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The Next Step is a television show about Canadian teen dancers who are competing in a dance competition. The main object of their competition is to compete in the "Absolute Dance Regionals." The show follows the lives of the various participants as they strive to reach this elite competition and showcase their talent.

The main characters of this television series include Stephanie, Giselle, and Emily, who compete in either A Troupe or B Troupe. The show follows the various participants as they gear up for the "Absolute Dance Regionals" and gauges the highs and lows of being a dance participant.

The show began airing on the family channel on March of 2013 and at first had an estimated audience of almost 525,000 viewers. The show was picked up for a second season on March of 2014.

Friday 6:00 PM et/pt on Hulu Originals
4 Seasons, 198 Episodes
March 8, 2013
Drama, Reality
Cast: Brittany Raymond, Victoria Baldesarra, Trevor Tordjman, Isaac Lupien
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The Next Step Full Episode Guide

  • Now that Alfie is back, the team is able to compete in the Regionals final. But when Michelle shows up ready to dance, Riley has to make a heartbreaking decision.

  • The Next Step competes in the sudden death trio round.

  • The team competes in the first round at Regionals.

  • The team prepares to leave for Regionals.

  • Jiley is reunited! But The Next Step has lost a team member.

  • James meets up with an old friend in London who gives him some good advice.

  • Riley helps the team get ready for competition by doing anti-bullying exercises.

  • Riley makes a mistake with Alfie and tries to make it up to him.

  • James returns to London and Riley and Alfie have their first date.

  • James and Alfie represent The Next Step at the final Qualifier.

  • Riley asks James for an impossible favor for the studio.

  • Emily and Riley choose a Dance Captain and deal with the Qualifier duet.

  • Emily shows up to help Riley get The Next Step to Regionals.

  • Riley asks James for some space to sort out her feelings for Alfie.

  • Riley tells James about the kiss and James struggles with how to handle it.

  • Amanda's cousin Cooper shows up to visit The Next Step Studio.

  • Piper gives Riley an ultimatum to tell James about her kiss with Alfie.

  • Piper struggles to keep the fact that she saw Riley and Alfie kiss to herself.

  • When Noah receives a devastating diagnosis, auditions for the qualifier duet become more important than ever.

  • Alfie considers Noah's health problems and surprises Riley with a plan for the qualifiers.

  • James, Eldon, and West compete in the first round of the Bangers & Mashups Hip-Hop Extravaganza in London.

  • A new twist in the qualifier rules means A-Troupe could lose a dancer, and Riley considers pulling team from competition.

  • Michelle and Riley have a lunch date and take a walk down memory lane; Noah, afraid of losing his spot on A-Troupe, continues to hide his back troubles.

  • Amy and LaTroy grow closer, and Sloane discovers new feelings.

  • Riley has to choose a date and Skylar struggles to fit in on A-Troupe.

  • Michelle and Piper compete head-to-head, while Amy helps LaTroy broaden his horizons.

  • Amanda tries to figure out Noah's true feelings for her.

  • Riley questions her place at the studio and Skylar tries to tip the balance of power.

  • As A-Troupe dances at the Qualifier, Amanda struggles to find the right time to share her feelings for Noah; Noah continues to hide his back injury.

  • Noah's performance leads to questions about which trio should represent The Next Step.

  • Riley discovers a big secret about Alfie, and James, West, and Eldon arrive in London.

  • James takes Riley on one last date before he leaves for London.

  • West receives a mysterious package from London, England.

  • Riley assigns a trio competition to prepare for the first Regionals qualifier.

  • The new A-Troupe is revealed and Riley is offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

  • Guest choreographer Stephanie challenges the dancers at the afternoon auditions.

  • Morning auditions begin, but Amanda and Eldon are both MIA.

  • The Next Step holds an open house to welcome prospective new dancers to the studio.

  • The Next Step battles for the title of international champion.

  • A key dancer's sudden illness threatens the team's chance to move on to the finals.

  • Eldon competes to earn his team's time to prepare for the next round.

  • Michelle helps Stephanie conquer her stage fright.

  • Thalia is selected to represent The Next Step in the first round of Internationals.

  • Riley's friendship with Ella is tested when they compete for Miss International Soloist.

  • Kate and Giselle arrive to register for internationals, but James is trapped on a boat.

  • In Miami for internationals, West gives a tour to some of its more offbeat attractions.

  • West and Giselle help Eldon and Thalia's budding romance.

  • Noah challenges Eldon's selection as the international soloist.

  • Cierra's dedication to dance creates problems with Skylar.

  • Ella tries to show Noah that he belongs in A-Troupe.

  • Thalia and Eldon find new ways of communicating in secret.

  • Riley and Ella trick A-Troupe into learning a square dance.

  • James is preoccupied with his band and can't devote time to his duet with Riley for Internationals, so Ella helps her let loose. Meanwhile, Eldon and Thalia try to uncover the studio's sweet spots.

  • A dancer from England arrives and joins the Next Step, and Riley must mentor her. Meanwhile, Amanda attempts to get out of going to Sweden.

  • Cierra works to help her sister Skylar land a spot on the Internationals team.

  • James and Riley struggle to find the perfect anniversary gift for each other.

  • Chloe chooses between joining a ballet company and staying at the Next Step.

  • Sparks fly as Eldon and Thalia teach a J-Troupe class.

  • Richelle develops a crush on a member of A-Troupe.

  • West enlists Chloe's help to support him through an audition.

  • James enlists Riley's help finding a suit for his Aunt Kathy's wedding.

  • James plans a surprise for Riley to celebrate a big change in her life.

  • Giselle comes up against a familiar face in her battle for a spot on A-Troupe.

  • The Next Step says goodbye to a close friend, and B-Troupe gets a little bigger.

  • Dancers from the Next Step and Elite have one-on-one battles for spots on A-Troupe.

  • The doctor tells Emily that she is still unable to dance.

  • One of the Next Step's best dancers quits the team.

  • The team finds out who purchased the Next Step's building.

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