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  • TV-MA
  • 2010
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.0  (1,226)

The Real L Word is a Los Angeles, California based reality television series that airs on the Showtime cable network. The show was created by Magical Elves Productions and executive producer, Ilene Chaiken. The real life stories follow the lives of a small and ever changing group of lesbians.

Whitney Mixter is a make-up and effects artist, specializing in horror films. Her life is chaotic romantically, given the number of women she has been involved with on the show. She has also worked briefly as an actress and is featured in a music video.

Romi Klinger is a makeup artist and jewelry designer who had a short and recurring relationship with Whitney.

Alyssa Morgan is Whitney's roommate and ex-girlfriend. As a freelance makeup artist, she specializes in fashion, print, television, film, special effects and commercial makeup.

Jill Sloane Goldstein is an actor, writer and producer. She married life partner and cast mate, Nikki Weiss in a ceremony that was broadcast on the show.

Nikki Weiss is an agent, representative and producer whose clients include film and commercial directors. Also a member of SAG, Nikki has consulted on television shows and pilot story lines, as well as documentaries and features. She also was honored by GLAAD.

Stamie Karakasidis is a stand-up comedian and mother of twins. She and Tracy Ryerson are in a committed relationship. Their struggles have involved balancing family and career, while also seeking acceptance of their relationship from their respective families.

Tracy Ryerson is Stamie's partner and a model, TV and film producer. She is also a passionate animal lover and advocate for the disadvantaged.

Kacy Boccumini is cast mate Cori's wife and a Director at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Their story line involves starting a family and the couple has pursued using a sperm donor to impregnate Cori.

Cori McGinn-Boccumini is Kacy's wife. They have been together for over five years. She and her partner have been working on insemination to start a family.

Mikey Koffman runs a fashion marketing firm, The Gallery L.A. She also regularly produces L.A. Fashion Week and runway shows. Her life with partner, makeup artist and former fiance, Raquel Castaneda was detailed on the show.

Rose Garcia is a real estate advisor with a supportive family. She and cast mate Scarlett's stormy relationship is followed, as they attempt to commit to and solidify their love.

Natalie Hornedo is a hairstylist and was Rose's girlfriend and cast mate. The couple's struggles with Rose's fidelity were followed during the show.

In the season opener, Whitney welcomes back her old flame, Sara, and the two women immediately get reacquainted with each other on an intimate level. However, their liaison seems to end quickly, as another of Whitney's former flames arrives to stay indefinitely, just as Sara leaves. Also added to the mix is another romantic interest, cast member, Romi.

Rose has been dating Natalie for seven months. Despite that, she goes out on the town for a night of fun, which causes tension in the relationship.

Nikki and Jill are in the midst of planning a major and very expensive wedding. They hire a wedding planner to help produce the elegant gathering, but the two struggle with balancing the budget for their nuptials.

After Season One debuted on June 20, 2010 and became successful, Season Two was filmed and broadcast. Showtime then commissioned Season Three, which is set to air on July 12, 2012. Some of the original cast will return, however, there will also be many new faces on the show.

The Real L Word is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (28 episodes). The series first aired on April 26, 2010.

The Real L Word
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Perfect Day
9. Perfect Day
September 6, 2012
In the Season 3 finale, Hunter Valentine audition a replacement for Somer while Lauren thinks about tagging along with the band; Romi and Dusty expand their professional partnership; and Kacy and Cori make a crucial parental decision. Later, last-minute dilemmas overshadow Whitney and Sara's wedding plans.
8. Premonitions
August 30, 2012
The pressure of the wedding has Whitney wound tight, but Sara is content to just go with the flow; Lauren flies to New York to explore a relationship with Kiyomi; and Romi shoots a music video.
Dream Come True
7. Dream Come True
August 23, 2012
Whitney heads to Connecticut for a coming-out discussion with her grandmother; Kiyomi and Lauren deal with the aftermath of the Dinah weekend.
Lost in a Bush
6. Lost in a Bush
August 16, 2012
At the Dinah Shore party, Cori and Kacy feel overwhelmed whereas Whitney and Sara spice things up by including a third party in their bedroom. Amanda's single-girls getaway doesn't go as planned when her friend hooks up with a rock star. Later, Romi has an uncomfortable encounter with former friends.
I Wasn't Expecting This
5. I Wasn't Expecting This
August 9, 2012
The women anticipate the annual Palm Springs party, with Romi and Kelsey arriving as a sober couple and Amanda delivering big news to Lauren. Meanwhile, Somer and Donna miss their flight.
Scissor Sisters
4. Scissor Sisters
August 2, 2012
Heartbroken by her mother's reaction to her engagement, Whitney returns to L.A. to share her disappointment with Sara's family. Meanwhile, Romi and Kelsey reignite their relationship and Cori and Kacy visit the nurses who supported them during their loss.
Love Lost
3. Love Lost
July 26, 2012
Romi shares what she really thinks of her one-sided relationship with her male friend Jay; Whitney surprises her mother with the announcement of her engagement to Sada.
Leap of Faith
2. Leap of Faith
July 19, 2012
Whitney heads north to San Francisco where her love life follows her; Romi confronts her sobriety while still wrestling with her and Kelsey's sexual issues; Sajdah's relationship with Chanel proceeds rapidly; Kacy and Cori find a sperm donor online; Francine and Claire both look forward to her move.
Apples And Oranges
1. Apples And Oranges
July 12, 2012
In the third season premiere the ladies travel between Los Angeles and Brooklyn.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 26, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (1,226)