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The Next Step is a television show about Canadian teen dancers who are competing in a dance competition. The main object of their competition is to compete in the "Absolute Dance Regionals." The show follows the lives of the various participants as they strive to reach this elite competition and showcase their talent.

The main characters of this television series include Stephanie, Giselle, and Emily, who compete in either A Troupe or B Troupe. The show follows the various participants as they gear up for the "Absolute Dance Regionals" and gauges the highs and lows of being a dance participant.

The show began airing on the family channel on March of 2013 and at first had an estimated audience of almost 525,000 viewers. The show was picked up for a second season on March of 2014.

Friday 6:00 PM et/pt on Hulu
2 Seasons, 64 Episodes
March 8, 2013
Drama, Reality
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The Next Step Full Episode Guide

  • Amanda's bid to dance with The Next Step is accepted by the judges. It's a showdown between LOD and The Next Step. The judges have to decide between the technical perfection of LOD and the heart and soul of The Next Step.

  • The team awaits a verdict as to whether Emily can dance or whether the team has to forfeit. Awards are handed out for the top three dancers in each category of dance so far. An unexpected supporter of The Next Step offers to help.

  • It is semi-finals, the team showcase their dance that reflects the studio code - the team is stronger with all its individuals. West charms Emily with how he sees her. The dance comes to a devastating end.

  • Michelle is pitted against Amanda in the female solo round. Elite tries to sabotage Michelle's chances to dance and Amanda wonders why her team lacks confidence in her ability to win.

  • Small groups and duets compete at the Nationals competition. James struggles with whether to include a challenging move in the small group routine.

  • Eldon learns he must compete against Daniel in the male solo round. Daniel's competitiveness stains his friendships with his old teammates.

  • The team arrives at Nationals for the first of two dates of male solo competition. Both Elite and Ladies of Destruction (LOD) appear as formidable opponents. The team must complete a scavenger hunt to attend the opening night party with Shawn Desman.

  • Successful choreographer Luther Brown drops in on The Next Step to help the boys with their small group routine. Thalia and Giselle are in a rush to try to teach Michelle the Nationals routine. James gives Eldon dating advice.

  • Officially back together, Riley and James struggle to find their chemistry on the dance floor. Emily and West get to know each other better. Michelle gets a bolster to her confidence from an old friend.

  • Amanda's true colors are exposed but the results are devastating for The Next Step. Emily catches West doing a good deed. Riley enlists James to convince a studio ex-member to come back.

  • Emily tries to expose Amanda but gets caught in her own trap. Kate discovers The Next Step's money is missing and holds Chloe responsible. Riley enlists James to take CPR training with her for the studio.

  • James turns to the boys for help to solve a riddle for Riley. The A-Troupe costumes for Nationals go missing. Emily's loyalties are tested.

  • Thalia, Giselle, and Amanda represent The Next Step at a Trio competition. When Michelle comes to watch, Amanda is forced to change her plans. James tackles number ten on Riley's list and decides to get to know Emily.

  • Eldon challenges Hunter to win back the Nationals Solo. Emily is forced to prove her loyalty to Amanda by ending something that is just starting. James searches for a four-leaf clover for Riley's list.

  • Emily encourages Hunger to try to get closer to the boys. James creates a new dance move for Riley's list. Gabi is jealous when her younger sister, Becca, is chosen for a J-Troupe trio.

  • In order to win Riley back, James suggests she give him a list of tasks to complete to prove his dedication. When Michelle wont' answer calls from the studio, Chloe visits Michelle at school.

  • The pressure is on for Nationals when a key member leaves the troupe. The team can't afford to lose anyone else. Amanda and Riley audition for the solo while Emily puts herself on the line to save her team.

  • Michelle confronts Emily about the kiss. Thalia and Giselle try to convince James and Riley to take the duet back. Hunter's confused and Michelle has something important to discuss with Kate.

  • Giselle and Thalia think a little competition will be good motivation for James and Riley. Hunter invites Michelle to a concert. James and Eldon do some male bonding while Amanda sympathizes with Emily.

  • Michelle holds a scholarship fundraiser for young dancers while the Elite competition gets a step up. Amanda misses a band practice and feels bad about lying to her new friends. West and Giselle get caught up in a talent war.

  • Michelle finds out about the dance battle and Hunter gets a chance at the Nationals solo spot. Phoebe challenges select A-Troupers and J-Troupers to create a song and a dance in 24 hours.

  • Riley struggles to move on from James while still working on their duet. Emily and Hunter get to know each other better when they get locked in the costume closet together.

  • Michelle and Amanda promote the studio at their school while the others mentor J-Troupe. Daniel gives Kate an ultimatum if he doesn't get the solo for Nationals.

  • As the studio grows in popularity it must make space for new members of J-Troupe. Emily asks Hunter to help her with J-Troupe auditions to make Michelle jealous but enjoys herself with Hunter more than she expects.

  • James and Riley struggle with their duet. Michelle confronts Eldon for an answer as to why he is avoiding her.

  • Solos and duets competitors are chosen for Nationals, where each round is an elimination. Michelle is hurt when Eldon won't do the duet with her. Riley's world comes crashing down when James betrays her.

  • With new members in place, the team fundraises to buy designer uniforms. Michelle is confused when Eldon avoids her as a result of losing the dance battle.

  • Hunter challenges Eldon to a secret dance battle - the prize - Michelle. Kate asks James to dance a duet with Beth when her partner drops out.

  • The Nationals team is chosen with devastating results for some A-Troupers. Hunter enlists Emily's help to make Michelle jealous.

  • The first round of auditions for the Nationals team takes place. Phoebe, the new Head Choreographer, challenges the dancers with her choreography for the final round.

  • A-Troupe meets their new choreographer and votes for open auditions for the Nationals Team. A-Troupers, B-Troupers, J-Troupers plus unexpected newcomers all show up for the Nationals team auditions.

  • The A-Troupe is reunited after their win at Regionals but they learn quickly that the rules at Nationals are different and their team dynamic could be in jeopardy.

  • The Next Step studio is up against Elite Studios as the final two groups to perform...and it is winner takes all. When Michelle and Eldon work hard on the duet to perfect it, Emily can't help but see the sparks.

  • The Next Step must face Seeds in the semi-finals round of Regionals. The pressure is getting to Emily; when Eldon steps in to help, Emily misinterprets Eldon's pep talk.

  • The Next Step takes the stage for the first time in their bid to win Regionals. When Riley has trouble with a part of her costume, The Next Step's chances are jeopardized.

  • Chloe's financial problems finally boil over and she is forced to leave A-Troupe. Michelle and Emily decide to be Co-Captains and choreograph a new routine.

  • When A-Troupe get themselves into a dance battle with the street crew, "Seeds", West has no choice but to reveal his secret. Michelle learns that being Dance Captain is harder than she thought.

  • With Daniel now out of A-troupe, Michelle and the team try and get Emily to come back. James is given Daniel's solo, but can't seem to balance both math and dance and Riley and West worry he may get pulled out of the studio for good.

  • Giselle wants to make her mark in A-Troupe by doing a dangerous lift, but Daniel isn't so sure it is a good idea. Michelle thinks it's exactly what they need to get them to Regionals and wants to help them, against Kate and Chris's wishes.

  • Riley tries to make amends with her sister, but it doesn't go exactly as planned. Eldon struggles with the feelings he has for both Michelle and Emily.

  • Now that Emily is gone, the dancers decide to change the Regionals routine, adding a duet for Michelle and Eldon. James returns to A-Troupe and holds Riley to her promise of going on a date with him.

  • Emily struggles with what to do next after being put in the back row by Michelle and accuses Michelle of having a crush on Eldon. Stephanie's first audition doesn't go exactly as planned.

  • Michelle decides to change the line positions and neither Emily nor Stephanie are happy about it. Emily confesses a secret to Eldon that brings them a little closer.

  • Emily and Stephanie have trouble adjusting to life in the studio with Michelle as Dance Captain. Michelle's captaincy is tested when James' Mom tells A-Troupe that James has to stop dancing to focus on his studies.

  • Emily and Michelle's battle for leadership comes to a head when Kate learns that Michelle has choreographed a different routine for Regionals.

  • Emily beings to suspect Michelle is up to something behind her back. Eldon gets tired of people questioning his relationship with Emily, and decides to set the story straight.

  • Michelle secretly choreographs a new routine for Regionals. When Michelle begins recruiting some of the A-Troupe to learn her routine, she missteps by inviting someone she shouldn't have.

  • Michelle learns the truth about Chloe's financial situation. The dancers compete for the solo spot in the Regionals routine.

  • In an effort to spend more time with Riley, James accompanies her to pick up costumes for the troupe. At the studio, Stephanie takes part in a photo shoot.

  • The A-Troupe is selected to perform in a music video for the band Brighter Brightest. However, the dancers become divided over the routine that Emily has choreographed.

  • Eldon struggles to choose between Emily and Michelle as his partner for his duet performance. Meanwhile, West and Stephanie are at odds on how to proceed with their duet, leaving West wanting to quit altogether.

  • In order to heal Eldon's broken spirit, Emily agrees to go on a date with him. Riley overhears Emily talking about kicking Michelle out of the studio and decides to take action.

  • In order to prepare for Regionals, Emily convinces a group of A-Troupe dancers to spy on their main competition, Elite Dance Academy. Back at The Next Step, West and Daniel fight over studio space.

  • On their day off, some of the dancers go to the beach while Emily and the E-Girls run the studio's dance camp. Everything is going as planned at the studio until one of the little dancers goes missing.

  • When Kate asks Emily to hold dance evaluations for placements in the group dance, Emily decides to put Michelle in the back row, which causes waves amongst the dancers.

  • The A-Troupe is split into two teams to test the leadership skills of the girls competing for the role of Dance Captain. As the competition for the position heats up, Kate warns the dancers to put their differences aside and focus on teamwork.

  • The Next Step Dance Studio is holding auditions for the ten dancers in A-Troupe that could take the studio to Regionals this year. With the arrival of an amazing new dancer, no performer's spot is guaranteed.

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