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"Fugget About It" is an animated sitcom featuring Jimmy Falcone. He is a retired crime boss who has to be relocated by the feds after he agrees to testify against the Gambino Family. The crime family wanted him to whack Uncle Cheech because Cheech can't keep quiet when he is with women.

Falcone likes Cheech and when Don Gambini insists on whacking him, Falcone throws Gambino out of a 19th floor window. That means he has to be relocated under the witness protection program or the mob will kill him. The feds take him to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. the town is boring for the Falcones who get into all sorts of misadventures.

The show is produced by a Canadian company, 9 Story Entertainment. It originally was part of the Night Pilot Project on Teletoon. Nicholas Tabarrok and William Wennekers were show-runners. Canadian actors Tony Nappo, Jacqueline Pillon, Chuck Shamata, and Emilie-Clare Barlow do the voices.

The show's comedy stems from the interaction of Falcone and his goodfella family with the friendly, well-behaved Canadians. Now known as the MacDougal family, the Falcones must make the transition from glamorous gangsters to neighborhood noodnicks. It's kind of a fish out of water experience.

Fugget About It is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (47 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 2012.

Where do I stream Fugget About It online? Fugget About It is available for streaming on Hulu Originals, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Fugget About It on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

Fridays 10:00 PM et/pt on Hulu Originals
3 Seasons, 47 Episodes
October 5, 2012
Adult Cartoon
Cast: Danny Smith, Jacqueline Pillon, Emilie-Claire Barlow, Tony Nappo, Linda Kash
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Fugget About It Full Episode Guide

  • Carlo Gambini tracks the Falcones to Regina. He' there to kill Cheech...or is he there just to see Gina again. Gina' faced with a choice: side with the only boy she' ever "like-liked"or save Uncle Cheech from certain death.

  • In an effort to raise money to send Petey to an underwater science school, Jimmy sells a formula Cheech invented for spice neutralizer to Wheatthin. When the formula is stolen, the family must investigate the crime and find the culprit.

  • When Cookie discovers that Jimmy was engaged to someone else when he met her, but never mentioned it, she moves out. Now living on her own, Cookie finds a job as a bra-fitting consultant and proves to be a genius at the job.

  • Petey gets a summer job at the tourism bureau and lies about Regina history while running a bus tour. His lies prove so popular that Petey is promoted and becomes Jimmy' boss. When Jimmy is disobedient at work, Petey fires him.

  • Horse gets Jimmy and Cheech' new racehorse pregnant so they sue McCool. In order to pay the boys back, McCool must track down his deadbeat dad, Staunch McCool. As McCool reconnects with his dad, Jimmy realizes the guy is a con-man who' taking advantage.

  • Jimmy' new neighbor turns out to be a Quebec biker who' also in witness protection. Jimmy is banned from associating with him, but then realizes his new pal is about to commit a heist. Jimmy has to stop the robbery...or join in.

  • Jimmy and Cheech help the premiere of Saskatchewan pass a controversial law that brands anti-oil pipeline protestors as terrorists. Problem is, Petey was protesting the pipeline and is now a wanted man. Jimmy has to go on the lam with Petey.

  • Jimmy' aged great-grandmother from Italy is dying so McCool arranges for her to visit Regina. Jimmy and the family have to fool Nonna (Andrea Martin) into thinking they still in live in New York and are mafia bigshots.

  • Jimmy and Petey go on a hunting trip and come home with a Sasquatch (Dave Foley). Jimmy learns how hard McCool's job is when he has to babysit the Bigfoot. Meanwhile, Cheech winds up as a seeing eye dog for a blind woman he's attracted to.

  • Jimmy and Cheech become big CFL fans and invite the Saskatchewan Rough Riders over for a barbecue. The entire team gets food poisoning on the eve of the Grey Cup. Jimmy forms a team to play the Grey Cup in their place.

  • When Jimmy sees a seemingly compromising picture of McCool with Theresa (it's totally innocent), he ruins McCool's life and gets him kicked off the force. Petey's iPhone app is stolen by Richard Wheatthin's company.

  • Jimmy, Cheech, and McCool get hammered one night and awaken in Jimmy's old house in New York. They have to get out of New York but keep running into the mob. Petey finds an old picture of Cookie with a man who looks like him, who he thinks is his real dad

  • Cookie enters Theresa in Regina's Got Talent to stick it to a rival mother who's son is a three-time winner. Theresa wants to do her own songs, but Cookie makes her do middle-of-the-road stuff to impress the judges.

  • Jimmy convinces Regina Tourism to open a casino. He winds up being a big casino boss, but gets into a rivalry with Cookie when she gets hired to run the native casino. Petey gets accepted into the popular group at school.

  • Jimmy's boss Toby makes him take anger management then invites Jimmy over for dinner to meet his horrible mother. Cheech starts dating Greta, but Jimmy thinks he's only trying to steal a valuable statue she owns.

  • When Cookie finds a photo album of Jimmy's gumars (girlfriends) from the old life (Cheech's fault), Jimmy takes her away for a romantic weekend and they wind up at a swinger's convention (again, Cheech's fault).

  • McCool takes the Falcones to Cuba on vacation. Jimmy hates it for being a "˜Communist hell-hole', but cheers up when he discovers that killing Castro can get him "˜Super-Made' and land him back on top in New York.

  • Jimmy discovers a consultant on a film shooting in Regina is passing himself off as Cheech Falcone.

  • Jimmy discovers a consultant on a film shooting in Regina is passing himself off as Cheech Falcone.

  • When Theresa creates a successful fashion accessory, her newfound wealth and independence threaten Cookie's authority.

  • Jimmy winds up being stalked by his Russian dance partner after he and Cookie face-off in a ballroom dancing contest.

  • When Petey becomes a Junior Police trainee, Jimmy mentors a street kid in the ways of crime.

  • A hotshot FBI agent promises to relocate Jimmy and the family back to America... but he's really plotting to kill Jimmy and Cheech for the mob.

  • Jimmy has an identity crisis when McCool forces him to give up his guns.

  • Cookie gets a job at a Scottish restaurant leaving Jimmy to take care of the family.

  • When Queen Elizabeth winds up at the Falcone home for dinner, she has such a good time, she abdicates the throne.

  • Jimmy goes through a crisis when he meets his long-lost father who abandoned Jimmy years earlier to become a woman.

  • Jimmy's job at the tourism bureau is in jeopardy because he doesn't have a high school diploma, so Jimmy enrolls in night school and starts acting like a teenager.

  • Theresa falls in love with a young Mennonite man and visits his community... where she almost destroys their traditional way of life.

  • The Falcone family is forced to make sacrifices when Jimmy goes broke.