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In this comedy-drama series, a gruff nurse works hard to take care of her patients in her hospital's emergency room despite the sorry state of the health care system in the United States. Unfortunately, he relies on drugs to get her through her shifts, and her struggle with addiction is central to her story.

Nurse Jackie is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (80 episodes). The series first aired on June 8, 2009.

Where do I stream Nurse Jackie online? Nurse Jackie is available for streaming on Showtime, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Nurse Jackie on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

7 Seasons, 80 Episodes
June 8, 2009
Cast: Edie Falco, Merritt Wever, Peter Facinelli, Anna Deavere Smith, Paul Schulze
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Nurse Jackie Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, an unexpected guest makes an appearance at Fiona's confirmation rehearsal. Meanwhile, Jackie gets a job offer and hopes Zoey will come with her.

  • Jackie is forced to intervene when Dr. Prince manages to endanger a patient. A secret stuns Zoey.

  • Jackie and Eddie's nice quiet morning comes to a screeching halt with an unexpected knock at the door.

  • Jackie and Zoey decide unexpectedly to take a road trip.

  • When Jackie shares her news with Grace, she is caught off guard by her reaction.

  • Jackie and Eddie make one last purge of their stash; Zoey blames herself after a patient dies.

  • Jackie, Dr. Prince and Akalitus work in the ER with no nurses.

  • Jackie creates trouble as she rallies her fellow workers against the developers.

  • Akalitus doesn't trust Jackie when she shares the news that the hospital is being sold.

  • Jackie must start anew as she returns to All Saints while under close watch. This new position exposes her to two secrets. Zoey gets news about her Master's program application. Carrie keeps something from Coop.

  • Although she can't afford her lawyer, Jackie hopes for a miracle so she can return to All Saints.

  • In the seventh season premiere, Jackie is put in a holding cell followed by a sedated detox. Later, she contacts a lawyer in an effort to keep her job.

  • Akalitus tells Jackie she will have to take a test if she won't admit that she's on drugs. Jackie has unexpected news for Coop when he confronts her.

  • Jackie attends Kevin's wedding with much reluctance; Zoey sees Jackie make a critical mistake with a patient. Carrie is ready for Coop to introduce her to his mom. Akalitus feels the pressure from the DEA and is starting to suspect Jackie is involved.

  • Jackie's drug use continues to intensify and she realizes she must keep her loved ones at bay to avoid hurting them. Carrie fails to remember Coop's 40th birthday the morning after they spent the night together. Luckily, Thor saves the day.

  • Frank tips off Jackie about an upcoming DEA investigation at All Saints. Antoinette asks for more than just help from Eddie. Coop and Carrie get creative to avoid 'the no sex rule' at the hospital.

  • Jackie takes on the detox at home with help from Frank, Eddie and Antoinette. Her detox is met with terrifying dreams, but when she awakes, the worst of it is over.

  • Antoinette ambushes Jackie and her confessions shake Jackie's core and motivate her to get clean. She accepts the challenge to be clean, but soon finds temptation while in Grace's room.

  • Jackie's problems seem to be piling up. Her fake identity has been compromised, she is on her last bag of pills, Frank has just moved in and her sponsor is questioning her sobriety. Prentiss sets up a date with Zoey but cuts it short because something must be wrong.

  • Frank continues to pressure Jackie to move in together. Carrie and Coop grow closer after the TV appearance.

  • Jackie is blindsided by a "bomb" that Grace drops after she is arrested for shoplifting. Coop finds that his sperm count is too low to donate. Carrie's lucky break leads to a spot on the local news.

  • Jackie gets desperate and steals Dr. Roman's DEA number to call in her own prescription. Carrie is rattled as a 'sperm scout' contacts Coop. When Jackie is out on a date with Frank, she finds someone young and hot for a private rendezvous.

  • Jackie starts using again, and is getting the drugs from the gym.

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'Nurse Jackie' Star Edie Falco: 'Who the Hell is Kim Kardashian?'

Just a few days ago, Reese Witherspoon took an indirect shot at Kim Kardashian during the MTV Movie Awards, saying that she always thought that sex tapes were something to be hidden away. Now it looks like someone else is taking shots at Kim K: "Nurse Jackie" star Edie Falco. The oft-nominated Falco sat down with Vulture to discuss the biz and the upcoming Emmy race, and the subject turned to reality TV.