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This historical drama follows the daily lives of women working in a brothel in 18th-century London. The women find themselves caught between the ruthless woman who runs the brothel and the religious crusaders and law enforcement officers who are doing their best to shut the place down and run the women out of business.

Harlots is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on March 29, 2017.

Where do I stream Harlots online? Harlots is available for streaming on Hulu Originals, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Harlots on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Apple TV online.

Hulu Originals
3 Seasons, 24 Episodes
March 29, 2017
Cast: Lesley Manville, Kate Fleetwood, Holli Dempsey, Eloise Smyth
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Harlots Full Episode Guide

  • When Elizabeth's past finally catches up with her, will Lucy end up paying the price? Meanwhile, as Hal's anger with the Well's family grows, can Emily broker peace before the Wells-Pincher feud spirals out of control?

  • After the violent events of the previous day, can Margaret ensure her family's safety and also protect Jonas' interests? And as threats escalate, can Lucy and Elizabeth keep Golden Square within their grasp?

  • As Margaret turns her mind to revenge, her family wonder just how far she'll go to get justice for those she loves. But with the clock ticking, can North and Lucy protect her from the law?

  • The disastrous events of the night before leave the whole town reeling. As more details are uncovered, suspicion starts to spread through Soho. Who's to blame for this tragedy?

  • As Soho gears up for an illicit boxing party, tensions threaten to boil over between the Wells and the Pinchers. But before the party begins, an old friend arrives whose presence stokes old rivalries and sparks new ones.

  • With Charlotte's livelihood in shreds, how can she retaliate without endangering her household? Meanwhile, in Bedlam, Lydia dreams of escape, and with her sights set on a return to her old home, is Lucy safe?

  • When Greek Street is attacked by new pimps in town, Charlotte Wells fights back with disastrous consequences. Can Charlotte protect her girls from the men who want to take over her business?

  • The women galvanise themselves into taking action against Fallon, leaving Lucy in a difficult position. But will Lydia get away with what she has done, or will justice come knocking?

  • Margaret's family reel as they discover how dire her situation now is. Margaret awaits her fate while Charlotte desperately implores allies and enemies for help, but Lydia is contriving a way to end their feud for good.

  • Trapped inside Golden Square, Charlotte's future looks bleak

  • Lydia draws Charlotte deeper into her web, but should Charlotte compromise herself in the hope of catching Lydia red-handed? Lucy finds herself playing a dangerous game with Fallon, which could have disastrous consequences.

  • With the doors to Golden Square barred by the authorities, Lydia must try every trick in the book to get back on top. Can Margaret and Nancy secure the witnesses they need before she once more gains powerful protectors?

  • Margaret must focus on business but a visit to the Pleasure Gardens leads to an unexpected confrontation. Charlotte tries to secure a powerful ally and gain Margaret's approval, while Lucy falls under Fallon's spell.

  • While Charlotte struggles with horribly divided loyalties, the community gathers to share its grief. Tempers flare and the women rally against the injustice of the judiciary, with devastating...

  • When an unyielding new Justice makes a surprise arrest, Margaret and Nancy must race to find witnesses to give evidence against Lydia Quigley. Could this finally be their chance to get Lydia to pay for her crimes?

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