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In the time of war a six person crew ship in deep space struggles to remember who they are and where they are from. The crew discovers they are carrying a cargo load full of weaponry and ammunition. The crew then bands together to weigh out the facts of the war and must make a decision about whose side they are fighting for and hope it is the right one.

Dark Matter is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on May 12, 2015.

Where do I stream Dark Matter online? Dark Matter is available for streaming on Syfy, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dark Matter on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
May 12, 2015
Science Fiction
Cast: Melissa O'Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland
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Dark Matter Full Episode Guide

  • The crew of the Raza unite Ferrous Corps' enemies in an effort to end the corporate war.

  • Ryo invites his former crew to Zairon in a final attempt to secure the Blink Drive and his victory over Pyr.

  • One of the Android's newly discovered memories leads the crew to a suspicious Dwarf Star facility on Nova 17.

  • A distress call from the Android's friend, Victor, leads to answers about TWO's past.

  • Zoie Palmer (The Android) is joined by Three (Anthony Lemke) and Five (Jodelle Ferland) as they discuss everything that went down in Season 3 Episode 9.

  • This week Zoie and guests discuss Season 3 Episode 8 "Hot Chocolate"

  • An injured crew member is haunted by the past, unaware of the dangers that are lurking in the present.

  • Zoie Palmer (The Android) is joined by Three (Anthony Lemke) and Two (Melissa O'Neil) as they discuss everything that went down in Season 3 Episode 6.

  • A friend of Adrian's is taken captive by one of Tabor's rivals, demanding a specific data file in exchange for her release. When the crew discover that the file contains information about the construction of a secret Ferrous battle fleet, they agree to help in exchange for the file. The only problem is Adrian isn't exactly sure where Tabor hid the data file.

  • Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew THREE has been trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over. He must convince his crew mates that what's happening to him is real and find a way to stop the loop. Meanwhile, a mysterious mercenary infiltrates the Raza and THREE must deal with Sarah's new reality.

  • The crew turns their attention to Ryo Ishida and the stolen Blink Drive. They track down the location of Ishida's secret research station, but something goes wrong. While the Android attempts to locate their missing friends, FIVE experiences flashbacks to her life before the mind wipe.

  • The survivors of the EOS 7 bombing fight to stay alive and find the rest of their crew.

  • The crew seeks out Commander Truffault with a plan that could stop the impending corporate war. Five volunteers to go undercover to find the potential bomb but their smooth plan hits a major rough patch when familiar faces show up unexpectedly.

  • Four reclaims his memories as Ishida Ryo and makes plans to take back his rightful throne. While he works towards his goal, the rest of the crew struggles with the person Four has reverted to and the trouble he brings.

  • Inspector Kierken chases the crew spotted by GA while shopping on a planetary station. Three and Five are cut off and depend on each other to survive. Six is almost back to full trust and suggests an interesting perspective for the crew.

  • Android reveals that there is a defect in her programming after having her first dream. Tempers rise as the crew debates on if she should be reset. But while she's put under observation, strange things happen to the crew throughout the corridor.

  • Two faces danger as her body begins to collapse, the nanites no longer working. In hopes of saving her, they take their travels to Earth in search of the lab that constructed her. But will a familiar face stop them before they can save her?

  • To steal a powerful transportation device, the Raza must break into one of the galaxy's most secure compounds.

  • When the crew needs to make some cash, Nyx suggests a heist to get ahold of the drug "Shadow". But is she doing this to help out the crew or does she have ulterior motives? A heist turned rescue mission will become huge trouble for The Raza crew.

  • The crew is determined to figure out the circumstances behind One's murder. With the unique upgrade she was given, Android is able to help them in ways they never expected. But in the quest to find answers, what new dangers await them?

  • The chance to dock means time to resupply and seek out options. For some, it's a matter of getting what they need, for others it's about getting what they want. No matter the cost. Then, some new encounters lead to opportunities-both good and bad.

  • The neural link prompts a dangerous glitch and the crew starts contending with each other while hiding out in empty space in an effort to lose the GA.

  • Imprisoned in Hyperion-8, the crew plots their escape.

  • In the second season premiere, the crew awakens to find they've been taken prisoner on the Hyperion-8 Maximum Security Galactic Detention Facility.

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