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  • TV-MA
  • 2007
  • 7 Seasons
  • 8.3  (188,873)

David Duchovny stars in Californication, a popular Showtime series centered around the life of a troubled writer named Hank Moody who is trying to navigate his way through the ups and downs of life in Los Angeles. Hank has had his fair share of struggles with addiction and infidelity, but despite his many faults, he is a lovable and charismatic character that viewers can't help but root for.

The show is known for its sharp writing, witty humor, and frank discussion of sex and relationships. It's not afraid to push boundaries and explore taboo topics, but it does so in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The show was created by Tom Kapinos and premiered in 2007, running for seven seasons before coming to an end in 2014.

The series centers around Hank Moody, a writer who has hit a rough patch in his life. He's struggling to finish his latest novel, dealing with a recent breakup, and trying to be a good father to his teenage daughter, Becca. His ex-girlfriend, Karen, is still in the picture, and their complicated relationship is a source of tension and conflict throughout the series.

Hank is a complex character who is often his own worst enemy. He's a heavy drinker, a serial womanizer, and has a tendency to make bad decisions that land him in hot water. Despite all this, he's a talented writer with a sharp wit and a fierce passion for life. He's always chasing his next high, whether it's a new romantic conquest or a creative breakthrough.

The show explores a variety of themes, including love, sex, fidelity, friendship, and personal growth. It's not afraid to tackle serious topics, but it does so in a way that is engaging and entertaining. The writing is sharp and witty, and the show often employs clever wordplay and pop culture references to keep viewers on their toes.

One of the most notable aspects of the show is its strong cast of supporting characters. Natascha McElhone plays Karen, Hank's long-suffering ex-girlfriend who still has feelings for him despite their tumultuous history. Pamela Adlon plays Marcy, Karen's best friend and a hilarious, foul-mouthed character who provides a lot of the show's comic relief. Madeleine Martin plays Becca, Hank's teenage daughter who is wise beyond her years and often serves as a voice of reason for her father.

Evan Handler plays Charlie Runkle, Hank's best friend and agent who is also struggling with his own personal and professional problems. Madeline Zima plays Mia, an underage student who becomes Hank's biggest fan and eventually his love interest. Camilla Luddington plays Lizzie, a gorgeous nanny who catches the eye of both Hank and Charlie.

Throughout the series, viewers watch as Hank navigates his way through his many romantic entanglements, professional setbacks, and personal demons. He struggles with addiction, writer's block, and a general sense of malaise that seems to follow him wherever he goes. But despite all this, he remains a lovable and relatable character that viewers can't help but root for.

The show is known for its frank and often explicit discussion of sex and relationships. It doesn't shy away from taboo topics and is often lauded for its feminist perspective on these issues. The show has been praised for its strong female characters and for its willingness to explore the complexities of modern relationships.

In conclusion, Californication is a show that explores the complex and often messy nature of life in Los Angeles. It's a witty and engaging series that delves into topics like love, sex, fidelity, and personal growth in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. David Duchovny leads a strong cast of supporting characters, each of whom brings their own unique perspective to the show. If you're looking for a smart, funny, and engaging series with a lot of heart, then you won't want to miss Californication.

Californication is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (84 episodes). The series first aired on August 13, 2007.

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12. Grace
June 29, 2014
Hank makes a huge decision. Karin tries to resolve things between Hank and Becca.
11. Daughter
June 22, 2014
Charlie is reeling and Hank may be out of job when the ratings are back for "Santa Monica Cop". Now that the money is tight, Mary accepts Stu's offer.
Dinner with Friends
10. Dinner with Friends
June 15, 2014
Hank convinces Karen to have dinner with him, but their romantic evening gets interrupted. Later, Charlie, Marcy, Krull, Levon and a friend bring more drama to the situation.
Faith, Hope, Love
9. Faith, Hope, Love
June 8, 2014
Hank recalls turbulent times with Karen and a young Rebecca, and happier days with Charlie and Marcy. In a unexpected encounter with a nun, things are put into perspective.
30 Minutes or Less
8. 30 Minutes or Less
June 1, 2014
Hank has a problem with his episode "Santa Monica Cop". The Director pressures him to get thing back on track.
7. Smile
May 25, 2014
Rath tries to force Hank to rewrite the script for the episode 'Sant Monica Cops'. Julia receives advice from her boss, as well as Levon and Hank.
6. Kickoff
May 18, 2014
Rath hosts the kickoff party for "Santa Monica Cop" where Hank has an intimate notes session with Amy Taylor Walsh, while the other lead Hashtag Black has eyes for Julia.
Getting The Poison Out
5. Getting The Poison Out
May 11, 2014
While Julia and Rath are out, Hank and Levon take Karen and Marcy out for the night. Although Levon has a fantastic time with Nikki, the rest of the group has to deal with Nikki's friend. Charlie is in too deep with his new client Goldie.
4. Dicks
May 4, 2014
Levon's efforts to have alone time with Melanie are stoped with The Director in the way. Marcy and Charlie's marriage troubles continue with financial issues in the way.
Like Father Like Son
3. Like Father Like Son
April 27, 2014
Karen is ready to quit. Hank is told to take on the first episode.
2. Julia
April 20, 2014
Hank is in for a surprise when he visits Levon's apartment.
1. Levon
April 13, 2014
In the seventh season premiere, Hank's reunion with Karen goes differently than he had planned.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 13, 2007
  • IMDB Rating
    8.3  (188,873)