jacob.

  • The Bomb Squad dancers throw Ceci a wild bachelorette party. But will Ceci say, "I do"?

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