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  • TV-14
  • 2012
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.9  (1,576)

Fugget About It is a hilarious animated sitcom that follows the life of the dysfunctional family of Jimmy Falcone. The show, which originally aired on Teletoon in Canada, first premiered in 2012 and ran until 2016. It currently streams on Hulu Originals and has gained popularity among viewers.

The show revolves around Jimmy Falcone, a former New York City mob boss who enters into the witness protection program with his family and is relocated to Regina, Canada. The show is set in the 1980s and the shtick of the show is the family's thick New York accents and quirky personalities that clash with the polite, laid-back Canadian culture.

The main character is Jimmy Falcone, voiced by Danny Smith, who is a tough guy with a heart of gold. He may have been a mafia boss, but he is fiercely protective of his family, especially his daughter, Theresa (voiced by Jacqueline Pillon). He often finds himself at odds with the new culture he is now surrounded by, but he quickly adapts and starts to embrace the Canadian way of life.

Theresa Falcone is a typical teenage girl who creates chaos wherever she goes. She loves to party, hang out with her friends, and flirt with boys. Her character provides much of the comic relief in the show, as she often gets herself and her family into sticky situations.

Other members of the family include Jimmy's wife, Trudy (voiced by Linda Kash), who is a nosy, overbearing mother; Jimmy's brother, Cheech (voiced by Tony Nappo), who is a lawyer and often gets the family out of legal troubles, and Jimmy's father, Lenny (voiced by Ted Atherton), who is a former mob boss and often provides advice to Jimmy.

The show's humor is based on the culture clash between the tough New York family and the polite Canadian society. The use of sarcasm, irony, and absurdity adds to the show's charm. The show also features a number of hilarious supporting characters that add to its appeal, such as Donnie, Jimmy's parole officer, and Chip, Jimmy's nerdy Canadian neighbor.

Throughout the show, the family deals with the challenges of being in the witness protection program while trying to get used to their new life in Canada. They also face their fair share of mundane problems, such as dealing with school, work, and relationships.

Overall, Fugget About It is a funny, entertaining show that provides a fresh perspective on the traditional mafia story-line. The animation style is captivating, and the witty dialogue and humor keep the audience engaged throughout. The show's strong ensemble cast and comical situations make it a must-watch for anyone in the mood for a good laugh.

Fugget About It is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (47 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 2012.

Fugget About It
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Vengence Wore a Unitard
20. Vengence Wore a Unitard
April 1, 2016
Carlo Gambini tracks the Falcones to Regina. He' there to kill Cheech...or is he there just to see Gina again. Gina' faced with a choice: side with the only boy she' ever "like-liked"or save Uncle Cheech from certain death.
Spicy Apocalypse
19. Spicy Apocalypse
March 25, 2016
In an effort to raise money to send Petey to an underwater science school, Jimmy sells a formula Cheech invented for spice neutralizer to Wheatthin. When the formula is stolen, the family must investigate the crime and find the culprit.
An Unmarried Bra Whisperer
18. An Unmarried Bra Whisperer
March 11, 2016
When Cookie discovers that Jimmy was engaged to someone else when he met her, but never mentioned it, she moves out. Now living on her own, Cookie finds a job as a bra-fitting consultant and proves to be a genius at the job.
Hot, Wet, Amphibious Summer
17. Hot, Wet, Amphibious Summer
February 12, 2016
Petey gets a summer job at the tourism bureau and lies about Regina history while running a bus tour. His lies prove so popular that Petey is promoted and becomes Jimmy' boss. When Jimmy is disobedient at work, Petey fires him.
Horse Springs Paternal
16. Horse Springs Paternal
February 26, 2016
Horse gets Jimmy and Cheech' new racehorse pregnant so they sue McCool. In order to pay the boys back, McCool must track down his deadbeat dad, Staunch McCool. As McCool reconnects with his dad, Jimmy realizes the guy is a con-man who' taking advantage.
Keepin' up With the McFelchers
15. Keepin' up With the McFelchers
January 29, 2016
Jimmy' new neighbor turns out to be a Quebec biker who' also in witness protection. Jimmy is banned from associating with him, but then realizes his new pal is about to commit a heist. Jimmy has to stop the robbery...or join in.
Layin' Some Pipeline
14. Layin' Some Pipeline
January 6, 2016
Jimmy and Cheech help the premiere of Saskatchewan pass a controversial law that brands anti-oil pipeline protestors as terrorists. Problem is, Petey was protesting the pipeline and is now a wanted man. Jimmy has to go on the lam with Petey.
Nonna You Business
13. Nonna You Business
December 25, 2015
Jimmy' aged great-grandmother from Italy is dying so McCool arranges for her to visit Regina. Jimmy and the family have to fool Nonna (Andrea Martin) into thinking they still in live in New York and are mafia bigshots.
12. Saskquatchewan
December 11, 2015
Jimmy and Petey go on a hunting trip and come home with a Sasquatch (Dave Foley). Jimmy learns how hard McCool's job is when he has to babysit the Bigfoot. Meanwhile, Cheech winds up as a seeing eye dog for a blind woman he's attracted to.
What the F#@K Is the Grey Cup
11. What the F#@K Is the Grey Cup
November 27, 2015
Jimmy and Cheech become big CFL fans and invite the Saskatchewan Rough Riders over for a barbecue. The entire team gets food poisoning on the eve of the Grey Cup. Jimmy forms a team to play the Grey Cup in their place.
Royal Canadian Groping Pariah
10. Royal Canadian Groping Pariah
November 6, 2015
When Jimmy sees a seemingly compromising picture of McCool with Theresa (it's totally innocent), he ruins McCool's life and gets him kicked off the force. Petey's iPhone app is stolen by Richard Wheatthin's company.
Cookie's Ovary-actin'
9. Cookie's Ovary-actin'
November 6, 2015
When Cookie gets baby fever and wants another kid, Jimmy refuses to sleep with her. Problem is, he "feels the need" but can't find a place to "empty the tanks". Theresa, Gina, and Petey house-sit for one of McCool's colleagues.
New York State of Blind Drunk
8. New York State of Blind Drunk
November 6, 2015
Jimmy, Cheech, and McCool get hammered one night and awaken in Jimmy's old house in New York. They have to get out of New York but keep running into the mob. Petey finds an old picture of Cookie with a man who looks like him, who he thinks is his real dad
Vagina's Got Talent
7. Vagina's Got Talent
November 6, 2015
Cookie enters Theresa in Regina's Got Talent to stick it to a rival mother who's son is a three-time winner. Theresa wants to do her own songs, but Cookie makes her do middle-of-the-road stuff to impress the judges.
Casino Loyale
6. Casino Loyale
November 6, 2015
Jimmy convinces Regina Tourism to open a casino. He winds up being a big casino boss, but gets into a rivalry with Cookie when she gets hired to run the native casino. Petey gets accepted into the popular group at school.
Jimmy Gets Goosed
5. Jimmy Gets Goosed
November 6, 2015
Jimmy's boss Toby makes him take anger management then invites Jimmy over for dinner to meet his horrible mother. Cheech starts dating Greta, but Jimmy thinks he's only trying to steal a valuable statue she owns.
Confetti Deathblow
4. Confetti Deathblow
November 20, 2015
Through a misunderstanding, Cookie starts to think Petey is gay. She does her best to support him, but is shocked when it turns out he's not gay, he's into LARP (Live Action Role Playing).
Just Stuck It in That There Doo-Dad
3. Just Stuck It in That There Doo-Dad
November 6, 2015
When Cookie finds a photo album of Jimmy's gumars (girlfriends) from the old life (Cheech's fault), Jimmy takes her away for a romantic weekend and they wind up at a swinger's convention (again, Cheech's fault).
Universal Prostitution and Pizza Fridays
2. Universal Prostitution and Pizza Fridays
November 13, 2015
Jimmy calls Cheech a "˜Bum', doing the worst thing one goodfella can do to another: telling him the truth about himself. Cheech decides to run for Mayor of Regina to prove he's not a bum.
Havana Kill Castro
1. Havana Kill Castro
October 28, 2015
McCool takes the Falcones to Cuba on vacation. Jimmy hates it for being a "˜Communist hell-hole', but cheers up when he discovers that killing Castro can get him "˜Super-Made' and land him back on top in New York.
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    October 5, 2012
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    6.9  (1,576)