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In this thriller series, a young woman returns to the small Australian town where she and a friend had a strange encounter in the spooky forest outside of town. Her friend disappeared that night, and now the town is on edge because a battle between loggers and environmentalists is brewing, and another girl has just disappeared.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
Crime, Mystery, Drama
Cast: Elizabeth Debicki, Matthew Le Nevez, Henry Nixon, Anthony Phelan
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The Kettering Incident Full Episode Guide

  • Anna wakes in the asylum with Dr. McKenzie waiting for her. Anna knows about her mother's blood and that Anna suffers from the same affliction. Anna doesn't trust McKenzie and stealthily escapes while she's out of the room. She needs to find Dominic to tell him that Jens is in fact David Owen. Dane, who's been up at the Old Sullivan House all night looking for Eliza finally hears her calling from under the dam. Unable to say what she has seen, Dane hastily drives them away on his motorbike.

  • Anna emerges from a fugue to find herself up at Mother Sullivan's House. Fergus reports the drugs found in Dutch's locker to head office but is stunned when the Police Commissioner covers for him. Max receives a blow for the Mill when Steadman informs him it will close. Fergus arrives back to Kettering feeling deflated and receives an urgent call from Anna. Fergus is perturbed to find her at the crime scene and Chloe's car in an empty dam. Anna then sees movement and follows a figure into the old house only to discover it is her mother who has come out of a 15 year coma.

  • Anna is back in Kettering to find local dogs have gone mad and are biting their owners. Dutch and Fergus learn that Chloe was murdered by a blow to the head by an unidentified weapon and have to inform the parents. Neither can believe the murderer could be a local. Anna finds Lofty Sullivan, the man her father arrested for Gillian's disappearance 15 years ago, to learn that Lofty actually saved Anna causing Anna to question her father's motives. Meanwhile, Dutch heads up to Mother Sullivan's Ridge to find a rare flower he believes will reveal Chloe's crime scene.

  • Forensics deal with Chloe's body while Dutch and Fergus look for clues. They pick up Anna who is attempting to walk back to Hobart. She gives conflicting accounts of the time she left the party. Dutch then drops a bombshell by revealing he knows Anna and Gillian Baxter were half-sisters. Anna is desperate to know what happened to Chloe and follows a lead to Mother Sullivan's Ridge where a boy called Kade lives with his mother. Before the end of day Anna will hear voices in her head which lead her to save Chloe's brother Adam, before visiting her mother who has been in a coma for 15 years.

  • Doctor Anna Macy wakes up in the back of a car, sitting on a remote cliff top in her home state, Tasmania. A place she has avoided all her adult life. Terrified and unable to start the car, Anna is confronted by an angry young logger, Adam Holloway, who reluctantly takes her into Kettering, the town Anna grew up in. Slowly Anna, is reunited with old friends and family, but the only friendly face is Chloe, a teenager who, upon hearing her name, is almost star-struck, as the legend of The Kettering Incident and Anna's involvement in it is something she has been brought up with.

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